NRA’s Wayne LaPierre Stands Strong for Law-Abiding Citizens

Recently, we watched in horror as two
unspeakable tragedies unfolded in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio. Like all
Americans we at the NRA extend our deepest sympathies to the victims and
their families, and we salute the courage of our law enforcement officials and
first responders. But there’s nothing about an insane criminal committing a
horrible act that should lead to the government taking guns away from
law-abiding citizens. That will only make us less safe. Yet that’s exactly what
we’re seeing right now–a highly orchestrated effort to disarm American
citizens unlike anything we’ve ever seen in this country. It’s an effort to
destroy the NRA. To defame our millions of members and tens of millions of
supporters. An effort that’s fueled by billionaires and a multi-billion-dollar
media machine that couldn’t care less about fighting crime. Their fight is
against you, your guns, and your freedom. And that’s exactly why the NRA will
always stand and fight, and never give in. Because we can’t make this country
safe–we can’t make our country a better place by slamming the door on the
Constitution and the Second Amendment. The way to make the country safe is to
slam the door on violent criminals like NRA members have been demanding for the past 40 years. And make no mistake, No organization in America has done more to
fight violent crime than the NRA. We’ve demanded hard time for hard crime. We’ve fought for full prosecution of gun criminals. No plea bargaining and no
parole. And we’ve demanded full enforcement of
the federal gun laws already on the books, to take armed drug dealers and
criminal gang members off our city streets. And we’ve repeatedly called for
our background check system to be fixed, to stop criminals and those who’ve been
adjudicated mentally ill from buying guns, but we will not allow anti-gun
politicians and elitist billionaires to jump on the back of a horrible tragedy
and blame good people for an act of pure evil. We will always defend our right to
defend ourselves and no one is going to take that away on my watch. No one is going to take that away as long as the NRA stands and fights for
freedom. Freedom-loving Americans are still the majority in this country and
if we stand up, if we fight, we win. Let’s stand together now. Let’s make this
country a better, safer place. And let’s fight to make sure no madman, or
billionaire, or elitist politician ever takes away our God-given right to
protect our lives, our home, and people we love.

100 thoughts on “NRA’s Wayne LaPierre Stands Strong for Law-Abiding Citizens

  • Reposting the same video that you sent yesterday is not going to change our minds on NRA "NOT" standing for the Americans. You didn't stop red flag laws in FL, what makes us think you will do anything now????

  • Very disappointing as a life member really. I get notice from GOA all the time for new actions. Money request from NRA. I too feel betrayed. Perhaps it is time to step down to let someone who sincerely cares for the objective of this organization without compromise.

  • Then get it done. Red flag ,put the arm and the sickle on it, what do you have, communists. Bump stock should have been put into with silencers were you need a special permit to own @ the least, not ban them. Need to step up NRA & GOA, start with states that are outlawing anything they want or going anticonstitutionist..

  • You had your chance. You let national concealed carry die with full Republican control of the house and the Senate. You failed.

    People say it's crazy to blame Trump and the NRA for Mass shootings but maybe if they passed national carry and restored the second amendment LIKE THEY PROMISED someone would have been armed there and stopped the guy.

  • I was a NRA member for 12 years. Always donated when I had extra. But since the bump stock ban I realized the GOA is the only organization that actually fights for the second amendment. Wish I would’ve realized sooner. Thousands of dollars given to the NRA and all I got to show for it is a couple duffel bags.

  • I used to support the NRA but not so much anymore because I'm a felon and now they're trying to take my constitutional rights away because I defended myself like I said I'm a felon so now I can no longer own guns because I defended myself and a government decides they want to trample my god-given right my constitutional right to own a gun it's not for somebody else to say hey you can own this gun or you can't

  • Want more suit money I don’t think so scumbag I won’t give you a penny until the NRA has an entire leadership replacement

  • In your videos in YouTube I watch your endorsements for Red Flag Laws and Bump-stock banned. Then the corruption going on spending our contributions on expensive vacations and 3-piece suits, when it was suppose to go defending our 2nd Amendment rights. I will no longer give any donations to the NRA for the corruption, mismanaging our contributions, or any endorsements that will further erase more of our 2nd Amendment rights. All of my contribution will now go to GOA (Gun Owners of America).

