Old Covenant vs New Covenant-It's About God's Divorce and Remarriage to Israel

have you ever wondered what the New
Covenant is all about and if you're considered that there's
actually an Old Covenant the Bible talks about an everlasting
covenant as well what's going on here what's the
difference between the Old Covenant and the new covenants would you be surprised if I told you
that it was all about God and Israel getting married yeah it's actually true you see when we
actually look through the text what we find is that God and Israel they
got married so we're gonna take a look at that we see here that what we see is
that God and Israel got married this is then those of you who escaped will
remember me among the nations because I was crushed by their adulterous heart
which is departed for me and by their eyes to play the harlot after their
idols so here God is speaking to the southern
kingdom of Judah and he's talking about how he had married them they were adult
rest Ezekiel chapter 16 verse 8 is even
clearer i want to show this to he says when i passed by you again and looked
upon you indeed your time with the time of love so I spread my wings over you and cover
your nakedness yes I swore an oath to you and entered
into a covenant with you and you became mine says the Lord well God goes on and he says you are in
adulterous wife who takes strangers as that of her husband and then in 1638 and
i will judge you as women who break wedlock or shed blood are judged i will
bring blood upon you in theory and jealousy and as a second witness we
have in Jeremiah 3 verse 20 God says surely as a wife treacherously
depart from her husband so you have don't trust us with me o
house of Israel says the Lord now we're going to take a look at some more
scriptures but I wanted to show you that God and Israel got married and just as
we saw God said that he entered into a covenant with Israel and she became his
so when we understand this whole idea of a marriage or a covenant he's talking
about a marriage covenant so this study is all about God's divorce
and his real marriage now again this might seem like a big
shock what are you talking about dog this is impossible God can't get
divorced he just doesn't do that well he did
though he actually married Israel and then he divorced Israel because she was unfaithful hey by the way my name is Doug HAMP you
can check me out at douglas and dot com you can also look at my videos on
youtube.com slash dug him so let's get started a divorce that
study of God's divorce and remarriage well it you got the wedding vows right
it was at Mount Sinai after God had slayed the dragon he'd gone through Dale
and over mountains to get his wife Israel this damsel in distress who was
back in Egypt he went and he saved her and how he has taken her he took her to
Mount Sinai and there he reposed it will you be mine and he says if you will
indeed obey my voice and keep my covenant then you shall be a special
treasure to me above all people for all the earth is mine what God is saying is
like you're gonna be my my special sugar plum you're gonna be my honey bun you're
gonna be my my sugar my sweetheart and all this stuff is what he's saying could
be my special treasure to me above all people for all the earth is behind these
are terms of endearment what God is doing here is he's he's asking he's
proposing he's asking Israel to be as wife and what Moses tells us in
Deuteronomy says you have I your God has chosen you to be a people for himself a
special treasure above all the peoples on the face of the earth so Moses is
just reiterating what God did back there in exodus chapter 19 Moses goes on to
say you have I do not set his love on you nor choose you because you were more
in number than any other people for you are the least of all peoples all right
let's take a break right there so first of all you said that you a ho
Ha did not set his love on you nor choose you because you're more and
number than any other people so God loves Israel and he didn't do it
because they were the best or the strongest or the most numerous not at
all they're actually this is kind of this
damsel in distress this idea and he says but because you have I'll loves you and
because he would keep the oath which he swore to your father's Yvonne has
brought you out with a mighty hand and redeemed you from the house of bondage
from the hand of Pharaoh king of Egypt so again Moses retelling the story that
God went down to Egypt he got the damsel in distress out of harm's way he got
away from that terrible dragon and he took her then into the wilderness and
said will you be mine and he says I'm going to bless you and of course what
does she say she says yes now this recording of the vowels is in
the book of the Covenant the book of the Covenant is from Exodus chapter 20
through 23 so it's a mere four chapters and it kind
of gives the ideas of what you're supposed to do in the marriage it's basically the obligations that each
party has in the marriage with you today we would call this our vows you know I
dug promise to love you with all my heart until death do us art and all that stuff right well that's
essentially what's happening here God says I'm going to bless you i'm going to
take care of you would provide for you at cetera and Israel's responses all
that the Lord has said we will do and God said look I want you to keep my Ten
Commandments these are these ten important things that I really think are
important and by the way here's a little bit of explanation as to what all of
these mean what does it mean to murder what does it mean to steal and he gives
the explanation and said yes we will do it this is very much like a ketubah that's
basically a Jewish marriage contract right as a good to buy you can see one
here on your screen that is a a modern ketubah between two
people here that have decided to get married and so there Moses is sealing this he's ratifying
this then he Moses took the book of the Covenant and read in the hearing of the
people obviously doesn't take Moses to do this God can do it Moses is simply one of the
witnesses he sort of the the minister if you will who is kind of officiating this wedding
if you will and so here we have a marriage contract with prenuptial
agreements in case of infidelity so the terms and conditions were you
have eyes 10 words his ten commandments which he gave for Israel's good and says
and now Israel what does you have I your God require of you but to fear you have
I your God to walk in all his ways and here it is look at and to love him to
serve you well your God with all your heart with all your soul and to keep the
commandments of yovah and his statutes which I command you today for your good now this isn't too much to ask is it
when you get married it maybe you're married already remember that day or maybe you're
