Next Auvesta Event 7th July 2019…

Good evening everybody, my name’s
Chris from Forces Investments, one of the team working in the Stafford area at
the moment. Just going to see a gentleman tonight who came to one of our last
presentations. He had loads of questions, loads of information
that he’d heard and wanted to clarify and learn more about, so I’m just
off to see him tonight to put a plan together. Help him clear some debts and
see where we go from there really. If you want to know more, come along to our next
presentation. Our next one is in Stafford it’s on the 7th of July it’s a Sunday about
half-past twelve. So log on to the Facebook page or look on the website,
get yourself a ticket and come down to our next event to find out bit more about what
we’re about and see if we can help you. Cheers!

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