"Not Real Socialism!!" and other Socialist Excuses

hey guys it's Clinton Figueroa up with Slayer mint.com and we're going to be talking about not real socialism and other excuses that socialists make because that's basically what socialism is is it's a victim ideology where the people in it make excuses when things go wrong rather than taking responsibility for them you see this with people all the time work they make excuses they never really grow from them we learn from them become better and they just kind of keep placing the blame on something else and never really never really registers with them so that they can improve themselves so for instance if I'm starting a business I might have a little bit of a plan of what I want to do and I might break it down into steps and let's say this business has two sips now if in order to get to step two I need to first complete step one and maybe step one is a really bad step where it's something that will never work or it won't let me get to step two but I don't know that as a business I don't get to say I never attempted my business because I never got to step two right so if step two is the end goal of my business being completed and step one is preventing me from getting there I don't get to say I never attempted my business because I never got to step two and yet this is what socialists do all the time to varying degrees and let's look at an example with that right now so there's a I'm sure you may have heard of the term state capitalism socialists love talking about state capitalism right so when the USSR failed it was because of state capitalism right so it puts the blame on capitalism and not socialism because we're talking about state capitalism it has capitalism in the word right now that term we look at it it's a term that was most likely created by Vladimir Lenin and if you actually read what he writes about when he's describing it you can see that like the business that was like the business I was talking about previously where it might have multiple steps state capitalism is a step towards creating communism right so it's a step to get there and it was a step that was that Lenin wanted to use to get to communism in the USSR and he writes about it so let me quote unquote now try to substitute for the junker capitalist State for the land owner capitalist State a revolutionary democratic state ie a state which in a revolutionary way uh polishes all privileges and does not fear to introduce the fullest democracy in a revolutionary way you will find that given a really revolutionary Democratic state state monopoly capitalism inevitably and unavoidably implies a step and more than one step towards socialism right so and there's other quotes in his writing where he's talking about state capitalism and how it's a step to get to socialism which then gets to communism right so that's basically kind of their that for this USSR implementation that was the strategy going in right so they have the current state of Russia they wanted to change it to state capitalism which is put everything into a state controlled entity that they could then hand over to the workers right that's how they wanted to do their communism terrible idea if you think about it but that was their idea which the bad I did right so that was the strategy and it's obvious why it won't work people know that putting power in a state is one of the dumbest things you can do because the states is going to use that power against you they're not go people aren't always honest people aren't going to do what you want them to do like when you concentrate power it's always a bad idea always ends up terrible I mean that's what history shows us right so yeah so when you when you call it state capitalism when state capitalism is a term that socialists created and it's a step towards Tommy to them toward socialism that's a very dishonest thing to do because it has nothing to do with capitalism that's part of your plan you socialists right this the socialists action under Lenin they wanted to do that so you can't blame capitalism when you're socialism experiment fails that was your step it was part of your strategy was create something called state capitalism I mean it's really state socialism but either way it's retarded because we know creating a state and then expecting it to give it over and then to give up their control you know it's not going to work so it's a very dishonest and manipulative in use the concept of state capitalism has a reason for the USSR failing that's a cover word for socialism because that's a step they created capitalist didn't have anything to do with it it was Vladimir Lenin creating state socialism thinking it was a good idea that's socialist creating plan for socialism right and fortunately some socialists have learned from that and they understand that trying to create socialism by giving more power to the state as a bad idea and maybe you're better off not doing that right so you have more anarchist type socialists who don't want to go that way and they want to kind of go a different way without creating the state first they'd rather just do it all outside of the state in that type of way but how you actually achieve socialism without some type of central authority that manages say voting and these types of things is I think a challenge for a lot of socialists and that's something to talk about in a different video but I just want to mention some socialists fortunately have learned from it and they know that that's kind of a bad idea but for the social set don't take responsibility for that or get that it just totally just manipulative and it's bad history and it's just kind of rude it's weird to not take responsibility but again that's kind of the thing socialists do is they make excuses outside of socialism when things go astray right so yeah that that method for the USSR didn't work and there are newer methods but of course those are still going to have problems and they still vote right straight and we'll kind of look at that in a sec here but it's a common trend with socialists when things go bad to just say like that wasn't socialist that was enough that wasn't real socialism right I'm sure you've probably heard it before which is why you're checking out this video so since we don't have 100% socialism anywhere the problems are never the result of socialism rights and socialists say so if we don't have 100% socialism we don't we never get to see how it would have worked if we got there as if that is somehow a reason why we can't critique or analyze or figure out whether or not socialism is a good idea right because of course we don't have a hundred percent capitalism anywhere either right there's lots of varying degrees of capitalism socialism and other components that make up all societies throughout the world and yet we are