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Hey guys Vondill here. And I’m gonna show you how to avoid getting shot by both Nexus turrets while sieging with Tryndamere. Now usually when you go siege the Nexus turret usually draw aggro from both when you start meleeing the first one. There is a sweet spot out there where you can get uh– you can avoid getting hit by the second one But it’s kind of hard to consistently hit. Have to Really find the right spot like here. I found it right here So most of the time you’re just gonna walk into the turret and you’re going to draw aggro from both but if you… Spin just a little bit behind Tryndamere. You can pull Tryndamere out of the attack tower range You can basically increase his attack range to hit these towers. Now if you overshoot it, then you’ll run into the tower. If you undershoot it obviously you’ll be still under the tower. But if you hit that right spot… You’ll avoid getting shot by both now, it takes a little practice but you can do it and there is a little bit of freedom Right here… can also do it… a little bit more here. So you can actually get a pretty nice angle going anywhere in this area I would say maybe this is the limit right… Maybe right here. Maybe not past this line, but it works pretty consistently well, it just takes a little practice and Yeah, give it a shot and let me know what you think. Thank you guys for watching and have a good day.

4 thoughts on “Nexus Tower Trick for Tryndamere – Vondill

  • I remember searching that weird trick on youtube and not finding it. Also I experienced a bug like that yesterday where I was playing tryndamere and I was leashing a blue buff and for some reason when I stepped back and starting autoattacking the blue buff, the AAs where out tryndamere's range I was hitting it like 175 range away for some reason becaused I opened the stats and it was clearly out of my auto range.

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