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welcome back everyone here to news now it is ten o’clock right here on fox ten next year we up two hours for yeah thanks so much for joining us here today. News now always bringing the top stories and headlines from across the country. It was my patient long side or Ryan whom getting all caught up on today’s very a big headlines and boy do we got a lot today. On the show everybody what we’re dealing with right now in Chicago right now you got the mayor talking about the upcoming the big time festival Lollapalooza. The big music festival there they’re talking about security now obviously got to talk about security in this day and age X. especially what we saw in Gilroy and my I have to point out there are a number of stories that are out there today. The people who serve as security consultants are saying sadly. As a result of what happened this last week and sort of a commentary on where we are in life in. Twenty nineteen people are going to have to be much more cautious about the plans we made. For future faster in the US so we’ll have that he in just a little bit everybody but I want to talk about. Well the upcoming two night debate that a lot of people are going to be looking at a specially in the world of politics. This is what you’re looking at our right here is how we are shaping up. Right now we go back to that really quick if I can hear yes I can for everybody. Seoul’s play that one more time and I’ll pause it for you at the moment. That we can [inaudible] There. Twenty names take care everybody [inaudible] You know. I still think my that there are- Let’s see let’s pick two or three really honestly this is the willing down debate this is Sharon this week I think. He’ll be more than a small well you know you’re probably some others that will say I just cannot continue. If if you were to pick two or three surprises besides the big for which the big for tonight are Sanders in Warren. And then tomorrow night Kamilla Harrison Joe by. I also am going to put people to judge. And battle over or can Cory Booker all in there as you’re probably going to continue on two more names Mike two or three names of who else you think might. Survive the wiggling process and kind of continue on based on you know there where they stand right now with their campaigns well I’m going to go you know I was going to say around though for a war. I was going to say he’s on the fringe of my book. Yeah it just doesn’t seem the momentum but you know what. Let’s get let’s pick Williamson to keep on going is that right. It just seems like they didn’t give her enough attention last time yeah I think so just be under the radar again she’s a candidate who’s getting a lot of talk reaches a lot of talk on Twitter well. She she for purposes Americans get more sleep. Pickup platform for robot. Who could be opposed to that all right I am going to say because I’ve already said I think Julian Castro has the potential it’s better in? Who is seen on in combat duty and she called a couple here is just days ago by saying she is in no way — Fit to be the commander in chief of this nation. So I do think that she’s created some headlines for herself there so I both Castro and Gabbard possibly going onbl G. in slowly. He has carved out a such a nich. As the green. And that really appeals to a lot of people certainly how much of a credit. Yeah I’m gonna say though that – Hickenlooper. To be a goner this could be about add this might be the last one I tonight. All right so here’s the big headline. There is pressure [inaudible] You know. There is pressure on the man that so many people fell in love with four years ago I am talking about Bernie Sanders. Because well Mike showing you that fox pulled from just a few days ago — When we get off of that I don’t want to confuse you but I’m sure you I’m gonna tell you the numbers that are brand brand new this morning? This is Quinnipiac. And they say that Bernie Sanders has dropped to fourth. Place now it’s it’s fairly tight for positions two three and four the to be headlines are this Joe Biden has completely steady the ship. And is back to a massive nineteen point lead over his next closest channel. That is and I mean you could I would love to get some political experts I wish we had Chris Wallace on the phone right now. Get a mid mid week. Midweek Chris what did Joe Biden do or what did call my hair is new in the last St twenty days. Bite into a completely regained his lead yeah I think that is fascinating just remember you guys after debate number one it was a small horse race Biden wa. Twenty two call iris was it 20% they was right there now it’s buying that thirty four same polling group. Kamel Harris. Add. To well so bottom line Elizabeth Warren now number two surging at 15% com layers number three Bernie Sanders drops a number four he has no choice I know they’re great friends I know they are the two liberal scions of the Senate Mike. He’s going to have — To try to score some points. I think tonight truly and you know looking. For to tomorrow I know we’ll talk about a little bit about this tomorrow as well by. Five things going you have he knows even in this campaign it was yes the step up and be a little bit more aggressive towards these candidates. Because the he may know until your tax will be coming up towards him on both sides and I don’t want to say this is make or break for either Bernie’s. Or Elizabeth Warren but this is an important point to point out as we head into tonight’s debat. Eventually. One of them does start to hate. The and the other candidate picks up steam Mike. Bernie Sanders at fifteen and Warner twelve more in this other poll truer in it fifteen and Sanders at eleven so you basically there are about twenty seven points my can this is important for our viewers to realize. There’s about twenty seven points on the left end of the party. That they’re not going. To I mean they certainly would in a general election. But they’re probably not all and excited about by. So who will be the standard bearer for the most liberal wing of the party. If they both say it right to the end it just tells Joe Biden. Let’s say Bernie has has a hiccup tonight or let’s say a list with warned as I don’t think so she’s. If one of them really picks up steam in the other starts to fade Mike that’s twenty seven points you put that up against Joe Biden’s. Thirty points or so thirty two thirty four points. Then you are horse race yeah you really do. No and that’s why it’s going to be interesting and we’ll have a lot of the good thing about that will have enough content for tomorrow. To we’ll have it it’s either that or if the president speaking on the south lawn you got plenty of content to what we do and I’m glad you brought that up. Because it did happen today president trump speaking once again. To the media and this time while he’s once again really doubling and tripling down on Elijah Cummings and really the battle for Baltimore okay so there we go let’s listen all of it right now sixty minutes. And it’s president trump . They’re gonna make a great deal with after the break the deal at all. But a lot of great — Joe was the number one economy in the world. Three years since I’ve been here. A lot of great things happening lot of really great things happening. The economy is. Certain branches of government we’ll see what happens. We have a lot of good things happening — We were [inaudible] The for over the years. Then there for a long. Look at the fact [inaudible] The government. Over the years [inaudible] Dollars [inaudible] Many years. A lot of the forty five the real – In the form of in order to pay [inaudible] For the word . For so what they the farmers and the farmers — I would like [inaudible] Large [inaudible] The one we they were wrong. Wrong [inaudible] The Washington. The Washington is a Russian asset by comparison. He’s done a great job [inaudible] Being. Has got more judges than probably any [inaudible] But we’ve got. To do a hundred seventy nine federal judges nobody’s ever seen anything like that [inaudible] Enjoyed watching. Judges put on the board . I think it’s a horrible thing when. For which is really just. For the benefit of the washing. This. Is just like the New York. For the benefit the washing [inaudible] Please . I am watching. So what I think doesn’t mean anything. I think he’s off his game by a lot. Personally I think it’s going to be. Because of the tremendous. That’s taking place in Baltimor. Letters emails and phone calls every see more. The subject of people from Baltimore and other cities. We run by Democrats. For getting in. People living in. The more. They’re largely African American you have a large African American population. And they really appreciate what I’m doing. Let me know if they really appreciated. By the way the numbers. In the history of our country. Thank you. So much. Over twenty years . Relationship with your president [inaudible] I like. By the way I think he’s doing a great job. But I think the president. Job is a wonderful man with a wonderful family . But I’ll find out about it. For a long time. This. Is what we anywhere in the worl. One