New Thermador Freedom Refrigerator and Freezer

– Hi, I’m Steve Sheinkopf from
Yale Appliance and Lighting in Boston and Framingham. Today were gonna talk about the new Thermador Freedom Refrigerators
and their new features like new doors, bins, touch controls, and then briefly compare to
the industry leader Sub-Zero. (upbeat music) – First, the door is completely different than any other refrigerator. You can push to open as well
as use it as a pull assist with a handle. The push to open feature is convenient, but you can still open the refrigerator with your hands full. You can also have a handleless design for a contemporary or modern kitchen. The bins on the door are
customizable for different kinds of food. You can store medicines and tonight’s meal right on the door, and even take the bins
off for easier prep. The metal door is cooled
directly by the air from the compressor so it
will keep your milks, juices, and other foods just as cold
as the refrigerator itself. They’ve even improved the bins reserved for fruits and veggies as well. The Thermador drawer
allows ethylene gasses out and keeps humidity in to
slow the spoiling process. The Thermador Fresh Pro is
independently controlled for temperature for proper
storage of meats or fish. The touch control display
is the most robust offering not just precise temperatures, but easy access to economy, sabbath, and even vacation modes. You can even set the door to
close in one to 10 seconds if left ajar when using
the open assist feature. The new Thermador is roughly
10 percent more expensive than the last version. However, it still qualifies
for the One, Two, Free Rebate with free
dishwasher and hood options with qualifying purchases. The new Thermador is vastly
improved over last year’s model. In some ways, it is technically
better than Sub-Zero especially for keeping items colder on the door after opening. Sub-Zero on the other
hand, is still engineered for keeping food fresher
for a longer period of time with an air scrubber to scrub
the gasses off all the food. Sub-Zero also has a tighter
vacuum seal on the door and magnetic crispers all
designed to keep air in and out efficiently out of the refrigerator. However, this Thermador is
vastly improved and is now a worthy alternative
to the Sub-Zero fridge. To learn more, download the Yale Appliance Counter Depth Buying Guide
available by clicking the link at the end of the video.

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