Navisworks Freedom Viewer Demonstration

This is a short animation to describe
had to use Navisworks Freedom Viewer to look at the UK CIG Marina Star 3d
model. Start by installing the software and then once you have located the file on your hard drive, double-click the NWD file which is a Navisworks Freedom Viewer file you’ll need freedom 2010.
The model will load onto your computer and you will see it, loading in all the graphics Depending on the graphics card in your computer,
this could be a quick or a slow process The interface is quite simple. You have control commands at the top
You have different features along the right hand side Then what I’m going to do, I’m going to show you how to navigate around the model The first you can do, is you either use the WALK, or the feet you can use the zoom you can use the pan,
and you can use the orbit and these just take a little bit of practice
We prefer to use WALK. If you have a standard mouse, a wheel mouse
left click, moves You FORWARD and left-click will pull you BACK using the wheel, you can rotate up or you can rotate down. Then to change your position or height you click on the middle mouse wheel and
then move the mouse either forwards, or else backwards and you can change your elevation so if you’re looking at the building square-on, you can move up or you can move down. So, you can go to
a certain floor in the building. Again, you will see the graphics rendering
in the model as you go. if you use Zoom, you can zoom in, or zoom out. You can zoom to a window. So you can actually zoom to a frame. And then if you use the ORBIT command, you can rotate the model around the centre of the model. So these are the three commands we very often use. We prefer to use the feet. it is the quickest way of getting around in the model Quick and Easy Now, to quickly find your way around the model, we have set up viewpoints
so you can click on the camera and you will see a viewpoints window pop-up these are scroll windows.
They will either pop in or pop out If you hit the pin, it will always be on and here we have saved some views so we have an overall model. So it is the same model, just different views. the entrance is were the default start is.
So this is the entrance to the apartments. So if we got through the views one by one for the floor plates, you can look at
individual floor plates. This is B4. InteliBuild BIM Consultant This is the second basement level. This is the ground floor level In the model you’ll see the ductwork, the cable trays, you will see the piping you can zoom in using the controls You’ll see the letters which represent the grids so we’ve modelled the stairs,
modelled the ductwork, we’ve modelled some of the ceilings. You can see all the different objects so if I then click on another view, it will jump to the next view, and the next view and so on. So You can jump around. You can always go back to a previous view and see what’s going on. So those are the Floor plates. We have done the same for the MEP just to make it easy to see what’s in the model. so we’ve got drainage, we’ve got fire, we’ve got the complete MEP services in the model. We’ve got the MVC (mechanical) and we have the plumbing. So they are all saved as viewpoints Then, just to give you an example, where we’ve raised RFI’s, we can actually give you a view of the RFI in the model. So this is RFI 16 This is related to the concrete core walls in the basement. So you can see we can actually
set up a view for the RFI Then you can play with the model to understand what the RFI is about. So you can jump around inside the viewpoints. These are the viewpoints. If you want to get some information from the model. If you want to figure out what we have modelled where, you can check here, which is the selection tree, and another window will pop up, The Selection Tree is actually the breakdown of what is in the model. So we have the structural model we have the architectural model, drainage , fire, mechanical, plumbing and then we have the grid system. if you
go into the architectural model, for example, for the tower, you’ll see the different levels. So if you click on an object in the model, so it you use the selection tool, you can click on say a balcony wall. and it will bring up the details that we’ve
labelled. So, we’ve got a wall, it’s at level 21 and it is 150mm thick. So you can see what size the element is. and you can see how many elements are in the model. This is Tower Level 21 So all the different pieces of the CAD file can be checked here. If I hit the pin, you will see the window disappear. And if I scroll over it, it will popup. So that’s the Viewpoints and this is the quickest way to get you started. Hopefully, with this little video, you can see how to use model and how you can see what’s in the model. Finally, if you would like to get a screen capture, we always recommend to use Print Screen and then you can put an image into Microsoft Word. Okay, have fun and if you have any questions, please email us. Thank You. InteliBuild BIM Consultants

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