NATO goes East: The Alliance to boost surveillance and drills in Black Sea

Dino has agreed on a package of measures to step up its efforts in the Black Sea and counter Russia in the region with more surveillance and exercises promised that's according to the Alliance's secretary-general speaking at NATO's 70th anniversary celebrations so we are stepping up our efforts in the Black Sea we just agreed on the Black Sea region we just agreed a package with more surveillance exercises and other issues which we strongly believe are relevant for the Black Sea region and of course also then working with our partners Georgia and Ukraine NATO branded Russia a global threat with un Stoltenberg claiming the countries made the world a more dangerous place and it seems he's not alone with that opinion Vladimir Putin harbors dark dreams of imperialism he wants to split our alliance and weaken our democratic resolve still Russian aggression Russia's attacks on Western democracies in the context of Russian efforts all around the world if Russia did not exist it would be necessary to invent Russia just to keep NATO going that's the impression that you get from the summit and the anniversary celebrations that just took place in Washington DC what worries them seems to be Russia's presence anywhere Russian efforts all around the world whether that's efforts in Ukraine Russians continued Millian activity in Syria divided in Venezuela I talked about what they did in the sea of azov and they want them out in each case we are doing our best collectively to respond in the case of Venezuela the United States says its responses being prepared as well and what doesn't worry them is their own presence at Russia's borders really why would Russia be nervous about such moves NATO is adamant to present itself as purely a defensive bloc quickly for getting the havoc it regularly creates around the world but even with NATO's number-one enemies so clearly pronounced there's still kind of a lack of unity within the block the loudest retort seems to be coming from Turkey one on site enjoyed NATO's demand for turkey to abandon a deal that has already been completed shows disrespect for Turkish sovereignty that's how NATO's second biggest members seem to respond to Washington's ultimatum turkey must choose does it want to remain a critical partner the most successful military alliance in the history of the world or doesn't want to risk the security of that partnership by making reckless decisions and undermine our alliance and even mr. Stoltenberg was somewhat disconcerted by this us or them rhetoric it is a national decision for each in a dollar to decide on procurement of capabilities actually from Washington's point of view it's not just Russia that NATO member countries shouldn't be purchasing from China is also dangerous for the risks associated with the installation of Chinese technology and systems related to security there is undoubtedly the risk and every sovereign nation that will make its own decision and then the United States will make its decision so it sounds like friends of the United States are free to trade with the United States alone beyond the u.s. net rating or blocking us corporations from trading with other countries is a very conscious and energetic attempt that's carried out by the US by the State Department and the Treasury Department prevent other countries from trading with those countries that have been targeted and we see this in regard to Iran we see sanctions against Russia Cuba Venezuela North Korea sanctions against China many many countries in the world are sanctioned to one degree or another in order to block certain kinds of trade in normal economic relationships what are considered today normal economic relationships in again the interest of a strategy of global domination former vice head of the OSCE assembly Willie Weimer believes NATO itself is endangering the world when we look on today's world yes there are many dangerous situations but the most dangerous situation is created by NATO after the illegal war against the form of Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and all the wars since then in Afghanistan in Iraq in selig on Libya and Mali NATO is everywhere and it's destroying the world and it is killing people in handles of thousands and therefore starting back who comes from Norway a very strange country in Cold War's times should be more quiet when he talks about these things you

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