still able to look at capitalism look at look at kind of the major tenets of capitalism my private property look at some of the major tenets of socialism like worker controls or worker control over the means of production and the abolition of private property and we can see how kind of we can measure whether or not these are good ideas whether or not it's going to be good for society whether or not you could actually ever get socialism by getting rid of private property and things like this right so you don't need to have a hundred percent socialism to analyze it that's just like an excuse again I mean that's what they do they make excuses so I think so the main tenets of socialism so one of the things they say is worker control over the means of production but the even deeper thing I think beyond that what most of them would agree with is the abolition of private property they don't like the institution of private property itself right so they want to get rid of that that's kind of the main beef and it's funny because if you look at that what happens when you get rid of private property it always creates problems it's a bad idea to get rid of private property and so when you have capitalism which promotes private property you can see how private property creates wealth and higher standard of living and a better society for people that's why capitalist societies do pretty freakin well and then when you destroy a private property and you get rid of it you can see how you generally become poor things become worse there's more corruption people don't care as much it creates all these kind of disincentives and problems in society that then socialists will use as excuses for problems rather than blaming the actual abolition of private property itself so yeah when you don't have private property you're going to have more violence you're going to have rivalry you're going to have problems knowing how to even manage the resource the property whatever you just it's not clear it's it's a it's like it outdated it's like going backwards on time rather than for private property brings us civilization and allows us to move forward but socialists don't want private property they want common ownership the things they don't even want ownership of things right so they just want to take away the private property and it's a bad idea I mean it doesn't work and you don't need a hundred percent socialism to measure whether or not that works we can see degrees of it in all different types of societies right yeah and it's interesting because when you remove private property you're going to create fractures in society and when you create a fracture in society there's going to be something that kind of fills that void like some type of corruption or politician or something and when that's filled social is being kind of the naive way they are they blame the effect right the thing that fills that fracture that they created but they don't actually blame the cause the cause of that is the abolition of private property right whether you give it to the state or some non-state entity or whatever it doesn't matter getting rid of private properties a bad idea doesn't matter who you give over to or how you do it it's a bad idea so it creates some type of fracture when you do that and socialists inevitably are going to blame the bad dictator or the person that takes control or the economic problem that happens because of it they're going to blame an oil shortage anything besides the removal of private property itself it's very like basic you're blaming an effect but you're not blaming the cause and the cause is something that socialism is creating so it's just bad like analysis and understanding of what engine is going on and so yeah it's an endless loop of some type of private property being destroyed something coming in and creating problems because of it and then that something getting blamed rather than the destruction of private property so that's how it goes and they also of course subscribe the problems to capitalism like I mean as you see with state capitalism that's not even a capitalist term Tapp capitalism is private property in the hands of entities that are not the state so state capitalism is an oxymoron by definition it's just and of course it takes a socialist to create an oxymoronic term like that and so state capitalism is just a totally absurd thing but they're they create they blame things on capitalism they ascribe problems to capitalism so it's like bad data analysis you're not understanding of what the problem really is so you just going on capitalism because that's an easy scapegoat to blame it on and socialism it requires a host right because you never see socialist societies that just start from scratch like like America and a lot of capitalist societies they pretty much start from scratch and they just build from the ground up and it's kind of a slow evolution of a higher standard of living more wealth more capital in these types of things with socialism sense of course that doesn't really work it it doesn't grow it can't create wealth it can only take wealth and it starts to destroy those wealth creating agents and entities as its growth right so it's like a parasite and capitalism is the host capitalism it creates something good and then socialists say okay we can take this thing that tackles and creative to now do something with it right so it's like a short-term parasitic strategy where they just come in and eat up capitalism sometime as things get worse they ironically blame capitalism when they're the ones that are destroying capitalism it's so naive and manipulative and just weird but that that's what is going on with this right and so when you're researching it and when capitalists or when socialists are looking at like what's going on in in Cuba or Venezuela or the USSR or all these other places that have varying degrees of socialism but more so heavy on socialism than a lot of the Western world like Europe and America so you have these more socialist places the the Socialists they are convinced in their head that socialism works and that it's the best thing or that it's at least better than capitalism they're convinced that it's good right so it's kind of like a religion to them where they know it's right so when something goes wrong they don't have the capacity of allowing it to be socialism because they're convinced that it's correct so they have to blame capitalism or something else right they know that socialism is right so it's like a religion to them and it's a confirmation bias that skews the way they analyze data right so when they look at history current events they have this queued way of looking at it because it goes into them and and the confirmation bias does not allow socialism to ever be the cause of a problem it has to be something else so you