  • 🇺🇸⭐️⭐️🇺🇸 As long as there are mass murders, narcotized junked up hair trigger nutballs, weaponized syphilitics, drug cartel gunmen, child sex traffickers, MS 13 gangs, antifa assaulters, Manchurian candidates, Terrorists, angry democrat mobsters, anarchists, traitors, Narco-Terrorists various & different evil doers running around loose with trucks, machine guns, machetes, bombs, flame throwers, Molotov cocktails, switchblades, RPG's, bows & arrows, mustard gas, anthrax, syphilis, ebola, buckets of rocks & bottles, tanks, Swiss army knives. No one should give up their guns. And no government should require them to. And law abiding citizens with fire arms, turning in said fire arm will not stop any of the above. It is the left that has proven that they are the enemy of WE THE PEOPLE. Time to water that patriot tree??? Get out there to the range and sharpen those skills. Catch up with me on YouTube. My opinion. News article. Never Give Up Your Guns

  • I think the people need to have their own organization to always stand for law abiding citizens and not all the hipe simple free liberties. Not to mention I would never support these gun groups like the NRA cause it puts you in a system and we all see what kind of a system we are dealing with and fighting today the NRA hasn't done nearly enough for us to big to fast all about money. We need trust respect and values and freedom money should be last it hasn't done anything for us to date.

  • I am a Member of NRA butas far asgard work for us goes GOA is the work horse. Call Trump and Lindsey, and Dan Crenshaw out. Then I will believe you are working for us.



  • Anyone who stands against any part of the Constitution of the United States of America should be considered a treasonous traitor to our country and there for subject to convection as such. Stand up and vote against ALL of those who want to tear down what so many have fought and died for since the inception of this great country of ours. If you don't, you might as well go and piss on the graves of all of those who gave the greatest sacrifice to this country and to all of us. Tell your representatives and your senators that we as a united people want a law passed that states the entire Constitution of this great country will NEVER be infringed upon and that anyone who should ever try to infringe upon it shall be given the harshest penalty of treason. If your representatives and senators will not pass such a law, vote them out of their seats and find others that will. It's just that simple. VOTE.

  • Not standing by red flag laws and yet even more checks you dont. Any gun control is infringement. ANY. The People see it too.

  • “The NRA will always stand and fight and never give in”
    YOU CONSTANTLY SELL OUT AND COMPROMISE. You’re not what you once were. You’ve gone soft.

  • The LAW of which you speak IS the Constitution that you and Trump want to play fast and loose with.
    Even though you think you're one of the good guys . . . you're still INFRINGING, like a mother bear !!!!

  • The El Paso gunman's manifesto used the same language the NRA routinely uses to demonize immigrants in an attempt to scare its members. That fact was not included in a new unhinged NRA video about the El Paso and Dayton shootings.

  • Shootings and killings on mass scale happen every day in Chicago there's been over 300 murders this year alone why are we just talkin about these two shootings

  • The NRA doesn't care about us or our rights. GOAs where it's at. The NRA gave in a long time ago. And again judging by the comments, I see these thumbs up are fake. So the NRA is fake news.

  • We the People allow the government to govern not the government allows us the right to be free we allowed them to be in office they need not forget this

  • As I said on this video before you deleted it and then reposted: All gun laws are unconstitutional. Repeal them all. Repeal the NFA. No deals. No compromises. The line has been drawn Mr. La Pierre. Lead me, follow me, or get out of my way. Message ends.

  • You are officially a terrorist organization. The American people will eventually put an end to your control over the government — a lot sooner than you think.
    Assault rifles are military weapons. No other industrialized nation allows the public to own them. That’s why they don’t have innocent citizens being slaughtered every week. If you don’t support the banning of assault weapons (AND ONLY ASSAULT WEAPONS) then you are an enemy of the people, and will be treated as such.

  • Just because bad things happen and bad people do very bad things, it doesn't mean that we lose our right. It's NOT one guy messes up,all has to pay.

