News Now Stream Part 1 (FNN) 08/12/19

About a forty minute police chase through some of those streets and roadways of Oklahoma city’s a we’ve been monitoring this for you on fox ten but boy. December no which is going to come up on our fees right here on facts an extra thank you so much foroinings hereoday everybya live loo athe marts rig w. W havtown to two hundd and sixtyine poin ere in the r anoth a down yooking to ape up wel see ast gee p at noosymbol Checkith the. Rit here ofox tenxtra evybod buthanko much for inin u a ttleit wll te o to a s said ewsonfence thehiteouse tha wraed up.rlieodt gethosoo oen hado de thmmigtion will play that Fauria. In its entirety right here on news now everyone might pay share long sat around noon. Taken in this Monday and- over the weekend makes story is when you woke up. Saturday morning seeing that up steam Jeffrey apps the- dies in prison. This was a big one ty got a lot of dia atteion. Soou know b. Alaccountst is auicide. There ary They rlly em tbe a of atThe generatonow seemo have anye facte tweed. e ofhe in theoes thas . t went Cory’. Crte andven e Attoey Genalas speang a ltle ie e yingHis ha days ter questisbout wheer thet that ng f e any sveillancpiecesf videote. Quesonsbout h his celliteral in the hoursate f befoe there’no dbt abo it w.eson Thinterestg anes inow. Userho. Ia e the ney is outhere s. Ste yeaho after his ate. The oryy intestinironyI was reing up on it er the weekend s t kn that wouldven he a ll matyou uld ink caushe’such high haGooduck sothing. I en wain tre on a murderharg And altugh ‘s- he said at he ver id fingeon him mns a rult also int e V. when thvideo me out I didn’t rlize. ghtext inhe hrt oman d. Okight fr her. I mean thiis a mansioof an area. The city there but- ‘s aays when t cri taka look aer know that. Canr neighbhoods a mattf the p ceoobike youere lking abo the guy blew right through it in about a half hour long chase. And he blew right through the security u know it’s all hands on deck determine was of stolen car or was there some other crime that he was you know whateason was he tried to avoid police with us you’re getting your wish now they are definitely zoom in out has or some those are some pretty spectacular mansions in that part oOklahoma Cy. Really really there’s the gate that we were just talking. Game no longer on the-ncomg way. Today yeah. All right bs in her news here well Joe Biden. Ovs ke h c’t get Som ment going rig iIowa when need a lot of people not talkinabouthe spehes tha ‘s givg on the gs. That that exact rightBecausn was kda kno as thgas Man during hi timin offic dung his eightears i offi that’s actually ere present heetith somoffm is the- stuntd . Down aarjory StonemaDougla hi schoolWell if u know the ming n that tt btle event ppt nald Tmp resolion tthe pence n. They g into avice pside stilmeet wh tmutt wasdid woh it wasMonthsn mall So w just looks likyou has. e dates ong he dn’t ma allDo y thinke want Remeering ndy ho and.s. Ye and iis it is really intesting I mean tuse this this parculartoryow as a ringbod to e biggtory isiden i calling for re instituting the wall wasor severb s . You n’t hear t presint calling ft sily cal. Baground ches but itean to bome reali this rt of e issuof the d e issue the wk. Mayb feel le.his will frly big sue on thcampai trail the cing mths for u and prident tmp over e weekend lik heormally ds pu out aeries of tweets one of tm has to do Wh Joe Bidenayinn facts not tth ds anybod rely belie he is menlly fit tbe e playing ia very b and mplicad wor Joe Doe’t ve a ce yh wl s this the thi. Oth Democts usingisaffes to iticizg him. Iuess probabl by viue numbs poll numbsre so good you at likehe tough lean.s really cantor h r inedibopul so thenly person who’r e th’s trueecau you fure li because tre’so mai stil Ithe rt wao. Rllyttac seone Go poi. Becaeomeby i.going quit liky. w goio ben th debate ageith Joeiden the next timeroun cld vyell yeo y knoJohncCaidate used tsayn pitu r tolongonneion holdne a all.ecau y Th couple of months down the road or a yearown eoad wi b somodyou will need to be coy That is te. Fks l’s check with e marksight now do two hdred a six six. ints right there take a look lot today whong Ko ando do a more proesting rht I mean. Reallg a that the couldhese oteste cou stown on the biest aportsn the wod wh tsit i There b I n’t bieve thereaining acss tany ofhe secur aircraft anyingikehat. They’r holding such aassive is is veryifficu fcour ople to move arod.nd it’s enoughn th theirlinetarted sing outbnd flits y can g no Thei vowing to ay tre for quite t bemes as- tense now. As iis theyr y be ved o For arovedrd not even bught t wod allo extradition. To mainnd Chi as ty call So but n they are demanding Decracfor the long haul.a. And thatounds le a great idea to those of us who lov frdom. Freedom of speech and those kinds of things. But technically they are a parof ina. And China’s watching this the government i the communist government in Beijing is wating thi And at the same time they have to think about the kids you know they e. Wl what’s going on in Taiwan becse Iean they’r allheset s wo to get ady r Cha to vadeell . I don’t I don’t know where some of those. ‘re going to say but they have for a very longerio otime said they want to be reunited a reunified with Taiwan which vistsel as a fully independent natn. With rlly no dect ties tthe dot go with the proster in Hong Kon befe there’s some sort of heavy hande wa bad situaon Mike a maket tt mI thk someeople e worrd road rightAll right let ofmbe ht populs justoming to ourees rht w thiis goi to be They a dng a nsnoaliti.he conferce today af whapped earer tay at thWhite