get people that keep blaming other things up in socials it's same with just somebody who is blaming things other than themselves they they're convinced that their poverty or their problems or their challenges their inability to do anything they want to do is not because of them but it's because of where they were born because of the parents they had is because of the environment they're in because of anything other than themselves anything other than their choices and this is a very kind of poor mentality not poor in the sense of Finance but poor in the sense of bad destructive way to live not a very wise way to look at your life right and that's what's going on with the socialism so has have have we had socialism have socialism been tried of course it has been it's been tried for many different places and it has failed in every place that it has this guy's and yeah of course maybe it works with a short term but you could you could go take a rich person take a little you're going to have money for a while but once it's all gone you don't create more wealth right so anybody can do something in the short term and destroy or use a resource that's doesn't prove anything whether you can create wealth make people richer improve the standard of living that's a whole other thing and socialism very very very far from being able to do that so yeah did it go as planned no and of course it didn't go as planned nothing does right what America was started did America go slam the Revolutionary War did it just win itself which is just over then and then once the America finally was free from Britain was at the end of it no freaking the war of 1812 happened almost immediately you have banks being set up you know from overseas bankers so it's like it's never over it's never easy and there's always problems so what that's the purpose of having a system that is anti fragile that is not going to get fractured and any type of stress that it has right so any type of problem and your system get screwed that's not a very good system now is it and that's why when capitalism is implemented it usually does okay and is able to kind of overcome challenges and problems and growth and we see you know nations adopting capitalist concepts you know free market type principles and they usually do pretty well because of that and I can't quite say the same thing for socialism because it requires like a perfect sterile environment to get set up but then it still never works anyway and I'm just more excuses it's the same thing so even when you're starting a business I mean has there ever asked any businessman is it ever the right time to start a business no it's like starting business was never easy it's never like oh things are just going to go perfect everybody's just going to buy our product and accept what we're doing and there's going to be no challenges and it's just this is all you know because it's so smart it's going to work it's like no that's not how it works there's challenges from day one and the challenges never go away and you just have to keep taking it in thinking about it figuring out what you need to do adapting changing learning researching these types of things right so it's no different with the society you don't just get to say that we had challenges and it didn't work and we got screwed because of the environment and it's like no capitalism is able to do it with bad environments you just got to have a better system you got to have a better implementation strategy and these types of things you can't use that excuse it's just come on so yeah and that again is why socialism never starts from scratch because their implementation strategy is to take over something that's already working rather than to build something working from scratch because it can't I mean that's why it's like a parasite and capitalism is like a host and their strategy is to go from capitalism to socialism not to go from nothing to socialism because it's harder to go from nothing to socialism if you can't create wealth now I being more of an entrepreneur business camp I look at that I look at this like an investment and most people are very bad at making good investments that's why a lot of people are poor right I'm not saying that in a bad way it's just it's very hard to make a good investment takes a lot of research takes a lot of so it takes more than anything it takes kind of like an instinct but not even that it takes a wisdom right it takes like a inexperienced understanding to where you're not naive to where you can kind of see into the future where other people can't and that that's how you make good investments and I don't think most socialists can do that I think it's a personal thing of a lot of Phocis where they they kind of can't see in the future or they are a little bit naive and I don't quite have experience and that's why I think once people like socialists might become more entrepreneurial or just older they start to kind of change and say like yeah I kind of get how things work now it's not so like just cookie cutter by business the way the world works its way more nuanced and it's there's a lot more going on to things right so it's like socialists have lots of opinions on kind of what will work but it's like it doesn't matter if it doesn't have any traction or if it doesn't like if it doesn't hold any weight it's like somebody coming to you telling you all these investment ideas oh I'm so smart this is how you invest this is what you should do with your money yet they're poor they they've never done well with investments yet they're trying to tell you how to invest it's like why am i listening to you with like what do you have to offer and that's where I see what socialist it's like they're trying to tell you what a good investment is yet they themselves have proven nothing yet the capitalists have proven obviously how to do the best societies we have right now so it's like why who do you want to listen to why would you even listen to what they're saying I mean listen to it sure but to act on it it's just naive it's just stupid because if you're able to see through it it's no different than like being able to see a good investment you see kind of where it's going to lead you can look at current bodies of motion that are happening throughout the world and you can see where they're going to go and though the wiser person person is more wise and experienced is going to be able to see further into the future going to see further where these bodies of motion lead where the Socialists are not going to do this because they don't have the foresight to do that and that's kind of what it takes so yeah I see it like just there's like an investment they're bad and investing it's like why do i why do I care about this right because socialism that has it has many problems there's kind of three big ones