No JOB = True Freedom

– Morning guys, just about to go surprise
my beautiful partner, at her work, she works
at a primary school, reception and administration,
loves the kids, she’s like a Mary Poppins, all
the kids at Primary School, they love her. And I’m just at her work now, this is the one thing
that’s so important to me about being a passionpreneur,
having the time freedom. If you have a job, and
you have to be somewhere nine to five, 10 to 2, whatever it is, then, yeah great, you got
money, but you don’t have time. I’m sorry but to me you’re not successful. I’d rather be driving a
10 year old car and have a lot of time freedom, than a
brand new, top of the range, $500 thousand car and
be a slave to my dollar. So, passionpreneurs guys, gives you these kind of opportunities. I can pop in and see my
partner, when I like, in between my running
around and surprise her and then this afternoon I gotta
go pick up my grandchildren from their daycare, and
so I’m, love it, love it. Please, please, put some
time and effort into becoming a passionpreneur,
get out of a job, get out of your job, jobs,
J-O-B, just over broke. what’s life all about to you guys, is it about the next couch, the
next holiday, the next Audi, the next car, the next jewelry. If you don’t have time
freedom, what have you got? You need money and time,
not one or the other. Too much time means you’re broke, too much money means
you’re broke too, no time. Anyway, gonna go say hello
to my beautiful partner. Take care guys, have a great day.

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