House wn ty ge this rllyn ne confence kinof stae s. And you kw if they want to limit. Soal secury benefies tt ybe d’t nd a cerin reshol yh Ihink a nber of whathey’re taing abt. You’re i e t go witthem but notic Mik s. Rollin it you get a chceo actuly listeo what c Cciney stted h newconferce o tellou whatt was like f immigred to thnited States and ct anyovernmt benitsnhe form. foodk nythin along tho lines eyasicallyust waed to beere for chanc to ha a pie of the American dream impre y what they could do s the it woule public charge has never been governnt as to einds ofe benefi if any are going to be given tpeopleho. Do immigrate legally emigrate t Uni’ . wel prably s som lalgs I think ttleo push bk b it’ justnterestie t this very interestingews nfercerom a little bit Miael ve a forou gs comi up yes a ght arod the you go p storie otht geing staedere r yo Whene come. y rit he on ws ttrou imemenFor lew incomings tt th ho migrts tthisountry s we’re going to play that here for you nt right here on ws joininus here toy also help promote immigrants sucss in the Unitedtate as they seek oppoo been cor princle iiance has erica the virtues o rseverce hard wk self suiciey laid the foundation of our natn and in thfind generations of immigrants seeking opportunitin t ited Stes. r curren law whic is generation old those who seek to live andnd remait e e Italia grandfather pyedhis Mario anSilvio. To come torole s America. But on they arrive my ge h certainly well enough to work. An. d list my fathern surehey cod speaEnglishat eort e ll enoh to wk and ey didMy familo e y to do it for theIn thisame hard wking srit shed b untlessmmigras who’v ma the U. S. theiromes ceral tour Amecan idtity. Th seve it’s als enooting for or aentury well oveu migratn laws goi back to nineen niny sithe la has reired foratiols trely their o cabilits. And thresours of theiramilie spsorsndrivate ornizatis in their term pubc chge in e law. And at terhadn bee earldefineby regulatn. We that what chans today with te publ crge rul psident ump admintratio i inforcg t idesf self suicienc and pernal responsibity. Ensing that themlves andecome suort succesul herin Ameca. Our whore liky tbecome aens blic crge fro comgo the Unitedtag . Publ charg now dined in a wa tt enses theaw is meing fullynforce And that tse wo thrule of publicharges n define o reives oner more desnated puic benits forore than twelveon. h into difrent befitsn one publ charggdmissility terminion is prpectf indidual is lily at ynd los at n point ithee a public arges definit in theegc a atend loc as ll as tribal cas air inme maienancend a small list ofe that a pt ofhe res ares geralssistae SS I snaed mo forms of Micaid and progms. gnifictly tg forms of gornme assistae th proct childn and pregna women healtas blic befits. Thisnclude ergencyedical studes sastereliefationa schl der t agef tnty e foi with pregna wom.s foer carnd aption loan eney assiance food paries heless sheltersnd head srs ruleill apply pro activy only tad n Octobefifteeh of ts year. e thisule iimplemted and activ on USCIS careemmigraon what we ca highe those. alie current andast recptllenerd the dignad pubc benets wle ihe d r when emining alications. Howevern cash benefseceivebefore Ocber fifteth wilnot nsider as a negave facr. The unrd on a bartisaasislso a mimum each plicans age health.s reurces and fancial stas and thel as wels othe facto set forth the talityf the ccumstances offirs willssess all of e evidene factors.o one ftorlone ll decide appcant’sase. Most ofe revihen conderings to imgratiobenefi plicatns. Unr this final ruSCIS wl be ae to jective padedurman whether aapplicant ilikely reive publi benits abeo the degna. Imrtantly ts finaluleas impac ohumanirian bas migrationrogramor regees and alum he’s no impact om engine f traffking vtims and vicc carved o exemptionor tse categoro d he hrs strtly tohe also excsiononsirationws as wrte publ benefits reived by certaimed forces a theirpousesnd childr asi nefits for emergencyedical seices. stly under t applant seeng your gen card froie l the publi charg groun to a leg permant rident.f bond. So tconclu I jus ting ain thaGenerations ofmmigrants strenhen the undation of r cotry. And mang positiveontribions toy and wexpect thao contue itheh faithf ecutionf our tion’song staing laws chargin admsibity rule beer insurerhat iigrant e able tsuccesully pporthemselves as they se portuny heren Amica Througut ouro their otstra tpurse dots theidreamsnd the opportunity of ts grt nation. Asp t upho theule ofawThis adminiratisr ared hisryndncouraging the core e thAmericream aeality d wi that m happto tak me queions. As y know. imary fus of is psident thughout hisresidency has ben ilgal iigrati the focusf what is outlinein this ppl imgratio S. whyhe chae in focus this le gs all e way bkr effo. I you te a look at th fly pried item it’ it’llt’llae ve thoroh in thfirst attet to t into operaonal fact as at Coness itsel has sd ‘re supposed to consider whe deca admiibilit I wou als own as the hd of the agency perment resideyor mang ople. Lasyear we sren more Aricae s year expec tsee silar numberagain so we’ not at alaid ofof ihe tru ministtion pcessin prerly lal immration I thinkhat e deard mor discuion of ilgal iigrati but wve been pssini nine six tt is n beeineen ven. Aeaningfu o facthe neteeninety ne som idanceas putn pce wh foll the re neve follod.prumptid rule wch as said forhe firs timeeally puts aningfeat on e bone o e nineen ninety six l ssed oa bipartan basis is doenot sutitute. Do congssiona aion i other areas foI meionedhe sit leasere not cover l ylum is a majubject of fos fors in oun my ency. And wh t crisiof the