100 thoughts on “NOT FAIR: Mitch McConnell Says Democrats NOT Playing By The Rules for Trump Impeachment Trial

  • Well mitch we're all fed up with how the whole thing began and has been handled to date. Now you or Trump have the power to pull the plug on the whole thing and arrest those who started it. If neither of you do it will mean a stark decline in votes………………………..

  • Republicans are traitors bent on destroying America through lies and deceptions!

    They pretend to be Christian yet ignore their newest IDOL cheated on all 3 of his wives! Just as they ignore his constant lies!

    Christian conservatives why do you betray God to idolize Trump?

    Keep in mind trying to obstruct a federal investigation into Russia interfering in the 2016 election violates the oath of office he took!

  • Trump did the crimes and he needs to go. The other republicans need to remove their heads from their asses and look at the evidence

  • If you people want trump then you want puten that makes you a traitor like the ones bush talked about on 911 of which he was the real traitor

  • Moscow Mitch and his bunch of bullshitting, weak, mud crawling little slugs will be held to account for this ridiculous, blatant, sneering disregard for pro was or fairness. Watch out, boys. This might just make your lives very complicated and very difficult.
    Nothing will be the same and action will be taken. 🖕


    Committing Voter Fraud, is NOT playing by the rules!

    Using insecure servers to transmit Classified Information, is NOT playing by the rules!

    Bill Cliton getting Blow Jobs under the desk in the Oval Office, is NOT playing by the rules!

    Joe Biden fondling LITTLE GIRLS, is NOT playing by the rules!

    Bill Cliton signing an agreement that rewards American Companies for LAYING OFF AMERICAN WORKERS, CLOSING THEIR BUSINESS, AND MOVING THEIR BUSINESS TO OTHER Countries, thereby SCREWING THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, is NOT playing by the rules!

    Hillary Cliton and hussein obama selling 20% of America's uranium TO RUSSIA, is NOT playing by the rules!

    hussein obama Committing TREASON against the United States of America, is NOT playing by the rules!

    hussein obama FINANCING TERRORISM against the United States of America with BILLIONS IN AMERICAN TAXPAYERS MONEY, is NOT playing by the rules!


    So, WHY would anyone with a single Living and Functioning Brain Cell in their heads… even think for ONE SECOND… that the ANTI-AMERICAN LIBTARDED DEMONRAT MORONS would now… All of the sudden… Start playing by the rules???


  • I have been watching Schiff give a blown up rendition of reasons to impeach duly elected President Donald J. Trump. I come to these conclusions. The democratic party have effectively prevent the president from actually improving the Nations infrastructure. Preventing making this United States of America safer from illegal immigration. Not only from the south, but from the whole world. Tell me…What good has it done for the United States to allow millions of people that do not acknowledge the Savior as Jesus Christ, but rather completely REJECT this gift from God even to the point of a brutal death by beheadding of those who refuse to REJECT the gift of SALVATION. Yes, Jesus Christ and Salvation, these things are gifts from God.

  • The real coverup here is the Democrat opposition to the "whistleblower" testifying, Schiff explaining how he found out about the "whistleblower", and all testimony of the corrupt Family Biden.

  • Ending with Schumer trying to get his MSM buddies in so the dims can do some grandstanding for their reality TV show.

  • One of our biggest problems is what you said at 8:47 We need term limits NOW… why is it taking so long to for this to happen…. all talk measures up to nothing but BS!

  • The Republicans need to put on their big boy pants and not play their games. Start arresting those that have lied starting with shifty Shieff, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters. Why are they putting up with this crap? Start arresting the treasonous liars.

  • Are these really the problems in the U.S. ? You now have a president you can be proud of. What a gang of hypocrites are you!

  • Unless McConnell DISMISSES the whole thing as UNCONSTITUTIONAL because NO HIGH CRIME or HIGH MISDEMEANOR can be found anywhere in the articles making the articles UNCONSTITUTIONAL, he could GIVE A RIP about the LAW or the CONSTITUTION.

  • those Dems are sick and they made me move to Republican… They do nothing but created a fake stupid news due to their hatres… I wish God could blow them away for good. What's a scrum and BS Dems.