but I got along with about [inaudible] What [inaudible] President is. Nobody can be [inaudible] Poverty levels. For so many things [inaudible] Three four really the biggest [inaudible] Three four the president was able to get it done. Dollars of the African American community is. Finally somebody is selling [inaudible] One love the way [inaudible] Your for the last thirty years. Dollars a year. Twenty seven years. Wall Street journal [inaudible] Leaving. To make a deal with the whether . I think if. The president . For watch the president. The biggest benefit here the inner city. Three four but this [inaudible] You may. I’m not working for the get ready. It is a very good. We’ll see what happens I can’t tell you what’s going to happen I know one thing. That. Which president if you want. You would be in a major war right now with North Korea. We are nowhere close. Have a good relationship with them. He likes me we’ll see what out. But the people of thousands of people. Because of the fact that finally somebody’s. I’m the one African American voters Daddy inside a home and o others injured yesterday let’s listen in. We believe slugs. One of the family members said that he was mentally ill new restaurant. I can — As I stated. Earlier I spoke to most of the his siblings and down. Most of them did indicate that – He was a troubled individual on the incident in two thousand four with the family — A disturbance — Hold on no thirty fourth Avenue involving a mother and and brothers a his evidence that — You know he did an issue so — He did arm himself and he did point the gun in an erection of his brothers and threaten them — If they didn’t gel follow his orders so bad things could happen — In again we don’t have a lot of history with him. A traffic citation here just a few years ago and that incident back in two thousand and four there are the only recorded incidents at the sheriff’s department here in triple count. Have with him in fact his brother who was one of the victims — Douglas we have had no contact with other than the that he was there at the residence in two thousand and four were there any with any kind of legal restrictions on which each year. I know on what happened is — He went through the system. The charge was play down to a simple disorderly conduct he was put on probation and that — During that year probation he stayed clean and since and again we haven’t had not had any. Contact with him — In regards – To any criminal activity what else you know about lately. See you soon tears were. I don’t know — That’s going to be followed up on now I know that to Haley officers along with my investigators will be doing that. I think an interview was attempted last night she is don- Obviously they’re going to recover — Wish him the best can you say whether or not they were shooting from the when the gun was right. Again just assuming that that was how the supporting their injuries as are we call that the self defense — Injury. I’m sure you can explain that as to the injuries they are both were shot — One shot to the hand all the way to the form — Logging more in that area. And she unfortunately had to have her arm amputated as well as Mr main he was shot in the arm. Higher up and he and he’s also had to have his arm amputated. With every consistent with someone putting their hand out of Maryland. Is a sure said they’d be more consistent with somebody seen somebody command because the defense. This call may I could do that. Any other questions so we were able to make a map and Simon with his cell phone thinking of using his mom’s car this car last. Weeks or so most most definitely for days weeks. Well — I would turn it over to either chief deputy or sixty scale. The division including vegetation is doing all the main dumping of the phone being getting that information — It wasn’t on the same days of the incident but it was not a couple months ago. As it relates to the nature the tax — A look like he was tryin- To it was sexual in nature. And you know like we said earlier this year said based on a lot of the evidence in the interviews of the people that. We have talked. To there’s a lot of similaritie. We unknown what is intentions were and obviously if he did have an intent. It did not work out form. Thirty anybody for the went. To see the work please end of the call thirteen years ago. To the or thirty four seven Lafayette correct what was not – For mother it called indicated it to her son Richie had a gun and was arguing with a to the brothers — And she requested a law enforcement at the scene we arrived a entered the residence Arkan. She had done prior to our arrival took or to DO shot going away from a rich. And he along with the two brothers were still at the residence so we separated them. We conducted the investigation in as an end result — Rich she was transported to the triple county jail. My chain — The mother — Layla thing she was mother. That to me with the my and change — The mother. That. Yes yes yes. Some of the bodies found his mother brother and nephew. Together or it was found in the basement — She was shot in the bathroom and dragged into an adjacent room. There’s nothing in that bedroom other than a bad in the two bodies. American sleeping bag. Well a sleeping bag at one time either covered I’m off for the do use a single bank to drag them out hi I am assuming that idea — Richie stayed to at a residence Friday night and Saturday and again you can use that bedroom to sleep in. Catches my assumption. Put. It maybe seven or and this is what weapon was used in there. Hand gun either — Thirty eight or a nine a was not a shot gun at the that the residents on fifty four of the five or I don’t. My investigators could tell me that but according to the corner that I took I spoke with last night — The issue speech victim had a single shot to a to the had. Yes Sir if you have any kind of online presence and social medi. Looking into that. Whether you thought that all the math tragedy theories about county. Excuse me what’s your thoughts on the NASA tragedy that happened here usable candy. Well you know while prevention is is the key and when they do – Give a talk about a master or violence or whatever — One of my major concerns is that we don’t get the call until after it happens I’m in the end probably should have called us. And again a lot of times people say well you know I should have called you but I didn’t want to bother you know you call us. We would rather address an issue before takes place — Then after when we have to pick up the pieces and put it back together. Near the Russian mob. Are we doing a test to see if you had any illegal substances we will do that the autopsy will do that Chris. But how do you think he meant to show the horrors of distance from the two sides. Right now I’m working now within a week but again we don’t positively know that. How would you? I’d like you said you said tax how would you got a pole number if they don’t know. That’s a good question working on that. Yes working on that. You know what the internet nowadays it’s very easy to not only locate somebody their address — Their date of birth – All that information you got to be careful of the two sites we do work. So for the two houses all my was a nine miles. But the common shopping everybody wants Leslie but rather because each other and shared area. But she didn’t yeah what was your question Sir. Did she live at home with their parents. Who is the person to talk about it to school? SO just of witnesses. The person where we met. This is your twenty year old sister that lives over Menomine. But she was at the house. How many siblings the German and the city and another brother coming Germany and job? His brother dog who is one of the deceased Tom talking to his father yesterday. They lost another he lost a son. Years ago when he did explain why how or why com he has a brother Derek that stuff currently and the Jackson correctional institution in Black River falls. And I think he has five sisters. So what did that say about a son was the surprises have — Any reaction family talk well my conversation with him is that first of all he was driving truck at past him to pull over he said I am pulled over and explain what happened and was the surprise will of course he was surprised put. To one of the comments that he made to me a right off the bat is that — He told his ex wife not — To to give — Richie money to buy a three fifty seven and I explained to Mister Ricci that. To at this point — We don’t have evidence of a three fifty seven not involved I think that goes back to that. Jules incident back in two thousand four were. A gun was used in a family disturbance there — I believe and I think — We can back this up with some further investigation that. All the guns that were at the residence for sure were several the one in. Fifty four belong to dog and I’m not — To Richard. Okay there’s no more questions – Greatly appreciate your attention your we’ve been listening a very sad update from yesterday where you shooter killed three family members at a home in a small Wisconsin town. Then went to a residents in the nearby community and then opened fire and