that I always come to but it probably better if you go through that in another video because this isn't really a critique of socialism but I think just people in general when they when they understand kind of what socialism is trying to do if they have some world experience and have a work with other people and done things and kind of get that like socialism has an incentive problem and I think people can look at socialism they might not know exactly how to term it what the term is or how to phrase it but they can see that if people can keep you're trying to equalize things it's going to create incentive problems where the people who do more aren't going to want to work as hard the people who do less are going to kind of get things for free and it creates an incentive problem where you start to get an overall decline in in work and output and quality right so there's an incentive problem there's economic calculation problem where it's hard to do prices and stuff in socialism so it's like you don't know how much of something or how little of something to do and then there's a knowledge problem so socialism has kind of three big problems have lots of other problems and problems that stem from these problems and people that at least have a little experience or wisdom kind of see this immediacy right and they might not know the technical terms of it or they might not know the technicalities of it they get like this can't work and it's just kind of silly and that's what happens with investments in this type of thing also where you just kind of can know through experience like yeah why why are they spending so much money on their office and it's apparent stuff when they don't actually have a product that people want or they're not doing something people need or you know the place you can kind of see all the different attributes and synthesize and analysis that may or may not make sense and socialist see when you look at the data and when you look at everything they're saying and you compare it to something like capitalism but of course capitalism not perfect but far superior to socialism when you kind of look at it and see what's going on so yeah there's that so yeah of course socialist they have their technical rebuttals and there are there ways of kind of like they'll have an again it's excuses they'll have an excuse for anything but just because you say something doesn't mean it's accurate but like anybody can say here to take a hundred people like 99 of them around 95 of them something they're going to give you an opinion on where to put your money but maybe only one of them might have a good accurate response so it's like just because people are saying things it doesn't matter it doesn't mean it's accurate it doesn't mean it has weight so of course people are going to have rebuttals but that rappelled will only satisfy their level of understanding and if you're at a higher level of understanding or you're more wise or able to see further into the future that rebuttal is not going to satisfy you and it probably won't satisfy them once they become more mature or evolved or you know higher in their understanding and won't satisfy them either but for the time being it does satisfy them and that's why they're a socialist or that's why somebody is investing and losing money at that level it's like your information that you have that the level that you are and if you're giving a response that satisfies you it doesn't mean it's going to satisfy a less naive person or that it's accurate right so it's like who cares if you have a response it's like that doesn't matter what matters is the accuracy of what you're doing in kind of the results and the effects of it right so yeah yeah so I see most socialists as just naive and experience they nitpick little details but they miss the big picture in other videos I kind of talked about stuff like this like that in s versus an end cents a versus an intuitive person in the MBTI or you could even break it down into our case election theory where you know our people vs. K people and they there's just kind of different modes that people are the way they are based on lots of different things but that's you know socialists are in kind of this one group in a way and it makes sense kind of what's going on and why they're believing what they're believing because that's kind of where they're at and so yet socialists they'll see kind of something wrong with capitalism rightfully so there's lots of problems but then they'll want to kind of remove the whole system and replace it with something far inferior and that's just it's not wise right so you're throwing the baby out with the bathwater capitalism yeah it has problems but you don't remove capitalism completely and expect to have things work well especially with socialism and that's kind of the problem like anybody can poke holes at something because it's very easy to find faults in the world what's hard to do is to find coherent and accurate solutions that actually solve problems and make the world a better place and if you if you research socialism capitalism and just everything in general you look at Society history and things like this socialism has yet to create a superior product than capitalism and you can see that both historically and theoretically and that is the problem with socialism and that is just weird how how people will say it's not real socialism and that has never been tried and that there is if that is the argument and it just that is not going to hold any weight to like a thinking capitalist or thinking person who is able to kind of weigh things in a more full way and it's just not as naive so socialism hasn't been working historically it doesn't make sense rationally or intellectually so it's just got a lot of problems and until these problems are going to be reworked we're never going to see real socialism and by the time we do see real socialism it probably won't even be socialism anymore so I want to tell you guys that's my thoughts on not real socialism and that is what I'm going to say so if you like this video please subscribe to the channel please share it with your friends please comment and this type of thing I plan on producing lots and lots more on lots of different topics and if you have any topics in general that you'd want me to talk about I'd be happy to do so I'm into lots of different things I like philosophy I really like business type stuff I have a business and I've created multiple businesses I like talking about business I like philosophy I really like talking about religion and spirituality and these types of things I like talking about how that ties into business so lots of things I like talking about let me know if you're interested and yeah thank you very much guys and have a great day

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