National Brotherhood Week

I'd like to start out with telling you something about a very peculiar American custom one week in every February is officially designated as national Brotherhood week this means that we're supposed to stop whatever we're doing burning killing whatever and love everybody else and it's really quite a strain here's a song about national Brotherhood week the black and the black folks hate the white folks hate all but the right folks is an old established rule but during national Brotherhood week national Brotherhood week see Cassius Clay and mrs. Wallace dancing cheek-to-cheek it's fun to eulogize the people you despise as long as you don't let them in your school oh the poor folks hate the rich folks and the rich folks hate the poor folks all of my folks hate all of your folks it's American as apple pie battery national Brotherhood week national Brotherhood week New Yorkers love the Puerto Ricans cause it's very chic step up and shake the hand of someone you can't stand you can't tolerate him if you try all the Protestants hate the Catholics and the Catholics hate the Protestants and the Hindus hate the Moslems and everybody hates the Jews Marjory shinola brotherhood a week I should Brotherhood a week it's National everyone smile at one another good week be nice to people who are inferior to you it's only for a week so have no fear be grateful that it doesn't last

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