two more people. Killing them the shootings some nine pot miles apart. In northwestern Wisconsin left a total of five people dead including the suspect and two others wounded. And we’re just getting that update from officials have their more news now top next our in t. Seems really money out there to especially in the morning I was like is it going to rain hopefully it does relieve some of this — This humidity I everyone my case you’re welcome back to news now continuing always bring you these top stories headlines from across the country with we really do appreciate you joining us. Here today we’re gonna go out to a U. S. Senate hearing they’re talking about illegal& immigration and how. To best handle it here we go. Cross the border of we we have a pretty long list of them I am concerned about. Drug resistant strains of tuberculosis those types of things. I’m concerned about border patrol Christian. Is that something that you’re really taking a look and in your inspections. No basically the the basic morale of border patrol. Personnel trying to cope with u. No morale in of itself is not a specific focus of our work but we are looking into the drivers behind that pro long detention to see you know. As Mister Morgan was suggesting what’s going on with ice and HHS this leading to some of these problems. The commissioner talked about the the larger aspect to dimension that I’m things. Reporter not enough about is the whole trip human trafficking element. I know we had Aitchison H. S. I wouldn’t to talk about a child’s sold sold for eighty four dollars. When weird on the border of the child three three oh boy locked in a field? Of his his name and it’s been a phone number of Rick not issue – The fact that we are fighting these these families and stash house of the being beaten the beatings being videotaped being sent back center mereka demanding. Ransom the involuntary servitude descent apartment had investigation couple years ago on of unaccompanied children showing up in involuntary servitude situation in a farm. Is are you looking at that aspect in the inspector general’s office. No not at this time and we’d have to be careful about jurisdictional issues related to someof that having said that we were we’re very open to considering. All sorts of issues on the table but you know what we actually have authority in purview over is one of the first questions we ask. Gretchen Morgan on the throat you in terms of your concern over just base contrition. I don’t think anybody want to spend the night in those facilities — And I am highly concerned again I I got what I went down there you can see the the holding cells for scabies in for chicken pox in for flew — I would be concerned about the border patrol personnel. Kinda given up in. Trying to get position elsewhere even the federal government and private sector continues kind of talk to your general Sussman to you back on the job now for a few weeks. Of a border patrol Sir — Harken back my time is — Cheap the board on to those sixteen it and I I I think Dodgers report capture captures it well. You know border patrols CBP personnel all those entities are help on this. Their mothers fathers brothers and sisters what the overcrowding that you see we of all said that we have to do better. That children and family should not be held in the and police stations for a long term period of time we all agree with that so absolutely affects them every single day I worry about their health. And their morale and I I think absolutely it’s been impacted along with the frustrations they also know — Congress could do some things if they can work together to pass meaningful legislation that’s equally as frustrating of for them as well right now though the hiring numbers for us or are okay — Do they’re not going in a downward departure of but I am concerned about the future but that’s good to hear run a time I do want to talk about the solution — In terms of reducing that flow but we’ll save that for later on St Peter’s. The Sherman — My officer has received a statement from church World services and I’d like to ask unanimous consent to be entered into the hearing record action. Thank you Mister Morgan — It’s clear that we are confronted with a significant problem on the on the southern border and and the challenges so are wide ranging — And require I think significant coordination from a number of federal agencies — Coming — Together and I means also federal state and local a truly a whole of government approach is necessary to confront those. So. Could you describe how CVP is coordinating. With other DHS components including U. S. C. I. S. I use – On C. B. as well as HHS and our our yes Sir so the coordination specifically with the U. S. C. I. S. and an ice. It’s really don all on a daily basis for example we talked about the inner depend sees that we have a specifically with respect to ice. One of the largest challenge we have right now we’re single adults again I spent does not have adequate bed space and so it’s a constant struggle with the number of apprehensions we have to be able to insure and get them out of our custom as fast as possible. A to ice so we’re we’re Cortines with with ice on a daily basis with respect to how we can expeditiously get those single adults out of our custody and ice. On a on a daily basis. They are this item offers and there they are the ones that actually determined and Judy Kate someone’s credible fear claim as they go through the process — here in our stations were work with them constantly DHS again I’m going yes Sir. Store the FY nineteen appropriations bill is included- Hundred and twenty eight million four CVP — To to contract with medical professionals. And a recent emergency supplemental included roughly a hundred and twelve million dollars for medical care and consumables. Given the number of children who are arriving at our southern border how much of the a for a nineteen and supplemental funding. Has been spent on pediatric medical professionals. So on specific pediatric care I I I don’t have those numbers in front of me. But we we are looking at a sixty three million dollars for continued in additional medical assets and high risk support. Across the southwest border that was — Contained in the supplemental moving forward but we want to know how it’s being spent how many folks are involved in a part of our oversight function here’s understand. Exactly how that money is being spent the intent of Congress to make sure we’re providing medical services to those folks- Who need it and we need we are accountable to the taxpayers — For the for that money and how it’s been so I’d certainly like to do. A deeper dive with you to have a better sense of that and and I have that doubt I’ll be able to provide that’s are. And where these professionals are being sent — Any shortfalls challenges all of that — Is going to be important — For us to do our work we we have all the data Sir [inaudible] Thank you.& So while the the recent management alert is certainly the main discussion point — For us today it is my understanding that this alert — Miss Castillo is part of a much larger oversight effort that’s related to the CVP and ice detention facilities. The support for this committee to hear you — Describe — One other reviews are currently in progress. And more importantly when do you expect those — Reports actuall- Be released. Senator we have a lot in this space — Following on the management alert saddened by think my written test mean money may have seen this is. Part of a larger series of unannounced inspections that we did all along the southern border so these two alerts were issued because of the serious nature of what we found but we will be issuing a capping purport this fall to identify the findings in all the facilities. Were also looking at since you’re asking Mister Morgan about it how organ audit how that aid is being spent not all of it but the consumables the medical access things of that nature — We are looking at asylum seekers at the southern border — Separating families at ports of entry whether or not families were given the opportunity to be remove with their children things of that nature. We’re looking at the underlying causes of the pro long detention so — Why seventy two why are we going beyond the seventy two hours in between HHS an ice and C. B. P. and and some of the other? Folks in plate what we know what are the factors at play in driving that — We have a data analysis audit under way looking specifically at the tracking of of children during zero tolerance — We are also looking at ISIS ability — To quickly and easily remove criminal aliens — It’s a lot of I’m sorry it’s a lot of work in the space I think the first job that will be issued will be the data tracking work. We will follow shortly with most likely the capping report on all these inspections and perhaps some asylum seekers work this fall. Three say this fall when expected to be. You’re gonna pay me down or to well I think. The reports will start coming out September and roll out towards the end of the year that’s great. Well Mister as we talked about – In my office and other occasions transparency