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yes welcome to the no se project live from the photo compound here in Mesa Arizona on lriend Avenue Liberty radio network and also streaming live on my youtube channel which I do have to apologize until I get my main computer I normally do the show on we're not the videos not too good but hey you know just as long as we can here to show then then with the one you know that's all that matters but welcome back it's a 4:20 or April 20th 2019 live from the fortified compound here in Mesa Arizona and I'm glad everyone's tuning in today got a lot of stuff to get to if you want to join me I want to thank everybody for the continued support of the big broadcast so if you'd like to build it to support the show you can do so at Mark Stephens dot self.com that's Mark Stephens that sells dot-com and also my website Mark Stephens dotnet yeah I got the new but I got the old background up so it's cool to you know to pull that thing out and I'll start using that again so just so there's no you know no this you know it's a show about anarchy that's what the show is about getting to a voluntary society am I an Turkey what I mean of course is no rulers not that there's no rules no rule is the rule in class and the idea that it's in why I'm an anarchist and I believe those tuning into the show anarchist but the same reason is that it is wrong to lie steal and kill and she other people just because you call yourself government that you reject the notion that it is that this group of people that it is that they have a moral right to do what is immoral that they are I have a moral right to do what if you would I did would be considered a crime so that's that that's the basis there do you want to join me on the big show it's two one eight six thirty two nine three nine nine two and eight 6:30 to nine three nine nine the passcode is 2020 with the pound sign that's 2020 with the pound sign or – tag and also Skype at the instant message me first it is Frank Rizzo three that's Frank Rizzo with the number three we'll get you into the the big broadcast there so having a little issue with the camera here we'll try to do a little boo yeah we got a really chief studio yeah and really chief home studio so anyway what are we going to be getting to today you know I'm gonna talk about something about court but there's something else it's going to be in the video and I probably won't be able to get into as much detail but it's the idea of the ruling class and how the wealthy who always seek to have a government is that you know the wealthy in the elite the rules don't apply to them that even if they are caught and they are even prosecuted just like the keep on air they don't go they don't get prison time when you have billions you don't go to prison you just pay a fine if that and so in in that life and and if this video it's if there's a lot of stuff to get in there and no I'm not going to click bait and say well the top five times the wealthy and you'll need got got away with crimes I'm not gonna cheap and things that way but there there are quite a few examples here and what a really big example that I hadn't even you know I I don't you something I didn't find this in my research when I was researching how would the wealthy get away with crimes I don't know why this came out but it caught my attention I'm like how could I possibly forgotten one of the biggest examples when the worst examples of how the ruling class the wealthy can do almost anything and not get prosecuted and the business plot the business plot from it was a conspiracy and night this is not a conspiracy theory this conspiracy fact the business plot was an alleged alleged political conspiracy in 1933 United States retired Marine Corps gent Major General one of the most highly decorated guys up to that point Smedley Butler claimed that wealthy businessmen were plotting to create a fascist veterans organization with Bala as its leader and use it in a coup d'etat to overthrow President Franklin D Roosevelt in 1934 but Lee testified before T United States as a representative Special Committee on on American Activities it was the McCormick's Dickstein committee on these claims no-one was prosecuted at the time of the incidents news media dismissed the plot that see when you're wealthy is it front page news about Jeffrey Epstein and the sweetheart deal Alexander Acosta it's not even if all the news anymore they dismissed a plot with a New York Times editorial characterizing it as a gigantic hoax while historians have questioned whether or not a coup was Ashley close to execution most agree that some sort of wild skiing was contemplated and discussed the fact that they went to cement a Smedley Butler that's conspiracy to overthrow the United States government now whether you carry that out is not that does it scan the conspiracy itself and there were hearings on this nothing no prosecution nothing they got away with it they got away with it imagine a can you imagine one of the little people conspiring to overthrow the government again you know so-called terror plots they don't have to carry it out they just have to plan it during the McCormick's Dickstein committee hearings butler testified that gerald c mcguire attempted to recruit him to lead a coup promising him an army of 500,000 men for a march on washington DC and financial backing what Lee testified of the pretext for the coup would be that the president's health was failing despite Martin to support for President Roosevelt in the election and his reputation as a strong critic of capitalism but lissa the plotters felt his good reputation popularity were vital in attracting support amongst the general public and saw him as easier to manipulate than others given a successful coup buttless said that the plan was for him to have held near absolute power a newly created position of Secretary of General Affairs while Roosevelt would have assumed a figurehead role Wow I you know a Smedley but like this video and audio of him actually this audio of him discussing that there aren't transcripts of any you know he's saying who did this you know this guy McGuire he met with a sterling Robert sterling claw Clark was an all collector in an air to the singer corporation fortune McGuire had known Robert Clark when he was a second lieutenant in China during the Boxer Rebellion Clark had the nickname the millionaire and tannin not saying they do anything it's the rich because if you're wealthy if you have enough money it's just like what's his name I quoted on the show letter Vince Neil that's the power of cash if you've got enough money even if they do catch you even if they do prosecute you you do not go to prison Prison is for the little people it is extremely rare for one of the pull of the elite class especially high level politics it is very rare for them to go to prison that is the exception not the rule but it's the opposite when you wanted to plead you when you're one of the little people if you're not one of the useful idiots we go to prison it's 4:20 today how many people and there's an example that I have in the video of a man with two joints getting over ten years in prison prison Vince Neal killed somebody this Robert Alan Murray falsified a court document to coerce someone to take a guilty plea because they were pushing for a life sentence nothing no no jail time for Robert Alan Murray who by the way I did I did get in touch with the new prosecutor there and I was asking and I doubt I'm gonna have to make a call on Monday cuz I doubt they're gonna respond to an email because I found out about it too late on Friday to say they make a call and that was into the new prosecutor to ask him why criminal charges were not brought against Robert Alan Murray expense he had done such a terrible day and admittedly did such a terrible thing we'll be back with your calls here on the other side of the break so don't go away and for those on YouTube it is a commercial it is a commercial broadcast it's a radio show so just hold tight and I will be on the chat yes welcome back to the no stay project live from the fortified compound in Mesa Arizona on this August 20th it's 4/20 baby for the whole show all three hours of Anarchy radio it's worth money so the call line I did I'm on the call line now I never take calls during the first segment cuz it's too short and I save a little bit a morning there because it cost me anyway glad to be with you here if you want to join me here on the big show it's 2 & a 6 3 2 9 3 9 9 2 & 8 6 3 2 9 3 9 9 the passcode is 20 20 with the pound sign and again I know that the video quality is not as good today but who gives a damn you guys don't know what I look like but you know so as long as I get to stream the show and more people can hear it that's all that well they mad is there so I got everything we're going to get with Tom welcome back time you want to talk about criticisms of capitalism today yeah hi market hey I'm here ok it's gone now if you're a back oh yeah you know again Rica made a good point we don't want rulers nor rulers but free trade not allowed out of that work well where who said that Rika Rika said well who's saying no for you have free trade without capitalism how did that work you think that that you can't have free trade if you just said socialism ah are you kidding me no I'm not kidding you I'm dead serious are you you you you take you strike me as somebody who listens too much to another self-proclaimed anarchist who doesn't have much of an understanding of socialism tell you what my family lived in East Germany from the time they look you know the Russians went in and took over the fill the war went down and I'm telling you right now socialism and completely that's the motivation of going to work so because you can't keep the fruits of your labor that's not that's not that's not that's not a key feature of socialism there and though if if you want to argue that socialism kills innovation please explain to me how many innovations and why there are so many innovations from an organization known as NASA so you're gonna compare Natha where our money is stolen and given to them with a country like East Germany hey what you doing what I'm we're talking about we're talking about the the socialism and critiques of socialism and counting in capitalism okay and you're making a comment and a claim where you're arguing that socialism kills making