looking forward to this don't you want your wife or your husband
to love you with everything they've got that's what we all dream of right I mean that's what a good marriage
should look like and that's what God is asking Israel to do love me with
everything you've got but of course he can't make her love him
he could only ask her he can beg her he can persuade her but
he can't make her do it that's a decision that she'll have to make just
like you can't make your boyfriend your girlfriend or your spouse actually love
you you can only you know give them every reason to love you but you can
actually make them love you and that's what God is doing here as well so we
have a marriage contract just like we saw there in Ezekiel chapter 16 he says
I entered into a covenant with you and you became mine this happened at Mount Sinai God took
Israel to be his lawfully wedded wife and Israel's response was I do all that yehova has said we will do and be
obedient so you've told your fiancé you know you before you ask you get down on
one knee you say will you marry me I promise to be faithful to you will you be faithful to me and she says
I do so here you have it and all israel needed to do was to love God to love him
by remaining faithful to him you have also promised that if they
would be faithful that Israel be a special treasure to him of all people
for all the earth is mine he says are in Exodus 19 5 so their marriage contract
it was it was cut that's the Hebrew word their kind of
bleach which means literally means to cut a deal and that's where we get that
term to cut a deal is from the Bible so the contract was cut and the vowels
are ratified with blood and Moses took the blood sprinkle it on the people and said this
is the blood of the covenant which eva has made with you according to all these words so today
what we would do is we both signed on the dotted line and we have you know two
or three witnesses there that are watching this it might be in front of
the county clerk it might be in front of a pastor or however and then that is actually
mailed in to the county courthouse or to the clerk and then it's put on file and
now it's official because it has witnesses and it's on
public record well the same thing happened here with
God's marriage to Israel it has witnesses it has blood it has
been sealed it's been signed and now it's completely
official well the unfortunate part is that Israel
was not faithful to her husband now when I talk about Israel of course
I'm talking about the twelve tribes of Israel I'm not just talking about the tribe of
Judah I'm talking about all twelve tribes are
at the United Israel so United Israel the 12 tribes were not faithful from the
very beginning which is very very sad as you recall the story of the golden
calf you might say on their wedding night she
was already out looking after these other gods and in already – timing i
mean think about how your heart would be broken at you you've asked your your
girlfriend to marry you she says yes the big day comes you guys exchange
vowels and you know it's the most beautiful wonderful day of your life and
then you discover that she's off behind the water cooler with an old fling and
you're like what in the world is going on here all right and you think man I could
divorce right now cause she's been unfaithful she's broken the Covenant but then you said yourself you know what
she came from a rough home you know the best upbringing not the
best education I still love her and I'm just going to
overlook this thing that's essentially what God did well he goes time goes on
and Israel continues to be a two timer and God is constantly calling them back
to him until eventually God tells Solomon that because of his unfaithfulness that he's going to tear
the kingdom from him and he's going to give it to his servant rail bone well excuse me to Jeroboam there we go
ahead so he he takes it I but because of his servant David he's
going to keep two tribes for the southern kingdom of Judah but the ten tribes are going to go to
the kingdom of israel in the north and so basically all of Israel is then given
to Jeroboam so we see here it says when Jared ball went out of Jerusalem the
Prophet happy on that she loved my met him on the way and he had closed himself
with a new garment and the two were alone in the field that I he I took hold
of the new garment that was on him and tore it into 12 pieces and he said that
cherry bomb take for yourself 10 pieces thus says the Lord the God of Israel behold I will tear the kingdom out of
the hand of Solomon and give ten tribes to you but he should have one tribe for
the sake of my servant David and for the sake of Jerusalem the city which i have
chosen out of all the tribes of Israel so obviously David comes from Judah so that is his own tribe and then he has
one more tribe which is going to be the tribe of Benjamin so there's two tribes and then of course
we have the Levites their floaters they don't have their own particular laying
so they're kind of out about and so there you know it's two tribes plus you have the floaters of the
Levites and he goes on and says because they have forsaken me and worshipped I stolen at the goddess of the Sidonians
how much the god of the more bites and milcom the god of the people of ammon
these were awful gods by the way they would have all kinds of Temple
prostitution and then of course you have little babies that come as a result of
that and then they would dispose of those babies in very unpleasant ways and
so this is greatly offensive Solomon was one of the ringleaders of this you can
read about that in scripture that Solomon was worshipping these false gods
and we know from history that they were killing murdering sacrificing children
to these false gods and so naturally that is going to upset god right so and so God says and they have
not walked in my ways to do what is right in my eyes and keep my statutes
and my judgments as did his father David however I will not take the whole
kingdom out of his hand because i have made him ruler all the
days of his life for the sake of my david my servant David whom I chose
because he kept my Commandments and my statutes so God says look Solomon it's over for
you have taken the kingdom i'm going to give it to Jeroboam because you have
done wickedness in my sight but because i love David and he was faithful and I
made promises to him I'll let you keep you know Judah plus
Benjamin so otherwise forget it it's over so he says but i will take the kingdom
out of his sons hand and give it to you ten tribes speaking here to Jeroboam and
his son i will give one tribe that my servant David they always have a lamp
before me interest in the city which i have chosen for myself to put my name