bordee n m e sames thebama happen. So i this. Nrow ar of ou respoibilit we direion and wves I said t meatn the nesere ink toy y Sir tnk you think uaves rson ts morng iyou uld that ge us an update . Wt’s haening with tha rk permi. Foasylum seekerof peoe whoscase ve beeadjudicateyet. Th’re beg procsed ithe dinary crse of buness so a reguto otrhings thin the ageyn righ now e p todasorry. there wer ras ando on the firstion peon frohis fit firs mmutatn. Who s arrest afteis binn l imgrants we arreed. D at dision to grant. Perso connoty y t does those one perso at aime I thin wt you w used to th wee in enfoing the law meetg ful w seven Misssippi. On ocoursetef vestatio still ooing criminal iestition growg ouf thai prevus yea tirnforment forts a u And I thi you ca expec tsee moref that as parts o enrce thlaw yeSir I so jourlists going to beorrn financiar ample ia man has citiz. Daught we g nefitse migh bafraid t ply f those befits s daughter hio s an exclent qstionith the ceip by citize in the householdf puicenefit will not affec the coideration f a partilar ienss a geral matteso the cizens. Agai iheir receipt of conserationf an alieas a thisule y’ll see wetartedt out by. That a notovered ande no and forev more a clear haveni stingfhe two so anye o hasny queionbout paicular befit. Wou be nsiderntoonsidetion for gree card will bebleo easilyr websit and it is ptf the ssagee’reroadcaingt’s y I talk to yond lisd so many.f . e at as we. Idea I’m sorry. I’m net fotwo qutions d- buI facthat is long the plic arteras beein efft nce thlate ehteen longhe wor of th base as e stat of libert degre gi us yo tired you poor. Yourmplemeing a telharger rule forhe fst te is that sentimd . wordcome dn. Come doe statue o libty. We haveared the st welme. Additns in thorld. On a l of sis where the you be ming he to joinr imgratin yrselfhis ru fourundr thousd peop ye. Ts applitionso become legalee sident Will ilude. A theye likyo become athe puic crge or noI do n ink byny meaReadyo libey yes ‘amEvery ltleanythingf isow mucthis i costi U this taxpayso s s thers milonsf Amerans who aept ps r healcare otheir n f ampleo why i tha diffent f someoneho’s in th cntry legally w’s stgglio a yoknow he rtain nee but he as well. So t bs long tm befitf sking to ense than firs. Yo cantandn theizens n two et who wl not be relian onm pecially in thage of e modernelfs so expsive. An pensiv suffiency thahas bn a the vue set for s lon is criticar part o theotivatn forule li thi is forhe befit th gs allhe w bac a rules I said elier simply puts meat on t bon of that consie nefi f taxpars i for visitihe- ii the cost is count so let n lk at tha ithe be l andnd all stheecidin ftor which is why we ctinueo use e totatyf circstance thisuestio of a chilngto efct youalkbouthe question of whz h partular cas tha somebod use lot of a familhat are havet yet gten thr gen cards theo e dical serces wther tt them tkeep them you know fsingep the stets parate A they are gogof usg the rviceso whic to dermine O two tee nay years out ft apy. r a grn cardou th’re liky lately ur or wheer ah not to get a greecard if th e the rvices of e fears at the will be aave o ople aoss thcountr Who ll decide not to geot to use the afrmativy ttheirwn titl to. Outft t o youHow doou counter that. If in ft you wa tm to u the serv’ entledr is i Or this ally a st of forto say. peop that shoun’t be. Well. is f Thiss and lk backt that tuatio causeemember we substaially sr ce e exceptn o this tha wou ve qualifi underhe neteen ninetnine gdanc which fan th sk what wre trying to undethe ciumstansouen descbe if you’re tking abt anpplicant w hhe thei way o of that sittionecesso that’sase they make to th reer case workeill immiation svice offer. e b w do wto avoi lookin tthe fue e e thosublic benits we’ tryingo avoi thasituatn benets arehere is a idge right kc benets are digne f peop to ben them for er therere whether u’re aimmigrant. To he folFor a me so. So are yosayiu remeer grant yourdvice to benets because thi This is goa count agnst you. No I wa ung yr example whe they nd thy finaially I took ur descption ay thathentire leg immiationystem is digned. Congrs f the befit of America ag foherere peoe whore going tlive r y d on their o two ft with th me sor of reiremenhat ‘vead ithe pa for wl over centu n t benefits be wghted differently tee difrent ates don’t use Medaid that benets no buthe use of thefielgn benets ovethe elve mon riod inhirty x months wod be a avily native faor tir of tir negative negati factors the positeactorhd factors n exple t other se if u ve private hlth inrance that ia d positi facto S those a the tality of rcumstcesn d obviouslye cl the mor heilyeighte factors more than the oers b they we her outspok crics of the ministtion’s Graon policies borem . theiconcernow yorewing CathicFamiliia thCatholic bisho he the say on thsubject a ty ceainly a close forsnd I ulday as Catholicne of this Ia e st suppoers o pple i thisount befee had a th cnging and I don see y cflict th enforcinghe law as i. w targed t el Pahootin bn u of t ratesIn theity t it’sust. For issues illelly nowhis obously why ouldn’t th campti well fir ofll. Tss as dealg wh theost recen eratnft buthis is n new ts whe sam questn mighhave beeaskedor my Immigrt ancesrs were comgg. in andd e e wee simply makg effecti reonor any parcularo oup. Tfeel le this rgetinhemhe Seo fly ross t worldillpply t re tn eigeen asn any otherikely more Latis wl ife hads coersaon aundredears ago they woulve applio mo Italis orou knowe save time. Wl I thinkhat th diviseness maye o me rhetoralu alin you roleealth ce at with some ohow yo rert it s Sir m into into reYeah that’right. Thank. Orge