12 thoughts on “Noam Chomsky: Crisis and Hope: Theirs and Ours

  • Amazing man!!! I'm so in love and addicted to lectures makes me want to go out and join the movement. With all this being true, why aren't people out in the streets screaming!!!!

  • Get rid of extreme poverty in the world by the end 2015? What rubbish! I'd be surprised if the half the extreme poverty was solved by 2050, let alone in five years.

    @fallenempireoverdrve Exactly

  • centurion180ad cont'd:

    Adam Smith points out the few instances where state interventionism is good and even necessary, but then points out a myriad of cases where all the good is more than canceled out, and demonstrates that almost all the incentives are eventually set under the influence of the money powers of his day, to generate destructive interventionism.

  • centurion180ad asked me to post these comments, claims he's blocked:

    Chomsky most often characterizes Adam Smith, exactly correctly. Here he seems to stray from the mark, or at least he leaves his meaning ambiguous which may be construed incorrectly.

    To be clear, Adam Smith defined business run state policy as being what it is. Then he demonstrated this collusion results in bad outcomes for the home country, but especially for foreign people under colonial exploitation.

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