there so i will take you and you shall reign over all all your heart desires
and you shall be king over Israel so this happened in about 9 30 to be see
this is when we go from the United Monarchy to the divided Kingdom we go
from just having the one Kingdom of Israel to now two houses and in the
south it becomes known as the house of Judah
and the North becomes known as the house of Israel this is an incredibly important
distinction if you miss this much of the Bible is going to be unintelligible but
if you get this then it's going to fill in the blanks
like you wouldn't believe so keep that in mind and i will point this out again as we go
through our study but this is very very important that you now have two houses you have two nations and God is going to
divorce himself from one of those two nations now we read later in Ezekiel 23 about
two daughters who are from one mother who both practice harlotry and he says
son of man there were two women the daughters of one mother they
committed harlotry in Egypt they committed harlotry in their youth their
names a whole lot of the Elder and all holy by her sister they were mine and they bore sons and
daughters number God said in Ezekiel 16 that I found you
your naked eye closed you and I entered into a covenant with you and you were
mine he speaking there about the United
Kingdom the 12 tribes he married one wife which consisted of
the twelve tribes ok so we're talking about the United Kingdom of Israel that
is what he married back at Mount Sinai and now I in 932 is only see that the
kingdom splits and then later he he has to deal with each of them individually
so now he's calling them both sisters they're both daughters of one mother
that one mother is the mother that he married in the wilderness ok so i hope that makes sense so now
we're looking at instead of one united kingdom we're looking at two houses hola and all whole Eva he says they remind me of your sons and
daughters as for their names Sumeria is Allah and Jerusalem is a whole lotta now
Sumeria is the capital of the Northern Kingdom of Israel and Jerusalem is the
capital of the southern kingdom of Judah very important so Jeroboam founded Samaria in the north
for the kingdom of Israel and of course we know that
David was the one who found in Jerusalem for the southern kingdom of Judah but of course when David founded
Jerusalem it wasn't two nations it was only one
alright so i get keep that in mind that's a very important clue oh haha played the harlot even though
she was mine and she lusted for her lover's the neighboring Assyrians thus she committed her harlotry with
them all of them choice men of Assyria and with all for whom she lusted with
all their idols Tschida filed herself so he's talking about the Northern
Kingdom of Israel that they were all googly-eyed over at the Assyrians now
the Assyrians came in in 722 BC and they destroyed and took away the Northern
Kingdom of Israel very very important on your timeline alright so the first marriage contact
our contract is that God and Israel got married at Sinai it was a United Israel but then they
split in 932 bc and then we're going to see that God is going to divorce himself
from the Northern Kingdom not from the southern kingdom but from the Northern
Kingdom i'm going to show you the scriptures in
just a moment notice here in Hosea to to yovah stated that northern Israel he
said is not my wife nor am i her husband so again you know i can only get
divorced fa if you'd been once married right you
can't get divorced from somebody that you never married but if you're married
then you can get divorced and he tells us right here in plain sight Jeremiah 38 speaking to the Northern
Kingdom he says that i saw that for all the
causes for which backsliding Israel had committed adultery I put her away and given her a
certificate of divorce get her treacherous sister Judah did not fear
but went and played the harlot also now notice here there's two different
houses these are the two sisters Samaria and Jerusalem borough hall and all holy
by and he's only divorcing Israel the Northern Kingdom of Israel he's not
divorcing the southern kingdom of israel are of Judaic city now does the southern
kingdom of Judah deserve it of course she does I mean she's awful
she does i played the harlot also he sighs but he didn't divorce her so the Covenant that God made with was
Israel because he was her husband in jeremiah 31 32 it says the Covenant that
I made with their fathers and the day that I took them by the hand to leave
them out of the land of Egypt my covenant which they broke though I was a
husband to them says he / so again we see that God and United Kingdom of
Israel got married at Mount Sinai and God entered into a covenant with Israel
I hope you're seeing by now that the so-called Old Covenant that first
covenant is a marriage contract it's a marriage contract and there was
nothing wrong with the conditions of the contract there was nothing wrong with the one who
gave the contract the problem was with the adulterous wife
who decided she didn't want to keep it and what happened it's not just that you
know individuals committed murder here and there or that individuals stole from
one another here and there no no it was far more Grievous than that
it's that she promised to be faithful to her husband and to not have any other
gods before him think about like this you get married you say listen
sweetheart I know you had a lot of guys on your facebook but I feel a little bit
uncomfortable can you just have x picture on on facebook you're like of
course sweetheart right before you know what you've got
all these guy friends on there and or you know if you're a guy that you have
all these girls old girlfriends on there and you're like wow you know it's just
for fun etc and yet it's not or you have all these you know these previous flings
in your phone or you know you're constantly going to places where used to
meet with your previous boyfriends or girlfriends right that's the the basis here that's
happening is that it's not just that someone left the toilet seat up it's not just that hey you burn my toast
no it's that you're two-timing the very heart and soul of our relationship is
that we promise to be exclusive to one another that is the very thing that
you're breaking and that's what israel did to God both the Northern Kingdom and the
southern kingdom and so what happens is that God find it says enough is enough he says that to that Northern Kingdom
and he says I'm going to divorce her so he gives a certificate of divorce and
it was after 700 painstaking years of northern Israel's backsliding and
adultery that you have put her away and gave her a certificate of divorce talk
about patient over 700 years where God sent prophet after prophet to ask her to