tI.ormer ce esidenJoe Biden sai tt the Unitey take anoth twoillion regees these kinof commes onhe camign trl the tru administraon. have to how my more immrants d out ere at a the oynumr ings wh form nbersr thannualefugeeumber thataier qst haens ery yearfourse wee tingn I wa to sa arnd a milon plu aear righ now ay youruestioall right ste estiones mam. Toof the charts rolempact fute applicatiod finciall. Suort thfamin mber but in e fami basin. So what you uld normall he in ths u to he an fidavi of necearily fallnto theuppor S tht cagoryf bei addreed by ifhey he anffidavfse suppor wch ibn scrunizedy USC officer. d i is believed that spsored can in fact suprt those.r 12 of t feder poverty guideles whi is the andard the that wld be the it relates to that sortfs applicat huge piece of legal immigration in this country thank you all very much Evernehankso mh for joir st Me pages or we always try to bng you this top orie and heainesrom ross the cntry a’m going to go out. To Ne Yk tyight now whe we ar ttin a new confence he in from This is t New Yk immiation coation h they are tkii actis thathey dot feel. Ou gat fro t trump adnistrati let’s lten to thisigh. is regation ‘ll golive. AnI justant toee how thhisegulatns gting sted inhe wakf all of e attasnd the sotings at have rgeted immrant mmunies ana mome where are a reall. Let meust th rule goi to do. An I ink it’s pecial tubli venhat’s hpene over e last cple e s alover ts countrbeing tan. Trac. Buthere’ n ubt in o mind. Tt this ruleilllms e liveof new Yorkers a well. Thul sa that for aone whis must fego shter and bacite d it. medicacae thathis rule forci migran to chse. And bacall it’goin to epen povert iso a d c arge rulatiowill d. forcinhesemt h toitizenipnd for growi these sics y sast forew York Ci and r New rk staAnd I nt to kno. Th i g immiant commuties that innse efftyhe truaeryf ministtion to ntinue to rget iigra communiti wi cruel and wh fear. And so we k g from ts is notake NeYork. Amera any rder as welt is simy gr ngriernd sicrBut I nt to te thathis fht is noover. ere’still an portunyo figh back i fothe xt six days. We are gog to dexactlthat. We are goi th l of ouallies and our champis we’ goingo figh ba in th halls o Congrs. re going tfight bk in weSo whave t New Yorkgo migration coation we will wo close with ny of r great liesy To mak sure at were channeng theoice ofll new Yoersmmigras a allie Thate willight bk wit ery ferf our bng. immiant counitieand Ne Yo depen on it. An soe will ecatw we cor theext sty day til Ocber fieenth.o fight ckSo Ie e some of r gre chaions a r alls to eak tay. First d foreso t Clk. She h been champn for immias leinghe way oissuuch T. P. S. a she was one of an prose as. Thaheeam inoduc earlier this year Coress somebodthat Cla.m ank u. This opportunity to thank Ste a theeam her athe Nework immrati coalitn and i nce. Ouworkmmobizin o beha of thw Yo Cit and ieedhe immiants othist y beenery attenve tthe. imat that bng cated der.he trump ainisation r immiants aoss this nation and p r so myarsoulnerae Clk of t ninthistrt of Cgres woe w York whi is centr Brooyn. I am. airpern othe immiation sk for. A I have bnushe lleagu acrs the aisle t ange the bavior to and clime of onslaht of uelty veoves andn humaty to imgran of crsehis. Unfounately t hou of is i recest t momt.nat en w allelie tha w ould be in ssion and ssin comnenseun law Thatarged iis commitie tt ha cruey an hunityhat of families. o inhe Utedt atesf Amera. Th just sueringhat ‘re eing in rommunieshisrobabl be stad bStev makos s moulnerable the is any our comnn ason und theun f such a dramic ml n counits whe falies are of mes sty t e n counits tt mas itess kely thataren wiltake hos the mls tse areo. invidus w are already contbutinga w unrtainty. A thaisat beuse ere. sire is tdo nothg more s to citenshAnd if the soety pers that. We mak the oicr ma ofs th meahat r miliill si deernto Yo immigrati coationewk inte to std k Washiton. Jo eve leg effort o tl s policiesf thtrum admistraon. Butt unt othat so canccou ou in r communities to and together wh thfait mmunit to what can On time. great distress and I thank you once ainNext woullike a champion. For immigrant communities here in New York why no it’s been working with their team religiously over the past couple months to be prepared. Please welcome our commissioner f in nna res r thcity oNew Yo. In uffy. od morng eveone . Rems tbe her today undethe ciumstans but I think e r leadershipnd parershipn this a ss th have. ally been extremel distr p those w are he andhe left ioffie counity rtnersho aren the grnd aA e onesupportg famiesn mang goo decisns and hopinghat wg f wealk aw with other meage tod ifhe pre. that y lea hereoday withss no hf thiss not yein the fac Hous will t te effec untiOctor ft t v d we inten to doo as t thisn cour. Anthat ise eryntention of rs to ensu that neveroes to effect. Tg ly appliedo every singl peon it esn’tPeop w areligiblor benits mt people arer benefits todayike U.. citize chig don’t aly to sorreasen’ itoesn’tpplyo cre viims isonfusi its docunts that requires peopledr e compcated aa.eeply ti law lp mak the rig decions emwer ourommunies pleas t them kw theyan cal ree onone th can s tion Nhinkin get brilant cmunity parers thinng ged make eowerecisns f famies wshouldot go food healthOt th neefor eir surval. If you s no are e keyessage that edut erywher todayn diffent langr counitie to noe will upting NYC dot glash infoation wh firedat anslat into fferen nguageor peoeo be able twidely dd Makeo miste what you’v commities is an aaultn an brothe ans n vaes.t is a attem to ma an Amican only wos for doest actuly car for tse in nee e survor foright bseekin