Nicole – Supporting our Veterans and Military Families – JPMorgan Chase & Co.

SEAN (On-Screen): I joined because my father was in the service. NICOLE PALMER (Off-screen/On-screen): (How different he looked…) My husband Sean was a Master Sergeant in the Red Horse unit. After 9/11 my husband was deployed. It was a struggle because our families
were far away and I had these two young kids getting ready to start kindergarten, and so
it was tough. I remember waiting for Sean to call because you didn’t have the communication,
it was a 10-minute call and you didn’t know when it was going to come in. I was scared.
I was worried for my husband, I was stressed out at home. Luckily I had some other military
families that lived around us, that just helped me through that difficult period. SEAN (On-Screen): It was hard. It was definitely hard. It was hard on them, it was hard on Nicole. NICOLE (Off-screen/On-screen): The last deployment was a scary time. The boys at this point are now, you know, 13 and can now really understand what their dad’s
doing. SON 1 (Off screen/On-Screen): When my dad left, I remember at football games, while he was deployed, it was my 8th grade year, and every time the national anthem was
playing I just started to cry, because all I could think about was my dad. NICOLE (Off-Screen/On-Screen): It was a very difficult deployment for everybody, we were really, really nervous. We got a last-minute phone call and we were
told that they were going to be stateside for a few extra days. At the time, I was working
in retail claims and I asked my manager if I could just go and be with my husband over
the weekend before they deployed. Chase was very flexible in making sure that, as a family,
we were all there to support Sean. They are aware of the trying times that our military
families go through. I am proud of my husband and everything that he did for his country,
I’m proud because we made it through three tough deployments and we came out better people
because of it. My name is Nicole, I’m a proud military
spouse and I’m proud to be a part of JP Morgan Chase.

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