come back come back to me I still love you we'll work it out I'll find a way but
come back to me because so I don't to divorce you well we know what happened she did it so
therefore you have I was very angry with Israel and remove them from his site and
there was naught left but the tribe of Judah alone or Judah and of course
Benjamin in the south so we have the kingdom of the house of Judah still
existing in the South but we don't have any longer the kingdom of the house of Israel in
the North because they've been taken away and this first here it tells us
very clearly that they were taken away so their divorce now creates this divine
dilemma so it created an ounce a seemingly
unsolvable dilemma because according to God's own instructions in Deuteronomy 24
1 through for a husband cannot take back
his wife who has been with another husband who has also sent her way or
died that would be an abomination God tells
us he says here if the latter husband detest her and writes her certificate of
divorce here's the Hebrew word create toot-toot
is the same word as combat and it means to cut just like cannot delete to cut a
deal Amy you know and this in in the case of
God and Israel getting married they cut literally they caught an animal and that
was sealing the deal cutting the deal here's the word key to that means to cut
its divorcing it's separating that's what a knife does it cuts things
that separates them right so certificate of separation of divorce
puts it in her hand and sends her out of his house there's the word is ashley
haha or if the latter husband dies who took
her as his wife then the former husband in this case it's ova who divorced her
must not take her back to be his wife after she has been filed for that is an
abomination before he ain't ova so there you have it God married Israel united kingdom since 930 to the kingdom
split and 722 God declared you're no longer my wife I'm no longer your God it's over here is
your certificate of divorce get out of my house and that's when the
Assyrians came and to occur away so there you have it God says I'm
divorcing you it's over so it seems that there's no hope for
northern Israel there was no conceivable hope for northern Israel to return to a
marriage covenant with you ova or for Judah and Israel to ever reunite now reconciliation with her groom would
according to give us own Commandments result an abomination and the land
becoming defiled nevertheless you have a passionately
called his wayward wife to return that is repent to him and presumably he would
have to find a way to work things out all right and he's got he's pretty good
at that right so we find that in Jeremiah chapter 3 verse 6 God is is now of course Jeremiah
speaking for God and God says they say alright so God is not quoting what
people are saying right and he says they say if a man divorces his wife and she
goes from him to become another man's wife may he returned to her again would not that land be greatly polluted
but you have played the harlot with many lovers yet returned shoe v is the word
shoe VA a lie to me says you ova give us said also to me in the days of josiah
the king that's in the south have you seen what backsliding Israel in
the North has done she has gone up on every high mountain
and under every Green Tree and they're played the harlot and I said after she
had done all these things suvi alive return to me but she did not
return she did not repent and her treacherous sister Judah in the South
sought then I saw that for all the causes for which backsliding Israel had
committed adultery and I'd put her away and given her certificate of divorce yet
her treacherous sister Jude did not fear but went and played the harlot also and yet for all this her treacherous
sister Judah has not turned to me with her whole heart but in pretense says he gave up now keep
in mind that when Jeremiah is writing we're now coming up really close to the
end of the southern kingdom of Judah Nebuchadnezzar came and in three
different waves first came in 605 and 597 bc and finally in 586 BC and in the
last campaign against Jerusalem he raised the city to the ground he
destroyed the temple and he took away the rest of the cream of the crop over to Babylon so in the days of
Jeremiah we're getting really close to the end of
Judah well what about the Northern Kingdom of
Israel where they they are not up there they're not there they've been replaced
the king of Assyria had a policy that he would take people from neighboring
countries that he had conquered and he would put them into a different country
so the people from country a the captives got transferred to the area of
country B and the people from he went over the country a and so now you have what we know as
the Samaritans there now a mixed breed again he didn't take all of the
Israelites away the Northern Kingdom but he took most of them away and so now you begin having this mixed
bag all right so he says then you've ever
said to me back sliding Israel has shown yourself more righteous than stretches
Judah go and proclaim these words towards the north all right so look Jeremiah is now being
given a message to the Northern Kingdom of Israel that is not there all right he said look Judah who still
existing at that time is really awful but i'll speak to the north but they're
not there that's the trouble they've already been taken away it's
been a hundred and thirty years approximately hundred forty years that
they've been out they've been gone and yet God is saying
return shoo shoo v backsliding israel says you
have I will not cause my anger to fall on you for I am merciful says you ova I will not remain angry forever this is the heart and the soul of the
gospel is to return because God has made a way for you to come back into the
kingdom alright so that is kind of a little bit
of a foreshadow to the New Covenant we're going to talk about really soon
but right now we're still looking at the Old Covenant and I want to understand
here that the Old Covenant is not just that God had this these do's and don'ts and in the New
Covenant all that stuff is done away with that's not true that is just not
true the Covenant has to do with the marriage
covenant the marriage contract between yehova God and Israel and then we have
this divorce and now we've got this problem how do you get god and his wife
back together without breaking the law so he says God says only acknowledge
your iniquity that you have transgressed against you of all your God and have
scattered your charms to alien deities under every Green Tree and you have not
obeyed my voice says he ova returnable backsliding children says you know for I
am married to you that is by all T that's the kind of a pond in that word
there the word bottle of course is bail in English so that the false god bail
