Niyama #2 Contentment / Santosha

hi I'm Debra Dell and I wrote this book the yamas and niyamas is exploring yoga's ethical practice in this segment I'm going to give you an overview of contentment santosha or contentment is the second new yama or observance of the ethical system I have a friend who remembers being 6 years old and standing on her porch looking out at the horizon thinking somewhere people are having so much more fun than I am we may chuckle at this Login in this little girl but as we get older it seems that not only are we still longing for what others have but we are always getting ready for the next thing tossed about by our likes and dislikes and writing the ways of annoying disturbances the more we look outside ourselves for contentment the more disappointment we will experience the more we give the power of our emotional state of others the more discontent we will experience the great ones have learned to look inside themselves and to be happy with the gifts of simplicity they have learned to ignore disturbances and not get caught up in stimulation so they can live fully and the tranquility of the moment they have learned that nothing is missing in this moment as Swami Rama once said contentment is falling in love with your life when we learn to fully appreciate the richness of our own life we too can sink into contentment in the next segment I'm going to talk about self-discipline for more information visit the Alma's Indiana's dot-com

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