No Money Down Real Estate Deals Just Got Easier

What’s up my real estate mavericks? Kris
Krohn here and back today, I got a special guest. A gentleman that came to
one of my events and ended up doing his first no money down real estate deal.
He’s planning on doing several more. And doing no money down real estate has
never been easier with what is going to be shared with you today. So, listen. If
you are a fan of my channel, if you’ve been wanting to get in the game of
investment in business and you’re figuring out, “Man,
money’s gotten in my way”, that gets to stop right now.
Check it out. What’s up guys?
Listen. I got Cole joining me today. Dude, thanks for being here in studio today. -Glad to be here. -Dude, Cole, you came out to one of my previous events. -I
did. -And you drank the real estate kool-aid and said, “I got to figure this
out.” -Yeah, I said “I just I got to be here. Got to be doing this.” -Yeah. And what were
you doing kind of before? Like what were you up to in your life? -I mean, honestly, I
was… Guys, we’ve all been there. I’ve… I was stuck. I didn’t know where I was going. I
knew I wanted to be something more. I just didn’t know where to go. I was in
construction and when I found you, I knew that this is something that I needed to
do something I need to get involved in. -Now, Cole. You actually brought some
really amazing commitment to the table and said, “Man, I’m going to take some risks
here.” I introduced Cole to an alternative approach of investing in real estate. I
said, “Listen, I’m actually out there finding an excess of deals and I can’t
buy them all.” So, what I told Cole was, “Dude, if you find someone else that
actually has the resources the money to do real estate. Introduce them to the
team.” And that’s exactly what you did. Who did I talk to? -So, I mean I just shared my
passion. I shared what I was learning and everything that was happening. And it
would happen to be my my brother-in-law and my sister. And they loved it so much
they’re very analytical. They wanted to know everything. And so, when I just
shared my passion how… It was easy. I wasn’t even trying. You know? And it was
just shared what I knew and what I understood and I ended up joining on.
-Awesome. So, what ended up happening is they became partners of mine. -Yeah. We
actually just went out and bought and closed on our very first property. -Yup. -And because they use that system that I’m using, I came back to you and
said, “Cole, it at good news, free man. Because of how this all went down,
I’m going to take my 50% ownership…” Because they’ve got the other 50% ownership. The
50% ownership that I have and I’ve decided that I’m just giving it back and
we’re gonna be 50/50 owners. Equal partners and we’re going to be splitting
that. When I told you that, how’d you feel? -I should have seen my face. I was just
mind-blowing. -Okay. -What was so exciting for you about that? -It’s just… It’s an
incredible opportunity for somebody like me that’s just getting started. I mean,
I’m 22 years old. I’m sure a ton of people are out there or young as I am
and that we want to get started in real estate and so it just gives us an
opportunity to do that into partner with somebody
that has a team that knows exactly what they’re doing is done at thousands of
times. So, they’re now planning on buying more real estate. -Yep. -And you get to be
partnered on all of that. -All of it. -How much money did you have to bring to the
table to make that happen? Did you have to put any money in the
house at all? -Nothing. -Did you have to put any credit in? -Zero. -Did you have to do
work? Like did you have to go to Home Depot or that’s crap? -No, no. -So, really.
You’re really… What we’re really talking about here is a really powerful
principle that I like to call proximity. And proximity is power. Because you chose
to create proximity with me, I was able to find a way from that to blow back on
you in a really positive way. -Absolutely. -And my friend I’m about to
share something really exciting with you. But before I do, here’s what I really
want you to understand is that so much of my success in life has come
specifically from finding men and women that possess skills that I don’t,
abilities that I don’t that have already had tremendous success and that means
that they possess a shortcut. Because now, they’ve been there. They know in
hindsight how to get where they are even faster and I’m like, “Accelerate this for
me”. What do I need to do and I find a way to get into a relationship with them
where we can accelerate. That’s exactly what happened here with you. And
so I want to ask you. Now, that you’ve kind of shared this with you know your
sister and brother. Now, they’re going to buy a bunch of properties that you have
owner in. Have you thought about sharing this with other people?
-Absolutely. I’ve actually already talked to a couple people like even at the gym.
Couple of people that I know it’s been like tell them what I’m doing. She like
getting sharing your package. “Sure, about what? What it is that you’re doing in
your life?” And I have a couple lunches set up just to go to lunch talk to him
about real estate. -Dude, that’s awesome, man. That is awesome. So, I’ve actually
supplied my friend here call now with some pretty cool tools. And we have a new
document out there on my track record. It’s a 25-30 page document
that that basically goes through the last 4,000 homes that I bought. The 25%
average ROI’s that we’re producing. And so now you’ve got these extra tools
or my books or YouTube videos like this that you can share with other people. Now,
here’s the exciting news though. So, I want you to listen up for this. Cole, are
you anointed and the only one that’s able to do this? -Nope. -Could other people
do this? -Absolutely. -Yeah. Guys, it’s called our Maverick program. And what maverick really
means… The word itself means get outside of the box, break free from the system
and find your path life. And before, you’re like getting out of construction
now, right? You were in construction. Were you loving it or hating it? -Hating. -Right?
I mean 22 years old. Doing a job that you don’t like. But we got 40 year olds
Washington’s that are doing jobs they don’t like. The reality is if you become
one of my Mavericks, I can give you access to my entire team, my entire
system and we become equal partners on any of those referrals that end up doing
real estate. I would never call honestly have been open to doing this in the past
because frankly, I was focusing on building up my net worth but I’ve got so
much momentum not building so much wealth that there’s been a shift. Tony
Robbins, one of my mentors says that the secret living is giving. And so, I feel
like this is a way for me to give. And and help promote you, promote your future.
-Oh, absolutely. -When you look 5-10 years into the
future, like let’s just say 5 years from now. How much… How many homes would
you like to have ownership? -In all honesty, I’d like to have close to 100 at that point. 100 homes. -Yeah. -Listen. I’m telling you right
now. You use this and you have ownership at 100 homes. You’re going to be able to
work however you want, wherever you want, with whoever you want, loving life.
-Absolutely. -it’s going to be incredible. -Absolutely. -Dude, I’m so pumped for you.
-I love it. I love it. -So, guys. Listen, you know, I want to shoot this video
today. It was really kind of off the cuff because I saw Cole and like, “Dude, let’s just
jump in the studio. Let’s shoot a quick video.” And here’s what I want you to know.
There’s a link in the description below. And it gives you more information about
the Maverick program. And this is a program that we open up and then we
close up. It’s not always available. It’s available based on the number of excess
deals I have. So basically, when I have extra deals
that I can do, I bring Mavericks aboard and then I make a commitment to help
them with all of their partners. So, what I want you to do is click the link and
find out is it open? Is it available? And if it is, submit your information to talk
to a member of the team and say, “Hey, give me some more information on what it
would look like to be a business partner with Kris so that I could actually go
out there and do real estate the way Cole did without necessarily putting
down money, credit.” Basically for me it’s like, funny thing easiest path because at
the end… Did you put up money? -No. -Did you put a
credit? -No. -And in the end did you have to do any of the work? -No. Guys, that’s real,
that exists. And frankly that’s how I got my game going and real estate in the
beginning. I’ve just never made it available to everyone else. So, if you are
watching this because you’re a fan and a subscriber, I got news for you. It’s a new
dawn, it’s a new day. This maverick program is your access to me to open up
the whole world of real estate where literally there’s no more excuses. And
hopefully you 5 years from now, we get to celebrate your hundredth home.
-Absolutely. -Listen. Links in the description below. Make sure you
subscribe and we will see you on tomorrow’s video. you

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