is critically — Important so I would certainly hope — That we have your commitment to ensure that the IG a retains access to unannounced. Facility visits — And anything else necessary to conduct oversight which is — Absolutely critical to maintaining transparency. Absolutely Sir and I there’s an old saying. I think great agencies remain great because they believe they can get better and I believe with the I G. is one significant step and how we maintain that. Thank you. Things improved for Turner center poorman because you raise the issue of pediatricians. Gretchen Morgan I’ve I’ve spoke with you both factor I met with both the represent is from the American academy pediatricians wells nurse practitioners who are offering I guess. Individuals who want to go down and help and and you said you do everything to facilitate that do you want just make that kind of public commitment. Yes Sir absolutely — There are some challenge with that — Obviously but but anyone who wants to come and assist us with our continued expanding medical care. Absolutely — I would be more than welcome — To to work with them and we we’ve done a lot — We’re hiring for paediatrician paediatric advisers and that patient safety officer at this time — Just last week I authorized for C. B. P. to go forth with higher in our own chief medical officer we’ve expanded our medical contract now — To almost — I think a little under — Three hundred medical professionals that will. Send it out across seven sectors and twenty of the stations and we’re expanding more every single day. Well are worms have people shop the border on your discarded recording so I guess I would just suggest if you’d be willing to meet with those same representatives and in kind hash out the accord needed. Of technique or method of for those individuals to to help out yes Sir and we have a we have the two positions right now want to teach us that’s Courtney in the overall southwest border medical initiatives. We have one this detailed specific is C. B. P. I I think would be a great idea to includ- The pediatricians in into the full with these physicians and have some a meaningful dialogue on how we can get better. I’m still to that doesn’t apartment [inaudible] Measurement [inaudible] And thank you both for being here today — This is a tough issue and but we’ve been trying to do in this committee is to look at it from an objective point of view and try to get some bipartisan. Solutions for click on the root causes spent hard in honestly we don’t have. Consensus yet and that’s frustrating because I was down there on July twelfth. Thank you know commissioner and end up to go to the McAllen sector and see what was going on went to the DOT a processing facility and also the customs and border protection processing facility there. The station and you know it’s a bad situation there is — Obviously. Huge influx of individuals but what’s really tough is the influx of families and kids and that’s on president — There’s been no. Previous time in our nation’s history we’ve had this many people coming across the border- Who are — In family units and and have to be taken care of differently one of things that was interesting at the dawn of processing facility. And I think this is coming in some my constituents of found surprising. The families I talked to and I I spoke book to five or six families — My Spanish is good enough to take to get by and I asked him you know why are they here and and how long they plan to be here us to talk to the border patrol about that of course customs and border protection. And the honest answer is they expected to be released in the United States. And the customs and border protection people expected to release and within a few days — In fact for someone with a couple days I was told. And and so that’s the understanding on both sides. And the reason is that they cannot be process during the time period that we have to quit they have. Again of a minor child with som- So. I mean it’s pretty common sense unless we fix those laws change those laws we’re not gonna be able. To keep people in any kind of a detention facility or processing facility — Long enough to be able to assess whether that’s appropriate for them to come in the United States legally. And so we are simply releasing them into the community. And the non profits are helping- To ensure people have what they need when they leave the processing facility and get them on the buses and get them on the airplanes and take them to communities around the country – These people them process and they’ve been told to show up at a court hearing and a sum of doing some of them don’t and typically it takes — A couple years actually between two and three years for the first hearing and then typically five or six years we were told before the case is finally resolved. And you can imagine during that time period a lot of folks. Tend. To stay in the United States and and not show up at those hearings those numbers are hard to get. In terms of how many show up and if you have anything on that today either one of you. Of the numbers of her is it — Fewer than half actually show up for the of the final hearing to be able to determine their their status is that still accurate. The attacker sure that that’s information that I have. Jennifer you any. Crystal we don’t have any information on that that would be a just a statistic so today we’re we’re focused on on the conditions at the border but I guess my point is this will continue and we’re not going to resolve it unless we come up with some common sense. Solutions to a a very — Obvious problem witches traffickers going. To poor families in central American saying if you come — The if you want to pay as use sw but you gotta love this shot here no doubt showing officers some of mother nature. Up there in flagstaff Arizona hi everyone my case you’re welcome back to news now we have one more hour here Fauria. On an news now fox ten actually thank you so much for joining us here today it’s another loaded our so thank you for being here with us we’re going to go right out to Jamestown. Virginia where earlier today president trump gave some remarks there let’s listen in. You very much [inaudible] Please. Thank you so. I want to use. Through [inaudible] Two in the Commonwealth of Virginia. This honor to stand on these historic grounds is the first president. To address a joint session of the oldest law making body. In all of the western hemisphere the Virginia. General Assembly congratulation. Four hundred years ago. Here on the shores of the James River. The first representative the legislative assembly. In the New World convenes. The Russian of generations of students flourish throughout the ages. And now that. You shouldn’t continues with all of you. To every Virginian. And every home legislator. With us today. Relations or in for incredible centuries of history. To the right just because of American self government [inaudible] This is. A momentous occasion. I want. To Virginia for inviting me to speak at this very important event. And with us this morning are many distinguished guests and officials from across the Commonwealth including. Lieutenant governor just in Fairfax . You already leader Tommy Norman. And members of the host and other federal state local and tribal leaders soul with us. Today thank you very much. Thankful as well to have with us secretary Carson van thank you very much where we may be. Person that you know very well acting director James. Food you know a the same as a lot of respect for you. The terrific people at the department of the interior and the National Park Service I want to thank you all for being here with us great honor. As everyone and she much what a great job you do thank you. View is held. For national treasures here in Jamestown. And we owe you a great great thank you what a job. On this day in sixteen nineteen just a mile south of where we are. Now. Twenty two newly elected members of the house of burgesses assembled in a small wooden church. They were adventures and explores farmers and planters soldiers scholars and clergyman. Sacrificed in pursuit of one while [inaudible] Improbable dream [inaudible] They called [inaudible] Virginia. Jean years since three small ships. The Susan Johnson. And the discovery set sail across a vast ocean. They carried one hundred and four settlers. Home of the age of this uncharted. They came from. Country. They came in search of opportunity [inaudible] For two and the jury in into the unknown with only me here supplies. Long odds and the power of their Christian faith. Upon reaching cave. Three the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay. In sixteen oh seven a long time ago. The first man of the Virginia company erected a cross. Upon the sure. They gave thanks to god and this is a blessing. For their great undertaking. In the months and years ahead. They would dearly [inaudible] Dangers were. The Jamestown settlers arrived in America made one of the worst droughts. In over seven centuries. One hundred and four original columnist sixty six died by the years and during the third winter. Known as the starving time. A population