and they were going after the bottom after the bales of the land and they
were constantly giving their adoration and their worship and their allegiance
than their love to this God instead of to the one true God who actually married
her and he says like I am married to you I am I married by loyalty he says I'm the one who is your husband
your body ok really and I will take you one from a
city and two from my family and I will bring you design so God has a plan to get Israel back
talking of the Northern Kingdom he's got a play for the southern kingdom – we're
going to look at that as well of course so the divine solution the way to
reverse the curse we have to ask yourself the question how
good is will be brought back into a marriage covenant without yovah
violating his own law again Deuteronomy 24 for a then her former
husband he ova who divorced her Israel must not take her Israel back to
be his wife after she has been filed for that is an abomination before you have
up so it's absolutely impossible according to the law for gotta just take
her back even though he's saying come on back to
me she can't just come on back she can't do that and that's why God
even says they say that if a man has a wife and it forces her can she come back of course
not the land of you filed but he says even for all that come on back to me and again this is what's so amazing is
that God had a plan and this is the big mystery that the prophets of old and
probably the angels – we're looking into and saying how in the world is God going
to do this it seems absolutely impossible so the only way that the wife that is
the Northern Kingdom visual could be released her fate of having been put
away – Luka and divorce the creature suit was
for yovah her husband to die which would annul and dissolve the original marriage
contract well you know that seems like a fat chance right i mean if you're
married to God if the only way to be released from that marriage contract is
for your husband to die and your husband happens to be God and God doesn't die what are you going to do you're pretty
much you know autoloc you're out of hope there's
nothing that can happen but is that really the case well it sure seemed that way it sure
seemed like there was no hope there was nothing that could happen and then of
course one day everything changed and the apostle paul got very excited about
this when he kind of put the pieces together said do you realize what's
happening here to realize the magnet the the magnitude of what has just happened
let me explain this thing to you so he understood that when using a lot
to explain he reminded the Jews who knew the law that their law only has
jurisdiction over person until that person's death all right so Paul writing the book of
Romans he's writing to a mixed crowd to Jews and to non-jews right which we call
Gentiles Gentiles a word coming from Latin Ken's and it means people's if you
look at it in the Greek it means ethnos which again just means people's and so now it's all coming together it's
it's how to get these two people back together Paul then says or do you not know
brethren for I speak to those who know the law that the law has dominion over
man as long as he lives for a woman who has
a husband is bound by the law to her husband as long as he lives but if the husband dies she is released
from the law of her husband did you catch that first of all paul says he's speaking to
those to those who know the law so that's the first very important
establish a fact that we have to establish here is a paul is writing to
those who have an understanding of the law if you don't have an understanding of
the law then you're going to be a little bit lost as to what Paul is really
trying to save if you know the law they're going to go oh I get it I don't
pause talking about so Paul says for the woman who has a
husband is bound by the law to her husband as long as he lives but if the husband dies she's released
for the law of her husband so he's referring back to Deuteronomy 24
verses 1 through 4 and again the Jews listening to have said oh yeah i know
that passage I know what he's talking about she's
bound with a law to her husband as long as he lives that's what the law says but then Paul
says but wait but if the husband dies she is released
from the law of her husband and of course everyone said well of course that
makes perfect sense once the guy dies she's released that's
not a problem but notice here it's very super very important the law
of her husband Paul is not talking about the law in general he's talking about the law of her
husband I just can't stress that enough the law
of her husband is what she's released from not not the good instructions that
God gave is it okay now it's now you can kill its ok now you can do whatever you
feel like that you can steal now you can I bear false witness of course you can't
do those things are still those are still good those are still true so the thing that she's released from is
the law of her husband and he goes on to explain how the wife is freed from the
law of the husband that is the marriage contract so then if while your husband
have our lives she Israel marries another man that is
the bottle or cetera so again what he's saying here is so if
while her husband lives and of course Israel was married to just to yovah she
is concerned she marries another man think of the the golden calf haha ashtar it more left milcom and all these
false gods she will be called an adulteress what
did God call her you're an adulterous wife you're so
adulterous your your treacherous he says but if her husband dies she's
free from that law notice it's that loss not again the good
instructions called the Torah that God gave but it's this specific contract so
that she is no adulteress though she has married another man so again he's not suggesting that the
entire Torah that were given them at that sign of that the laws that God gave
it sign it he's not saying those are repealed not
at all he's saying that the marriage contract
that she broke that she was guilty of breaching she's now free from that law
the law of the husband not the Torah in general that's the huge difference in Paul's
excited about this he's explaining it to those who know the law the trouble is like people come to
Romans chapter 7 with zero knowledge of the law and they start reading it and
they say well I i I'm not good enough well they don't they don't know it
because it doesn't make any sense because they don't know the law and so
then they just think that paul is coming up with this cute little example you
know of you know what Jesus did for us and all this well yeah I mean Jesus did this for us
but what does it mean what is he getting at he's talking about
this marriage that was broken and now that marriage contract can be laid to