a blanket generalization there that socialism kills innovation and I gave you a counter example to that argument to show that the argument is it doesn't whole have merit because a generalization you can't you're just making a generalization that's like saying that every everything about capitalism is sugar and spice and everything nice and dammit it's not and you can't and I'm not going let me finish and I'm absolutely not going to accept that oh that's corporatism or that's crony capitalism or when the car industry's decided it was better to settle wrongful death lawsuits okay then fix their damn cars because it was more expensive to retool the factories and recall the cars and fix them no it's less money to just pay for the wrongful death ones and then you turn around and say that that's not a legitimate critique of capitalism there is good in bed on both capitalism and socialism and when you if you make a generalization I'm going to and I don't think it's correct I'm going to give you a counter argument or a counter example to show that what you're saying is not true across the board that you're generalizing so now pretty yes well I want to stick with this entire company situation just now one of the reasons that the prior company to get away with that is because governments involved and they make without a corporation so nobody is held responsible for liable for an action for the death of people there from I had nothing to do with capitalism nothing for the free market they made a determination and I think it was Ford and it either car companies have done this to they make a calculated decision it cost them less money because there's they could be a corporation they're still subject to and they have lost cases many cases for wrongful death so the idea that they're completely immune because the government makes them a corporation doesn't hold you know there's they're still held to some accountability they should be in prison yes and sometimes they do but as far as the car companies they made a calculated decision what is the they made a cost-benefit analysis right part and parcel of capitalism and they decided that it was better to pay out it was cheaper to pay out the wrongful death than to retool what the hell did that have to do with government get making them a corporation it has everything to do with a coupon did exactly the same thing when they invented Kaplan and the chemicals involved in degree the same back pain deal they made a cross estimate or prop analysis from molasses and they can only do that because they can hide behind the veil of a corporation and nobody goes to jail if people were held accountable in those company if they and went to prison that would be a big difference between why we'll just stay out a few billion dollars that's the problem mark it has nothing to do with the free market he has everything to do with the fact that nobody being held accountable in this so-called capitalist society you name one real true capitalist society so everyone well this you but but the the counter-argument to when you give a German explanation is that the problem with the socialism is because the Socialists used the tools of government to do what they were doing so it's not necessary it's more of a critique about government and less of a critique of capitalism and socialism so you can't you know you can't have your cake and eat it too if you're going to excuse all the problems that are associated with soap with capitalism because of government intervention and government help then the same thing goes for what's happening in Germany and other socialist countries you know and okay I mean don't you think that's a fair argument that if it's the government intervention that's the issue not necessarily the philosophy of or the principles of socialism well I will agree that it is the government intervention that is that is making capitalism look bad okay dad I'll agree with but that was clever little girl because I know what my grandfather Prince is he was a fisherman i whole life no they had this fishing boat with Jeremy a big boat and they pull out and they catch eel and play keel a real delicacy and they would have a separate tank in their ship rookie deal that they wanted to take home because they had to turn in all the fish at the port company with the communist system would move them what was what was fair to pay them and then they could buy back with what they wanted and my grandfather they would know they would oh my gosh mogul some of their own catch and like my father my grandfather had a smoke cap you know where he would smoke heel well tongue hold on just a second I got a bit John hold o what keep keep keep that thought about about the eels in the ship will be back here we're talking about critiques about socialism and capitalism and if all the evils of capitalism can be attributed to government intervention then why can't all the evils of socialism be also attributed to government intervention and not the philosophy of principles socialism not that I'm the socialist but we'll be back with Tom's from the Big D in just a moment so don't go away yeah welcome back to the no stay project it's getting heated up in here always and I think a problem comes down to is and Tom I will get your story in a second I just to lead into this but those just tuning and I think there's a conflating that and I know I know I know certainly people who go under the banner of anarcho-capitalists conflate free trade with capitalism and think that free trade and capitalism are one and the same thing and in it and they're not so I would yeah I'm definitely all for free trade but let's get back to your story about what happened in Germany with Niels okay well like I said my grandfather was a fisherman and yeah they turn in all the fish all the fish that in his crew fought they would have to go to the port turn it all in they would be paid with the government decide it was fair and then they would be able to fly back whatever food they wanted whatever fish they wanted and he would smuggle his own you know he had to grow a little I can't canvas in the ship anyway so my father my grandfather was smoking the eel in his well Jack and my fetus back in about 66 or so my father had a home you know camera and popped the door open on the ship on the slope Shack and he was recording my grandfather and my grandfather had a fit because his neighbors could possibly turn in and be rewarded for it he was literally feared for his life the smoked eel in his own shed hopefully all that he caught I what the hell at that want that no we're not discussing that what the question I was putting on would like to put to you is if we can blame every single problem with capitalism on government intervention then why at the same time can we not blame all the problems with socialism that the philosophy of socialism boys socialism is supposed to be done such as like fire departments which is a good example socialism then why can't all the problems or socialism be excused away as just government intervention and government and being that it's a government problem because socialism at its core doesn't require a state and and it doesn't necessarily just like socialism doesn't advocate for a state so explain it to me explain to me the difference why can capitalism with those problems I need to understand with your concept of socialism is that I apparently don't I've mentioned it's like a thousand times on the show I've actually read it directly and I'll do it again socialism at its core is common ownership of the means of production so an example that is like a fire department like we have now capitalism is and in the main part that separates capitalism from socialism the the defining factor is private ownership over the means of production okay that first off you're using the fire department as an example and the fire department doesn't produce anything it doesn't come on time don't don't do that we're we're talking about the means of production and we're done by the ownership and control and of a company for example okay means the production is just a broad term so whether it's a fire department or it's a factory it's the same thing we're talking about common ownership and that's the defining factor as opposed to capitalism which is private ownership of the means for the ownership ok company right now now you've explained it now you tell me explain to me how the common ownership happened without horse fight someone to make everyone you know shit or everything how they work well let's first address the the with the issue because you are trying to expand we'll get to that we got plenty of time I want still to flesh out the issue and get some discussion on why you think it's okay to excuse all the evils of capitalism on government intervention but you're not willing to say that the evils of socialism are not the result of the same government type of action okay I like I like that question and I'd like to address like a lot of times when I talk to people about the free nono state idea and that it and they all say it can't happen it doesn't work and I fade what we've never actually had a chance to even try it there didn't know where that the state hasn't been established and someone takes control so we don't know how it will work and I say the same answer to you when you're telling me that capitalism being organized by government with this idea of corporations and being able to stand behind them we've never had true capitals and we've never had a true free market it doesn't exist it never adds or gave maybe way back when when the country was first founded that's impossible but as soon as the taxation started that no longer was the case now wasn't it is it well and we've never had free market socialism either because of the same conditions the same conditions that prevented free market capitalism prevented free-market social liver well again my question is how can free market ownership of everything the free market how does it work okay but let's first let's first get to in address in you know and finally get an answer on this why is it okay to excuse all the evils of capitalism on government intervention but you can't by the same token let's use the same argument to argue away the evils of socialism like I think I just explained it we don't have true capitalism we never had didn't i just explained that we've never had true free market socialism