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to put this out there I will be honest and be upfront I'm not close-minded to the list I deal with women hey guys so today I'm going to be filming without Jae Millz but I have my boob with me aka kita boo blade hey guys so you know most of you guys probably follow me on social media um actually it's not really on my social media it's on boo social media but anyway there's a picture which is right here if you guys check that picture out of us kissing um you know which is you know you know but a clearly social media doesn't find it normally clear let them know what type of comment you got on your page I got all types of comments let's start with the very first header probably the wrong way it came from somebody who I thought was really my friend honestly but you know he just really was not billing it felt like it wasn't normal and basically asked me you know could I find a picture of me and my Bloods as a kitchen to answer that question we actually had several pictures kissing I kiss my sister on the lips touch this it's nothing like I'm a person who's deeply affection it's nothing wrong with it and I'm just wondering like was the issue really like a friendship issue between y'all or is it because we're too masculine women kissing like whatever you were saying it was a little sister that wasn't your blood sister she was feminine would that be okay like I wonder if she would have commented on that was because it was just me did you bag that is he the biggest button question mark I don't know either way I'd like I said even with that the ending part was you know absolutes apologize yes but the funny thing is that people will not realize is that Jamila took the picture hello she said why don't you why don't you it's like it's nothing that's just that's that's my sister I still understand even when I um screenshot at your mother to comment about apologize she wanted to go comments like babies deleted calm down but um I did get a DM for somebody on our loving labels TV Instagram I guess somebody got reposted the picture on facebook and she screenshot at me and there was a couple comments one said that's just awkward as well lol which is I don't know why it's awkward then today were two women um and then someone said I wonder what their sex was like I mean is that just really the big thing there I must know um I think that people just want to know they want to know like they really would love to peep into a step for certain situations bedroom and know who does what bed to end it they doesn't really matter to you as Femmes who does what right you know what we're not stuff though I'm not stuff for sir y'all know me and Jay Miller marry but let me just say if jamila decided one day that she wanted to be a stud absolutely I was still dating her it would do nothing y'all seen this mashup ass I've smashed all the studs too so this is just to show support for the stuff is that because there is so much discrimination within the community and I just don't get it at the end of the day when clothes come off you it's the same thing like I'm sure sex is the same way I mean I don't know what the big deal is um what else did you get on your comments oh well just to put this out there I will be honest to be upfront I'm not close-minded to the list there with women I love beautiful women if it's Jesus said I know what she looks like when she takes her clothes off and she's a femme I know what she looks like when she takes her clothes off none of that matters to me some of the other crazy stuff I got was oh not normal at all my useless I know I block these people they got luck immediately I would not want to be walking on the street with my little daughter or son and this be happening no way wow that's deep that's Justine your daughter sons they have to go to school hello I mean this on TV its life like it is very normal to be a lesbian be gay bisexual transgender everything in America is just no one else I don't understand your kid walking up streets obviously stuff like that it's a strong possibility that could happen so sorry and I just to me I just feel like the picture did get a lot of likes didn't it yes let's count to be exact way more like than what I expected that funny thing is this is not the first picture of us kissing it's not just the one that gets caught a lot of people's attention today at this moment 1298 likes okay so thanks guys there we have it so out of the few negative comments that we can just sit here and talk about there are a lot of likes but just to me I wanted to just do this video because I just really want to get y'all input on stuff for stuff what is the big deal of to feminine women can date and everybody thinks of sexy men you know they all for it but to masculine women day it's just like a it's weird why is it weird to guys like I mean I don't know likes definitely speaking to all the studs that watch our channel like are you open to that do you think that it's just not the way of life like honestly I'm just curious to know if you guys can comment below on how you guys feel about it let's just have a conversation maybe that's the problem we just need to have more conversations around it or maybe other stuff is that couples hiding and not being out because of discrimination I mean I don't know what do you think I'm gonna go with in hiding to 600 islands no no it that you think that Heidi goes into script because they get it discriminated against yeah cute exact well then on Facebook the ones the one post I was on Facebook that reposted our picture it's just four studs only okay maybe I need to go to sleep didn't comments just to see what they look like yeah that was that might work but they were a lot about I know that page specifically said that they didn't want any fans I it was just for stud so I look at it like that look at the picture but not really meanwhile prepare a body who did say something positive I appreciate that at the end of the day she don't have to be my blood to be my sister like y'all will never understand and it's okay yeah I want to yes so the name of the page is two studs kissing in the back seat which is really cute I really like that thing that would annoy what I like the picture so on their page it says 391 reactions right now to like a heart in the haha and it has nine hundred and eighty-three shares so 903 people have shared the love up so it has 68 comments I'm not going to go through most of them but because it is a stuff for sub page a lot of the comments were very very positive I'm someone said women per women I like that like – is what it should be women for women we just wanted to just come through and honestly to me it as being a lesbian I get a we get a lot of hate from dips like it just automatically just stressful just having to deal with the dudes if you guys seem oh my god somebody sent you a dick pic it was so disturbing it was so gross I look premature but okay if I have to deal with that and I just wouldn't understand like have to understand I have to deal with like men and heterosexual people I understand and then people within our community also just bring in the hate and that's just like something that we just got to stop like at the end of the day we are all women everybody has a preference and I think then zayday just go what you love you know is what it is and if Marvel was to be stuff first I guess what I supported 100% okay and if Jamila decides to be a slut I just want a dresser this is when a dresser but seriously um make sure you guys comment below let us know how I feel about the subset topic they let them know where they can find more social media Oh on snapchat is at Lane versus Keita la I dbsk ITA and Instagram is super low-key sgpa allocate UI all right so I'm going to drop that right below Fiat make sure y'all go follow her and let's get the conversation started off yeah I want to know – I'm curious alright y'all later

