News Report — Socialism: New Face of the Democratic Party — July 09, 2018

out-and-proud socialism could become the norm in the Democratic Party in New York political outsider and Democratic Socialist Alexandria Ocasio Cortez won a stunning victory in the primaries of the House of Representatives unseating 10 term Democrat Joe Crowley the 28 year old ran on a platform similar to Bernie Sanders and is endorsed by groups like black lives matter move on and people for Bernie Democrat Party leadership is heralding young woman's victory as a sign of the party becoming more diverse and moving farther left she really she represents the future of our party polls show that many Millennials are openly socialist and even communist one survey found that 44 percent of young adults would prefer to live under a socialist regime on some college campuses full-on riots break out whenever a conservative is scheduled to speak at an event this shift to the extreme is being reflected in the Democratic Party as the supposedly more moderate establishment is yielding to a younger more radical base Brad Elie church militant Detroit

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