either because the same government intervention it's actually more on to call free market socialism in the same sentence you just said in your your definition of socialism is the shared common shared like the fire department and you know they met that example because a fireman yeah we can privatize that we all need it gaga you're telling me that you want a common shared auto company I didn't say that now I have been on record Tom let me finish I've been on record that what we have now and what every country if you will has is a mixed economy and anybody who doubts that the United States Canada and Europe and why not is not a mixed economy between socialism capitalism either doesn't understand the concepts or is lying to you we have a mixed economy and I've been on record any chunk we do now my problem we've never had one hi I go yeah I get that but but you but you if you're going to say that an extend that that say that argument to free-market capitalism you have to extend the same damn thing to free market socialism socialism doesn't mean you can't have free market that's just not that's just not true you can you have to understand socialism better we have a mixed economy those people who hold up their damn cell phones and say this is what capitalism gets you don't understand that the entire infrastructure to deliver that phone is almost the entire infrastructure to deliver that phone is socialism the roads the airports you name it socialism the electricity socialism the problem ok the problem that I have with this whether it's the this mixed economy which I had I think is fine the problem that I have as an anarchist is I don't want either one of them to be propped up with a prison system oh you're funny for your forced labor exactly yes that's the prop the problem is the violence and that's why I have a problem with it I have no problem with communal community on things like fire departments and hospitals as long as we're not forced to pay for them and that's why I've talked about this on the show about the carrot and the stick and where you have corporations for example on businesses if they want you know instead of taxing them they still pay the fees to have these services which we all take advantage of but we're not going to use a prison system to pay for them that's where I see the problem is my problem isn't oh it's socialism I'm an American no my problem is using the Force to get to support and using a net force being used to prop up a ruling class where the rules don't apply to them that's my problem with it and we're up against the brakes or will address what your problems may be with it when we get back and the number here is 2 + 8 6 3 2 9 3 9 9 2 & 8 6 3 2 9 3 9 9 that critiques criticisms of capitalism and socialism when whatever your political stripe may be but now hopefully you're an anarchist but we'll be back here with your calls in just a few moments don't go away yes welcome back to the new state project here on lriend out of em Liberty radio network and live from the fortified compound in Mesa Arizona because when you're an anarchist when you actually challenge in question the status quo in the way things or you know claim to have to operate you know especially if you're questioning the the moral basis and legitimate basis of government you don't live in a house live in a compound you don't have a basement you have an underground bunker so welcome back everybody you want to join me here on the big show it is twenty eighty six thirty to ninety three ninety nine to 186 thirty two nine three nine nine my passcode is 2020 with that there pound sign and talking with Tom in the big D heated discussion regarding the the carribean of criticisms of socialism and capitalism you know all right so where were we Tom bring bring me back you're just people with Norma break I'm hoping I'm gonna get off this because I'm hoping somebody they can maybe debate this better than I and can do so with you and I'm gonna let somebody else take take over ah come let me ask you this time gee is there any valid criticism against capitalism that you that you would admit to I always keep saying that I key things there has never been a true capitalism in this country the moment they wrote the Constitution and form the government and limited what people can do is start attacking them that was the end of it there is no true capitalism it's never been tried so I can't explain how it would work without government other than 8 let's give it a shot let's actually try free trade so you don't have any examples so you think that if somebody claims to own a lake or he claims to own a river because he got there first or yeah okay that he owned it you don't have a problem with that you don't think that there's any kind of would not that would not even be such a far-fetched movie idea okay I'm done what's retaliated okay just like the full five dollars and Hitler's aren't the ones that I'm afraid of the idiots that follow them and pick up guns and enforce what they want you Hitler to stand up trumpets came out of that all day long demand this and demand that and then left somebody with gun support them anything okay now follow me here Tom now you say it's and I agree with you it's absolutely ridiculous for someone to claim that they own a river gets it to natural resource right people need water yeah so what if somebody then claims to own all the oil in a particular area well if they'd caught if they put the relic up and they pumped it out of the ground problem the problem is when they keep other people out of the area and don't allow other people to to set up their own and where they claim ownership of the of everything look at a mind you have wait wait you have one person who claims is it okay for one person to claim that all of a gold- is Clark you're again not listening if one person clean these things and everybody else laughed at them and yeah right how you going to defend yourself against all of us that are now going to take some share of that whether you like it or not that ends the problem that the whole government allows us monopoly monopoly could never eat it without government would agree on that I I think that even without a government people like Rockefellers could still have dominated the market the way they did yeah it would have been would have had to have their own private armies to kill all those Indians and and to take people's land but yeah I think they would have still been able to do it exactly but exactly that's one of my arguments that I'd like to use when I discuss this with people Verizon doesn't have a private army to go slaughter the people at AT&T and fight their army no they compete on a they compete with each other that's the difference that's true capitalism yeah but true capitalism was also the railroad magnets getting you know in colluding with with Rockefeller that was true capitalism wasn't it you just said they're colluding and even if they built their own private army it's way too expensive to go to war rather than to negotiate and and and commit free trade because there's way too many of us that Erica Valerie if one little like you collect even though I believe in your book does even fit though that without government there would still be skirmishes but there would there would never be a war because it's true five okay so if they if without a government the the capitalist the key owns the entire all the all the gold in the mind because he got there first okay he staked his claim he owns it now without a government how does he enforce that claim that he has no private ownership of that how does he enforce it with the only it dude it with it with it alarming and that word net are you know they yeah so so but but still the same thing that we've never had any kind of true free market socialism because the same thing as soon as government was there they would they would do in the dictates so do you have a problem how does socialism work how do you force people to share their private stuff like like Rico says if I can't have my own private property then I don't own myself how do you enforce that without a government and an army like we have now well you could use the same you could use you you could use the same excuse like how does somebody enforce how does the capitalist enforces is his property right claim to an entire mine without the government without an army he can so you've got the same critique against the capitalist as you do against the socialist the thing is the socialism you you keep painting with such a broad brush market social free market socialism does not require that people you that this force you can run it again let's use NASA as an example or a fire department okay where you have community ownership nobody has to be forced to support that and to interpret and for people you know to then provide those provide that service you don't have to use for us just like you don't have to use force you know it's necessarily in force property rights you can have a system similar to what we have now basically the same as where you have titles and whatnot people tend to respect that yeah are there going to be skirmishes yeah but that doesn't that's not a critique necessarily again you know why we shouldn't have a capitalist type system but can you at least agree before you go that if we have a mixed system of socialism capitalism like we have now but without government and without force that it could work just fine no I can't agree with that because that's that again without government there wouldn't be a thing called capitalism all the socialism it was just to get free-market simple terms wouldn't even exist that no I'm good again why don't we agree to the terms capitalism was private ownership of the means of production okay basically the like the of a company and socialism was was was community owned or you know socially on a commune Oh commonly owned so you don't see is I don't I don't understand out something can be commonly owned it without force and violence I disagree with you there I think that if we were to let me in an example is what I would I would like to do not work I have to get in touch with some people I haven't had the time to do that but if what we had now in New Hampshire for example if they just changed the policy and didn't use a prison system and violence to collect the money necessary to run it and you strip them of immunity and stuff like that and it really it