New design unveiled for 46-story Providence tower; would be RI’s tallest

(CG) WE’RE WORKING THE LATEST DEVELOPMENTS TONIGHT — ON A PROPOSAL TO BUILD A 46-STORY APARTMENT COMPLEX ON THE OLD 195 LAND. (MM) WE’RE GETTING A FIRST LOOK AT—- ITS NEW DESIGN TONIGHT… BUT NOT EVERYONE IS IN FAVOR OF THE PLAN THAT—- WOULD REQUIRE A SPECIAL DEAL ON ZONING. (CG) EYEWITNESS NEWS REPORTER TED NESI IS HERE NOW —- WITH A ONE-ON-ONE INTERVIEW WITH THE DEVELOPER — LOOKING TO CHANGE PROVIDENCE’S SKYLINE. NEW AT FIVE THIRTY A NEW DESIGN FOR THIS HIGH- PROFILE PROJECT WAS UNVEILED AT A MEETING JUST THIS AFTERNOON… BUT OPPONENTS INSIST THE APPROACH IS STILL FUNDAMENTALLY WRONG FOR THE CITY. “The Hope Point Tower would be unique and an icon of Providence” A DRAMATIC NEW VISION … FOR WHAT WOULD BE THE TALLEST BUILDING IN PROVIDENCE BY FAR. It’s a fab design right on the forefront, and its aesthetic, its sculptural, its sensuous – people will love it. NEW YORK DEVELOPER JASON FANE IS THE MAN BEHIND THE PROJECT, DUBBED “HOPE POINT TOWER”… A ROUGHLY 500-FOOT SKYSCRAPER THAT FANE SAYS WOULD BECOME A LANDMARK, LIKE THE EIFFEL TOWER. in the 1880s when the eiffel tower was proposed, there was a lot of opposition. and now the eiffel tower’s beloved in paris, in france – its the symbol of both paris and france. HE SAYS THE PROJECT WILL COST AT LEAST 250 MILLION DOLLARS AND REQUIRE SOME TAX BREAKS… AND HE WANTS TO PUT IT ON A PRIME PIECE OF PROPERTY ON THE OLD 195 LAND. : what was teh rationale to put it in this part of the city? fane: well first its an excellent site, and secondly this site is available. “We are concerned” PROVIDENCE PRESERVATION SOCIETY EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR BRENT RUNYON NOTES HOPE POINT WOULD BE FAR TALLER THAN EVEN THE LANDMARK SUPERMAN BUILDING. “This is going to be a place on its own, an oasis islanded away from the city, not something that’s going to fill in and make it feel like a skyline. It’s really just going to be out on its own. It really doesn’t make sense” tn: why are you seeking so much more than the current zoning? fane: I want the architeect to have freedom of design the height is what makes it a good project. the objective is to do something iconic that stands out. you dont do that by slicing it. FANE STILL HAS A LONG WAY TO GO … BUT HE SAYS HE HOPES THE PROJECT IS APPROVED BY THE END OF THE YEAR … SO COSNTRUCTION COULD START BY LATE 2019. A SPOKESMAN FOR MAYOR JORGE ELORZA TELLS US HE’S NOT READY TO SUPPORT OR OPPOSE THE TOWER YET. TED NESI, EYEWITNESS NEWS.

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