NHL 18 | Gameplay Features Trailer – Creative Attack Dekes, Defensive Skill Stick, Creative AI

NHL 18 is built for the new NHL.
Introducing all the speed skill and creativity that we see from the young
superstars of the game. To do that we’ve introduced four key components to our
core gameplay in NHL 18. New Creative Attack Dekes, the Defensive Skill Stick,
Creative AI teammates and Authentic 3-on-3 EA Sports Hockey League
games. There are a ton of new moves in NHL 18 including one-handed dekes, between the leg shots and passes, cheeky puck flips and more. We’ve also added the
ability to perform multiple dekes from the same stick position giving you the
control and freedom to react in the moment and gain that extra bit of space
for a scoring chance. To counter the Creative Attack Dekes
we’re excited to introduce the all-new Defensive Skill Stick. You can target
your poke checks keep your stick extended to angle off
the attacker and sweeper stick to cover a zone. You now have full control to read
to react to offensive threats and shut them down with the defensive skill. Next
we’ve made significant changes to our artificial intelligence system that
we’re calling Creative AI. AI teammates are now better at finding you in
breakout and transition opportunities through off the boards bank passing and
lead passing. Your AI teammates will also use the same deking and defensive tools
that you do. Allowing for smarter plays up and down the ice. Finally we’ve added the
ability to play authentic three on three matches in in EA SPORTS Hockey League. For our more competitive and skilled players three-on-three hockey means more open ice to show off your skills and more risk versus reward decisions that will impact the
outcome of the game. Three-on-three EASHL is one of our most exciting and
competitive arenas yet. In NHL 18 our gameplay is built for the new NHL.

100 thoughts on “NHL 18 | Gameplay Features Trailer – Creative Attack Dekes, Defensive Skill Stick, Creative AI

  • guys calm down they cant just make a huge change in a game every single year maybe it will be better next year
    (4th year in a row writing this)

  • The defensive skill set is not a new addition. They seem to have improved it… but the ability to control your stick as a defender has been a feature for the better part of a decade. I like the creative dekes, but it's not worth $90. I'll wait a few years for when they've added enough things that the game sincerely feels different.

  • they should make this game, do roster updates weekly, skip nhl19 and work harder to make a good nhl game. we are basically getting a roster update every year with little things here and there. I want a be a pro mode similar to what madden is about to do or simply a road to the show. or at least a better gm. they simply aren't adding enough to call it a " new " game because they don't have the time, not because they don't put in effort.

  • nhl 18 fans, atleast ya got gameplay they still havent released madden gameplay yet all we got is leaks from a andriod

  • They've got to work on the animations. With these fancier dekes, the stiff, awkward animations they've had for around a decade are really getting exposed.

  • How about making the Ai dump and chase?
    Or requesting trades in career mode.
    Just a new coat of paint,as usual

  • The defensive skill stick was in NHL 11 but, like most things you've put into the last game or two, have been rehashed and claimed to be new meanwhile they're just stuff you had before. The one handed dekes were also in NHL 11 and again the same thing. How about this, stop rehashing shit and keep it in the game and improve the game around it.

  • if you guys would listen to the fans, you could increase your sales by roughly another million dollars. but fuck us right? we don't know what we actually want in an NHL simulator and haven't been telling you for years. <— that last bit was sarcasm for those who can't read it.

  • One handed moves are NOT new. We had them years ago until you took it away. Just like the shootout mode they reintroduced

  • still no all star game, no outdoor games, no new stanley cup celebration, nothing new with the gm mode or be a pro, no buy!!

  • Awesome so basically NHL 17 with some new dekes -.- how the hell doesn't the NHL series have frostbite yet or a decent story mode. Even implement the all star game, have hockey night in Canada in their too. 2k needs to start making NHL games again, Ea never listens.

  • This game actually looks pretty fun, but I wish in the be a pro modes they would bring back your off ice activities like in NHL 15 where you have decisions to make off ice…. like the NBA games where the media asks questions and stuff

  • And it still isn't anywhere close to old gen. Can my AI clear the puck out of the defensive zone this year EA? Or will my breakout look like Hellen Keller drew it up.

  • They said puck pickups would be better in nhl 17 watch this there not. And now they say creative ai? The ai makes line changes when you pass to them and then its icing so you cant fool me ea. Sure ill buy the game as its still probably better every year but simple things like getting the puck should not be considered people whinging and complaining as its a mist have for the game to work amd be fun. You cant score if you cant get the puck in the first place. Suprised puck pickups were not talked about when they still suck. But hey "ea it in the game"….. or is it?

  • You should've just made NHL Arcade with player packs since that's what you like. Not the same cheeky 'improved' game.

