New York City Tour Day 2 || World Trade Center 9/11 Memorial & Visit to Apple Store || NYC

Hello Friends, we are now at World Trade Centre location and this is the building which is built in place of twin towers This is called Freedom Tower We will now go to Ground Zero which is the exact location of those two particular towers (buildings) which they have kept at a lower level than ground and the best thing about ground zero is that they have mentioned names of all victims who lost their lives in the tragic event This is the exact location of twin tower which got hit on 9/11 On my back, i will go and show you ground zero pool one of the collapsed tower was on this location and adjacent to this building, on this direction, second tower was located The ground zero (also called 9/11 Memorial) consist of two recessed pools which are lower than ground level Now plan is to build probably 5 new towers come and let me show you Ground Zero built to commemorate the victims of 9/11 attacks This is the exact footprint of one of the tower of world trade centre As you can see all those people who were present in the tower that day and who lost their lives their names are are inscribed here and now in replacement of Twin Towers a one of the new proposed Towers is completed this is called freedom tower ………….wow and here all the remains of the incident are kept in a museum The building you could see in front is 9/11 Memorial Museum We wished to go and see the museum but there is a long queue for entry line that we will have to pass through thats why we have decided to skip it this time but otherwise it is a good place to be and adjacent to this is a shopping center cum transportation Hub building which resembles like Eagle this place is designed and built so beautifully Swamp white oaks are arranged in rows and form informal clusters, which adds beauty and comfort for visitors making it easy to move around even during hot hours Friends a very interesting scene developed that within 5 minutes cloud developed and heavy rain started and since we were present at World Trade Centre Ground Zero location and in the Memorial Garden there is no shade that one can go under so all tourist went into nearby shopping mall located in Transportation Hub This shopping has house a huge APPLE Store which is worth visiting. Especially good to enjoy free WIFI if you don’t have local mobile connection This store has display of all Apple products You can even find exchange deals, take on tutorial lessons to use products and get detailed explanation from their staff

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