chil who might nd they need cause of h is trantionin that not wt whoe are at wre aboutnd it wi ke eve sgle onef us stdingp and sayinghis is no who we ahis is not what we belie and we wi d everything o share information with our communities. Empower them and Fiu ank u coissi law eorcemeill benhe U. S. attnt anuncingederalharges ising outfhe shoong today the gernmento theas ‘s on ceili crges ainst a frnd of nnor bs f legedl lng. Oneder rearmsormo we’ll have at forou as soon as that gets going the inaytonhio hi evee welcome to ws now as we alwa bring you t sou cotry tnkou s muc f cross joining us here we ve one more full our fouyear right here. Onox ten actual awhile we do wai for thatews conferencend that’gonna be a bi o let’s go right now to the spking at an event tay any actuly start themoun king se. Anunceme. Jeffreapps tna . Thanyou to our c forour nd iroduionnd I’m oking rward worki wit u whenou. Take o adersh oa TF whin th partme of juice. And m. Jim it’ d anksor all you he done ov the dades f FO P.nd wanto say tt a ve atefulo the yor. For her bann outanding ldershi this greacity. At we’re because thaews conferen in hi in e Unit State now Attorn forhe n Dirict ofhio I am joid thisfternt assiant U S. attney V. Paul Pel m wier h t spealgent i arge of th FBIincinni divisi. Daf o n g who s arrestedridayvening d now standaccuse five feralrimina comaint. Of unlawflym contlled substance andf lyg on the formForty ur venty ree thfirear form inrder tacquirFirem spificalndicing that subsnces wn in ft he s. I’m gon tellou aittle b more about tse crgesut before doo thgs cle at thoutset. the instigation into theute is e shting thatook place o distctMisterolley doe not standccusedf the planningf that shootingPartn we he no evidce ofhat there’s nat Iust wanna me tha clear secoly wt tgive an dilaim tha I alws give scussi. Theederal iminalhargeshich ithat. Mier Coly like l cminal fendan is psumed innoct less and unte’s prove guty beyd a reonab evidce. In crtnd theith algationsf a feral crimin cplains at theare algations th e not idence. So wit that litt bit authat ta fidavi in supporof the crinalomplnt again Mister Colle y l agents witthe FBI and aF foth which way tt day.i morng a at thaime ofg at inial intervi Misr Colleyndich firemccessory for. Cnor ts thehooter whoad coittedhe shoing earli at day and durg t cours ofhat inh e Ketteng.gentsmelled marijuand on a long And alswhat. Appeared to ba micro Dro testll en laterhat wen Thursd AugtighthI agts re interewedister of work and Mister Coll indicad t me thate wa a concealed rry. He ld theduringhe seco inteh ne.uote on que hard drugs thonnor bs as ll as rijuan hdcid. Four ve times weekt urteeno twen fifte. And howftene userugs Kalli indicad thad d be doingo for aut ten yes. Agents oainedrom federa fir. ATormorty fr sevey ordeto purasehe micn Drac pisse allhat agents obrved upon inially date. In may ninetn twen the estionre younspon to unlawfser allOe toarijua or anyepresst stimult. r e thatoint t agent obined feder srch waant for clies pson and hiresidee. Whe the executhe searf Ca. Day the seah warnt of his peon he ain admitd t ing a regul use oillegal drug inclung maruana a pshedeli mhroomshich h id. He gw in his resence e daye admied thahe d rememb filli out t fm inditing falselyhat heas.y ur sd Was nos trutully he wod not vehe received d th she h purched for. Ye for bs bod armor As an A R. fteen wpon. And th one hdred rnds doue ultitely use five at’sn the Austi ur indtry. Alindicat that he purs kali resency in dero assistats is fr bat his pents. Ki admied to calling so mdleo endf may sitti aparent and aemblin The hiey are fteen esperat d the furth ishat uple wksfter. at whe e doubled drum. Mazine arrive thg ssessi of that drum asell Khal apamenthey revered th Dracoistol Tauru si automac pn s pipe and wt is mmonly ferredo as aomb as we as wha aeareto be murooms. Th’s wt it i m sorr colli w then ken to cusdy on Fday eveng that hmadl r urt Fray ening a today.i tse crges thate expose. m. Termf impronmentf upo caseill mo forwa nextfifteeyeara th a detenon hearin Wednesda wane The pnts arnumberne agany be clrIs NO idencend no allatiol colaint at Kal tentiolly. Dissated in Augu fourt shooting so thisases abouthe whthat is casis about Is inhe inveigatiointo t Auguscourse ofg disceredo haveny cminals cuabilityor anyct tha throh t invesgationr ntribud in a way tthe ents on Aust fouh. Is ing toe heldriminay responble an. Notnly i posseing corolled sstancesllegal fightecause I sn controed substaa a th i not sething tha deralgentsho are matt going tignorend that is wister Coly has bn charged if. e toy so I happyo answ y quesons at youay hav. Focalling so foaunday. I I can get io the spifics oexactl why that waalthou you’l see tt if support of thcriminin mplainn Augu fourt theas theBI agent and a TFgents spoke with Miste Coll befly at tt timend then r it cleafrom rding tsit’s affidat. D. Mie d Mr bs havenown eh other r a los on ierview magine vomeed right w w t a firearm if yore annlawfu ssesso. contr or us contrled substancThis is therocs at you catch All tse pele w woulde squafied byederal law fr psessin a firrm that firere ts pele to ll it out truthful underf feralrosecuon s we do theye notonest a there if prosuted a tt is a crime that ipe yes in feder pson an chard with here. Okay. All I cat spe to th I canay that ts ofl precute aoneho has falsifd aorm r senty the the st time u n also be soe hav routely incling aseceny as lasye- accdingo the fidavi suprt of e criminal colainthe affidit says that cole wasnvolve cause bats wante to hi t purcha o these this amnition are of this magine dy aornd A. E part fm his