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we're doing let's bring it to this conversation astrophysicist and author Neil deGrasse Tyson at Neil give us the sign that excuse me to grasp the science perspective what is going on here yeah Earth is pissed off it's repetitious sorry to put it no I mean yeah yeah yeah these are shots across our bow at this point we're reminded how susceptible our coastal cities are to flooding and under these extreme weather circumstances and most of civilization in fact our was built on cities on waterways for transportation for why we have built cities where they are and so so while it this could just simply be an unlucky year to have so many intense storms by the way how many people are reminded that tropical depressions are named alphabetically right right right on the alphabet what could and often they don't make it to hurricane status so you see hurricanes in sequence they're not necessarily consecutive in the alphabet right because they're a whole bunch of tropical depressions that didn't it may be topical storm but you know and then they petered away and these just one right after another that could be just unlucky however consider that when you warm the planet the capacity of the air to retain moisture goes up right climate change yes and when and when generally when we think of weather we don't think of clear blue skies we think of what water is doing in the atmosphere is it snow sleet hail rain wind driven that's what we when we think of weather that's what we think of and so when you store that much more moisture in the atmosphere we are that much more susceptible to the extremes of weather so so a storm would be more intense drought areas would be more intense and so these are shots across our bow and to have people still saying I don't use not to follow what the consensus of observations and experiments gives us well let's just talk about the garden in NC level right that's not anything to do with whether you accept the science of climate change it got to do with whether you can read a ruler see levels maybe we got to go back to elementary school so this is not the stuff what you're talking about we know that the earth is warming we know that the waters arming and we know that these storms that get their energy from warming waters yes do feed off yes and it's another int report in fact the the ocean is a huge repository of heat energy and as well as carbon dioxide and so even if we stopped taking carbon out of the ground burning it and entering it as a greenhouse gas if we stop that tomorrow there's still the lag time that the ocean would then be generating influencing the climate of the atmosphere until that levels off then from your perspective we know that we're in a first responders moment as it relates to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands let's go a week a month from now as they are replanting the rebuild of these places from your perspective what are the most important elements that need to be considered well so first anyone who wants to base policy on what might be research papers that are not in the consensus of what other observations have shown that is risky that is no it's irresponsible to say here's this one research paper that's the truth because it fulfills my political cultural religious economic philosophy like you reconcile this why do we have why are we having this debate it is not a global phenomenon by the way it's uniquely American people in the UK where we've got the strength of argument that suggests that science should not be trust we can't imagine that someone who's studying astrophysics ever would have considered that religion or philosophy will be a road block or economics or whatever it is people cherry-picking Science in the fringes of what is otherwise the emergent consensus of observation and experiment and so that's disturbing to me and I feel there's something happened I turn back the other way say to the electorate and say what what happened in your school system that you don't understand and recognize the meaning and impact and significance of what a scientific result is how you arrive at them and here's what I had a tweet a couple of weeks ago that went viral for reasons I did not expect it was a week before the Eclipse and I said next weeks total solar eclipse odd that there are no deniers about this eclipse because like climate change the methods and tools of science predict it it's somehow that went right people and remember the tree people resonated with that and I just it's odd that you've got your cell phone and you're doing you using that you that you want to be happy with but this one we're not comes up let's cherry-pick that night so both of you it goes beyond denying science it's about good long-term decision making possible here's an example making long-term decisions whether you're talking about business or science so if you build infrastructure to withstand rising sea levels it costs you one dollar if you repair that infrastructure after a flood it's four dollars but the difference is the one dollar in the front end is private money the four dollars on the back end is taxpayer money not only that if you prevent it from happening forever in the future then it's nobody's money right okay write that on that level yes but people aren't necessarily adding thoughtfulness to their calculation because thoughtfulness isn't what shareholders are looking for and it's not what what voters look that is the unraveling of an informed democracy that one more time this if you have people deciding on based on fringe information then that is and making policy based on yes it is the unraveling of an informed democracy and I and I fear for the future of this country as a leader of the world which that's what the world that's the country I grew up in right we've led the world we were the first we there's what the science is do outside there are some people and by the way you could tweet neil degrasse and you should he's an avid but it tyson i'm sorry tyson is right right okay and one of the things that people will say is is this the moment in which to have this conversation about climate science response is ten years ago but sure right now is right when there is a disaster is that is there something wrong with having this discussion i feel like the world's attention are on these topics right now you take any any reason should be a good enough reason especially category 4 and 5 hurricanes laying waste to some of our most cherished cities and monuments and and culture by the way by the way when we talk about sea levels rising joobs give let me benchmark this for you if we lose the the the sheets on Greenland and Antarctica just to know what the limit of this is the sea level will rise to that of the Statue of Liberty's left elbow okay that's that's that's what we're working in here okay between where it is now and where that could be if we lose all the ice sheets and anything in between is in between the fact number one fact number two the rising sea levels it's not doesn't happen like gradually like oh there's the water level coming in no you know what happens it happens at storm surges the storm is a like an inch higher than the wall you previously built and that each is connected to an unlimited amount of water in the ocean and it fills up your city and they say oh that's just an exception well that one in a hundred year storm now becomes one in a ten year storm one in a five year storm that all of a sudden you have a narrative line and it's a new coastline you've got to deal with then you'll have you start building your home's further and further inland and eventually your entire city is twenty miles in because you've lost everything on the coastline well this is important though because as we are developing you know that the the heating of the earth is going to leave we think about our refugee crisis 400 much bigger you know who is paying attention to the scientists our insurance companies because it's gonna cost them money if we're listening to the deniers and the military because the stability of nations around the world when you have these low-lying countries especially in Polynesia we have these islands that are low-lying rise in sea level will displace huge populations and you would have that a refugee problem like the world has never seen think about some of those African countries where people simply can't survive anymore they cannot entirely politics why we're getting this refugee crisis right exactly and so and if you destabilize national borders that this is that affects not only economies but also the security and the safety of people so so I'm here as an educator as a scientist just trying to get people to understand what it means to think about and recognize what a scientific objective truth is and how and why it should be heated otherwise what kind of country do you have I I am Tyson this is I mean you got to follow Neil deGrasse Tyson on Twitter at Neil Tyson Tyson here and you got to watch his show the new season of Startalk premieres October 1st at 11 p.m. on Nat Geo and I know you're gonna be talking to Lance Armstrong on the first episodes others Katy Perry there's this show we talked to celebrities and I explore what role science has played in their lives and so you come for the celebrity and you stay for the science science and art are intertwined as well have always been trying to address and solve what ails the human condition why do you think people say you've got that down to a science or they say you've raised that to an art they occupy the same coin some things are a science some that are both and what are they my recent book is like number one now on the New York Times bestseller and it's great which is completely crazy if it's in your pocket you can easily actual physics for people in a hurry it's crazy because we celebrate any time anybody science book lands anywhere on any bestseller list because it's always the celebrity pun the pundit books and the celebrity tell-alls and maybe maybe people care again I don't know hey there I'm Chris Hayes from MSNBC thanks for watching MSNBC on youtube if you want to keep up to date with the videos we're putting out you can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos

