Nerf Stealth Tower Defense

I don’t want to get shot no no no no I don’t wanna. I don’t wanna die again All I heard was Wren Go (whooping) (Laughter) And the bells go jingle, jingle, jingle Is this like a morale booster yes, it’s also really fun to play nerf games Why do we play this game cause it’s fun to play nerf games Jake had to write too many emails and this is what happened When I start writing too many emails we were discussing the other day What elves do in their off time when it’s not Christmas? We came to an answer There’s an ongoing war With the southern elves who protect and defend Jack Frost things have gotten so bad With the war with Jack Frost that Santa has assembled a crack team of his best elves to sneak down and eliminate Jack Frost from The South Pole in the off season now here’s the problem You’re only gonna be armed with this you’re gonna have to sneak into Jack Frost’s warehouse Past armed century guards who will be blindfolded but can hear problem is your hat has bells on it Exactly. I think you get the idea steal a key sneak into his personal quarters take him out with this without waking him up sneak Out and get away clean, and here’s the thing wait if we get shot do we do we get to try it again? No, no you’re done. Straight up dead. I don’t want to get shot any true Secret Agent Elf does not divulge his true identity So I’ll be known as John Doe or enough name is sprinkle Stiltskin. I’m Queasy McSquiesy (Wren gets shot) Is everyone okay? Hi, I’m Jack Frost I feel pretty good about my chances of survival here because I got great centuries I took the best ones that put them in this room, and I’m a pretty light sleeper in addition I keep my ice dagger on me at all times. I feel like between all the defenses. I have going on. I’ll be fine I’m gonna sleep easy tonight a couple elves. I mean come on dude like no confidence that looks so difficult (Shots get fired) (Music Intensifies) I’m gonna try to change it up a little bit, so I’m gonna try a couple different methods first I’m actually gonna go around the side of the ramp and climb mine up went over the the gate there I’m also gonna remove my shoes so buy more control over the ground my feet (Wren laughs and runs away) That was so nerve racking! Oh My God! All I heard was Wren Go (whooping) (Laughter) and the bells going Jingle Jingle Jingle (More Laughter) (Talking and Laughter in the Background) (Keys Jingle) (Sentry Starts Firing And I think just a straight shot to the Jack Frost Now that we have three crack elves through the first phase it’s time to go test their real capabilities stay tuned In a laboratory to wizard scientists forcefully dragon elf to a large metal press “no no no no I don’t wanna” “I don’t want to die again! No!” A third scientist Helps hold him down and presses a large green button operating the press The press comes down and as soon as it makes contact with the elf blue magic pops out of it Slamming the press down to the metal base as the elf *snaps* Disappears cut to the wide shot of a group of Tour guests looking on in shock as an overly excited tour guide claps his hands “Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, what a magical experience.” I’m working on it Adrienne’s first pass on his rot” video is complete, so we’re gonna go out there and take a look at it I expect it to be well shot because he’s a great cinematographer I expect it to look pretty which is part of it being well shot and then also Hopefully it accomplishes what he sought to create I mean I’m not nervous because it’s a rough cut and I know it there’s gonna be notes, but you know I hope they like it. I’m looking forward to this. So I put the sound effects in and Hopefully it works That is the beauty of a ruff cut Now gather around We’re doing a, we’re doing a (??? Wren noises) You know what’s great? This video is going to come out Monday right? Monday of the what? This Monday, week from Monday Yeah, Yeah But that’s not gonna come out on Monday (Laughter) What’s happening I think the overall flow that works really well beginning hooks me it starts to slow down I start to feel T’s de Lobos audience member and when it comes to YouTube others skip ahead doesn’t want to avoid that happening The ending feels pretty good actually Adriean made what he sought to make that is extremely difficult to do especially in the setting in which it was done A bunch of production logistics were against him he was shooting a lot in a little amount of time He was working with a new crew he’s coming into a new company. It’s his first video There’s a ton of pressure his experience in having filmed everything else that he’s made I think really helped him out most features can’t even do that with hundreds of millions of dollars we’ve given him our notes that we Collectively came up with he’s gonna sit down with Nico tomorrow go over them try to implement some of them And we’ll see what he does with them, and I think it’ll be good I should use my audible integration time to actually clean the camera room. It’s the only chance I have to do it I need to find this cable another audible integration another chance for me to recommend to you one of my favorite books I’ve really been wanting to recommend that you read Snow Crash. I read it this fall, and it blew my mind There’s pizza delivery boys that if they don’t get the pizza there on time They die sick motorcycle races a big floating aircraft carrier raft. There’s also mini guns audibles introduced a new feature That’s actually kind of cool you now listen to it on your Amazon echo Alexa read Snow Crash the wide specs on television screen resulting from weak recent Alexa pause so now you can just talk to your Echo I have to be careful. Not to say the q”-word otherwise it starts listening to me You can listen to audiobooks on your echo Anywhere you are and it’s really cool because you actually resume it on your phone right from where you left off or any other device That you’re listening on it keeps track of your progress through the story and keeps all your devices synced up What are these When we have helicopter headphones like actual functioning ones Snow Crash is a book about the future But also about the past part of takes place in a weird ultimate history America it takes place in the VR Metaverse and part of it takes place in History, I’m talking about linguistics so for example when you think what do you think about things? They think about solving a problem. You tend to think in the language that you speak I guess I do you know I think I think in English the book poses a question Which is what about in the origin of language when there wasn’t past tense in future tense and pronouns the vocabulary wasn’t that big? Did that affect how well people could think and how well they could? problem-solve and actually it’s a really interesting question to pose and in the book then ties that into a sci-fi twist where it gets into the Depths of hacking how people’s minds function, and if there’s a language that allows you to do So so I highly recommend you check it out So you’d actually try it right now for free if you have an Amazon echo, just simply ask Alexa to read you a book now right now, Alexa You can also go to slash Sam and Nico or text Sam and Eko to five hundred five hundred To get a free book and a free one-month trial man. I’m never gonna find that cable now That boy is gone. It’s too bad. It’s really really useful because we could put her at her master’s doesn’t have a battery panel That’s how we were plugging it into batteries and somebody straight-up lost it. What’s this? Why is this here steal a key sneaked into his personal quarters take him out with this without waking him up? Sneak out and get away clean. There’s no God only Santa (Laughing) Ow! (laughing) (Screaming) You’re out of bullets (Niko thought he got away but got shot) (Laughter) Lie here I’m sleeping I’m sleeping away, and all I hear is one little Bell goat. I Open one. Eye and Nico’s right there, and he like looks at me, and he sees my eyes are open. He goes So Neko technically still accomplished the mission he died a war hero, and they made a statue for him in the North Pole Looked like but it’s so funny to see you Like now Nikko died a war hero, but Adrian has the chance to live as a war hero. We’ll see what happens No pressure three two one game on You just like I wouldn’t wake me as possible because when I was up there I had no idea Nikko made it that in that quick so like if I go even quicker They’re probably not gonna have any idea. Oh my god I really just walk this way and like that at this Beach Dude I didn’t think I’d make it through that first challenge both oh
Here’s the thing though both Nico and Adrian basically made it to the end Nico died out of sheer bad luck Adrian made it and his method was to go really fast But if I go really fast, I’m afraid I’ll be hurt. I’m gonna try the shoe this game on For the kill is like I have no weapon Jack Frost slow ice dagger beats an unarmed elf every day Adrienne was the only one to make it home alive Through your senses top elf now until next time Christmas is save Takes yeah, till next winter sweetie. Well. That was a lot of fun now if you think we should play that again. Let us know Hey consider subscribing if you haven’t already

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