parentu keembers fm man andf tuatns by buying. Mayb yourlf. Ye but ithere e- therwas no any Thatats wld hidn self ha beenny mor or ss thesthingsan calng.disquafied ff What t likely e conditnal chges . At theederalevel wh anythi inforl and- special ant tned wh r him uld u careo speak to thaatl oning the’s aot tt has be don in then the pt we there still lot to rough lotf evidceTo reviewA lotn primy cell one tthee shoote was cm n Augu fourtyes. Wee stil throh thatellhone b itigh wa opene le lasteek th are n revieng the there ho Ian’t sak to gointo use the fearm f t we he notound a gointo conct thiattack. Anmore. Leme l me ta out onactual agt ichargeorker m was that ery last piecefeare evidens thod anI thinwhat y can. ke away safyo he fou to ha a crimil cour of th invesgationtsponbilin sevety othis iident thewill bpre invidual thawe heaAbout apogize r you do an ting. I’ notoing tspeak tonyircumstantia evidee beyond tt a the pceedin. I cnot speak to thW wsnhio Ian’t say that. I feel cog n t Ka C wasonfisced.t the te to secr h ansmitdor havg somef your s verys e crimal comaint o of them is a penty of zo to fiv arsn prin a the oer zo toen yea in prin. conceably zo to fteen ars inrison. u weren thatange ia. Th mighte deith th st Iefinity cnot sak to tha sortw a curredut I c say ain athis is gogo be a extrely thoroh and is a extrely trough investigion. Of y andll Augu fourt any kind ofon crimesny a that iestigaon will beof prosecutes e s you know thatheore. Th me crges a penales. not t faultf the st. It’s t sams rerdless. Well it’clear fr the aidavit isuppor knoweach oeror sevale years ite at o twty foueen Ielieve long but I don want . Get in specution aut precisy how ngI’ nto get to addional evence wh. Tt hrs bend the sco of th fidavihat is actuly do. Also in r sed othis andet theut we don’t ho yhat hfalsifiedormst is tim Ctainlyhe V. it is. athat Kali falfied eighti a a m user s that i a crime ande areomfortabharginthat agnst aolliet thisime. Usehe latt can g all wtappenelastou we and yKnow tt that inveigatioremainongoine I name. I can s that ethe purchaseshae equient that was used in Augustoo th accsory for t. R. a e doubldrumagazin was the equipmn e the moreerious chaes and speato anydditiol crges stat here wh is that. ‘sther ane a mponen o the. R. w. So it’justt diffent componts anpeople itan aemble em theelves acque using the fm for four seventy tee but then othe parts c be acired parate and p togethe separate andhat’s at haveappenein thicase.appen to yo Ju the t. Ofhe upp ceiverction areI can’t are tha I wanto be ear that thist is ongoi it’soing tbeh though. The. B. I. Dayn policeilg m of eve piece of idencef any crims disceredn t coursof capaef bein procute. It that. ah we ha one mef questi. Tha crime ank yo. A fortunely yes ye It’sood to se ys for l y have ne ovethe dedes foFO P. dI want toay thaa veryrateful e mayo. Foher. pport o And. Congssmancalise it’s go to see u lookg so wel is morning. really apprecte you ipiring remas eeciall for remiing u o the hoism of acti prented a mas swt sualtyttack. fore I begin d liko briey addrs news fm the M. rrectial cter or the weekend regaing Jeffy apps teThis ia sex affickg case. seryh persallyt was portant e e dedited. osecuts i e Souern Dtrict of New rk ao our FBI agents o investated wee preping itor tri st imptantlyThisase wa portanto the vtims w had t courad confnt theccusedn the courroom. was aplled. And indeed the wle deptment reize and frankly angTo learn. Oo . We are n leaing of rious irregulaties a this cility th are dply coerning. d demand a. o g justhat we ll geto the Bu let me sure y that thi se wil contie on ainst yone w was cplic. Wi stainAny co cspirats shouldot ret ctimseserveusticend they wl get e r this mning wch is renew a retionsh. Wi old friend. It’s e joinithhe Fpay I joyed a ver cse retionsh wh the F this pition and’m loong rward to even clor o is time and let me s thaI am pros adminiration. Andnder esiden tru.ho so rongly sport l forcemt. Tomooworning the is nmore nle professi tn sera police oicerYou p you nigh of threst ous. Sleep ineace youever kw wt e nextay wilbring. What threat you mht fac. Bu stillou gr love one and head out to ce whatr wa. Thalls f a speal kind obraveI l Wa wn our troo went t. I rememb r visionollingut of rt StewarGeorge backhey were ticr tapee pades. Celebrating eir theiprecins evermornin. The are norowds eeri. An when u comome at e end othe dl ne the are no cker te. Parade. Os th lawnforcent is fiting aiffere kind agait crimal pretors it r sociy. An well there batts won d lost eh day the’s ner a fil victy. A finavicv sight. It takes apecial ndf covege to ge this a coitmentA specialind of honofor meTo be vited heing toe amonyou. d have theppos Thhorror ofl Pa inute u. yton still wgh healyn victs of tse evilacks. oday we e are al pe wh rponded tthe ene an eventefurthebloodshe and was pticulay srring to wah the otage om Dton the soting arted. And e civilis fled y could sehe polichargin headng tards t t o may ickly utrali ery Amerin suld tnk god th we ill hav mennd women like td l thereside will t let.t Ac of ma shootgOr domest terrosmo unsweredHe has bee&-pcsultingids dicted m andBIirecto te to wo witour state and lol partrs. well with thprivatsectorDevelo stratees ino adess tsehreatsncluding delopingools. eyan poteial ms shoors befe propals. Legiativend ofhey siket eratiol itiativ in th you at our pposals. Wi statand lol partrs. The rent aocities ao remi of a bac trut. Huma begs are capab of grt evilAnd ev in a althygood. But e societ vios e what snds beeen cos asis rnage the o handAnd th cilized iranqui ciety all yrn forn the of l enforment. You ree the on