Nigeria war against Biafra 1967-1970 (part 3)

that is truly I don't know but the contents were quite poor inspiring Jenny maybe came out what a masters there's there and they we are good at it because I'm at the the price is high you have to sign with red red pen as we as we then nicknamed it you have to sign we read banned because we have to lose life down pinkie among women away nice work yes so for us to actually survive and do well we have to attack from them by fighting had to tell them out so that they Libya justos behind because we had to capture some of these in order to use it tonight against a cop their uniform take out their booze they've gone everything you can lay your hand up everything the war was actually the war between dividend glad the sheer number of the Nigerian soldiers with every equipment you can think of was Duncan nobody realized the shattering effect on morale with the pounding of artillery and the pounding of mortar shells could affect in three months of war federal forces took two thirds of beatriz territory and in the fourth month armored columns marched through the via foreign capital in new goo reducing the Opera to a thin sliver of land I think I'd Chile that the fall of enemy was for us a moment of truth and everything prior to the fall of interval was a technical situation but one was brought home to be a true performer and we had to evacuate the Nigerian government had assumed that Biafra would fall with its capital but the B Afrin people convinced that they would be massacred retreated into their ever shrinking country for two years Biafra became a vast refugee camp they are a badly-needed resupplying itself by way of arms and food because the refugees that come into the earth there were more mouths to feed and because of the war the population was very mobile and so it was necessary to get the message of the people in Biafra suffering the mobility of the public the air raids the deaths the genocides to the outside world the helping arm of a comic it was extremely difficult I think I think it would be difficult for anybody to see these lads and they were many of them lakhs 14 15 16 17 years old in rags barefoot not to have been looked upon them with considerable affection they suffered horribly they took terrible wounds broadly speaking and I've seen them they showed extreme stoicism that was 29 years old then I've been in journalism for 10 years and I'd covered some fairly good stories in Europe in Paris the assassination attempts on Charles de Gaulle in the East Germany various you know fairly high-profile stories but I had never actually a been in Africa in in what was called black Africa and I'd never been in a real war after six months the war still haven't been concluded Nigeria's favor and I went back to Bordeaux see houses suggest we should have a second look and I was told quite bluntly then that it is not our policy to cover this war this is a period when the Vietnam War was front-page headlines almost every day regarded broadly as an American cock up and this particularly British cock up in Nigeria was not going to be covered I smelled news management I don't like news management so I made a private vow to myself you may gentlemen not be covering it I'm gonna cover it so I quit and flew out there and stayed there for for really most of the next two years Biafra welcome the Foreign Press because it knew that these were the people who were supposed to help disseminate the afront propaganda and so even though Biafra had just one telex blind to the outside world and it was very much in demand by everybody Frederick Forsyth was given access to this tell explain he was given a fox wagon car which was a rare thing in Biafra he was given petrol vouchers while juku this enhanced his work and Frederick Forsyth became very very useful as a friend of the afrien I followed the an idea the Afghan army very closely on a number of occasions at one occasion at a Nietzsche I came across three hundred members of the Apostolic Church as nature slaughtered by the federal second division did you actually see these bodies there as I helped clear them out of the road the afrinolly was so shocked they wouldn't march past them it took us 18 hours to clear the bodies out of the way and they all had their hands behind tied behind their backs and been shot at close friend it was important for Biafra to let the world understand that something cruel was happening and that the Nigerian government did not want the rest of the world to know this this was the difference in the two messages this was the difference in the thrust Biafra had nothing to lose on the other hand it had everything to gain in letting the outside world know what was going on a part of Beres propaganda machine it was a private PR company called mark press run by a marvelous American called William Bernhard and he'd he'd already done a bit of political PR but political PR in those days was quite new and he got a call one day he was in Geneva based in Geneva we got a call from the be a foreign emissary in Paris saying would he consider representing Biafra abroad and take on the account and he told me later he said well I said when I first heard we had for a by Afra he said ah I thought it's some goddamn toothpaste but he said it was a country country so anyway he took the account and he did a marvelous job and one of his main preoccupations was to get journalists in to the Afra without as little as hassle as possible get them in make sure the telex work make sure the film got out and then make them happy

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  • Human being are meant to live together. This got created and manipulated by a french politician ,Jacques Foccart. This guy fucked new designed African colonies suddenly became countries.

  • "Just a few days ago another Igbo man(Kingley Onuoha in Kaduna)was dragged out of police custody(on July 2008)and beheaded. That is why I am talking of Biafra. Because there is no security of lives and property of the Igbo in Nigeria, and in as much as there is no security, life is more important than any other thing. If the lives of our people are not secured in Nigeria what else do we want, and what else are we asking for?" — Ralph Uwazurike MASSOB Leader. Daily Sun. Friday August 1, 2008.

  • Tanks planet. These guys are posting distortional messages on here. It is important their false propaganda is checked and thats just what we need to do. Ojukwu surrendered in 1970, pardoned by Nigeria and just of recent, right in from of cameras, he accepted his pensioned. The issue is how we can make sure resources in Nigeria is effectivelly and effeciently utilised and distributed.