of up to five hundred settlers was reduced [inaudible] To sixty by spring. To remain or in search of whatever they can. To survive. And they were in dire trouble. They left James down the deserted. Thank you sale the way. Never to come back. But they had not gone far down the James River. When they encounter the answer to their prayers ships bearing a year’s worth of supplies? And more than three hundred new settlers. As we can see today on this great anniversary. It would not be the last time that [inaudible] For union. Together the seven is for just what would [inaudible] Corn tobacco. And the very first Virginia wines. Had a prior settlement at Roanoke. There’s been no survivors none at all. But we’re others said differently Paris’s reunions were determined to succeed. They in by the sweat of their labor. The aid of the John Indians and the leadership of captain John Smith. As the years passed ships bearing supplies and settlers from England. Also brought a culture and a way of life that would define. The New World it all began here. In time dozens of brave strong women made his journey and joined the calling. And sixteen eighteen the great. And other reforms established a system based on English common law. The first time Virginia allowed [inaudible] And phone. It created a basic judicial system [inaudible] Finally. Colin is a say in their own future the right to elect representatives. With us today in tribute to that English Julio inheritance is the former. The British house of Commons. Sir David [inaudible] Thank you. Thrilled to have you with us thank you very much for being here thank you very much. At that first American Assembly in sixteen ninety in the weather was so hot. One legislator actually died. Mercifully the session was. Very short. Before joining the assembly passed laws on taxation agriculture. And trade with the Indians. With true American optimism the assembly even endorseda plan to build a world class university. In the still rugged wilderness. It was a vision that would one day be fulfilled just miles from here. And one of America’s earliest educational institutions the esteemed college of William and Mary grace. As we mark the first representative legislatures. Jamestown. Our nation also reflects upon an anniversary from that same summer for centuries ago. In August. Sixteen nineteen the first in slaves Africans in the English colonists arrived in Virginia. It was the beginning of a trade in human lives. Today in honor [inaudible] We remember. Every saying we’re soul suffered the horrors of slavery. And the anguish on which more than one hundred and fifty years later. Americans found. Our declaration of independence recognized the immortal through [inaudible] Man. Civil war. Eighty five years after that document was signed to abolish of the evil of slavery. It would take more than another century for our nation. In the words of Reverend Martin Luther king junior. To live out the true meaning of its creed. The blessings of freedom to all Americans. And gray in justice African Americans and build strength and inspired. Projected defended and sustain. Our nation from its very earliest days. Last year I was privileged to sign the law establishing a commission. To commemorate the arrival of the first Africans to the English colonies. And the four hundred years of African American history. That have followed. That was an incredible day that was an incredible of and today we are grateful to be joined by the commission’s chairman. Joseph green. Thank you doctor. Thank you very much doctor. In the decades that followed. First legislative assembly. Democratic tradition established year lady Bruce all across Virginia. And down the Atlantic coast. Fox news alert. We’re going to go I live right now president trump making some comments as he’s returning back to the White House. Find his son to be outstanding he’s a wonderful young man I’m very happy appointed I think it’s a great appointment. I know is so that’s probably why they did it. They are very happy with that appointment. Is it because much in the campaign. Is. It really is so I think it’s a great appointment I didn’t know that. A lot of people many many peopl. You see it also in the city seated on watching television just coming back. People living in Baltimore very happy. That I’m bringing out the fact that is like living in hell what do you want . To the protests are a 100% of the time. I don’t care about coverage and the last thing I need is covers listen John. Under percent not one word of the speech and you know we were there about this page. The broadcaster. Give me I’m going to be very nice. If you give a 100% but you know what that’s okay you often do that that’s okay. What are you talking about by political strategy are you talking with respect to Elijah Cummings? Strategy strategy zero strategy. All it is is a pointing out facts. The most unsafe city in the country in our country is Baltimore. Three seen as much money as it receives top. Dollar somebody said fifteen billion dollars over short. All of this money goes there. Take a look at it I don’t have to describe it take a look at i. So there’s no strategy is very simple. Analyze your Cummings is in charge of it. His oversight committee anyway. Baltimore and find out what happened to the fifteen billion dollars a lot of other my I think we’ll do very well with John and we’re already doing very well with China. China’s had the worst year they that in twenty seven years. Having the best year we’ve ever had the stock market just set an all time high. We’ve ever done all. Three indexes if you look at it in his season four indexes depending on what you want to call. All three heading. We’re doing the best we the best numbers we’ve ever had. By the way [inaudible] Three formal. For the African American population was very thankful about it [inaudible] The opportunities. Enter city opportunities owns almost all of the African American. People. Fake news they know what’s going on you Cummings been there for twenty six years. He’s really by far the highest ranking politicians. You see these. They’re all friends of his. The graph. In Baltimore is probably the greatest in our country — One of the way. He’s in charge of an oversight committee [inaudible] His. Oversight committee. The more you’ll learn a lot. She’s. Really a very good relationship with most countries that the news doesn’t like talking about. But I have a very good relationship with fallen. We’ve been invited by. The leadership of Paul and I look forward. To I like the people. Which I know you don’t like to say but it was considered to be a great space. The reason is that I really feel strongly I think violence I think they’re great people. We may go. To but we’re very happy with the fact that Dan. I like that is a friend of mine. He’s a terrific person I like him a lot. There really wasn’t. Confusion more that god can made statements and they were a little. Views. But that was not god began is a friend of mine he’s a he’s a good man. But I think that John Radcliffe is going to do an incredible job if he gets approved he’s got to get approved. But I think he’ll do a great job I hope he gets aproved I think we need somebody like that there we need somebody strong. Second really rated and because as I think people learn. The intelligence agencies have run amok. They run amok [inaudible] Okay. You know why because the fake news as reported properly people like you [inaudible] Reported properly [inaudible] News reported. You know the right way. A statement like you just. The news report of improperly. All of the things I’ve done for African Americans of all of the things that like criminal justice reform [inaudible] These. I think I do I think I do very well. With the African Americans and I think I’m doing very well right now and frankly if I didn’t do very well relatively speaking as a Republican. I mean we should be way way over 50% but if you look back over forty years it just doesn’t work that way. If I didn’t do well. Please make it I wouldn’t be president right now. If you look at what I’ve done for African Americans. It’s more than. Almost all president. What we have a good relationship with the president of Brazil and I’m sure will be successful a tradeoff? Will have them. Josh you’re just telling me his son was appointed ambassador I think that’s a great avoid because I know his son. I think he’s really got but it’s just like his father he reminds me of his father I like his father. And I think it’s a great appointment. Leave that up to the Senate. I am a fan of general I have to see how it all turns out. But I know he’s been accused. He’s saying it’s a false accusation. I will leave it up by here they did an extensive report. Report very big very important. And I will leave that up to the senators they’re very capable people that includes Democrats and Republicans. If you have a little. Is it gonna me is not doing wel. Give a lot that’s what I said. Six late and I think I played a very simple. Your Cummings. Is. A horrible thing the way he spoke to the head of homeland security. These people are working hard. Getting no support from the Democrats