mas daand night. Evenn the st of timr callghan serng as a beenYou kn the fmersrlice oicers Cannly exi ithe pelebelieve at . have theersd se rtraint to ntrol their owworst ssionsnd appetis. Ifeople vaesAnd th moral discipne to control themsees and governmen uld ireasiny he to u ternalorce tkeep oer anthe commity would grually se itsreedom. This iwhats taing abt whene saidWe have stat e abity of eac of us t vern oselves. But live inn age w when t stitutn’s. Th we he relin to culcatealues anself rtraint have been der cstant assau f fiftyears anas a rulte S. Caboutd g up whout fatherslienat d angryounman. Gang enged ithe mo bruta Incrsedental illss and suicide aa dr epidec ilictin casuales bond d n mesticiolenc. An increas expltationYou na it. And wh iexpect to de with thS. as other ititutis iln advoce who is expecto stan td h pele’s the pieceYou ar e police t thin ue lin Andhat is why I sayhat the job y we being aed tdo and th the rks youcalleds nev bg onodayTake havnever en greate. st a jority o peoplo sport th polic uortunaly or beenncreasg vocaminori. Th regully aack to e police andde at iishe policwho a e baduys not therimina. And wheve nfrontion invving these force b police ty tomatilly startscreamg Regaless of thfacts now I thoff. notugga ner abusAs witll hum instutions there setimes bad apph atut the are vy much the exptionsot theule. anythi Ie m our pice offics und e mostxtremeircumsnces. Th antiolice nartive i Inecent years we halaw. of t notioThe ne somehn ay to sist t polic. This isompletelunacceable evious it was well undersod. Thaf l the ficer. The suect alin theicinit. And for theason vtuallyll jusdictisaveade resistce to lices cre. No t longgo fluentl publicoices communit a civiceaders stssedhe nee to coly with pice cf compirst. A if yothink u’ve bn wrong compln muchnymore insad when ter but yt suspts viont restance incidescae lice the fac is uslly ignod bhe comntary t ficersvery aion is diected. But e suspts resistce ar pose freently es witho basi we need pubc voice in th mediandlsewhenders r the ed tcomply fst andf warrter the lice suspes andhe communy ate e s depamentillave zo leranceor resisngolice th will ve liv Style tmselve socc former. Anspendheir tim under cte ading crimils o the hoo anrefusi to enrce th wsThese anti l forcemt the ace otended tomerge in jurisctions whe the ections large dermined by t prima a equent theseandidas ambush. An ie imary with misading caaignsnd the sden insionf large ounts tside nday. ce inffice eynnouncheir rusal t force broad Swi’s of e iminalaw. Mo disrbing thatummerctuall fusing to precuteases o sistan to thpoliceSome e refung tprosece staffs sumrrefusing to the stribuon of rcotic invold. And whehey do deign tcha seekg stences tt are paetical lenient. So t tiesreeadedacko the juice and t results are o theevr crimand mo victi. Onof my mesgese Ameran peoe. edo pay cle aention to e issue of puic safety their commities as aociety w shld not take r poli ficersor graed. I would gain aenewedppreciatio. the nler r mmunitiesI would ke to seincread recognion tha being polefficers th tohest j in thcountry d it igettintoughe. An wouldike to se a gater coitmento suppting t lice. Ththin be lines gettinthinf orn offers pecapitaas fullmploymt economAndbeen dppina now ailablin oth sectors. hard. To attct the bese ndidatanyities are alady uble toill thr increasi. Thhardere makesAnd vae thpolice offer’s job t ss theare suorted. e rder wil be tattrt t thin we cnticipe thacandides thI ose whcome fward tserve. Will bi. e commity suorts t polic. It is imd loca jurdictio knock ore an. invesng in w enforcent.n govementsryingo be a impoante don’t fgethes sics and t veryeasone ha goverent is prote e publ safetThe ve fit duty o govnment is to ovideor theolice andf we areo mae e e compsation florce levs suicient equipnt and aduate traing. I uld like to tury highest priities are of violt crim. And cpad intinng tht the opid e s druglikeith the surgin thamphamine. en Iast seed as Atrney Geral i e earlninetiesViolen crime s at.t levels in our history. Starng the nineen siies w h refo. That turdurd of crimin jusce s ughablrevolvg do carcerions dro ecipitsly and crime rat I’m wn theauntle. decades. deared a nionalmergen it is marsl theation’s resours and it’s fhting ba. hava robust proam to attk te f itegal opioi and wve definily. Hc escripon resre mkedly ourttack o the lt see itnnd Iont stenpioidss builng moment. gng n e & is ainistrionasharply cread drug traffking osecutns especlly ashe opioid. d e ioidelat caseshan the prevus yeaa precutio were up 2100% Fentan ote esciallyeadly. d unle weake prress onheserugs eains we e gointo mak A yr agohe deptmented. targetgynthets inen high iact die fit yea rults have been and tensifthat initiate. Obviouyk ‘s outsidehe Unid States. Mostf the legal drugs traffic fm Mexico byour especially the Mexan ctelse must stroy ese rtel. And th is l e s t e anwe cant let at hapn again. I dt w hard this goingo be o w longt willake. Th ccessf procutionf el Chapo was ad d we ve to catalize on that a I’r t our tion’sisposa. e step And m hopi thatherte. presidt’s bretg reement wh Mexi’m coopering othen cris wl ge us a portunit tworkore closelin attkit rtels. closi. I o want tohank y for a you d. Fokeepinus safe where ve andork. er sin t firs seters inoston estaished e nighwatch. In sieen thty five Arica h had proud tdition o ofesonals o stanguard againsthoss ha. Youre theatest contue. Noattehow ugh Th admistrion s your the ited Stas of Arica.kMay godd at was William Barrpeaking tt police a union conferenceshere saking on ally a widrang of topics lkinbout the pice office in w York Cy an sometherir e n a