  • You finally made the A.I match up to their players, I hate how in all the other games a guy on the fourth line seems just as good as ovechkin or Crosby

  • Goalies are still blocky and unrealistic. AI still has the mannerisms as prior games thus plaguing the game with frustrating movements that aren't realist or even very human. EA the only thing cheeky here is your game developers thinking this is a good game.

  • EA will go a whole console generation with a game that's not even on par with those from Xbox 360. Another year I will forego a purchase.

  • anyone know how the 3 days early access for pre-order works? can i pick it up 3 days before September 15th?

  • Be a pro still going to be super easy on superstar 6/6, no trade request, lame team cellys but cheesy or cocky individual cellys, illogical development, can't control your weight, if you start 2 seasons before draft you'll end up like minimum 6 ft (because obviously martin st louis and johnny gaudreau etc are just myths), can't wear your own number even though it's not in use or retired, no communication with teammates agents coaches or gm…? Could go on and on

  • Be a pro is so bad plz make it good like u are with other games it just goes to show u don't give a shit abt nhl , let 2k do it

  • This looks so


    On the bright side I like the new 3v3 mode in eashl

  • Animations looks awkward as usual.

    Use another graphics-engine,make overhauls of the animations,etc,and i might get NHL 19-20. I have always been an huge NHL-fan,but i actually ignored NHL 16 and 17. Way too small changes.

  • If they don't make being a goalie easier I'm never buying these hockey games again. I don't care that I'm trash I just want to atleast make the save 90% of the time.

  • Fix the fighting. Make a stamina bar and the lower the stamina the less damage to deal but more damage you take. You can't beat the spammers unless you slam and it's stupid

  • EA the banners need to go in the final product. They obstruct a player's view way too much. Seriously please get rid of them.

  • Can you guys come out with Fight night champion 2?? They are a lot of good boxers, and boxing is getting noticed more

  • Like always ea making no change to there games lol Fifa need to add court football or street football and NHL need to add street and pick up games like on lakes etc

  • What a f*ck?It is NHL 17, with new game mode 3*3 and new defensman skill stick…….

  • Что за херню вы опять нам приготовили?Вы стоите практически на одном месте, исправляя мелкие ошибки и вводите какие-то новые режимы, хотя не можете нормально доработать основные..

  • Больше всего меня раздражает в игре это действия и форма тела игроков.Вы бл*ть найдите мне таких жирных игроков, которых вы делаете в игре.У вас не майки, а желе какое-то, оно бять постоянно двигается(в реальности двигается хокк.майка, но НЕ ТАК БЛ*ТЬ…)

  • И меня раздражает то, что когда игрок забивает гол, он бл*ть либо празднует, либо бл*ть становится на месте, и откланяется назад с ухмылкой на лице.БЛЯЯЯТЬ, вы что совсем там ебанулись?Вы откуда бл*ть берете это все?Кто вам бл*ть это все впаривает?Сделайте хотя бы скрипт нормальный, что игрок, забивая гол, едет вместе со своей пятеркой праздновать его к лавке, а не пешком едет идет, доезжает до лавки, останавливается, а потом включается скрипт, что они как-будто так и ехали…Разбирайтесь с этим говном, или вашу игру не будет смысла покупать, потому что лично мое мнение, изменили только цифру грубо говоря в названии и все.Люблю вас.

  • Я обожаю вашу игру.Я хочу чтобы она развивалась и была как можно больше похожа на реальность хоккея.

  • вратари как были гавно так и остались…боже что скрипты сложно обновить!!!!

  • Those stupid sons of bitches at EA took off the quick shift dekes where you press left joystick and left right stick in the same direction and they added a few dekes that aren't even able to pull off in games!!! I'm so mad that they took those dekes off I came here to complain stupid motherfuckers

  • Still missing a big component. Loose puck battles. And I'm not talking aboot the board battles, I'm talking aboot when two players are racing towards a puck. Huge game play feature which dominates puck possession

  • There's absolutely no difference in your AI controlled defense men this version compared to 2 years ago. They still do absolutely nothing to do defend just letting the attackers get in. When they do get the puck they still clear it upon the other team or dump it behind goal in the direction where theres only enemies.
    Dont know what happened to the creative AI but it's not in this game.

  • I like how they had some of these dekes in like NHL 10, took them away at some point, re-added them and now their "new" dekes.

  • Which one of you lazy EA Fuckers want to explain to me why I paid 60 bucks to have players skate past lose pucks and not pick them up when they are clearly within reach and even when I'm switched to them? Or is that part of your creative AI? Monopolize my nuts you ass breathers.

  • At first i though it was a good game. After about 10 games its unplayable. The interference penalties taken by AI make it unplayable. Just makes me mad. Im going to sell it while i can still get 20 bucks for it.

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