rest he says therefore my brethren you also
have become dead to the law which laws he talking about the law of her husband
right that's called an antecedent we have to
go back and say well which laws you talking about he's already defined it
for us the law of her husband this is so he's now she is are you also
have become dead to the law of her husband through the body of Christ that
you may be married to another alright so what you're getting at here
Jesus is Amanda well he is God in the flesh right if you've seen me you've seen the
father Yeshua says all right now again without getting into the whole
hypostatic union and all that stuff all right that's for another video but
in this case I hope to think about is that Jesus is the visible bodily
manifestation visitation of God he's come and he went to the cross and he
died so he is the husband that died right so he so she was married to Jesus
essentially when he went to the cross and guess what her husband died on the
cross so now she's free from that law she's free from the marriage covenant
that she broke and so so then he died he stayed in the tomb three days right he
was dead he was out for the count he didn't come back but guess what this other guy rose from
the dead all right now again I think it's the
same Jesus that died but legally legally it's a new guy okay I get it the same Jesus that was
nailed to the cross and put in the tomb is the same one that raised from the
dead I i'm not saying otherwise all I'm
trying to help articulate here is that from a legal standpoint when
Jesus died and was buried that broken contract was also buried with him and
when he rose from the dead It was as if legally he was a new guy so
legally he is a new guy and now he you know he's the same personality he's the
same creator but he's a new guy because the old contract has now been put to
rest that old contract is dead and now there's a new contract so that he can
enter into with his wife this new marriage contract it's pretty
amazing so again Paul says therefore my brethren
you also become dead to the law through the body of Christ that you may be
married to another to him who was raised from the dead so who is the other well it's Jesus right so Jesus died on
the cross so that Jesus let's call that Jesus one in Jesus – okay all right oh Jesus one is nailed to the cross he
then put into the tomb he's dead and then Jesus – now rises from the dead and he's like
a different Jesus right and I and again I'm just footnoting here because I'm
sure there's somebody to say what Doug you're talking to you believe it too
difficult no I don't believe in one God I think the same Jesus ok right the same
one that died rose again but from a legal standpoint he's a new entity he's a new entity from a legal
standpoint so now you're married to another to him
who was raised from the dead that we should bear fruit to God but if the husband dies she is released
from the law of her husband there it is again in Romans 7 – I put that there
just to to drive home that point that we're talking about the law of the house
were talking about the marriage contract we're not talking about all the good
instructions of don't murder and don't steal etc we're not talking about those those are
simply the things that wrong God's heart and those things are still on God's
heart so the curses of the broken marriage contract died with Yeshua died
with Jesus having wiped out the handwriting of requirements so what were these uh what were these
purses well that their handwriting of
requirements that was against us which was contrary to us what was it well in the law says look if
you are an adulterer then you deserve to die you deserve to
be you know at the very least divorced and sent away and you can never come
back and there's not gonna be any
relationship you're forever and exile that's the good k that's a good scenario
the bad scenarios that you died so that was against us these are certainly caught these are uh
handwriting of requirements that's against us contrary to us he has
taken out of the way having nailed it to the cross you see some white people read this and
say well you know that the Ten Commandments and all that stuff God got rid of that know you guys God
has kept his Ten Commandments those are of utmost importance in God's economy
he's not going to get rid of those those are still incredibly significant he's
still against murder he's still against thievery he's still against bearing
false witness against your neighbor he's still against adultery he's still
against coveting he still for honoring your parents still for keeping the
Sabbath right he still for having no other gods before
him he still for not taking his name in vain right i mean he still for all of these
things here those are still on his heart those have not changed one bit but yet we've been told this lie that
all those things change because those things those Ten Commandments were
nailed to the cross that is incorrect to put it nicely all right so that again the contract
there at the beginning the first one was sealed with blood at the first covenant
cut at Sinai the book of the Covenant that is the marriage contract was proclaimed and then the blood of
bulls will sprinkled in order to seal the deal and that's in the same way how
today we signed a contract and then we have it notarized and filed with the
city clerk it's the blood that made the contract
effective operable and binding look so the contract again seal with blood and
it says he took the book of the Covenant and read it in the hearing the people
and they said all the oven said we will do and be obedient and Moses took the
blood sprinkled on the people and said this is the blood of the covenant which
yovah has made with you according to all these words again what words you can look at it yourself
from chapter 22 chapter 23 it's only four chapters so the blood
made the contract effective operable and binding after people hurt and heard all
the conditions of the contract they said i do and gladly accept the marriage
contract with the ova they agreed to be faithful to him and to
do all that he had asked them to do which is what we always do when we enter
into an agreement or a contract right i mean that's what you expect and if somebody doesn't do what is in
the contract you're shocked like what they didn't keep their end of the
bargain right and and you have to work it out somehow in the case of marriage you have to
either get counseling or it may dissolve in a divorce so with the new covenant this is now the new marriage contract
with Jesus let's just say God ok for simplicity
with God who married Israel back at Mount Sinai she was an adulterous wife and so God
goes on the cross to put that contract into the grave and now Jesus – okay that this new husband rises
