NEW Strife "DIVINITY" Signature Weapon in BO4 (FALL FIREARMS Anime Girl Camo Black Ops 4 1.07 Update

control life ooh I love this gun amazing for the memes I felt this way about say that you will in our spot say that you hollering crazy to emphasize the lines ever there's no issue i'ma kiss you in a jar you got me feeling like up here we good fist is mad pocket ah he left the game mean I kinda feel bad the system I gotta go you know what I mean I'm just I just love this pistol to power the enemy girl 16 for you we get dirt again the sheets and I stick cleans for you yeah I'm talking to you soldiers to be it'll play out one side Oh Thank You teammate thank you so much King Sox dick oh my god 1922 one item here by the way six and 19 are you fucking shitting me yes Wow like this like this like this I guess like it so what's up guys if you're here by Dino or cottagey a video for you guys of course it's gonna be a react to such Mastercraft kind of video but today this is a special type of video because this gun that I've read a lot actually comes from the fall firearms special order here in the black-market section this is called the divinity of the divine justice which is done the Mastercraft camo for this vein but I want to get the reactive cabin which is the more special part of this video ah ticket dismissed oh now you got to pretty much purchase this for 2,000 cock points and as long as with all these useless tags and stickers and calling card and stuff you also get the carbon Cobra which I've made a video on a couple months ago or a month ago when it was out you know they gave it us for free accidentally but yeah if you pay 2,000 cop once and get this amazing amazing camo master camo but today we're gonna be focusing on the divine justice how I got the divine justice or did the divinity is I'm gonna code by my boy lone wolf shower my boy local for giving out the the GameStop code and I ended up getting it so the only way you get this pistol before was through pre-ordered the game stop so pretty much you save yourself some money by pre-ordering to Game Stop so what we're gonna focus on today is getting the reactive camel we can already see the Mastercraft camo in the new update unfortunately they made it a lot more easier for you to unlock the camels maybe because the camo switched out or something but we could already have the the master camo on but in order to lock the reactor camo we need to have the reactive camo equipped and then for this gun we have to earn five shutdown medals so while having the camel quit we're gonna get five shutdown medals I heard it's the anime girl so we're gonna try to unlock this camel and you know see my reaction to it I'm pretty excited to see how it looks like so yeah let's get some shutdown medals okay so to get this good news activated I need to actually body people that are on a street OOP okay okay so I finally figured out uh to get shut down those lap to kill people as you're using the specialist it'd be kind of annoying because of a pistol I guess a specialist weapon that's gonna be kind of annoying so hopefully get it done pretty fast though shut down oh my gosh uptime I got one Oh first shut down that was that was nice hello hey there you go I don't realize we got it let me look at it oh my god let me freaking know it's Alex really nice white food life to us fun oh my god I love it I absolutely love it wife BS spot right here that's what you call wife level 200 200 Ben do you realize we got 200 as well oh nevermind okay so I don't even have any idea when I got the shot down medals so yeah this keeps killing people and you'll eventually get the get the nice little camo here yes we can go anime girl achieved wife you achieve oh my god shut down active cavil unveiled earn five shut down medals met I wanna see how it looks like on here though let me see a little preview screen let me free Kindle let me freakin No see now we're gonna turn the Mastercraft camera after a log in the beautiful access denied anime camera and we'll see how a majestic this Mastercraft camera is let's go yeah here we are with the divinity pissed so Oh looks not bad holy let's see I don't know if it changes colors it doesn't look like it does but we'll find out anyways I was gonna casually talk about the new update and my thoughts on it to me feels like with every update their changing unnecessary things I really don't know why it might be a four-night yes they didn't note today more than actually added in dynamite and they took out the dynamite 52 minutes after the dynamite was already out like they obviously didn't think things through niggas want to hike people off about this new equipment or something and just I don't know they're just adding in unnecessary things to the game then nobody's been asking for people didn't let the c-4 in for night so what did they add dynamite in you know what I mean and how does this relate to call duty well it's kind of like with the swordfish buff the swordfish has been buffed what two or three times if I'm not mistaken it didn't need to be buffed in my opinion at all especially with this update there is legit no point at all and buffing the gun at all III just don't see a point like this one which is already good you guys have seen my game my last video on the provision I need to make another storage video so I can show you how more effective the gun is which is Wow to think about I don't know I really hope they don't take the four-night route too much you know having updates every single week is not a bad thing by anyways having an update every week isn't bad but if you're adding or changing things that don't need to be changed then then that might do more bad to the game than anything else you know I mean a lot of people are already unhappy with the contraband system even this weapon itself a lot of you guys aren't gonna have this weapon or even if you do get this weapon you have to buy it for the special orders then you have to actually grind tears after buying the special orders in order to have the chance for an office and then you're gonna get the the shutdown medals with this pistol once you have it in order to get the reactive camera that is I don't really think that's really good another thing I don't like is you guys notice that I already had the Mastercraft camo not even having the reactive camo done I don't like that I like the whole process of you know getting the gun getting the hundred head shots you know getting the reactive camera done and then getting the Mastercraft cam because the Mastercraft camo it's as master in its name it's supposed to be the last camo unlocked in this whole signature weapon ordeal I guess I kind of hope they can I change that factor and I hope they switch at the special orders cuz I need to worry at least you buy it and you just automatically at the weapon you're gonna grind key tears for it like I think that's really dumb in my opinion could be honest but yeah let me know like what you think about this whole lot day I just a lot of the necessary changes only good change in my opinion was like a br ba they're like the zombie spawns or the fixes they deleted on blackout that was all good but hey do think of something not worth it at all really not worth it yeah and I'm not gonna get the carbon co-op I make a bid on the carbon Cobra we're probably gonna have to bring back throwback gameplay so people know how the carbon cover looks like yeah I don't think this pistol changes at all I don't mind it though this is not bad looking already body no what could it give go yeah that's for sure oh ok never mind it does change that's nice little like Dark Matter red matter of fact that's really really nice actually I stopped you the thumbnail right there Loki at least part of the thumb though body canvas at the mark of a hero carrying his team got um cut off like the hero cannot play the hero here huh body's kind of scared to be right here okay body body but I'm just absolutely clapping with the pistol snipers nurse no if I take this young gum oh you gotta use this pistol yet in hardcore Ellie's no keep it going out here ah easy yeah they're out of lives in a chopper and there we go beautiful beautiful weapon love the effect that it has that's the Mastercraft camo of the strife

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