wasn't a ruling class it wasn't them you know ordering people what to do you know if you if you took away the violent support it could continue functioning and I think it would continue functioning it would be even better and you can make you transparent Medicaid could function pretty damn well you you you still have the same mixture of commie of socialism and capitalism but you're not using a prison system to prop it up well again I can't do a better example than ATM team versus Verizon for instance they don't have army that is a good example of capitalism at work they're not killing people their product doesn't fill people and they have to compete with each other to produce a product but people can't afford and the whole motivation is keep getting that proud of cheaper and cheaper and cheaper so that their product will sell more than the other guy that is a free market that doesn't need a gun doesn't need cops it doesn't need government and it doesn't need army so again I want to be up to get in here I've had enough of that you've had enough now oh well that's too bad we're near the end of the segment but yeah I ice yeah I see no problem with the mixed with the mixed capitalism socialism like we have now I I just think taking the government out of the picture is is a good way to go or the violence so I appreciate the call time where it at the top of the hour break we'll be back in a few minutes you want to join me it's 2 & 8 6 3 2 9 3 9 9 2 & a 6 3 2 9 3 9 9 passcode is 2020 we'll be back in just a few minutes and if you're on YouTube yes it is a radio broadcast so do we have 2 more hours so I'm going to take a little bit of a break there tough guys yes welcome to the no say project live from the fortified compound in Mesa Arizona 2nd of 3 hours of Anarchy yo got the banner of energy radio right here on the liberty radio know where that's lriend on FM and you know it's kind of symbolic though of really bad thinking in a sense cuz that the call is because it's black and white and and even somebody is one of these guys a dude you know one of these guys saying to me and well look if you want to join me on the big show it's 2 1 8 6 3 2 9 3 9 9 2 & 8 6 3 to 9 3 9 9 to passcode is 2020 without their pound sign or the hash tag and he's saying if I'm if I'm so against capitalism why don't you give your work away instead of selling it and it's it's the same black and white thought that gives riot just gross misunderstanding listen to what I imagine saying man it that that question is no different than these maggot people and these Republican types is that if you don't like the United States why don't you get the hell out and it is what I'm saying like I told to Tom we're talking about legitimate fact-based logical critiques of capitalism and socialism there's good and bad with both but people Americans in particular want to just have this rosy idea that there's that capitalism is the perfect ideology or or or principle and and in that if anything bad happens on the capitalism well it's not real capitalism we've never had it so real capitalism the idea that the that the principles of capitalism that there aren't problems that come with that when you put into execution is just ridiculous it's just just as we can show the honest critiques about capitalism there are honest critiques about socialism and I'm not saying that I I've even said here I think the mixed system that we have right now which has been in place for hundreds of years the only problem I see in that the main problem where most of the problems would go away I wrote a whole friggin book about this I've got a whole damn book about this where it's right here ok government indicted the problem is and you have all these psychological problems to come in when you put people in control of others with no responsibility to the victims that's the problem the problem I've said for years even going back to government and adventures illegal in the problem that I have is the violence it is the services be provided at the barrel of a gun that's the problem that's why I say on every single show if I was to do things like the government and that was to force people in my community to give me money would you consider me a criminal so I'm absolutely not advocating for using violence I just I am I am NOT saying to throw again III shouldn't have to repeat myself so often dries the listenership down what they're doing really bad on numbers today anyway but a it there's honest critiques of socialism there's honest critiques of capitalism and I don't buy this anarcho-capitalist crap that everything is sugar and spice and everything nice capitalism is the is the is there's no flaws in it whatsoever and if there is a if something does happen not to capitalism yeah just like Tom try to try to say that market manipulation isn't an aspect of capitalism that the idea that you can cut that you have private ownership of the means of production let's say oil and the idea that you can't get together with other people who own their means of production and voluntarily cut your production so that you can justify a higher price to turn around and say that that is not an integral aspect of capitalism is wrong dead wrong that is what comes with capitalism it doesn't mean I want to scrap capitalism I just think people like Jamie Dimon should be in prison for the rest of their friggin lives and the idea that corporations which are just people like eighteen see that they don't hurt people that I can't know know that that that's just wrong to like just like saying banks don't hurt people the number of there were over six thousand I I'd have to check this but give a thousands of suicides in 2008 that supposed to be related directly to the housing crash and I can certainly appreciate the stress that comes from finance you know financial problems anyway let's get some calls we can continue this if you want depends on who's on the line we've got Frankie in Austin Texas welcome back to the big show hi how are you I'm doing well how you're doing I pretty clear pretty damn good anyway I talked to you last week or so uh we were talking about something out I forget what it was we had a good discussion but it was I was kind of rushed so I didn't really make my points really well as far as this capitalism is and communism these are these terms uh I am highly suspected these terms in the first place because you don't use capitalism with your family you don't use socialism with your family you play it by ear you know whatever anybody can handle I think that people should really do what they want that works for them and I try to try to do without government altogether if you have to if you can I don't I don't use government much I mean I have to because I'm trapped in the system but I try to live my life like I'm not trapped I do more contribution ISM get any capitalism or socialism I just contribute my time when I can and I'm rewarded accordingly to what I need I don't really make a profit uh III think that and that's why I've always done my my own personal business I don't uh use banks unless I'm forced to but there's a lot of corruption in capitalism and socialism and there's no corruption at all in contribution ISM your your workers your work is your money whatever you do if you don't have if you don't do the work you don't get the money you know there's people out there enjoying capitalism and socialism both not doing the damn thing shitting around them and they should be teaching their kids something that they're sitting around with their desk or whatever and they're not make they're not making any any money at all but I mean they're making money but they're not making any production so either either case I think that both terms are coined by corruption or corrupt or forces in the in the world I think contribution is the middle really everybody wants to do well what do you think well I I I'm I lean more towards mutualism as an anarchists you know I think as long as the society is not based on on on force and the rules were prop are evenly applied as far as you know do no harm and I don't have a problem you know live honestly and you know one give every man is due and unfortunately in whether it's you know the socialist part of society or Avera markets or the the capitalist part the do no harm is ignored just as much on both sides the ID you know and I just think that there needs to be mutual respect and in the rules apply to the balance the checks and balances are very important which were never followed in the Soviet Union or in in the United States of America checks and balances are totally bought and paid for pretty much I don't I don't understand how either system run by corrupt individuals can be called either one it's corrupted well it's always been that way it's always been a small group of people forcing the community to give them money and to support them and they have a prison system or a bullet if they disagree and it's bit you know and in the whitewashing and history and you know I can't stand this this rise of white nationalism that the white Europeans are not guilty of anything the Indians to you know deserve to be slaughtered and have their culture almost wiped off the face of the planet because they didn't they didn't have the same property values they didn't have the same property concept well hold on one second there we were up against a break we'll be right back we'll be right back in just a few moments here on the know state project so don't go away sorry about that Frank we'll be back in just a minute hold you thought yes welcome back to the new state budget here on the Liberty radio network lriend gone FM and now talking with Frank in Austin Texas so I started to cut you off we were going to get into a break and so for those just tuning in on YouTube there's not too well there's not many of us here today but it is a radio broadcast which is why I'm only participating on the chat during the quarter of the hour breaks so I'm sorry Frank where were you um I was talking about how morally the capitalism and socialism are basically a construct of some type of powerful individuals in the past I believe like Nietzsche Nietzsche was financed by these individuals also Marx was financed by these individuals they are they state they throw all their cash in the ring and they see what comes out and then they support both sides I think that this tactic is is very overlooked this is it's