  • Just call witnesses Mitch. Just allow witnesses and stop dismantling the rule of law.

    Republicans destroying the country while they accuse Democrats of committing the very crimes they are overwhelmingly guilty of.

  • GO TRUMP 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 winning ‼️‼️‼️‼️ I pray God ALMIGHTY that these Anti-American democrats receive IN ABUNDANCE their just reward to BURN FOREVER in a DEVILS HELL 🔥🔥🔥⚠️☠️

  • Deluded Dems who say he is impeached for all time no matter what that Red McConnell does or says, guilty even before the trial, what sort of People can Hate like that? Tear them a new one Trump|

  • Americans have become a nation of spineless whiners. Whine about Republicans. Whine about China. Whine about Democrats. Whine about taxes. Whine about healthcare. Blah blah blah

  • Schummer is hollering about the access of the press. What about the secret Congress investigations in which the public was excluded?

  • The whole World is watching the fall of the corrupt Democrat Party due to their coup against President Donald Trump, who is leading Freedom, Progress and World Peace; meanwhile, he is standing tall and winning against Corruption, Terrorism and Socialism.
    …Trump 2020 – KAG…

  • You give so called Democrats hand or fairness and they will take your arm and destroy anything fair. Democrats have split from the Republic and its values. They run globalists agenda of destruction any republic including ours.

  • I don't know if a trial can be far again, trials before were fair but now there is TDS controlling the minds of the treasonist dems and they will schitf up the country before they will apologize.

  • Democrats have never played "by the rules" and the republicans have always looked the other way. Why should they change now ?
    Repub's need to grow a pair and act like they really care about the AMERICAN PEOPLE instead of just waiting for their next paycheck.
    They lost the house because they displayed a lack of interest and DIDN'T listen to the people who elected them.

  • The one illuminating benefit of this process is that the moronic and out of touch behavior of Adam Schiff, Eric Swallwell and Nancy Pelosi have been put on full display for the world to see. Now everyone KNOWS why draining the swamp is the single most important priority for Trumps Presidency.

  • Chuck Schemer is just like his buddies in the house, Adam full of Schiff, nancy Nancy Pelosi, Tom and Jerry Nadler and Maxine Empty Waters, insane in the membrane.

  • Apparently Russian agents are hard at work protecting their number one foreign controlled asset DONALD TRUMP. Many of the comments on this page demonizing those who are not ultra right wing ideologues,. are actually Russian agents posing as concerned conservatives. Of course the Kremlin doesn't want COMRADE DONALD impeached. That is why they instructed MOSCOW MITCH to rig the trial by not allowing witnesses and other evidence in the senate trial.

  • How much time has Nancy Pelosi used for impeachment? How much time do others have with impeachment?
    How much money has this cost ?

  • Crooked republicans. if Trump is so innocent why is he blocking Witnesses from testifying? this Republican cover-up is worse than Watergate

  • We're dealing with the most radical communist Democratic party in my lifetime. These people are crazy Tom and should all be in jail. Arrested by our military handcuffed in the Congress halls and escorted out in Patty wagon so all of the public can view

  • The Dems seam to really have the ability to ignore their actions and want everyone except them held accountable. Even if it's for something they fabricated. Very sad. 
    I truly believe that they should all have to pay up front with their own money for this witch hunt. At this time we the TAX payers are paying for this mess and seams most of them are lawyers of some sort and have their own attorneys as well. Based on the salary they make I know they are not paying it. It is sad they make a mess to make them Rich at our expense. I can assure you that they would not be doing all this if money was not involved.

  • I'll take an imperfect AMERICAN before a perfect communist all day every day. If Trump's willing to stand in the face of "progressives" who want to give us away and make us pay for it – I'm all for him – I don't care what he's done.
    Besides, as long as Hillary's loose, (She's not a communist – she's a pirate.), right, wrong, justice in American politics all ring kinda hollow.
    So I'll throw in my lot with the guy who's on my side – even if he's an asshole.

  • Let them impeach and well have a reason to drag them through the streets and hang them all from the lamp posts on the streets that they live.

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