from the dead and now he can marry the same woman because she's no longer
considered an adulteress she is no longer considered to be under that curse
because she broke the Covenant so the blood Jesus blood in this case
was offered to seal the deal I'll just like the first covenant that's
why Jesus says for this is my blood of the new covenant which is shed for many
for the remission of sins now the second marriage contract is of
course greater than the first the nature of the blood sacrifice was of
immeasurably greater quality than that of the first covenant additionally the one who would officiate
the sacrifice will not be Moses a Levite but one of the order of Melchizedek so in this the husband died to dissolve
the old marriage but at the same time his blood became the blood of the new
covenant and he also was the one who offered the blood on that heavenly alter
that we read about in the book of Hebrews where says but Christ came as
high priest of the good things to come with the greater and more perfect
Tabernacle not made with hands that is not of this creation not with the blood of goats and calves
like it wasn't the first one but with his own blood he entered the most holy
place once for all having obtained eternal redemption and then Paul tells
us in Colossians 1 and you who once were alienated and enemies in your mind by
wicked works yet now he has reconciled in the body of his flesh through death
to present you holy and blameless and above reproach in his sight so the the wife is now free from the
curse of the broken marriage covenant now free from the curse of her broken
marriage covenant Israel could actually remarry without being called an
adulteress now how could she be rejoined to her
groom if he was in the grave ok so this I hope
make sense here right so Jesus dies on the cross he goes into the tomb right so
now the stigma of being an adulteress is no longer applicable to her because her
husband has died so you can't be a ultras of your husband's dead so for
three days Israel the adulterous wife has now
become a widow because her husband actually died but
that's no fun because the whole point of what God
wanted to do was the not just stay dead so that she could have that stain
removed me that was very important but the whole point was so he could
remarry her because he made promises to her to come back to him and he would
work things out and he married her forever and will love her forever so if you sure remain dead the notary
marriage between him and Israel could take place despite her new freedom therefore shua had not only died to free
Israel but he had to also rise from the dead so that she could remarry her
former husband who was in reality a new husband from a legal standpoint pretty exciting
when you start to look at this so now we have a new husband for a new
legally new wife without the resurrection Israel would have been free
to marry another but not to the very one who promised
himself to her forever so now having risen from the dead the
old husband was actually a new husband you gotta love this is almost like those
time warp things that you see in movies are like well how does this all work well this is what Paul and others were
trying to explain how cool this was because it really is very very cool so all of the lawlessness that is her
adultery that was committed in the first marriage
was literally buried with shua the husband you know on the flesh and now he
was free to Ribery his former wife without breaking his own laws or his own
instructions so his new marriage would be a new marriage contract a new
covenant a new testament with Israel now with this other thing that people
call the church ok now i know the word church is in the
Bible I understand that in the Greek it's ekklesia in the Hebrew it's kinky
LA it just means an assembly a group of
people in this case the group of people is Israel because that's who got married
in the first place that's who God said that he would be
faithful to her forever even if she was unfaithful this is the one that got that I will
always love you and I will never abandon you no matter what so how did you do it it's through the
death burial and resurrection of Jesus and again this is why Paul is so excited
and he's sharing in his in his epistles for example in Ephesians 2 11 through 13 he's talking about the house of Israel
remember there's two houses you've got the house of Judah in the
south and the house of Israel in the north and as Paul is writing he talks
about we were the first to believe he says in Ephesians chapter one and now he
says in Ephesians chapter 2 therefore remember that you once Gentiles ok now again the word Gentile coming
from the Latin again we go take it back to the greek it's the ethnos or the f
knew if we go back to the Hebrew it's the dream and it just means the nation's
or the people that are outside of this covenant that God is made with the
United Kingdom of Israel at twelve tribes and remember that 10 of the
tribes were in the north and God divorced those ten tribes that we call
the house of Israel a nickname for them is the the house of a frame ok so that's just a nickname but we'll
get to that in a minute so here is talking to you once Gentiles so he's
talking about scattered northern Israel who were out of Covenant
you were once Gentiles in the flesh that at that time you were without Christ
being aliens from the Commonwealth of Israel and strangers from the covenants
of promise having no hope and without God in the world but now in Christ
Yeshua you who were once far-off have been brought near by the blood of Christ
remember Hosea 194 you are not my people and I
will not be your God is what God said to the Northern Kingdom of Israel he said that to the Northern Kingdom not
to the southern kingdom all right since you're out I'm divorcing
you so you're now out of the commonwealth of israel now strangers
from the covenants of promise and now you have no hope and without god of the
world there's there's no way you can come back because God is it going to die
right fat chance of that well guess what he did God Himself went
to the cross and died because he loves his wife it's pretty amazing now it's important
understanding that there's no such thing as this dispensation of grace I hope you understand that the the New
Covenant is not a new age or so-called dispensation by those who are called
dispensationalist they would have us believe that there was the dispensation
of law that God gave the law at Mount Sinai and got to do this and don't do
that and if you if you do these things and we'll hang out together right and
and then Jesus came and and he put all of that law stuff aside and now there's
this this time of grace what God has always been gracious so
it's really unbiblical to say that there's a age of law in an age of grace