l h lkin authe asn ca he was a mob the parents who sa that ppenedver the weend everyone was shehe taki a dpiveightight no dow fouhundreand fty five pntg is t trade w wit Chinas hang a gater fac On t USconomy than expted in the sk of recsion i risin thatccording tGoldman Sas gup whathey sd just yeerday in noteo clies Goldma ane chie USconomiaid thaa trade dl bd Cha. I noongerxpecte said it now expts eects a int sixercenterop on e US econy due to trade war delom earlier esmates of st point two o lored i fourth quaer U. basis pois to one pot 8%.rowth y weigngown the enomyhey said overd t imct of th trade war The drers of the mest chang r tte n inclu an esmate of eentimend uncertnty oft e respded notly trecent ade new the Gdman analys sa that they exct psident Donalds thre to imse 10% tror o Untentiol thr hundr expos startin on September firstg in the fin hr orading there how muchLower n ago st rightere wi us. Fox finabreak we’re taking our Highlights of it how yg actually. Hi Mike thank you yes and it’s such a fun party this beh Hersa beach so it was ouoors the stage and it was all the fans in the audience at home fifty fe miion ves were cas in categories from lm to TV mus and social media. And more for the twenty nineteen teen choice awards. For the first time fox’s special teams Monday funday bringing a huge proud to be. Lucy Hale and David overtaking the Mike says MC is helping to celebrate and honor the nominees to my friend. Taylor. Taylor swift taking on Mister Ford for the first ever icon award thank you for giving me a life. Ingle minute every day I know that you’re the reason. Also making waves the Jonas brothers receiving this year’s choice decade award. Robert Downey junior accepting the choice action movie star an action movie awards for Avengers and game another Marvel superheaking mprise spider man far from home wins choice summer movie and then day or brings home aboard for choe summer movie actress these movies has been like a dream for me so thank you for allowing me to continue to live out my dream pluafte aman thinking voters on behalf of s co stars. cra ric Asiansindshoiccome movie. That waswesome the d about wt. A stch to a ne setp. Apeciate i. a Thank you. me relf at t center gallon over the past two weeks to two dollars and venty fourents accorngo e Lundrg survey incased refineror crude oil cost contributed to the decrease the highest are in the S Fraisco Bay Area with the lowest average prices in baton Rouge Louisiana. s withmazon. Just as fed ex stop shipping for Amazon you PS seems to be picking up business and its second quarter their career reported a 30% jump in next day air shipping volume. According to Morgan Stanley you PS gets close10% ofts revenufromn the spi chicken nuggets are back they return after a massive push fm fs cludin chance the rper Wendy’s rweeting his pleor a spicy ggetsack in may it read. Like aenu change. No right thinking there Tracy were stooking at those chien ggets right in time I can’t waiti eryby feel areas herhapp Monday r ofhe seamo gollhe w we goingo bealki abonti eht oloe what we’re g e top ories aoss coury fm ha to lifornia first whererhe wa helping his neighbor outside. hh St. He like when minutI right ght the across th stet. Wel ha tt sty as well as a x oice breaown whicl which didn’t do too well scary stories tell me dark memories. mayave en t numr on lo at we’ve heard aboorty rk wk white I would be a fan of that what about a four day schooweekow that thinthathou. t we’ll one Florida counties nsidering it the youo ereou g allight that ten oenix.m ianythinge on f brks that’how weo it w ing ito a a righthere onhe scrn. Show everybody as we t of their he down fou righ now takg onef thosints epives is been really Justinonasf o fourundredoints and tnbe e nthey. Might ve up fothe nexthree dayNot four hundred andhirty o points te on this Mday not t way. For investorsnd wanng tstart t theeek the in t red so wll we’l an hr fro rig n but at the same time which show everybody. For the tower cam looks like right now as it is well it’s going to be a warm one today but- not as warm as it. Could be getting on Thursday. Only expecting about a hundred and two degrees here. But come Thursday that could all change we could be seeing a hundred and fourteen degrees. Again and I know a lot of people want to see. A more were talking about earlier. This so weekend there like. To be. Get some rain I mean this is no the n that. We are accustomed tin on the figure there’s some more timeshan t se more dust storms thashould boppi the in a ct too much and seen en it does rain. We’re not seeing that widespread valley getting it as much area there’s Like we’ see in ars pastt not ere en tre coulde a keep an e onhatay a fmeood was l ten oeni an . e contueo join us on foxen phoenice ha news nferens pping upe bri it tyou ints entireightew weaw tha aittle b earlie tod aewe don’t usulyet t many new coerenceut of e Whi entity there as ll. A bis becaus welCongress is ouon eir Augu reces and also. Pridentrump i on a ten da Vation thes wl in New Jersey is andow a lot o movet ch but when we ge some re. ents f you ocourse we always bring into your right here. Newsow let check in e more time ough athe market herp d rig now fr hundd and thirty six point Goldm chs anysts sing th whe the fee That a trade de with inand not comg before the twenty twenty electi a e trumwon’tet reectednddent of tde deathat. Presidtey cld dd ump was but knows that mae he jtan’t get so welontinuo followhat the for y as wl thankso much ford on new ande do apeciate yeah and ce on join us f tephoenicom

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