  • yormeey, lovely song indeed. here is another one we used to sing in Yoruba when I was a little boy:

    tito lo tobi foinfoin, ase kole ja, tito lo tobi foinfoin, Ojukwu kole ja…..

    He's only big for nothing, he can't even fight, he's only big for nothing, Ojukwu cannot fight…


  • "..the whole process leading to the said boundary adjustment effected by former President Olusegun Obasanjo was illegal as it was done in ver bad faith,… President Obasanjo took advantage of the political situation in Delta State to confiscate over 209 oil wells in Itsekiri land (and ceded them to Ondo State). — Comrade Matthew Itsekure, Itsekiri National Youth Council (INYC). Vanguard Newspapers. Friday January 11, 2008.

  • "The Federal Government yesterday disclosed that 70 percent of Nigerians live below poverty level.." — This Day Newspapers. Tuesday June 17, 2008. The hapless peoples in this failed nation-state wait in vain. They expect in delusion. They hope on wrong thoughts. Hausa-Fulani government, often, in error, called Nigeria government, has shown their ideology, world view and interpretations of human relations in 48 years. That does not favor the rest of the populace. Biafra speaks of Freedom.

  • The fiction about Nigeria Census is strictly based on the manipulation in assigning fraudulent figures to other groups in distribution of power and resources and maintaining the structures of exploitation and oppression to which the rest of Nigeria has been subjected by the Hausa-Fulani aided by colonial power. That was why Obasanjo regime, propped up by the Sokoto caliphate, rejected the necessary demographic indices and standards of ethnicity and religion in the 2006 census parody.

  • "The United Nations recentlly made some pronouncements to the effect that past Nigeria leaders and officials looted the treasury and subjected the people to wallowing in the abyss of poverty." — Punch Newspapers. Wednesday November 21, 2007.

  • The quest and clamour for Biafra is unstoppable because of the justness of its cause. Biafra symbolizes Freedom, peace and progress. Biafra signifies a sharp withdrawal from the destructive politics that pervade Nigeria and some African nations.

  • Plane pls ould u be able to convince OKoroman, Onyibeb, Biafrans7 et al to Plz sing with me this playground song when i was little. it goes:
    'Ojukwu wanted to fight Nigeria,
    to fight Nigeria to divide,
    we're going to fight against him,
    to keep Nigeria one! to keep Nigeria one!'

    Isn't that a lovely song?

  • Thanks planetolusola, Niger Delta area is ethnically diversed. It's really ridiculous for the Okoramans of this world to think they'll buy the secessionist idea of some cynical few. In one of the videos, ojukwu said he'll protect them and the only way he did that was by letting majority of them starve during the war. 'Okoroman' said he is a visionary leader when in fact he is illusioned and not realistic.

  • That is a silly statement to make when in fact Ondo is a oil producing state. remember Benin and Delta won't even go with you. Lagos is the most dynamic and welcoming state in Nigeria. Lagos thrive in trade and if oil money was used in building lagos it's Nigeria's and Lagos in a state in Nigeria. Lagos is also the commercial nerve centre of West Africa. Okoroman, your argument holds no water.

  • There will be no need to redraw any boundaries. Go ask the Ijaws (Ujos) of Benin and the central delta, and they will tell you of there ancient ties to the Yoruba people. They will tell you of the Apoi-Ijo of the Ondo region and of Abowi of Ujo who led a great migration from Otu-Ife or Ile-Ife. You see okoroman, the 'Ujos' and Deltans have a strong blood ties to the Yorubas. They are our brothers and sisters.

  • "Either in peace or war, the existence of the European post-colonial State is inimical to the interests of African peoples. It is a state that cannot provide the fundamental needs of Africans…The African humanity is presently gripped in a grave crisis for survival. It is now time that it abandoned the contrived State in order to survive" — Herbert Ekwe-ekwe.

  • Okoroman, we will rebuild Lagos as soon as you biafrans evacuate or when we eventually kick you out. We will tap into the billions of barel of oil reserve at Epe and Badagry. The eyos will come out to play at night and our children will recount distant memories of biafrans under moonlit baobab trees. Just like Fela sang in his music 'KO MA SIBI TI MOLE FORI LE, AFEKO O EKO ILE!!!

  • "Because feudalism is the rhizome of the relative poverty of the north: this is at the heart of the observations made by Chukwuma Soludo, governor of Central Bank of Nigeria.. It is a place where the people and its leadership are not one: it is feudal. It is antithetical for feudalism to free people by empowering them.." — Obi Nwakanma. Vanguard Newspapers. Sunday July 27, 2008.

  • "(Mohammed Sa'ad) Abubakar (Sultan of Sokoto) also reiterated his call on the federal government to accord traditional rulers specific role in the nation's constitution..almost all the traditional leaders, emirs and chiefs in the north were present…" — Punch Newspapers. Thursday June 19, 2008

  • Since 1990, 32 countries in Europe, including old USSR, have gained political freedom from previous suffocating political amalgamations. In Africa, only one – Eritrea. This is a good will that demands extension from the international community for a better Africa, free of conflict and an examplary attribute to global security and peace.

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