Near-Death Experience; Pact with God

hi my name is Alma I had a near-death experience a March evening of the 8th 9th 2012 I've just had my fourth year anniversary I basically died due to depression that is my theme I had been hit by a car September 2003 which was the great one the great spirits way of having me experience years of suffering and illness through the body I avoided most of my life because it was a very sad life at times due to an early childhood experience and I was a very depressed person although I accomplished a lot of things when I got hit by the car it was my way of having time to think about what my purpose was here on earth and why I couldn't feel love from other people I realized that I had a lot to learn being ill I suffered a lot of physical pain I had to dislocated shoulders hips reconstructive surgery to my bladder bowel system no orking sphincter both Lucas's were diagnosed within a couple of years both arthritis three connective tissue diseases I had degenerating spine disease my whole body system was failing at about seven years so at eight years I made with God that he take me in a major heart attack and but I have to say those years that I was given in pain or a great gift I was able to realize and see through just talking with this mysterious power that was now in control of my life I was no longer in control of my life and I gave that all to the source I learned that I was indeed loved at times in my life and that gave me a spark to continue to live that's why I hung on for eight and a half years but physically the pain also taught me that we all go through pain and we can learn through pain if we is hard to say this but if we learn to suffer well and to suffer not in silence but somewhat in a silence given to this power of that puts the planets into their orbits that is such a mystery to all of us when I finally knew I was dying my body was shining down I told my daughter that I was ready to go that I was not afraid and I really was afraid but not afraid and I just recalled how two animals passed in my arms childhood dogs and so I I took on their sort of courage and I went to another realm I stood there in complete awe because I was very conscious of just passing I had had a major seizure I stopped all medications from all these illnesses in jail Woori On January 1st as a pact with God and by mid-february I was in major seizures and I passed on March it might like I said and in this realm I am just aware that it is more real than real I met by this huge orb of light that comes from one corner and I'm looking around at this beauty that I can not believe and at the same time I'm so happy that I've made it to a Garden of heaven I believe I'm going to be judged and I meet this orb that tells me something audibly I hear audibly you are here because you've come to me often that also had to do with the early childhood time that I went with this source of life and I'm being healed because I'm thinking that I'm being ready to walk down a small path to what I see as a golden gate of the entry to heaven I believe there was a lot of activity going on behind that gate I could hear a lot of I would call them souls talking and they were talking about us on earth and how they were preparing different events for different groups I I don't know I'm still processing that but it was all about loving us and helping us I was the path that was right in front of me was leading straight to that that I say heaven and I couldn't wait to get there so I asked the great orb to the glisten of the eye of God I said because I thought I was a not good person and not worth much on earth and God could not ever come and see me but I called it the glisten of the eye of God instead and I asked it to judge me that I was ready and I even said didn't I die with courage and I would get just healing and instantaneous love beyond any love I ever felt seen in the movie told by a story in a storybook as a child or as an adult he's you know beautiful novels that we have on earth it was better than any of that it's indescribable and I was told to look to my right and left and I did and I saw several souls and who were just illuminated and sparkling their auras um the terrain which was all diamond like and crystal beautiful white shimmering rainbow colors as well because of the light from the orb on thee on the ground at one point I looked down and I could see that I was shimmering and it was the first time I realized that I was I was I was worth something to this great source who had come to meet me even if it was just the glisten of the eye of God I was so in gratitude and I wanted to say the love is overwhelming that I wasn't moving I had four relatives to my right and to my left maternal grandmother paternal family grandma family here and I asked the orb again maybe you didn't hear me and I thought it didn't like the word I was a bad person you can judge me now so I better change my wording and say I was not a good person so you can judge me now and all it did was give me more love and then a second light came out of that bright luminous white and that white lumen is dimmed just a little bit which is what God does for us God just sits takes a step back and allows us to be the skyscraper architects and the bridge builders and the rocket ship makers and all these things that we think we are as human beings and that one was golden and I thought it was Jesus immediately and it gave me more love and then it went back retreated back I had a life review which was extraordinary it showed me things about myself I'd never thought about myself which was that I was I was actually good and loving and worth loving and I came back I was surprised I was no longer depressed for the first time in over 50 years and this is my story there is nothing to be afraid of there's going to be a lot of things to do when we get there to help earth thank you very much

