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New York City! A city that assaults the senses. There is so much to do and so much to see. There is always something new opening every
time you visit. This time around, I set out to see the new
Calatrava architecture, visit some friends, eat the most expensive burger Ive ever eaten…
debunk some urban legends and perhaps ask questions that concerned the devil and the
Empire State Building… There is no way I can get this all… especially
on my iPhone… its amazing, its huge, its skeletal. Its perfect. Ok! I made it through the crowd. That was not easy. Only in NYC can you buy a $35 hamburger. Its filled with foie gras and truffle butter. Its not humungous which means I can finish
it all. Alright, Im going to try to eat this burger
with one hand. Its not gonna go well…. Haha, half a burger… This time around, we stayed across the street
from the INFAMOUS Empire State Building… One of the worlds tallest and most iconic
buildings. The views from the top are amazing. But, a popular urban legend states that dropping
a penny from the top has the same impact as dropping a 50 ton truck. I was itching to try it, until I stopped myself
and asked how something like that could happen… The one thing people forget is the “WIND
FACTOR.” Since a penny is flat, the wind and wind resistance
can slow it down or move it around… easily debunking this urban myth… BUT…Have you ever seen The Omen? The movie about a boy who happens to be the
anti-christ? It turns out there’s a scene in the movie
that was inspired by the Empire State Building. During one of the well known death scenes
Father Brennan gets impaled by a spire that gets hit by lightning right outside of church
grounds…Well… Legend says on one dark and stormy night,
this actually happened. But the spire was that of the Empire State
Building and the dead guy was that of an unsuspecting pedestrian. Many people say this cant happen because the
spire of the Empire State Building is 40 feet tall… What do you think? I love NYC. With a city so big and rich in culture, there
are countless stories and things to do. I love coming here because I love travel,
adventure and the sense of being able to do what I want, when I want… and when you have
one life to live, doing as you please if a mighty fine thing… don’t you think?

10 thoughts on “New York City’s Empire State Building | Urban Myths

  • GOSH this was so beautiful the architecture is breath taking i'd end up with a stiff neck from looking up all day and miss the people watching and the characters of just a normal NY Day like the 2 girls in Bikini's in the middle of Autumn love this xx

  • Another great travel Vlog my friend
    I'm loving all your adventures and journeys
    You really capture some great shots
    Can't wait to finally see you next month

  • I'm so brainwashed by Casey Neistats vlogs that all I can think of whenever I see a video about NY is 'I wonder if Caseys' around' lol what is wrong with me :S Great video though!

  • The way you captured the skyscraper and the buildings is brilliant.I love the way you have shots of the city that are very wide and from all kind of angles.Your whole filmography is on point!! hahah seeing that burger made me hungry! And I love the way you ended your video.We'll definitely be following your channel.

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