OCI Foundation's 2019 Goodwill Message

happy 2019 everyone I wish you all a blessed New Year ahead it's an exciting time once again and I'm glad to you know welcome everyone into the new year on behalf of the OCI foundation I hope we all had a Merry Christmas and wish you know the best that comes to the new year 2019 it's been a glorious year for us in 2018 the OCI foundation made a number of giant strides in multiple fields and in addition to wishing us all a happy 2019 we're going to talk through what the foundation has in stock for everyone and we're gonna catch up on what we've done in the years gone by and point out the directions in the year to come and in the years to come after that you know it's been a glorious year I said you know in 2018 because the OCI foundation got registered and recognized here in Australia which is a big testament to what we've done and what we are continuing to do I mean we all know we were registered first in Nigeria in 2016 data follows the privilege to you know get into the Nigerian system and I keep lifting lives to where we promise to do but in 2018 the ACNC a in Australia recognized us registered us and they even more importantly glad granted us the DG our status which is the deductible gift recipient status meaning that anyone who wants to support the USD found a CF foundation can do that in a tax-deductible and free way so this is a testament to what we've done and the importantly is gonna help us move from helping hundreds and thousands to potentially hundreds of thousands and possibly millions in the years to come so we are very glad with that and it's a very important move for us yeah so as we all know the OCI foundation is founded on three main tripods which reflects you know a larger goal and our values and what the mission and vision of the foundation represents so this size in a premise turn education on health and on direct empowerment we're going to talk through each and each one of this in a minute all right so first we go into the educational programs of the OCI foundation which is the first of the three tripods as you all know we give out three sets of scholarship every year to indigent a bit brilliant students back home in Nigeria we are going to talk through those individual scholarships and remind us all of what we do yeah so the first of the scholarships is the affirms of scholarship awards which represents the if a dram marker for memorial Senior Secondary School Awards it's a scholarship named D on behalf of my dear dad who passed away just around the time this foundation was being set up he was an educational champion if I without him not in that Sapna now will be happening he had the vision that education is a great leveler education can lift on level everyone up and I'm a testament to that and I think he was just a befitting legacy a befitting you know our to him to name this scholarship after him so the affirms our Junior Awards this is a scholarship mapped out for youngsters in junior secondary school in Nigeria secondary schools in 2017 and 2018 we give out five and ten scholarships respectively but we excited to say that in the air to come 2019 and going forward that every indigenous aware enrolled at the Community High School in so we're in js3 will be entitled to this sole so we're looking at dozens if not scores of four students that will be eligible for this award from 2019 going forward so regarding the affirms as senior Awards this is a scholarship award mapped out for those in senior secondary schools three in Nigeria which in Australia is equivalent to year 12 so at this stage in Nigeria most collison roof of their senior School Certificate examinations it's a bit challenging for some pas students where we the foundation have developed a strategy where we pick out the best students in the locality where we serve and we give them our walls after our what we call any forms the challenge so the from the challenge brings out the best three students from each of the schools in the in the local government where we serve and we give them we set an example for them pick out the best of them and we give them the awards that covers the entire registration fees for this scholarship award well fellas we get from Nigeria tell us that scholarship prize scheme is a Mickey it's making a lot of impact already we've understood I in the past two year the performances have gotten much higher and there we also realized that the first of our scholarship winners is already an undergraduate in a tertiary institution back home in Nigeria this was a very exciting news for us and we hope to continue on this pathway and we hope to lift more people in this regard in the years to come yeah so the third tier of a scholarship scheme is called a cypher undergraduate scholarship now this for those that either in the first year of the height of the university or need to share institution or those are already in it so what we've done in the past is to grant them this award and renew it every year as they go try to academic performances it's exciting the first year and the second year of care that are promises this year as we promised earlier on we're going to increase the scholarship given the cash equivalent to this scholarship by 40% so you know it's a big financial increase and we tend to have more people you know on this collective platform so we encourage everyone if you have reward if you have someone enrolled all about going to year one from the locality we serve watch out from February 22nd to April 26 the scholarship scheme will