34 thoughts on “Neil DeGrasse Tyson: We Are Witnessing The 'Unraveling Of An Informed Democracy' | MSNBC

  • They should take all the money they throw at climate change scientists and give it to tree nursery. They can then give 12 trees to every person and they can plant them. Taxation and more money to study is waisting time. Storms are no worse. The damage is more expensive because of the population. If Co2 is such a problem why are we pumping into soda pop. How do you stop burning oil. There is no electric anything without it. The whole reason oil was developed was to make people standard of living higher. Would these scientists take a hit on their standard of living. This guys play on fear. Sea levels rose hundreds of feet 8000 years ago . Tasmania was cut of from Australia and that wasn’t caused by humans. Take money out of the equation and this hysterical hypocrisy would go away.

  • The only excessive global heating rate that has been measured. Is the difference between climate models and what has actually happened

  • Hurricanes are less frequent lately and less powerful not more in the last 30 years. So it's clearly a sign of the earth stabilizing not becoming more erratic. No data shown here wonder why. Funny this baffoon berating people about denying science but he offers none to prove his point

  • The ultimate problem with an informed society is, educated people are impossible to rule over. Scams, imaginary threats, pseudoscience, all are transparent if one looks at them from the outside.

    So the people who see through the veil must be shamed and ridiculed.

    The goal is to make ignorance intelligence.

    And intelligence- ignorance.

    It is a brave new world.

  • sorry children — its all a lie. dial in "An Inconvenient Lie" on youtube if you want the truth. gore and tyson be damned.

  • Satellite data shows only miniscule warming. What about the warm up in 14-1500? What about NOAA inflating numbers? What about the Russian Climate models? They are the only models that feed in straight uninflated numbers and guess what? Normal modest warming. What about the Sun? This is not "unravelling." Oh , I forgot ,…We are all dead already. Read all the Predictions of the last several decades. Globalist U.N. trying to take over all aspects of Our lives. Until Tyson and others admit all the fraus how can We even study this? Oh yeah , what about all the Professors getting grants for this. They are so busted but liberal media never talks about it.

  • Some of the storms could be from climate change but there were storms before climate change so you can't just say that we did it.

  • @George Hallam – Put all your paranoid ravings in just a few posts please. No one wants you to put your stupid on public display more than me, but stop trying to push all over comments off the page.

  • Tell them co2 levels rise every time we r about to go into a solar minimum its happened for thr past million years n he has all the recorded datta ..n so do i…lies …all lies…

  • Get up there with the graphs neil…..were r the solar graphs……were r the geolical records??? Were is the sea ice melt ????? He knows im rt…lol..sadd…..

  • Notice how he n all of them just tell u how all the datta shows glomal warming…were is the datta ??? They will never show it to u cause its not there!!!!! N this lyier knows itt!!!!!

  • He better get to bunker before the people get him!!!!! Lmfao…..he better hope the people paying him to lie got his back……..i wouldnt count on that if i were u neil….lmao…

  • Do u have any idea how much green house gas one volcanoe erupts into our atmosphere??? One volcanoe …..more then all people on earth n all there cars n cows…y r all the volcanoes going off?? Earth must want to destroy itself…this guy knows what im saying is true..he is paid to lie to u

  • How about cosmically about the sun????that has nothing to do with climate rt???? U r a lyer!!!!!!! Lyer!!!!!

  • First it was global warming and since that turned out to be false now they use climate change. Well the climate and weather changes every day. Also national geographic came out with a video saying that Antarctica is actually refreezing itself underneath the sheet of ice. So what is true then?

  • Notice how the people denying this stuff are the exact same who profit from the chaos caused by increasingly violent weather?

  • If you want to know the uninterrupted truth, watch this interview by Chris Hedges with Ralph Nader…

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