  • What did you hope to accomplish by making this video?? Trying to save what little face you think you still have? The NRA is a disgrace to the 2nd Amendment! You really should step down and get the Fu$& out the way and sell a couple of your suits and give the money to GOA

  • This is it nra your biggest fight ! You want to win us all back then get rid of red flag laws get ccw reciprocity done and then youll be back in our good graces until then no more money for you

  • This member would prefer to have Mr. LaPierre's resignation. If you guys don't get with it soon, I'm out! GOA here I come!

  • A minimum of 250 MILLION Innocents and Powerless were NOT MURDERED by the man with a gun, in the last century. They were SYSTEMATICALLY MURDERED by so-called ELECTED "LEADERS" saying they had "Noble Intent" and "Good Will", who began to see themselves as gods after they CONFISCATED the "Arms" of the People, then having TOTAL POWER to do as they willed, choosing who would live and who would die. They began with CENSORSHIP and SURVEILLANCE of the People, INVADING their PRIVACY, then progressing to the Denigration and Weaponization of WORDS, SPEECH and RELIGIOUS BELIEFS. They used POLITICAL CORRECTNESS and PROPAGANDA to destroy TRUTH and JUSTICE, Infiltrating into the Education Systems to Indoctrinate the children. They then created FALSE ATTACKS to institute the removal of the basic RIGHTS of the People. They Demonized certain groups of People – DIVIDING THE PEOPLE. They did exactly what the DEMOCRAT PARTY, RINO's, Mainstream Banker Media, FBI, CIA, NSA, FIVE EYES, etc. are doing today, and have done in the past 30-50 years within our Govt., and other Govts. around the world, to destroy them and mold them into their own scheme. SAME Program – SAME Results. SAME EVIL SATANIC ORIGIN.

    They now have a NEW TACTIC whereby they create MYRIAD LAWS to make everyone a Criminal, to remove their Rights of Self Defense.
    The only way God's People are defeated, is when they turn from the Law of their God, or are manipulated to do so. Then Evil can take hold, Destroying and Corrupting the entire Society. It is called the "Demoralization of Mankind". It is exactly what is being orchestrated in America today.

    Same as it ever was. Yet, as Generations come and go, the new are unaware of what has been, unto their demise. But even then, the powerful machine created by evil, somehow convinces People that up is down, and left is right. All having to do with turning their back on God, who would otherwise protect them and lead them to truth and discernment, for which they would not eventually be MURDERED by so-called Good Willed "LEADERS".
    … and supposed Proponents of Gun Rights that can be BOUGHT OFF, or lose any sense of reality that the past repeats itself. The NRA is not the "End All" Protector of the 2nd Amendment, nor should it be, because the NRA may cave to Political Pressure, piece by piece. They have given up too much already. No longer can I support them, for that reason.

  • the NRA gave in on bump stocks, they gave in on raising the age to purchase, and they haven't lived up to the "stand and fight" motto for decades. The best thing the NRA can do now is to pass the torch to an organization like the Firearms Policy Coalition or the GOA which actually fulfills the promise the NRA made to its members.

  • Where is the failure analysis? Gilroy had poor perimiter security. El Paso had a direct warning. Dayton involved people submitting false bg check info. So many of these incidents involve systemic failure, and the "solution" is a larger, more complex system!

  • Here's two gun laws that can do away with all other gun laws. #1 Commit a crime with a firearm, go to prison for life with no chance of parole. #2 Kill someone with a gun while committing a crime, put to death. No appeals process, no insanity pleas, just swift justice for those these slime bags hurt.

  • Keep fleecing the NRA members and filling your closet with thousand-dollar suits sponcered by the members and spewing your stories but doing nothing to stop the government from infringing on our rights but helping them. You've become a tyrant, government cheerleader and a embarrassment to the members.