open and we welcome you all to apply our held activities have been great last year and the year before that we made giant strides in the first year we had nearly 450 students that attended our symposium last year we had about 300 and these are just the students that came we still have their teachers and some other stuff table attended the event and the feedback we got have been tremendous so we do you know teachings on how to prevent breast and cervical cancers and it's been exciting everyone appreciates what we do and this is the early stages of what we intend to do to save lives going forward from this we intend to change the approach of what we do from 2019 going forward so the OCI foundation is very very proud to announce that we are going to introduce these strategies in the curriculum of senior secondary schools in Nigeria so across ss1 ss2 an SS tree we already working with the relevant authorities and it's interesting to know that we have the backing of the Harvard Medical School who in association with Yoshi Foundation founder is currently developing the curriculum in question justice female male not know the LCF foundation's president is actually which is my humble service actually undergoing a program where they have at medical school which you know this is part of what we are doing to help make sure we touch not just hundreds but thousands and millions of Nigerian young ladies so it's exciting triangle not just the Harvard Medical School most NGOs in Australia the government in Nigeria and lotta NGOs in Nigeria all part of this Novelli initiative after also add that we're gonna be rolling this out first with a number of states which is their my home state back in Nigeria we also have another state in in line that we're gonna you know be the second to to roll this this program out in and then after that we go to the rest of Nigeria so everyone brace office is an exciting year ahead or on our health front yeah so we have an exciting program we're going to call it the Emirates campaign so breasts are like I can sulphide MOA it's campaign so we're gonna I'm them young we're gonna aim them all and we're gonna aim them now so this is gonna be the slogan watch out for this plugin it's gonna be a household clog and it makes few years to come so everyone stay tuned for this right it's gonna be interesting yeah so the total leg of our tripod is what we call direct employment now this is the only trial on the leg that we have not started yet don't you know excited to say that this relator come up in late 2099 2020 so this is designed to assist those you know youngsters that are not in formal education because we are we acknowledge the fact that we have a lot of brilliant young people out there who are not privileged to be in schools now the OCI foundation has not forgotten this group of people so we tend to roll out a program whereby we able to you know sustain their dreams empower them with either forms or resources or opportunities to help build on the skills they've got or give them the skills that I don't have so that's that and that's gonna happen either late this year or from 29 2020 I wouldn't this this discussion of this speech without acknowledging you know the people that have brought us this far well first our thanks go to the Almighty God who's made it possible for us to get this dream get this idea and stay focused on our dreams on actualize in them we're grateful to him and we hope that his grace will continue to abide by us we have others happy very vital to the success of this program first is the vice president was my dear wife without her we wouldn't be where we are then we have very strong issue and I am who's the legal adviser to the OCI foundation he's been tremendous in getting us to where we are we also have all the trustees of the foundation does doctor HMO care for based in the US and we have dr. a car behind roof was building into Nigeria and these guys have been fantastic in getting us to every year and we have also some directors of the OCI foundation Australia we have mr. John we're based in London the United Kingdom and we have past and Nicole Smith was with in Tasmania here in Australia and there we also have a number of other stuff that has been extremely useful to the success of what will be doing mrs. Imelda Emeka was a puzzle no director of the PPSS seen Alan breasted or cha-cha zone she's been very very useful to what we've been doing we have a former model a Nvidia who's been our office director and she's been extremely helpful yeah we also say want to say a big thank you to mrs. Maria narrable for you know accepting to assist us so you've done a tremendous job so far and we thank you for all you've been doing and we hope to have you for many more years to come we also need to thank some other people that have helped us the media assistant was the decades on LGR we have some media stuff Pizza of the news agency of Nigeria and we have our cameraman we have our reflect on the printer Collins memoir we thank you very much for all you've done for us and there's so many other people that too numerous to mention the current owner director of PPSS Solanum restate these are not chairman of the PP SSC and many others many many others too too numerous to mention now everyone legal advisers here in Australia the Clayton News Lions we thank you very much another soft pad Amir ever mentioned your name but we are really very grateful and we hope to work with you and many more people in the years to come

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