5 thoughts on “Noam Chomsky – Democracy and Media in the New World Order

  • Oh, this is viscerally fucked. Every other line well ya another 70 thousand people were raped and killed and the west loved it.

  • A problem with economics, recognize by some economists, ignored by others and increasingly ignored by the vast majority of economists that have any influence, is that it fundumentally doesn't care about actual human beings. Everything can be turned into an equation involving money. And often when they do try to and do the impossible and put a value on people and people related activities (which I would argue is immoral in most if not all cases, but then again economics generally has no morality) they either grossly undervalue them, minimize their importance or both.

    Reagan and Thatcher were the 2 people that imposed an accelerated evil on the general public that destroyed gains made for the middle class and the poor, especially Reagan because he fully partnered with the wealthy and corporations and permanently lowered the bar so that, among other things, even the left started to accept that free trade that ignores the truth of the human effects was defacto the only way to go. Lefties may still argue for better treatment of non wealthy human beings, but they do not realize that much of the problem is free trade and the free flow of capital around the globe under the rules established.

  • Roughly around 1 hour 15 minutes he addresses some fascinating topics, IQ differences between races and … another ive forgotten. These topics are vital with the Libertarian movement today, given their reliance on survival of the fittest as a measure of man's worth.

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