the Democrats refused to fix the loopholes that refused to fix asylum. Those two things would make it 95% easier [inaudible] Mexico is. Because far more than the Democrats have you know our numbers are way down which is a positive. Numbers and apprehensions away down Mexico now is twenty one thousand or proximate late. Twenty one thousand soldiers in the two borders and they’ve been really great app this and I don’t know that that’s going to stay. To do is fix the loopholes and the Democrats so what the reason is. That Democrats want open borders the problem is open borders made tremendous strides. People coming in you have no idea where they’re coming from who they are. President I can’t allow that. There we go president trump speaking to the media for the second time today he talked in Jamestown Virginia we were showing you a little bit of that but this was all. Just moments ago outside of the White House who there so we’re gonna take a quick break folks when we come back we will have – Senate — Martha XLE live on the Senate floor making her first speech there on the Senate floor will be back more news now coming up next and it floor wera senator mark the mix alley is giving her first speech on the Senate floor last week we heard from senator — Person cinema doing her first free speech on the floor now it’s big Sally staff notes listening. Defense to enter and as a result changeable. So this is how I plan to serve Arizona in this body standing up for what’s right in the same fighting spirit that comes with living up. To my oath of servic. Next the question is is this a job career calling. Provide certainty and pays the bills are career can so noble and its surface. But if someone is only focused on a career path in advance. Clear in an early step on others not be a good teammate not rock the boat do the right thing. Make decisions based on fear. Career focused in foster risk is a perversion and selfish motive. Calling however is being a part of something greater than yourself. And just like my time in uniform and in that message I gave it my retirement. I approach my time here in the Senate is calling. For this season and this moment in time. I get up every day with the focus of what can I do today to make a difference for Arizonans. Next. Door by problem. It’s part of our military culture if you could please. You better be willing to step up and do something about it. God puts us in certain circumstances in order for us to use our energy and our talents. To make a difference for others. That’s how I went from yelling at the television in my living room to delivering this speech in the house chamber today. As I learned from my dad’s untimely passing. These two years of the last two years of my life. What will I do listen? I mean this time truly meaningful for those I represen. The Senate was created to be the world’s most of everybody. And designing a father to the nature. But it wasn’t designed for non is hold the partisan bickering to score cheap political points or cliques and stories. The reputation of the house for being a pragmatic problem solver who understands my constituents people to Washington to work together. The increase opportunity and prosperity. For and it take a stand when actions go against their best interests. Far too often too many elected officials lose sight of that. During my term in ceremony. I concluded with this quote from a renowned fighter pilot named John boy. He says one day you will come to a fork in the road. And you’re going to have to make a decision about which direction you want to go. He raising his hand and pointed if you go. You can be somebody. You have to make compromises you have to turn your back on friends you’ll remember that. When you get promoted and you’ll get good assignments? The board raises other hand pointed in the direction. You can do something. Something for your country and for your airforce for yourself. If you decide you want to do something you may not get promoted you may not get good assignments you certainly will be a favorite. But you want to compromise yourself. You be true to your friends and yourself. And your work might make a difference. To be some. Or to do something. In late it’s often the roll call that’s what you have to make a decision to be. Or to do. Which way will you go. That question is what should be post all of us to serve in this chamber today. It’s no secret my past is to take action and do somthing. And I’d ask my fellow senators to join me for this pression tight persist timing given I already know so maybe you feel the same are driven to serve. That’s point in the direction of do. You know there’s only. One nine hundred and eighty three people of service United States senators. How many can you name? As for me but a fraction. Except for a few extraordinary exceptions. No one is going to remember names. We’re no longer here. We’ll go back to being regular citizens so it’s about service now. Not self. To do something that matters. Arizonans like people all over the country are tired of the gridlock. They want Congress to work for them not the other way around. Many people here want to protect this institution but the American people and basically lost faith in these bodies. And those serving in them. Well and is widely credited to family members and paid staff. The point the direction of John boys challenge in doing something we must commit today to stop the dysfunction break the gridlock stop speeding stop instructing. Start truly working on behalf of the American people. Yes we live in divided times but there’s always more that unites us than divides us [inaudible] Since. On January third my first mission in the Senate was of all fifteen counties in Arizona to listen to my constituents priorities and challenges. It was a two here’s and one mouth tore used proportionally. Despite the diversity of our state it was tremendous common ground and so many major issues and priorities. One is to promote policies to ensure if they work hard to be able to provide for their families get ahead and meet their full potential. They want to make sure our country safe for them and their children. They want dignity and respect for one another. They want us to give our military men and women everything we need to do their mission and take care of them and their families. When they’re down serving? That’s why I’m gonna continue to fight to protect the A. ten warthog Davis Monthan. And fight for the thirty five year for space. Other amazing military installations that we have and their unique missions in Arizon. And it’s why since taking office I’ve visited numerous veterans service organizations like U. S. S.. Right we’ll stories from veterans who struggle with homelessness and addiction. Who sent and helped off the street and been able to start a new life for themselves? Arizonans was to solve the border crisis. And stop playing political games with it. This is all too real like cities like Yuma. I saw first hand there were over three hundred migrants illegally cross the border due to poor infrastructure and lack of resources for agents. Alice were outdated facilities leave agents overwhelming volum. And leave our country vulnerable to illegal trafficking of drugs or people. To work together to bring down the out of pocket costs of healthcare. And a lot of patients families and doctors nothing government or insurance companies to make healthcare choices for them. We can do this by protecting pre existing conditions. Supporting initiatives like association health plans. Which is. The southern Arizona chamber of commerce association to partner small business together. Access health insurance plan it right now only big companies ca. Let me see. For the medical innovations it’s happening in my state Arizona is home to many institutions that are leading the way to find new treatments and cures for deadly diseases. When I visited the IV brain tumor center? I was inspired by the story of Kathryn IV whose husband passed away from will bust on the same deadly cancer that took the life of senator McCain. Instead of being soon to with her grief. Katherine searched all over the world for the best place to invest and partner. Ground breaking innovation to conquer this disease. She found it at the lots of barrow neurological institute. Right there in our own state of Arizona. Dot in the years and I I and his team are doing amazing work and leading on cutting edge researc. And clinical trials we need more investment unless barriers for initiatives like this. One is to continue to tackle the opioid epidemic. Is disproportionately impacting our rural communities. During my fifteen county tore amid chasing house the mayor of Safford. Who shared the senseless death of his son Josiah? Whose family lost to an overrated. His life and all of the potential tragically ended with a friend to the latest windows. The more interest family and place to end this crisis. Arizona as well as the smartly invest in infrastructure for the long haul not a one size fits all approach. What they need inner Jersey is not necessarily what we need in Arizona? We need flexibility in partnerships with states cities