NBA Bloopers And Funny Moments Playoffs 2016

The warriors I like [gone]. [oh] now your [papa] to be better This is annoying. He’s like him a car back there. [don’t] like that really gonna mess up Mellow Rock with trails [Berkeley] meant when he said he wanted [the] [ox] to touch up the calves Jeff teague sending Lebron James Flying at the name Key behind the referee now. That’s Russell Westbrook. He wants to check in Presses no no no just wait. Just wait all right pretty fast. Yeah, we got him go get with four guys pointing Now very sort of was confused. It was like like Jr. Hey doesn’t pass [up] yeah? I was like zebra they learn leopard. What are they what game of thrones on the night right now wise man? Old Anaheim mighty ducks jersey with the Brody lots of bad advice. That’s appa Cameron Payne with a great celebration [no], there was a violation so we had to redo in the next toss. I Said just same thing. I’m out of here. I thought you’re exempt tripping broke a few. That’s new Me Trippin boy [Howdy-doo] the [hopper] or standing tall and turnover Heck was that there you go? [oh] my [God] I Mean [I’m] shot, but that’s missing. He should have shot it the [pass] him alone. Did the ball hurt cow? Give it hurts told a hack you got to do it andre drummond is 58 feet away it gets them hornets fan Wild it out here in game three Yeah, he can hear you man. You don’t need to cup your hands the room finally wins. Oh, yeah, that’s russell westbrook 645 while he’s trying to shake [the] darkness [alright] takes out two pacers. How many pacers would fat Kyle lowry take up? Singing [hope] [its] neck worked on will make you at home start to rent your neck around [right], [I] believe In time just taking a nap wow out down big steals the show at [Postgame] press conference Hi, everybody Continue even in the playoffs. Oh my God you got another call track 1 2 3 4 real life respectable for most Super knives double [checks] alert the guard this was cold-blooded ah bad for him For the game here comes Russell Westbrook way look at like an extra from the Wizard of Oz or even The Ball is Gonna tell Horford blocks are shot into Kent bazemore space well Whose teammate Javale McGee is free throw just priceless rattles in and out, but that’s it would leave bad for this What is this houseman what is going on all feet man somebody said it looks like an English, Bobby Yeah, no absolutely I cannot say no more he didn’t even flinch no bingo man Block Kings this how you do it you huh? You guys think of anything else. That’s big and round these nuts ah Daddy, ha Daddy. Oh Something in the mail today

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