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  • Sup new subscriber today, I appreciate learning about stud 4 stud Honestly no one business it's who you decide to be with real talk if someone don't like it keep your mouth closed and keep it pushing. Your Females Your Human Your Grown Everyone not the Same we're all Individuals. Respect a person Freedom Choice Birth and Life. Along as there not a threat to Your Health and Well being nor to Themselves. Peace be Still and that 100. Learn to take Rejection To some males and Take being wrong to some females these are the core problem that start debates of voice personal opinions to those you are clearing claiming you dislike. Hmmm Attraction(some males) and Jealousy (some females) those are what the person feel toward you. And that impulse control issue (some males) and counterfeit turrets 🤣(some females).
    Anyway that's my opinion and things I notice most negative personal opinion stem from that you didn't disrespect the person to receive. Walking down the street with someone stud 4 stud isn't cause for a person that may view you speak to you directly. What makes them stop there lives to judge yours? I Take I'm Grown 4 1000 Alex🤣. There just Looking at you You have on clothes your attentive to whom your with and your mobile walking pass. The person don't know you or if they do know your name them speaking negatively isn't a necessity. Air,Water,Food,Shelter,Protect and Love for a Child for 18yrs,and Respect Necessary To Survive. That's what runs they my head when people give me excuses why the telling me there personal opinion about me or a subject that's personal information. When did human being become comfortable enough to ask Private question? Or Tell what they assume the answer to there Private question that you refuse to acknowledge and/or answer. Stay you Be Human And Defend yourselves if necessary Life or Death other than that "Can't Change God's Gift of Life" -Satins Symphony
    Stay Up Ladies #TwoLadies

  • Ain’t nothing wrong with being gay I’m gay😂 I have gf I’m in 8th grade n we being dating for 3 months about to be 4 in 7 days Ik I love ha

  • Yooooooooooow y'all cute ASF🔥🔥🔥💕❤️😍😘 ………. fuck the haters they anit happy in their relationships that's why😂

  • Because a stud is different from a typical lesbian because they make an effort to emulate the typical what people believe to be masculine appearance instead of appearing feminine so it feels strange that they would be attracted to another stud who is masculine because lesbians supposed to be attracted to women so it's like your attracted to a man but your supposed to be gay it can be confusing

  • I could care less, however, people are angry about gay men still so.. maybe people are feeling uncomfortable seeing any “masculine” person showing affection. Like I said I don’t care. I like women and that’s all that matters to me.

  • Ima be FR yo I don't care who anyone date who they are and I don't care who I date also I don't like labels I honestly don't care.-.-

  • I don’t understand what’s wrong with stud4stud fems date fems, what’s wrong with that. They are women, they love each other, wtf if wrong with it. Love u guys

  • I,can't understand how we as Black People are so,judgemental against our own. I,am straight but I don't see anything wrong with Stud on Stud liking or,being in love with each other. My ,son who is fifty_one is gay and he is my oldest and,first son.Life is too short and tomorrow is not promise because one of my
    SonChance,was murder, when he,was twenty_one years old on June,27,1990,and I it is still painful after twenty_eight years. When my son was ten he,said mom ,I,am confuse about my gender, so I,took him to a therapist to help himsort things out.He,went weekly,also sometimes I went too.I Sometimes as parents we see signs but , ignored them because when my son would have his sister's doll and style the doll hair so I would take the doll away from him .I,felt only the Black G.I.Joe was the doll he should play with.I,came from the era boys can't play with dolls.My other son was the traditional boy playing contact sports but,my oldest ,like handball,swimming,tennis, he also play all the street games that I,taught him, and all the children in my neighborhood .I,taught my sons and daughter how to shoot water from the water hydrant in the street because where I,came from inHarlem ,all the girls shot water from the hydrant. Some of my son other friends who were gay boys and girls were always welcome to our house. In the Gay Communities, they were always bias against Black People.During the Aid's and,H.I.V. Crisis, the White groups wasn't give money to the Black Groups in the 80'sand early 90's.The Federal Government didn't give the Black groups money either.The White Groups Wanted Only White Leadership so there was more Black Men Dying then white Men. Black Groups And Activists fought for their share of the money.We has Black People have to fight against bigots, racist,due,to our Race siso,the Color of our skin.This is why are we being bias and prejudice against our own people People don't be ashamed of who you like or love because finding someone to love you is special writher you are straight or gay.Love,and,Peace,Highbridge,Bronx,New York City.

  • I don’t see no issue with stud 4 stud. Love is Love, but to be honest I did have to pause the video twice and back it back a few seconds when you said that was your blood sister, just to make sure I heard it right. Now for me, I do some things with my lips with my wife, and I couldn’t possibly share my lips with a family member. Maybe a 4head kiss or a big mama kiss on the cheek and that is still so rare. But hey if your wife is cool with it. I guess so.

  • At the end of the day both of y'all are women's you're not going to be a man she's not going to be a man so what you just weird why would you going to be a man when your woman point blank is stupid and y'all laughing like that is really the end thing and it's not it just to meet y'all did something wrong with you you need Jesus

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