in both the west and east valley America county the been tasked with the daunting feet of keeping up with the fastest population growth in the countr. But not the resources to modernize our streets and freeways. We need bipartisan solutions to modernize our infrastructure and clean water infrastructure and rural broadband. Arizona wants to ensure that our freedoms and opportunities are preserve for their children and their grandchildren. They want to ensure that seniors can have retirement security after working their whole lives. We can solve some of these problems in the days ahead if we choose. To if you choose to work together and do something bigge. For those we all serve. At this moment in history. As Jon Voight said. We’re at a fork in the road. And we have a choice [inaudible] Be someone. Or do something. I choose to act for those I serve. I know you do. Too so let’s get to work for the nation. As senator McCain wants. Americans never quit. We never surrender. We never hide from history. We make history. Madam president I yield the floor talking about police procs let’s listen in here on news now and the superintendent and the police department are working hard every single day — By in order to really reclaim the streets we need people to stop up as this organization a lots of others have done over time it but it is. It’s a terrible thing — My understanding is there’s a visual — Later today — And some of my team will be there. To offer words of condolence but also to offer — Whatever we can to support here for some. Of these women. Okay yeah. To come back. Yeah I’m asking is or question people with some people are really scared to speak out after something like. I know I certainly understand them. But I think it’s critically important that we continue to push forward. Anyway — If we let people who. Don’t care about a sense of community about civility about the consequences of gun violenc- Push us into the shadows and push us into our homes for fear of what will happen. We’re never going to get ahead of this time. This is the police department cannot fight this fight alone there’s a lot of other resources that have to be brought to bear- As a city and we’ve been trying to do that really going back — To the very first days of my administration but we need people in neighborhoods to also join us in this fight and and there’s lots of courageous people. From all over the city who have been doing that for years and reclaiming the territory under their feet but yes of course today is a sad and devastating day — Given what happened. People stuff. For one well I want things like- Of which what we seen across the city or on a number of different things. Example I was over — On the west side with the whole community church and every Wednesday. Prisoners gather at the church – They go out block by block — In the immediate area the church talk to their neighbors — And and really problem solve things of their scene but by their mere presence in a consistent basis and trying to drop people. Off the porches — To take to be engaged in — Really community revitalization I think that they’re doing great work I’ve been in there is in Tolleson little village where I’m really it led by you. Are doing — Overnight of events where they literally kind of staff the clock — To bring you together to talk about issues of concern for them vertically around issues of trauma but again reclaiming the territory from — People with guns for causing such harm a community those kinds of efforts incrementally block by block. Do make a difference — And all are giving people a sense of ownership and hope that is really important. In helping the fight and push back against violence is climbing way too many people. You can often in this case [inaudible] We see. It really it really depends I mean use I’ve seen instances personally where the rewards — To help — But I’ve also seen instances where there’s been significant rewards and it doesn’t help I mean this is really a circumstance by circumstance — Situation — But I think the detectives have some pretty good leads in this particular instance in center for their following up with the. Aggressively the last question of those weeds — Is our sense of the schools random or they were targeted because of their activities yeah I was a game related to use any sense where the investigation. Well I I don’t want to get ahead of the detectives — But we have no reason to believe at this point that those two women were targets. Clarify. For trouble here. Today that said that. Risers and some instances are not following protocols we were doing please sign [inaudible] Especially. Yeah yeah it all started a long with the superintendent dresser as you know there’s always a lag in time. Between when that report finally comes out — And when the conversations in the audit actually start so in response to that the superintendent is taken some specific steps to number one make sure that the inspection unit is now. Part of the com step process so as part of the questions our commanders will get asked the men be asked now specifically. About the compliance with this particular directive — And I know that the superintendent. Is concerned about the fact tha- The lieutenant to had a responsibility to make those. Those checks didn’t do it — So of the world will be handling that internally to make sure that it gets done and that there’s a level of accountability for those who fail. To fulfill their their obligation to make sure that they were doing those inspections — Superintendent yeah so. Just to touch on what the mayor said she’s absolutely correct you know a few of them were doing it. You know I want to reiterate that two thirds of them were doing it you know but for those individuals at working compliance then they’ll. Be some accountability within but as the mayor said we moved our inspections — Unit so now that process will actually be part a constant process so. That should sure of the poor the issue of them not reviewing bills retail bank laceration. I mean this vengeance Uranie reprimand well we’ll see we’ll see we’ll see going for last [inaudible] Can you. You can use our report the it’s not a surprise that — There are gonna be impacts on Jackson part that’s part of the plan you know when you close road when you — Affect some existing structures as part of the home said plan. It’s not a surprise whatsoever that — The report came out. Questions what we do about it — We’ve started of our own proces- Communication we had the first of those meetings — On Saturday and I think it was — A very helpful discussion were mindful of the fact that we are as an administration coming to this process — After there’s been years of discussions and we wer. Very up front about that fact — But we’re gonna be working — To think about ways in which we can mitigate some of those impacts but it was — Necessary — To push the federal process along – So we can get to the completion of that process. And they can to make changes if they were left. Well I don’t think I should force anybody to do anything but I will. Strongly way in about the need to refer — Engage — Community members about the remaining issues that they’re concerned about and I will say that. At the meeting that we had on Saturday and I expect this to be the case at every gathering — There was representation of high level of from the foundation as well as from the university Chicago. And I will also say that. We as a city government will be actively involved in thinking about ways in which we can also. Take on some of the responsibility of addressing needs of residents in that in that. In those — Areas of the south side they’re gonna be affected. We’re not going to sit back passively and just be the facilitator the conduit by which city approvals and licensing and so forth gets approved we have this tremendous opportunity. To really think in a big way about how we can use this moment. To transform south shore and with the line and Washington Park and Jackson park — In a pretty specific way and that is a team coming out of thoseo my- conversations we are going to b. Bystanders to the process we’re gonna be active. And engaged — And there’s a range of issues that. Are of concern to people in the community whether it’s affordable housing withers to pull displacement whether it’s kind of buildings — That need additional resources to be able- To do the rehabs — Whether obviously generally economic development workforce development there’s a whole — Menu of issues that I think the city has the opportunity to not only weigh in on but really address from some of the needs. Of the community and and I’ll say this. Too we can’t lose sight of the fact that it is a big. Honor an opportunity for us to have this presidential center coming to Chicago and vertically for the sell side and I want to use that opportunity. As a opportunity to make catalytic change in the trajectory. Of the quality of life for people in those neighborhoods thank. Availability of the last question I’m sorry. Because usually to see if you. We’re following — The process has been laid out as you know — Love the process for negotiation with CTU is defined