Next Level Life | Personal Finance Trailer 2018

Personal finance should really be taught in schools it really Really should but unfortunately it isn’t so we’re gonna have to pick up the slack ourselves And that’s exactly what I’m gonna do for you on this channel I’ve been studying personal finance for nearly 10 years now and just watching all the shows and reading all the articles and books on the subject that I could get my hands on and in my new series on personal finance I’m gonna be breaking down what I’ve learned for you as well as giving you some practical ways that you can actually use the knowledge if you ever wish that you knew how to handle your money better and knew how to make it grow into more money then you’re in the right place Subscribe and learn how to take your financial life to the next level

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  • What do you feel about "old" or debt that was sold to another company? Secondly, in doing a budget if you get paid near the end of the month, should the income received be reflected in the next month, excluding any monies that was used in the current month.

  • I just got taught finance like a month ago and that was in 7th grade but technically an 8 grade thing for math so I guess I lucked out with my school district

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