  • Years ago guns were sold in most all major stores , people had gun racks in trucks with loaded guns and no shootings .. So what happened in the past 50 years .. The parents are not teaching right from wrong any more , kids have no respect… Its not The guns fault , its the lack of up bringing the right way …

  • Where is the video of the Minnesota Mall stabbing deaths? Or the illegals stabbing the woman to death in her vehicle during board day light? Or the welcomed illegals who push women and children to their deaths in front of speeding trains… or the Thousands of deaths on our roads every year due to illegals driving without licenses or people speeding or just people looking at their phones and not the road? AM I the only person who is 'not' surprised by shootings in 'El Paso' and Philly that have been run into the ground by the greedy left politicans and are over-run by people who do not listen to or abide by our laws?
    Yes these are ALL tragedies…but to leave LAW ABIDING Citizens or this Country defenseless is even more tragic…just look at the Hong Kong invasion by China to see what happens to defenseless law-abiding citizens…or what the Nazis did to 'defenseless' citizens……

  • Te NRA needs a change in leadership. This is nothing more than a call to donate more money to a failing organization that is hemorrhaging money to pad the higher ups pockets. The NRA no longer has the best interest of gun owners in mind, they sell the illusion that they're fighting for us but its a fallacy. The support of red flag laws is the last straw, I will no longer support this failed organization until they clean house.

  • Where is the 2nd Amendment? EVERY gun law is a violation of the 2nd and 10th Amendment. EVERY ONE OF THEM!

  • The gun control advocates are making heroes out of the shooters. The news reporters make them famous. The sick bastards get their name on the news which is their intent originally.

  • I let my membership expire. I wont be back until the backslapping leadership is no more and real Patriots are in charge of the NRA.

  • With a republican president that worked with the NRA we lost rights… What happened to fighting for CCW reciprocity, hearing protection act, etc? How about the NRA stops spending money on F-150 raffles, snail mail marketing campaigns, ridiculous executive salaries, and puts that money towards restoring rights?

  • We need to make videos of scenarios were it shows people that don't be leave in guns and just how dangerous gun free zones are.

    in the house. Just say one night the man was awaken by noise down stairs the man goes down to check it out a 290 pound man was standing in living room with the home owner without a way to protect him self and his family the big man is very aggressive and ties the home owner up and thin has his way with the mans wife and 17 year old doubters and after he's had his way with them he cut there throats if only they wouldn't have made it none that there house and neighborhood was a gun free zones they probably wouldn't have been targeted.
    There is so many ways to get the word out that guns save more life's than they take and the more people that's armed the safer there community will be .we need to fight back at the Medea spreading false narratives and stand on what built this d country and made it free it was guns with out them we are week the new world order needs us to be gun free so we have no choice when they come to take over if Clinton would have won we would already be in a new world order .

  • You guys forgot to mention all the Republicans you back who support numerous gun control measures. Then again, that should be no surprise considering all gun control supported by the Not Real Activists AKA Negotiating Rights Away throughout the past century or so.

    For those who truly understand, care about, and want to protect their natural rights to self-preservation including through the use of weapons, ditch the NRA and look towards the Firearms Policy Coalition and the Gun Owners of America, who ACTUALLY fight for your rights without compromise.

  • What about the high number of mass shootings that are unique to the United States mainly because of these unregulated gun laws? In 2018 we witnessed 300 mass shootings throughout the county, no other country in the world rivals that number.

  • The gun is the weapon of the coward. A person of strength and honor has no need for suck crude and uncivilized toys. The fact i use to be a gun owner pisses the hell off. The fist is the only real weapon not these worthless pieces of metal.

  • How does your right to own firearms get infringed by ensuring that the people who own them are 'fit and proper' people with a good reason, using sensible rules like in the UK or Australia?

    Are you scared that your doctor will say you're a nutter or that you don't have any friends that will give you good character witnesses? Do you all have a criminal past that would bar you? Are you scared you won't be safe without military spec weapons?

  • The NRA allows and takes part in the infringement of the 2nd amendment. Shame on these bastards. They've lost the plot.

  • From a concerned long time NRA member. Not sure if your aware of negative attention the NRA is getting lately beginning with the disappointing actions taken to go along with bans and restrictions that the left antigun demokkkrats are cheering victory. But now the talk of the internal corruption and fraud within the NRA be it true or not or is a leftist plot to destroy the NRA has to be immediately addressed and corrected these are some videos going around discrediting and calling for the the dismantling of the NRA.

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