by statute. And the parties agreed to a specific process which we are following I think we’re now up – To something like — Thirty negotiation sessions are there’s another one I believe planned for later this week — There we have poured a substantial financial offer — On the table- And will be making other announcements soon — That address that address some other parts of the needs — For CPS but there should be no doubt that we are active we are engaged were supporting teachers for supporting the support personnel school counselors — Nurses — And others because we understand and I personally understand the need to make sure that we’re doing everything we can to is to enhance. The learning experience — For young people so more and some people like to keep regularly living the campaign. The voters have spoken but I don’t I don’t worry about that I got what I worry about is making sure that we’re moving forward and making progress. The rhetoric. I can’t do anything about that and it’s not a concern for me what’s concern for me is making sure that we make good on the promise. To support our teachers to support the other professionals but most importantly to support our kids. Thank. I don’t know if. You. Can you stay for one second. Use not just second [inaudible] These women. He is the right thing I think us this to be out there. And people will say you know what I’m not [inaudible] Yeah. What do you say for the interview no a friend from what we know right now there’s nothing no evidence to support that they were targeted because of their affiliation with that group — As a matter of fact one I’m was shot from like a half a block away. We think the targeted individual was one of the yeah the young man that was out there and he was struck by gunfire — We know he’s recently paroled I believe for aggravated battery so we believe that so the intended target was they just happened to be out there so as of this moment. We have nothing to suggest that they were targeted because of their work with mask. People will say well I was out on three and they were out on the street in their from anything that happens. Okay as the mayor say listen we can’t let. Individuals that don’t — Have the morals that we have hold us hostage we cannot do that you know we have to keep fighting this fight — A unified fight police department the residents the business owners the clergy elected officials we all have a role to play in reducing gun violence. And so we cannot let these individual when you know we’re making progress we are nowhere near we where we want to be. What is important for everyone and no we have to keep fighting that fight and that’s why I keep sounding the bill about common sense? Gun laws you know things of that nature — We have to attack the root causes of violence but we absolutely can let individuals like that control what we do so. What just one follow up on that topic? Charles Butler you may know amazing black conservative. Radio talk show hosts on my sho. Before these feelings of these women maps before that. He said you can’t keep doing this approach and the leasing. You’re not going to solve this problem this is the south side and west side. It was something that is you do. It’s a war zone. He said you need to get the governor the call in the National Guard. Did you need to eradicate. Use around fifty games. Anything short of that or not. Okay you said Charles so so what I say is I I really I know he’s a good man and he has a passion. For reducing violence and and keep in the city safe. So what I will say is it is going to taper group take a group effort. You know you have to attack the root causes of violence. Calling in the National Guard is just totally out of the question they’re not. Trained for he says they have to be trained to bring the supreme. Well I don’t have anything to do with how they’re trained I just know that they are not — But that’s not the best not how you solve it. Why don’t we just get twenty thousand more cops and stick out there you have to attack the root causes of what causes violence? In order to really do something about it. You know — We’re working on that okay we we have made substantial progress says that high water mark in twenty sixteen we’re nowhere. Near what we want to be but we just have to keep in gauging everyone in this conversation and figure out common sense things to do [inaudible] Guys. Sometimes they do sometimes they don’t you know — We have to work better and and relationship building and in the insurance people that they’ll be safe if they do [inaudible] Welcome [inaudible] Thanks guys find out why a sevee year old woman was sentenced to ten days in jail for feeding stray cats. Can you believe she’s trying to do something good and then get a third time. So much. Too much and they were going to head on over to Colorado where there are teaching us how to see see that can’t signs with bears around it’s summer. And all that and much much more coming up on fox ten think people are looking forward to seeing if there will be any breaking news around the country of course we’ll have you covered if that does happen. Let’s go what is happening in the final hour right now. Rating going into that final our we are just down twenty seven points there in the red so that’s pretty much. Flat day I’d consider that one down not down too much there but thank you so much for joining us here today on news now here’s one more look. At the White House we have the full. Boasts trump news conferences on our YouTube page already you can go and check that out there in its entirety but in the meantime let’s play out. With the one that just happened just moments ago. What are you talking about by political strategy are you talking to with respect to Elijah Cummings [inaudible] The one there’s no strategy I’ve no strategy. Zero strategy all it is is a pointing out facts. The most unsafe city in the country in our country is Baltimore. Three seem to as much money as it receives top level and billions of dollars somebody said. Fifteen billion dollars over short. Time. All of this money goes there. Take a look at it I don’t have to describe it take a look at i. So there’s no strategy is very simple. Analyze your Cummings is in charge of it. The tech is oversight committee anyway. Baltimore and find out what happened to the fifteen billion dollars a lot of other my we’ll see what happens your child I think will do very well with John and we’re already doing very well with China. That in

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    Do you agree with me that our politicians all talk like lawyers? and do you agree that lawyers talk in a language that we can't really understand? watching the government trying to pass a bill, is like hearing a lawyer talking, and we need a person to explain what the government is saying, so we turn to the reporters to explain this to us. and we have been doing this all our lives. so now to learn that the reporters were lying to us. and the government has been doing things behind our back that we had been lied to about. and now we don't know who to trust anymore. who is lying and who is tilling us the truth. in the past, we have had help with this by Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck and now we have others but the news reporters are all saying that these people are not to be trusted but only they are to be trusted. and what is fake news? doing what was normal is not normal anymore. it is time to stop going to what we had been doing because that didn't work, so we need to find a way that does work. stop letting someone do the job for you, do your own fact-finding, watch the live show and then go and hear both sides say about that live show we just watched, we then get to see which one is changing what we just watched our self. and you make up your own mind on who you want to believe.

    Do you also agree with me that our congress is not working for us anymore? So what do we do? clean the swamp? just what does that mean? vote everyone out and bring in a completely new group. people who are not being paid off by lobbyists and or big money who have paid our congress to vote for them and not for us. to remove the ones who have been bought off, with a new person. and we tell them what we want. stop letting them tell us what we should want. I really want to know your answer! do you agree with me or not let me know!

  • Responding to a question about commercial liens under the common law on Donald Trump, Barack Obama, Christine Lagarde.

    Hochgeladen von Karen Hudes am Jul 30, 2019

    Donald Trump went into default because he could not answer where the US' monetary gold reserves are (with a trust at the World Bank and IMF called the Global Debt Facility). James Trafficant…Vollständige Beschreibung

  • Wonder if Fox will report on NK launching a 3rd missile or the stock market crashing? Nah, Trump just has to fart and Fox will be there to taste it and tell Trump's Cult base how amazing it is.

  • I wonder how many realise the quality of our president’s presentation despite the massive opposition… important moment..

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