like a one trick pony they've been doing it for a thousand years now and nobody's caught up I mean Jesus go have a life no go go develop your skills money is not the object your skills to help your brother and your sisters and the children out of the other are the whole point it's not about money money comes to those who deserve it you know power it's a power of I can eat the power I can you know be secure in my my property you know uh it's psychological I mean you have if you love your neighbor you're going to make a lot of friends if you're if you're just charging your neighbor yeah it's not so not so great I make a lot of friends by contributing what I can and I and I have a lot of support I'm very rich in love and this is basically what it's about on this planet you can't take any money with you but you can take all the love you want with you unfortunately most people the pretty materialistic and some of us you're forced to have to you have to did since the society most of us live in and what I see is I'd like to just at least in my lifetime get to at least a more ethical immoral society where governments as we know it today are gone and they're you know you don't have a ruling class you know as far as what you're talking about that certainly would help but you don't have a certain a society based on violence which is exactly what we have now a society based on violence where it's okay I think that violence can be read by certain people before it even happens because they're clean the bodies are clean they're in touch with their environment people who mess themselves all up physically and mentally they need it doesn't it so sad that they need this government but black people don't need neither government I don't use license plates I don't use a license for my for my automobile I don't go to court I don't I don't get tickets I get pulled over but I don't get tickets and I and I love I love everyone I mean it's really how you go into this if you want to fight powers that are giving you the opportunity to make a choice okay you're either a you're either going to shine love out of your heart or you're going to shine fear out of your heart if you shine fear out of your heart and get a ticket if you go into court with all kinds of tickets like I have when I first began this quest of being free I had all kinds of tickets but I went up to the judge and I said you know judge we've got really nice hair they're all your friends I've met all your friends and they say you're a nice person can you can you show me the the charges that you're bringing here and so I can properly defend myself well I don't understand these charges because they don't have any subject matter clause or any kind of intent to the law at all how does how do I know this applies to me well you know I talk talk out of my heart and I get a response I let that man go or can we make a deal uh yeah I I do not we're not gonna I wish that that was a tactic that we could just you know you know be respectful and loving and and that would that would would help but it doesn't tend to work out that way unfortunately so it really is it's an approach and it doesn't work out it does work out if you if you take charge if you're if you're going to take charge or be pushed around you have a mentality when you go into a situation are you a skillful enough to understand that these people have demons that they have negative thoughts all day what are you going to do to serve these people they're your brothers and sisters they're recalcitrant I can't argue with that they're very recalcitrant but how do you treat a public servant whose work else's prints do you try to try to throw them in jail well maybe sometimes you do but not always sometimes you want to say look we live on the we live in open market whatever it's about politics yeah I got I got your power I got a line of calls I've got to get to but I I wish think about that I think about it's all powerful oh I agree you know about being nice and respectful but that that alone is not going to get you know that alone is not an effective legal defense that's the beginning of one but it's certainly not something that's going no no do you got to have the skills you got to have the skills to back it up I'm not saying that you can just go in there be nice to a criminal who's trying to destroy you I'm saying that understand that good he'll set if what you're carrying with the lawyer underneath the door well they're certainly using violence and a prison system to get what they wanted to keep and to keep them propped up and they keep letting you know the elites get away with with things that would get us decades in prison so I appreciate the call Frank okay well if we're live we may be live next year we're probably gonna be live next week actually two weeks in a row would be nice so yeah give us a call appreciate it Frank in Austin and I you they uh it may be a little bit is there a well yeah well when you if you're poor and you're out there on the street yeah you certainly it does seem like a war the number of the cops that one of shooting people especially unarmed people that are poor those seem that way that the numbers don't lie you know we got Mike in North Carolina Oh actually we are right up against the brakes on Mike just hold tight my knees more Stephens position to the nose a privateer on lriend out of em the Liberty radio network we'll be back with your calls in just a moment it's two and eight six three to nine three nine nine and the passcode is 2020 with the pound sign so don't go away yes welcome back to the no stay project Iranian Liberty radio network lriend on FM I'm glad I caught it but for some reason the the YouTube comments it Flags when I like Tom you mentioned he hasn't met dick Noble and a flag did I too much moderation yeah I tell you the yeah and I've talked about abortion on the show before and Jason saying my body is my property I think your body is yours but I think the trying to put a property label on a human body just seems repugnant to me i I just I don't get it don't say the number again it's two one eight six three two nine three nine nine two and eight six three two nine three nine nine passcode is 2020 with a pound signs but the pound sign and I will get you into the into the caller line so III just the in yeah I just can't accept this this I know it's a very common common talking point libertarians and some anarchist you own yourself and all of anarchism comes from old self and I disagree with that I think you are yourself I think it's wrong to try to paint it as the principle of anarchy or any principle of freedom or moral principles hinges on whether you accept the argument that you own yourself you are yourself you're not somebody else's property your body is not property I just I cannot accept the the argument that the human body is reduce it to the suggested possession of property no no we we stopped seeing human we should have stopped seeing human beings as property a long time ago an awful long time ago but so you know the principle of Liberty and anarchy anarchy is no rulers and that you know that because it's it's wrong to lie steal kill and cheat other people because you call yourself a government it's just wrong to hurt other people the concept of property my body being property doesn't have doesn't is not necessary to the argument it's not necessary to the principle so I don't think that Anarchy begins with that I own myself I am myself it's wrong to hurt other people not because you're hurting their property if you punch them in the face it's wrong because you're hurting them the issue of property in your body being property is just I know I I don't accept that so the self-proclaimed anarchists I think they do to start from a faulty premise like that is just wrong argue better it's just it's wrong to hurt on people very easy we'll be back with your calls it's 216 399 the past goes 2020 with a pound sign we'll be right back but those on YouTube it's a radio broadcast so I'm not gonna be and it's easier for me to edit so that's why I you so but you can get me on this on the chat yes welcome back to the no stay project here on lriend out of M the Liberty radio network baby lriend on FM is streaming live on my youtube channel no state project over year and yeah taxation the step that I've said government is a criminal organization I think I've been very clear on that I don't think even critics get that part of my show correct so nobody who's a long time listen to the show needs to text me saying hey is taxation tap yeah when you force somebody to give you money a perfect stranger okay when you force someone a stranger in the community to give you money yeah that would be an act of aggression and that would be immoral and I think that is step so yeah yes welcome back to the no stay for edge I'm your host more Stevens or alter yeah and also uh adventures in legal in which you can get a more Stevens done if you want to help support the show which appreciated you do so at Mark Stephens not net and also more Stephens dot cells dot-com you want to join me on the big show it's two and eight six three two nine three nine nine two and a 6:30 to 9:30 ninety nine as usual we had a tech issue but I think the caller line is fixed for whatever the hell that problem was I think it it went away so for those just tuning in yes every quarter the our this since this is a radio broadcast there is a commercial break so every quarter about to every quarter on the hour so we only have three more for this show because this is the sect the third of three hours of end of your radio right here and so this is the first show with the Anarchy banner back so I might be using that a lot more just so there's no no misunderstanding the show is about Anarchy and of course always having to define the terms anarchy meaning no rulers actually had somebody on the show that thought it was chaos in government which I don't know where I don't I can't I just didn't didn't get that at all but it means yeah it's from people like myself of course elves anarchists or the more socially acceptable volunteers do so because we reject the concept of a ruling class and that is okay to lie steal and kill and cheat other people just because you call yourself a government that if it's wrong for me to for someone in the community to give me money a stranger then it's wrong for anybody to do that and even if I got together with