Nieuwe WTC: uitzicht vanaf de 100ste verdieping

The fastest elevator on earth brings you to the top in 47 seconds. And in the elevator, a video of what New York would have looked like. Including New Netherlands. New Amsterdam to be precise. Our colony in the seventeenth century. After a slick video, the curtains go up. So bright, but what a view. 381 meters above street level. Every year, 3 million people will visit the observation deck of One World Trade Center. A ticket costs $32. From the laying of the foundation, we have filmed the construction of the new tower. There was a lot of delay and wrangling over money. But eventually, the builders could speed up. Somewhere in the building my name is written on a wall. Now the editors of Vogue hold meetings here. The tower is really finished. Nearly 14 years after the attacks and more than 10 billion euros later.. the hole in the ground, and in New York’s soul, has finally been repaired. The memorial waterfalls on the site of the old Twin Towers are already open. Next year this fascinating train station by architect Santiago Calatrava will open. And two more giant office buildings will arise on the WTC site. The previous highest vantage point, the Empire State Building, does not fear the competition Here tourists can truly be outdoors.. and hear the honking traffic. In One World Trade no wind in your hair, but greasy fingers on the windows. The cleaner should have no fear of heights. Erik Mouthaan, RTL Nieuws, New York.

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