OCD Mythbusters: People with OCD don't know they're acting irrationally

the myth that people don't know that they're acting irrationally with OCD I think is weakness I think one of the most frustrating misconceptions about OCD is that a lot of people think they've got it when they don't I think it's really important to understand the distinction between little obsessions that we all might have I mean let's be honest on social media you've almost all got some some little obsessional behavior going on I would hope people could see beyond the myths of us just being organized as just being clean it's just being neurotic and understand how to billete ting it can be and that always amazes me with OCD people that you have you might spend hours doing something but if someone walks in you have to stop because you don't want people to see what you're doing we know what we're doing is irrational and that's why the title [Applause]

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