a few more of my neighbors it would still be wrong that the numbers you know do not negate the moral nature of the Act so there I do not consider myself an anarchist because I believe I own myself I think that is a wholly irrelevant an unnecessary addition to the anarchist position of voluntours position the just it's repugnant to me the ownership of a that the body is property and I don't accept that I don't I'm not a follower of Iran so I don't I don't reject this idea of the body as property and the idea of using abortion as birth control yeah always going to be immoral my talking if the mother's life is in danger or okay went into medical necessity when someone just doesn't want to have the kid immoral it's not a matter of property that's just a way of excusing it and using property rights things like that has been used to justify some pretty heinous things including the genocide I know someone you know I don't want anyone you know those always Oh doodle video and you said there folks are fingers and you need of American jurors ID because there's still Native Americans uh yeah I'm not full creationist on that one they're from the grandest reaches of the amount of the human intellect no the just because the Indians did not accept the concept the property doesn't mean it was right to try to annihilate them but for those who think it was government policy to annihilate and and genocide and the fact that they didn't accomplish it does not mean that they weren't trying it wasn't genocide you can still see online while still that you can see pitches online and it was policy its admitted policy to they were destroying their food supply they would and and they they forced their children I mean my gosh in Canada they were doing it up until just like 1980 where they would take their children to re-educate them to the Western European way the the you know do and destroy their language and whatnot look what they try to do yeah and okay so I don't agree with the argument that we even need the argument to argue successfully and show the merits of anarchism by saying that it starts with self ownership no it's it's wrong you need rational secular ethics and that that's why government is wrong that's why a ruling class is wrong the ID idea that someone has a moral right to do what's immoral that's ridiculous that it that argument in and of itself shows what is the basis of anarchy not saying that well I owe myself no you are yourself why do you have to add in ownership not everything is about property yeah it's it's it's like it's like the god of some n caps and some anarchists property and on the first day property was create no property is important but it shouldn't substitute will be used as an excuse to hurt people the numbers 2 & 8 6 3 2 9 3 9 9 did I see they did home bombing it did you have us I'm so I did you has something else to add oh I didn't know if I was hung up on by accident or on purpose oh okay I'm sorry but we got a I've got a few minutes left in the segment okay no yeah you know what wasn't me it's it's always the people they are in charge of an organization they go ahead and create the tone of the culture of that organization and I think that you know as long as people are looking up to you know figure C or you know Obama or any of them and they always assume we always assume that the way we are today who we are today is the correct way to be for everybody else and it's just not necessarily true and I think that yeah the as long as we accept the values and the beliefs and that the I did the systems that have been we've been indoctrinated with through the Prussian education system they you know we're never really going to be able to get past the whole idea of needing a ruling class yeah I think that you're right about a lot about the idea that a lot of people that are in the anarchist movement they don't want they don't want rules they're more about well what I say is right and if you don't like it touch it and that's the exact same you know the ruling class tells us so if we're not going to be like them because really you know something is going to have to change something's going to have to be in the mind state in the state of mind that we're in something is going to have to change or we're going to become exactly what we hate well I don't know about that I think something doesn't have to change we need some social evolution we have to stop accepting that they're a group of people that the rules don't apply to and move towards stopping what drops them up and that is getting rid of the of the compulsory violence support for them and having a transparent system where you know you have the services that are provided communally or social you know like the same services now do we that like like roads and one that were just not using a person system to pay for it and in so much will fall from that to where and I wish I had time and assignment but you know so that you don't have things like monopolies way so you don't have things like with the telecommunications industry where you have a monopoly because of government giving them that will finish in the next segment I suggest hold tight they're at home moment my name is Mark Stevens listening to the no stay project here in lriend out of him and and I do want to address and I will address the question jet 888 is if you don't claim yourself are you leaving yourself vulnerable for someone else to claim you so now and I'll get to that in the next segment as well so don't go away we'll be back in just a few moments welcome back you listening to the no stay pride you here on lriend a family Liberty radio network and streaming live on my youtube channel no stay project let's get back to the phones we got a home bomb in it so just pick up where you left off yeah okay so the last thing was how do we get these order takers to stop taking orders and actually think about what they're doing because their actions are that what they're doing is without conscience they cannot a lot of them will tell you they follow the orders whether they like them or not up and that's something that they are doing without conscience so if you point if you show them a lot of them don't really think of it that way if you show them that this is an unconscionable job an unconscionable thing that they are doing and they did it's harming them on a subconscious level because a lot of them end up going home and beating on their families then they will go ahead and and they'll think about it they'll realize it because a lot of people want to go ahead pick up a gun or get into a fight or act out of anger and that's what I think might that would be a big problem you'd end up having a you know big bloodbath and I don't think that that would change anybody's mind no you see the the thing is it for the vast vast majority of bureaucrats and cops they're not going to stop doing what they're doing as long as they're feeding their family as long as they're able to get paid and getting pensions they don't give it they don't it's just like someone who's really really wealthy they don't have to care they may not necessarily be a psychopath a diagnosable psychopath but they don't they have the privilege of not caring and that's what money does to people not all but that's what it tends to do so we have to have an alternative you're not look I I don't think we're going to get anywhere by trying to give in to police officer these are useful idiots these are guys who will tell you without a hint of shame whatsoever I take orders cops take orders and cops give orders they're not paid to think they're not paid to have a conscience and they're not paid to to you know to do the right thing and and it gets to what you were mentioning before that the tone is set by the top management sets the tone if this one for example I think you're right because if management will not enforce the rules to keep the company the employees safe for example and that it did enforce the rule you know basic principles of do no harm where there's you know like having a hostile work environment if the management does it allows that to happen that is going to corrupt the whole damn thing that's the whole few bad apples thing because it infects the whole system because now what you have is a situation where nobody wants to be a whistleblower no one's gonna say anything because they're going to be retaliated against so that people keep them so you can have somebody who otherwise would stand up and say something but because the management is so bad did you know that you know it look I I speak from experience a member of mine where they allowed a somebody into a position of a upper middle management that was so bad and so against the company policy but because they were having a sexual relationship with upper management HR said there was nothing that could be done so what you had was a mass exodus they said Oh F you're saying I'm a phone guru to me no other funcle' to you and so you had a you had an exodus of really good talented medical professionals who were not leaving the department or the hospital because they would because the management would not do the right thing and you know I think what we have to do is educate people who can actually do something educate the people you know and try to get the policies changed and I think that you're also right on the facts so there's got to be a multi-pronged approach to this because you're also right that the money is a control mechanism and there has to be some alternative for them to go ahead and feed their families yeah yeah I mean I had spoken about a number of alternatives but nothing actually worked out and in in its yeah okay maybe it just wasn't a good idea you know I can accept that obviously you know history teaches us it teaches me that but I you know if we're looking at changing the policy I think if you change the policy if you actually can get we can get to a point in New Hampshire for example where prosecutors and you know judges and police officers and bureaucrats are stripped of their immunity they are now responsible for the damage that they caused and it's not being supported on a violent compulsory basis I think that will have a major psychological change in the type of people who are bureaucrats because they have that one of the key things missing is responsibility to the victim and I go through and government dieded what that does to your psychology and that changes