New Opportunities for Autistic Professionals | JPMorgan Chase & Co.

David: Meeting new people is a little bit hard for me. John: Before working here, I was very aware of my differences. Wesley: The challenges I face as being someone on the autism spectrum is just building relationships. James: Autism at Work is a program that finds talented people who happen to be autistic, and matches them to the right career. David: They have a lot of resources to help you if you need them. They did things really slowly so that we could have time to acclimatize to the new corporate setting. John: The program is a godsend for folks like me who have struggled to get employment or keep employment. Brian: The Autism at Work program gave me a lot of new opportunities. I was able to move out of my house in New Jersey,
move 40 miles down here and just work full time. So, it…it’s given me a lot more freedom and
independence. Wesley: This time last year I was a consultant, now I’m a compliance officer. When I found out that I received the full time position, I was beyond excited. All my hard work that I, I put in, it finally paid off. David: The Autism at Work program has really helped me a lot, and not just in my career, but it also gave me more confidence in social situations as well. Brian: I’m grateful for the Autism at Work program and giving me the opportunity to work at JPMorgan Chase.

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