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you're the nether video and today's video is going to be a spoiler free book talk for book that I unfortunately did not really enjoy which really sucks because I was super anticipating this book I received in a arc via net galley in exchange for an Oscar view I read it almost as soon as I got approved for it because I was so excited for it but unfortunately it did not pan out the way that I hoped it would and that book has never contended things by Sarah Porter and I have I have a lot of thoughts on this one but basically if you guys aren't aware this story is a sort of paranormal urban fantasy Fae book that follows um this girl and her foster brother who she is about to age out of the foster system so and she doesn't really have the best relationship with her foster parents but her foster brother and her have this very intense codependent sort of very toxic relationship he's very visibly in love with her and she's trying to sort of deal with that and figure out if she's in love with him as well or if she only loves him in like a sibling sense so that is a big part of her internal struggle as a character but things get even more intense and confusing and interesting when her and her brother go to this party and they meet these very odd individuals who turn out to be the Fae and they end up getting a broiled in this whole very dark mystical Fae plot to sort of take over a town and it's just our main character sort of trying to get to the bottom of that it's like meant to be very dark and gothic feeling and like interesting and quirky and different and where I can see where the book was trying to go I think it didn't hit all of the marks I ended up only giving this book a 2 out of 5 stars which really hurts me because I really wanted to love it it sounded so cool and amazing and like something I would really really enjoy it's a standalone it sounded so unique and interest Sene and like you would capture the feel of a lot of stories that I like I have this very interesting magical realism almost portal fantasy vibe that's very nonsensical and whimsical with a darker edge but unfortunately I don't think this book quite hit the mark but as always when my book reviews um my spoiler-free runs I try to give pros and cons for both sides of it I've seen a lot of people really love this book I've also seen a few people hold the same views as me so I'm gonna try and hit both sides of the coin for this review I'll try to be as unbiased as possible after I just gave my my personal view on it so let's start with the pros and then happen to the cons so my first pro for this one is going to be the sort of energy of the world I did feel like this world did a good job of capturing this very dark like seductive sort of Fae energy that I think was really unique and very interesting and very different from a lot of Fay's stories that I've read it felt more akin to sort of the Fae dynamic that happens in Cassandra Clare books which I really enjoy that's one of my favorite like Fae dynamics with humans and Fae so I thought that was pretty well captured in this story I was intrigued and there were points where I was reading it and I did enjoy certain moments of it other pro4 this book is going to be the exploration of a toxic relationship in this story I thought that the relationship that was sort of developed and explored and sort of picked apart and the slowly decaying relationship between our main character and her foster brother was really interesting I'm glad that I knew that it was meant to be this toxic relationship that would be debunked when I first started reading this because I think that I would have probably not been able to see the subtleties in the relationship if I hadn't already known that going in and I think it's good that that's sort of one of the things that's mentioned in like the description of the book I thought that was handled quite well I actually really enjoyed that aspect probably my favorite it felt the most genuine in the most well fleshed out and well-thought-out and you can definitely see that the author wanted to depict this in a way that was interesting but also showed the dangers of a relationship like that I thought it was really excellent Lee done I was by far my favorite thing about this book my final pro for this book is going to be the fact that the new romance that is introduced felt very natural and it was surprising and it was interesting but as soon as it happened I was like this makes sense into where the story has been so far and I really liked the idea behind the new romance I thought it was very interesting and yet again felt very genuine to the story it was another one of my favorite parts of this book and one of the reasons I gave it two stars its posed like one so now I just really quickly you want to run through some of my comes for the story just my main big ones I'm not gonna try and be too nitpicky so my first con for this one is going to be the pacing I feel like the pacing was all over the place for this story I feel like there were times where it just took so long to say and do anything but then it would just speed past something that I was really interested in I felt like we spent so much time building these little weird moments like she was drawing out moments that didn't need to be drawn out for the sake of the atmosphere of the story but it ended up making the story feel very disjointed and rushed in places and then way too laborious and others so it ended up really throwing me off from a reading groove and I couldn't get into a good pattern with my reading of this book the second con for this one is actually tied in with one of my prose that is going to be Y like did enjoy the romance that initial event a mout of this story I felt like it while it did feel very genuine and I really liked it and I was really invested in it I felt like it wasn't given enough time to shine and it wasn't developed enough because so much of this book was about our main characters sort of being stuck in her issues that it sort of was like at the end it's like oh this ray of sunshine person and not in a way that felt like damsel-in-distress being rescued but in a way that sort of felt like the author needed some reason to make this character leave her situation so she created something that while she created it well and it felt fleshed out it wasn't as fleshed out as I wanted to be it felt like she sort of decided halfway through the book that she wanted to do this as opposed to planting little seeds of it throughout the whole story final con for this book is going to be the fact that it tried too hard to be wacky and dark and moody but also capture this weird Alice in Wonderland ask a vibe to it and get tried too hard to do too many things and that really bogged down the story especially because it's a standalone it's relatively short I think that this would have been more successful if she if if she had expanded the book and sort of taken her time building these things it would have been slower paced and maybe that would have made it more alienating to specific readers but I think the story overall would have been a lot stronger if she had spent more time and not trying too hard to shoehorn all of these moments and all of these vibes into the story and let it go about and be created more organically so that's it for today's video I hope you guys enjoyed as I said I think there are a lot of readers who would enjoy this book but it just wasn't really for me which is sad because I really thought it was gonna be for me and I was really excited and hyped for it I just ended up not hitting the mark for a lot of things that I really need in order to enjoy a story like if there's gonna be a romance in it it needs to be an excellent romance or it can't get behind it if you're gonna make your story dark and whimsical and weird you need to really commit to that it needs to feel organic and well-written and not like you just threw in some like silly top hats for your character to wear it to make her like avant-garde and that sort of a thing so at the end of the day while I think this book had a lot of promise it didn't quite hit the mark for me but I do think if it sounds interesting to you maybe give it a shot I've seen a lot of other reviewers enjoy it quite a bad I've seen a lot of four and five star reviews but I've also seen a lot of like two and three star reviews so I would say read some more reviews and stuff but I personally if you are similar reader to me I'd say to skip this one it's not really worth the time and the ultimate disappointment that it gave me so as always if you guys enjoyed this video feel free to like and subscribe and yeah I will have the release date for this book down below if you guys are interested in it um the release date will be there I think it's coming out in March I want to say like late March but yeah as always I'll see you guys soon with another video bye [Applause] you [Applause]

5 thoughts on “Never Contented Things Booktalk! *spoiler free* | magical march

  • Hmmm I made it to chapter 10 (audible book version) and had to take a break. I've felt nothing but cringe and discomfort with this book so far. Maybe I'll try again if things start to get better as u say.

  • Sigh. I'm 70 pages in and so disappointed so far. I love Sarah Porter's Lost Voices series…..but this is just not going well so far…😭

  • it's too bad you didn't enjoy this one! i'm the same way where i really need romances to be well developed if i'm going to enjoy them. great review!

  • Oh I have an arc of this too and I've seen a lot of people not liking it either 😭 I have so low expectations right now that I may enjoy it more lol.

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