your behavior bring back to where they're not above us so you level the playing field the cop is just out there actually trying to protect you no life liberty and property okay and and he's fully responsible for the damage that he causes that's going to change the way they act that's gonna change the type of people that get in and if it is transparent and they are responsible and whistleblowers are not you know excoriated then I think that's going to go you know it would be a big step in our social evolution and how these people treat us and if we could go ahead and drop a peg and drop the the ruling class down a peg by admitting that money is a control mechanism and doesn't have anything to do with deserve then we could go ahead and you know people won't be looking up to them as being so wonderful and great just because they have more yeah one of the few things I agree with rush limbaugh on and I cuz I think the man is a disgusting example of he met I can't stand the guy but he did say something that I gotta agree that's an addict he's got emotional problems but well he's he's got yeah he's he's he's a shill he actually he said government is a get-rich-quick scheme and I'm paraphrasing that and he and and and on that he is absolutely right it that there's so much money by becoming a bureaucrat becoming a part of the ruling class that of course that together with no responsibility to your victims of course is going to be problems so that's why we've got to get rid of the compulsory nature strip them of their immunity they're just employees they're not honorable unless their actions show it and treat them then they get treated just the same way that you and I are if I was to you know do some of the things that look if I just collected money in by force from my community I'm a criminal this if those rules are in are accepted across the board and and enough people accept the basic logic that it is wrong that they do not have a moral right to be immoral yeah things can start to change yeah not til that yeah people have to as long as people accept them as authorities and if they have a moral right to be immoral nothing will change nothing well I have to get some other calls we're up against a Wow we got a lot of calls all right home bomb and I appreciate the call glad we could we can discuss that we'll be back here with your calls Wow we only have two segments left so we'll do what we can to get everybody we'll be back in just a few moments here on the nose they project so please don't go away yes welcome back to the no stay project here on the Liberty radio network lrm thought of them streaming live on my youtube channel we're on our YouTube there no stay project gets up if you're not because we're going to try to do the role-playing after the show today but you know maybe at 4:15 Pacific time maybe I have 15 maybe within a half-hour of the live broadcast so we get a to get more participants doing that so if you are prepping for koi and you want to do some role-playing or maybe even just hear it which I highly recommend you do want to do that after the show contact me at Frank Rizzo 3 on skype and I get you the discord link and take it from there before I get to the call I just want to address this question if you don't jet 88 is saying if you don't claim yourself as property is your own product don't you leave yourself vulnerable for someone to claim to claim you you don't need to say that you own yourself to defend against a claim that somebody owns you at least you know from my perspective I'm not your property you ends the discussion I don't have to say I I'm not your property I'm my own property I mean doesn't it is it me or does that really sound stupid I you don't own me I own me I I guess me because I had him you know pounded into my head about being terse and they can show that your argument you know is terse just say what needs to be said and so if somebody is actually going to be making a claim that they own me as property I just know and I'm not your property I don't need to add because I am my own problem I don't need to do that I don't see the benefit of doing that so if someone is going to claim you as property they do it now they claim that they own us basically well they don't say ownership but they certainly act in a manner that that they have a right to tell us what to do and punish us if we don't whether we're hurting someone or not so yeah I don't think yeah I don't think you need to claim ownership of yourself to exercise self-defense and I don't think you're exercising of self-defense of force hinges on the premise if you are you're if you own yourself self-defense does not come you know an animal that has no concept of property whatsoever okay yeah can't conceptualize that if it is being attacked is not going to be thinking oh I own myself so it's okay for me to defend my life I I think it's it I excuse me but I just think it's a pseudo intellectual kind of thing where someone's trying to sound more intelligent than they really are and am I saying everyone doing that but a few in particular that I have in mind I think that's that's probably the case a very vocal one who thinks he's more intelligent than he actually comes across as any we've got another caller we have area code eight zero one I think it's Utah what what's your name where you calling from yeah means diet Illya moved I'm now in what frickin time wait yeah he said you said your name was John yeah all right well John what can I do for you today so a couple things I'm coming into your program that's wondering the first off I will be the best way to kind of start and get an understanding of the position you're taking respect to how individuals should approach conflict with government well I you know I have a I have a book government indicted that breaks a you know a lot of stuff down gives a complete model for how I and many others have successfully defended ourselves and then sees bureaucrats I have that's a pretty good one yeah you can start with the book you can listen to the shows I discuss this stuff on every single show the the archives of the show go back years not all of them are video like this but uh you know like the the Wednesday show that I did there's a lot of graphics with it so a lot of what I'm saying I put in the graphics so that you can see the source yeah I'm just trying to get kind of wrap my head around a year approach I've seen a couple of different people two different approaches to it and trying to figure out what's gonna work best for my situation and then that kind of thing in that currently and then come trouble but that I I'd like to be as free from my government interference in my life of Pablo and I understand that that's probably bring some attention to me if I'm not too careful well I would be careful about it I would not suggest unless you are doing it as an activist and you understand the consequences I would not suggest taking the license plate off the car I would always travel in the car that has a current tag on it but another thing I would suggest in addition to my work I would learn look at your logical fallacies and basic principles of logic so that you'll be able to recognize a bad argument whether it's for me or somebody else so if I and and you know even just looking at it is no your logical fallacies is graphic then it goes through them so you you can recognize a bad argument because I believe in being a skeptic and I like what Christopher Hitchens said that that that asserted what is asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence and basic principle of logic that the one making the claim bears the burden of proof and so I make a lot of it i yeah i I analyze my arguments the same way you would a government type were a prosecutor who's hitting you with it so assume that what I'm saying is is false until I give you the evidence and the logic that is based on because I'll admit it's a pretty bold claim of mine to say that the there's no evidence that these written instrument called written instruments called constitutions and laws apply to anybody that's that's a pretty big pretty bold claim and I you know like anyone else the burden is on me I have to be able to prove yet and I think I can I think the fact that we start from government is just men and women and we could prove that and that they force everyone to in the community to give them money under threat of jail and if we start from those facts how given those facts doesn't make any sense at all that their constitutions these religions would apply to anybody under those conditions those facts yeah as well well they know I mean you give me a good start there okay yeah and I think nothing is nothing is immune from challenge and if if you ever have a situation where somebody is saying that this claim you just have to accept it on you know it's true I think that you're looking at a comment and and so what I would I recommend doing when you're defending yourself is that we should challenge the prosecutors claims against you because he has the bad heard the proof right yeah and I know every both do we won't paper I think that I'm not quite sure that related gave the exports and them a bigger question the Tax Court well alright we'll get to Tax Court in just a second so the second part of how would I recommend defending ourselves is we're going to not give the prosecution's claims any free passes that we're going to challenge all of them now that makes sense right yeah definitely doesn't love them but I've heard a couple of your your shows and things like that where you talk about the different right so it doesn't make any sense to help the prosecution by assuming one you know some of their claims are true you know right and the basis of the prosecution's claims and I have video of the Supreme Court Chief Justice here in Arizona agreeing to this that's their it they'll tell you this and that's what's important is that they're saying it to you it's provable you can and they say that the the basis of their claim is always if you're physically in Utah then the laws apply given em jurisdiction and that should be challenged so just hold on a second we're up against the break we'll be right back I will be right back here on the know state project talking about some of the basics on how to defend that is the way they that all their code violations stem from that argument that if you're physically in Utah then the laws apply