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  • The Holy Spirit entered my body. i really felt it when he entered me. i was filled with peace, love and comfort. God shared his love with me and gave me understanding of how much he really loves all of us. God loves the worst person out there. Even a murderer who killed 50 million ppl. God said he loves that person and hes ready to forgive them if only they ask. He's ready and willing to forgive u and remember ur sins no more. It was love that none of us could express. God told me he doesnt want hell for any of us. Hes not mean at all like some of us may see him. He only warns us because he loves us so much and wants us being reconciled back to him. I felt the holy spirit grieve in me. i started weeping nonstop for hours. The Holy Spirit was weeping for all the lost souls. He told me to pray and plead with God for forgiveness, mercy, grace and more time for all the lost sinners. pray that they come into a repentance and God softens their heart. God doesn't want hell for us. He weeps when 1 soul goes to hell. The lil bit of grief he allowed me to feel was too much for me to bear. i told God i cant handle this grief. its too much for me. God took the grief away from me. He just wanted me to know how high, deep and wide his love really is. I had hate for my enemy and unforgiveness but God gave me HIS OWN love for my enemy. And now i have love for my enemy and ive been trying to help him get saved and be reconciled back to God. There's no way u can love ur enemies on ur own. U can only love ur enemies when u SHARE in Gods love 😊💖 God is truly beautiful and he loves you so much. He doesnt want bad for u. He wants u to know and feel how much he loves you and he is for u 😊💖 we may fail God and get mad at him, but God will never fail us and will never leave us. I know this from experience😊 Jesus loves u 💖😊 read the bible starting in the book of John 😊 The NLT version is more easier to understand than KJV 😊💖

  • I am grateful to have heard this account.
    I first heard it in 2016.
    Today I send this link to my brother-in-law who is dying of cancer.
    He is constantly under heavy pain-medication – but at times he suffers physically.
    I am só grateful that I could send him this recording dearest Alma.
    May God bless you!

  • Hi. Thank you for sharing your unbelievable experience. May I know how your are doing health wise? Thank you.

  • What a beautiful smile!!!! Your smile could light a room and you should do it all the time. What a wonderous thing to happen. Thank you for sharing.

  • Wow. What a beautiful sweet spirit How can I get or hear her whole story ?
    Ma’am can you reply to me please
    I lost my 16 year old son a few years ago It has wrecked my life We were very very close
    The only hope I have is heaven
    I firmly believe in what Jesus did for humanity and that there is life after life yet because we can’t see it or experience it ( unless we have a NDE) it’s still hard to grasp to the depth needed to help rest the severe grief of missing my boy

  • I've seen a lot of NDE testimonies, but this is the first time seeing this one. Remember sister, you are beautifully, and wonderfully made. God makes no mistakes. You are such a lovely soul. Thank you for sharing.
    God bless you always. 😇

  • Your testimony is the most loving and comforting NDE I've ever heard. I really wish I knew you somehow….you seem like such a good and complete person. You exude warmth and calm. Thank you.

  • So beautiful, thank you so much for sharing. I love your smile at the end, totally infectious. Thank you for giving me some hope today.

  • Thank you so much for sharing this. I needed to hear this today. Just the thought of what happened to you when you passed, happening to me, I hope I’m a good enough person.

  • Same me I was worth depressed . God and jesus saw me I was worth sins. I had problem in the pasted and I was mad that my brother passed away to heaven. I ain't finish with my bro but I found God and jesus . Asked God ans jesus they forgive me they know me well. They know my future and pasted. God and jesus did help me for remove depression. I am increase joyfully and happy and smile. Thank to God and jesus . Don't be depressing and no suicide. Where is joy and happy and stronger mind and stronger heart with God and jesus 😇😇😇😇😇🍀☘🏵💮💐 yes I had visions about heaven, archangel, Angel's, cupid babies and animals and my family's and my brother jesus and God so beautiful crystal and glowing and happy everyone . I feel so peace I want go back to heaven again heaven is our home . I miss God and jesus and all heaven so much .because God and jesus made me a baby in womb in heaven. God and jesus are full love and unconditional.

  • Alma, I watch you when I need a spiritual up-lift. Your testimony is authentic and one of the most helpful along with Betty Eadie. I pray at this moment you are healthy and happy, giving of yourself in this exceptional way. All LOVE

  • You really light up talking about the things of God. This testimony gives me a sense of hope and of peace. Thank you so much!

  • OK. you were in the Light…You were Hit by the the Devil and He wanted you through Pain and you have Done well. I know and you are close to Me….I went to Heaven and I Am the only One to come Back…. Think..You are With God Now !…fight for Life. He is the Living GOD….You Know the Cold Steel of Death..I was Hit By A Car Also…not fair..that strength of Mechanical.on the Body….GOD BLESS YOU…30 years I could not talk about..Pain… Devil s weapon… GOD is All Good….The Picture of The shroud of Turin is HIM. lastest one Not Old……GOD. the Good…thx for the story…..stay in this world that was not HEAVEN….the are alive you beat the Devil…for Him..the TRUE GOD…that made you !
    don't say Amen..with this Prayer


    that goes to HIM… don't chant. just know it works because who told you…. Life is not a Game, Pain is Real….you are a Good
    by Richard Herbert

  • You are a lovely lady and I'd like to give you a big hug and kisses, thank you for sharing your life experience x

  • Why does everyone see god or Jesus ?aren’t they very busy ?why doesn’t prophets or angels meet up with you?

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