Nigel Farage condemns Boris Johnson over Brexit deal – ‘This is not what we voted for!’ – News 247

 The Brexit Party leader criticised the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal on the eve of what looks set to be a tumultuous weekend dubbed “Super Saturday” The condemnation came during a Brexit Party event with Mr Farage joined by MEP Anne Widdecombe and Wetherspoon boss Tim Martin  Mr Farage took to the stage to savage the deal struck by Mr Johnson and the EU, claiming it wasn’t what people voted for in 2016  Mr Farage’s vocal opposition is just one of a number of challenges the Prime Minister faces ahead of the weekend  On Saturday, Mr Johnson will battle to get his Brexit deal across the line in the House of Commons  The Prime Minister has repeatedly vowed to take Britain out of the EU on October 31  Yesterday, it was reported that the Government could win the Commons vote by a margin of two  Mr Farage, whose ideal outcome is a no deal Brexit, said: “If we sign up to this and head down this new negotiation and if the prime minister wants to succeed, then we would never ever able to become more competitive than our European neighbours  “Never able to seek that opportunity of becoming richer and more successful. “And what it means, is that in vast swatches of our national life we will not be making our own laws, for our own people, in our own industries, and will have to conform to European Union laws  :  “And this ladies and gentlemen, this is not Brexit, this is not what we voted for, and this is not good enough ” Mr Farage yesterday admitted that he would “much rather have an extension” than see the current deal passed as it is  At Friday’s rally Ms Widdecombe drew applause for attacking the shortcoming of a Conservative Party she “used to be a member of”  She continued: “It was called the Conservative Party, quite what is it conserving at the moment, certainly not the union if we’re going to have a border down the Irish Sea    “It certainly doesn’t want to conserve what’s left of our independence in this country let alone to make sure that we really are, free and independent  “That our children and our children’s children are free and independent and that we do not betray the legacy of those who a few decades ago fought in Europe for that very independence and freedom ” Tim Martin, boss of Wetherspoon and notable Brexit supporter, stirred fears and said once no deal was taken “off the table, where’s the bargaining power?” He was also keen to add that a no deal Brexit would mean the UK could “regain control of fishing” in a couple of weeks  He added that even if a deal was passed tomorrow, “Every step of the way, The Brexit Party will ensure that we’re not sold down the river ” Yesterday, it was reported that despite perceived opposition, Mr Johnson may have secured the required amount of MPs votes to pass his Brexit deal through the Commons  Daily Express calculations suggest the Government’s bill could be set to pass by two votes  Last night Labour MP Melanie Onn was one of those offering her support for the Government Trending  She urged fellow Labour MPs to “use this unique chance to help us move on and get back to helping our constituents”  If all Tory MPs support their leader, Mr Johnson looks to have a clean 287 vote sweep, leaving 33 votes to be sucked up elsewhere  The Government can no longer rely on the 10 votes the DUP would once have issued gratis, as it has emphatically rejected the new Brexit plan on the basis that it gives too many concessions on customs checks at points of entry into Northern Ireland  Mr Johnson’s fate now hangs by the thread of opinion either side of the rebel groups who previously plotted to block a no deal Brexit

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