and there's no evidence to support that whatsoever well we'll be back in a moment so don't go away yeah welcome back to the nose day project we we've had the all-caps name stuff in the comments and now somebody UCC maritime law the law went under is called a force continuum do as we say or you will get hurt that's that's that everything else is just you know is just window window dressing and public relations do as we tell you or get punished that's that's that's they're wrong all right I want to bring back and got John in Washington Heights John let me just ask you because I'm gonna try to get another caller you know we've got a couple of minutes and then I'll try to get another caller you see the you see though the the logic and why we would want to follow those three principles of keep the burden of proof and challenge the prosecution's claims don't give them any free passes and challenge and always challenge the foundation of their claim right aperi Jim we're going to challenge the prosecution's claims because the burden of proof is on them – we're not going to give the prosecution any free passes three we're going to challenge hard you know zealously and focus most of our attention on the foundation of the prosecution's claims and that is that if you're physically in Utah the laws apply right yeah I get that um what about code you would have put the same way if you're talking about that they are good between you in the United America that they love the pipe you the federal laws yes deep because the you're talking about another Constitution they believe if you're physically or one time were physically in the United States when you were born that a written instrument from written in 1787 not only applies to you but creates obligations on you and that's a legal claim the you know so what evidence they are required to have evidence to prove that that's true some will argue and you know that they don't have to do that I agree because they're not going to allow you and I to make the fountain a foundational legal claim against them without any proof right and and their tactic is always going to be the point to the standard because the laws or the or the Constitution or whatever rather than the evidence that is being put up against the standard or measured against the standard this is the fact or evidence well what they'll typically do in court for you know is that they'll point to the code and and you'll say well the code says yeah and so what I what I recommend doing when they do that to me and I have calls where I address the actual bureaucrats and prosecutors with this and we can get them to reverse that into you asking leading question we should be asking leading questions like this where it's yes or no and the information is in the question and I asked him isn't that backwards isn't the Constitution the authority for the code not the other way around like your asset or serving and they'll go yeah you're right okay so if the Constitution is is the proof of the code again let me ask you what proof do you have that the Constitution applies just because I physically in the United States where I'm physically in Utah and in you know gold is there something you can do like preemptively like I see some people talk about all kind of really crazy things about 30 prefer to do all I kind of done is there anything that you say that you should be doing preemptively the prevent somebody from coming up against you there's nothing no no III know of no effective if they attack you and they charge you file a motion to dismiss and discover request and start questioning them on the facts they have to support their claims but preemptively no I what I suggest doing is maybe getting some information at you know some testimony statements you can use against them so I would go to City Council meetings and I have a couple of them online where I've done it here in Mesa well I did it in I did it in Scottsdale I didn't intend pay and you can question them on these same things that you would ask in court oh you guys operate on the presumption that to find physically in Utah then your rules apply in create also do billable change and and they'll say well yeah of course so that's how it works Angie what kind of evident what kind of facts if any do you rely on the proof that that claim is true so with reflect that would you feel like a cock to somebody with the IRS or something like that and get them to blink you what statute or whatever they think apply to you oh well would I am well yeah the thing is you don't know who's actually going to charge you so you don't know what agent is gonna be responsible for the claim just like you don't know what cop is going to stop you and he's the one and he would so but if you interfere like somebody like in the general family would they pay the friend find out about the you know other file might factors can you tell me how do I know whether or not certain yeah I don't know it may yeah you may not be able to use it wow that is that is is that oh come on do it right at the end of the show so what I think you can do is like I mentioned the City Council and you can go you know you could talk to them you can talk to a city manager uh-huh and you can ask them yeah I'm more concerned about my the federal level but yeah this year yeah you don't know who's again you don't know who's going to be bringing the charge so as far as preemptively and being able to use it against them and at the federal level no I wouldn't say that there's anyone because no matter what is said you're not going to stop an agent or a computer from attacking you oh all right I appreciate the call oh yeah I will live on on Wednesdays also so if you have other questions don't hesitate to call all right I appreciate the cold John I'm gonna drop off the call in lunch so because it look like I got my resident role back so we don't have to worry about that anymore we only I only have a few minutes left anyway so I did want to address what a friend and count and Chris in North Carolina had brought up and and I don't want too much time to talk about this but say I guess it's a good way to end the show what do we do when the bureaucrat starts playing dumb and what I mean by that is is it it is the political tactic of saying it lying by saying I don't understand what you're saying I don't understand what you're getting and so unfortunately what you have to do when they're doing that we know they're lying so you got to roll with it oh okay and I said just start it over again and use their statements sir aren't you or doesn't this agency operate under the presumption that if I physically in Arizona that your Constitution and code apply yeah because you understand that that's how you operate yeah can you prove that that's true so if I ask you you're able to present evidence that that's true right you're not just making you could throw them a little snarkiness you're not just pulling that out of thin air are you I mean you can actually prove that that's true I mean you you know and you wouldn't you wouldn't come after me and take my property if that wasn't true well yes so it's absolutely sure you can prove right now and so you spoon-feed them so you can you can prove this there we'll call a shame so I'll say that you know to our last call listen to a lot of the caller's shame so you have an idea of how these people will respond to you and how I have responded and what is resolved it wants to come from that so when they play stupid you gotta you gotta just take a deep breath and and spoon-feed them one little piece at a time uh you know I love when they come out and they say I don't have to prove that okay we're just just just just if you're out to know if you're operating in good faith or not can you or you or you know is you got to ask leading questions can you do that or are you just making a baseless claim against them because you did they let you get away with it because there are no bruh there are no facts to prove that and if there were facts to prove that then all these bureaucrats including the Chief Justice of the Arizona Supreme Court would have just laid them on the table they wouldn't have said stupid things such as well the fact that prove the Constitution applies to you ray now Marcus you're physically in Arizona on all the people we prosecuted to put in prison now say those who are new listening to the show you have to accept that it would you have to assume that what they're saying to you is false you have to challenge them on you have to look at the logic about is it logical is it a valid argument to say that the other other putting other people in prison proves the constitutional laws apply to me you yeah because you you have to break it down and look at what they're actually saying logic dictates you have to look at what about the first person they prosecuted there wasn't a history of anybody else so the first person they prosecuted could not under their own argument it's that easy to show just how how how ridiculous their claims on this is why when you have a prison system you don't need facts and logic and evidence you don't need good things but hey I appreciate everyone tuning in today my name is Marcie even it's been a no state project for April 20th 2019 I will be live on Wednesday so Solow

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  • I just discovered your channel today via the Google AI system. I am an activist and an anarchist and I look forward to speaking with you soon, after I peruse more of your channel…
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  • Without a 'state" there would be no words such as "socialism" "capitalism" or 'communism'… there would simply be "free trade" nothing complicated about it. Educate yourself so that YOU can create and produce a product or service that others will pay / barter for or starve and die… Quite simple.. You'd be out of a "job" Marc…without a "state" what would you do?

  • Capitalism is merely the free association between one or more parties. Today, the power of government is used to give various parties an advantage over each other in the marketplace which is anti-capitalist.

  • Why have we become so far off topic?
    When was the last time "Mc'nutt vs GMAC ON challenge of Jurisdiction?
    How about US v Baily on the charging document being the only "evidence" ?
    What has happened to us???

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