it's very unbiblical because Yvonne has always been operating on the basis of
grace with all of humanity notice here in Exodus 34 you have a pass
by before him and proclaimed yay hova the compassionate and gracious . slow to
anger and abounding and loyal love and faithfulness where did he say that he said that on
top of Mount Sinai even as the people were being unfaithful to him he says
that he is a gracious and compassionate God and this is what is reiterated
throughout the Bible that's the very reason that Jonah did not want to go to
the city of Nineveh because he says that I know that you're a compassionate and
gracious God slow to anger and abounding in love and faithfulness he didn't want to go because he knew who
God was so this idea that there's a dispensation of law that sensation of
grace is not in the Bible that is something that's been invented this is
important to understand because God has always been gracious so now we see that the New Covenant is
not a on a new means of interacting with people it's not this new basis of grace
as if there was no grace before I that I laugh because that's really quite sad
but yet and yet that is what most people think is that the Old Covenant was all
about law and do's and don'ts and God was kind of a mean God but now he's
really a nice gracious God now the new coven is not about that it's
about getting his wife back the wife who was unfaithful to him who
was an adulteress now he can bring her back under a new
marriage covenant and this new marriage covenant or renewed marriage covenant
you can translate that word – from Hebrew either way between it's between
Ava and his divorce wife who had been scattered to the nation's so we read in
Deuteronomy 28 years I was scattered among the nations from one end of the
earth to the other that is if they're not faithful to him
there you will worship other gods that neither you know your ancestors have
known gods of wood and stone and of course we find this in so many other
places Leviticus 26 33 Jeremiah 916 Jeremiah 1913 24 30-11 easy kill 5 10 is equal 680 2023
chapter 22 verse 15 and 36 19 all of those different places and we're also
going to have the sisters hola in a hole Eva are going to be
reunited under the new marriage contract so while you shoot his death and
resurrection resolve the divorce of yovah and Israel what about Judah's southern kingdom and
their relationship with the ova and her relationship with her northern
sister a whole uh oh la or Samaria or if rhyme so what about that how does he stitched
them back together we have to also ask ourselves what about
Judith did she get a new marriage covenant she certainly needed it based on how she
defiled the land and committed adultery with stones and trees so yeah Judah was
just as guilty of being an adulterous wife but God never actually divorced her so we eat we have to understand that he
was going to die for her as well think about Judah Judah as adulterers
conduct was actually worse than the northern kingdom of God said yet for all
this for treacherous sister Judah has not turned repented to me with her whole
heart but in pretenses yovah then you have ever said to me back sliding Israel
has shown herself more righteous than treacherous Judah so yeah Israel got divorced jus didn't
but Judah committed all the same and even worse I offenses as the Northern Kingdom so she certainly deserve to be divorced
but because of because of her daughter started wandering eyes which deeply
hurry ova he says I was crushed by their
adulterous heart which is departed from him you think about that for a second God is
actually hurt he's crushed that Israel or the judah that both really would act
this way how could you do this to me God is
essentially saying I loved you well yovan never divorced Judah because
of his promise to King David he says if his sons reject my law and
disobeyed my regulations if they break my rules and then I keep my Commandments I will punish their value by beating him
with a club or by either sitting by inflicting with bruises but i will not
remove my loyal love from him nor be unfaithful to my promise because God made a promise to David so
both houses were guilty of adultery and of breaking the Covenant the house of
Israel and the house of Judah have dealt very treacherously with me God is speaking
about both houses because they're both his wife he says they have turned back
to their iniquities to through the iniquities of their forefathers who
refused to hear my words and they've gone after other gods to serve them the house of Israel the house of Judah
have broken my covenant which I made with their fathers again he's talking
about the Old Covenant of the first covenant that was made there at Mount
Sinai and that covenant was a marriage covenant so we're going to have a family reunion the two sisters – sister nations needed
to be reunited into one nation that is 21 life Jehovah declared are you have on declare
that he would in fact make a new marriage contract with both houses he says in Jeremiah 31:31 behold the
days are coming says you know haha when I will make a new covenant with the
house of Israel with the house of Judah did you know that the only place that
the term New Covenant actually appears in the all of the Hebrew Bible that is
the Old Testament the only place that it actually appears is right here in this
verse in Jeremiah 31:31 so when Jesus will talk about the new covenant and all
of the new testament writers speak of the new covenant they're making reference back to this
right here very significant well a broken family is
now going to be healed you have a promise that he would join
the two houses back together as depicted in the imagery of a stick broken into which becomes one again thus
says the Lord ova surely i will take the stick of Joseph
which is in the hand of a frame and the tribes of Israel his companions and I
will join them with it with the stick of Judah and make them one stick and they
will be one in my hand what is God talking about well again the
term a frame is a nickname for the Northern Kingdom of Israel because
Jeroboam was from the tribe of a frame so as the leader as the king of this
northern kingdom I it is referred to as a frame and of
course in the South it's often referred to as the house of David or just
sometimes David because David is the king in it and those who were still on
the throne in the latter days were from the house of David whereas in the North they were from a
fri at least that's how it started and then . in that way but that's how it
started and so he's going to take these two nations and he's going to make them
one again in his hand there could be one stick so imagine a stick that's broken he's going to put them
back together Yeshua's death on the cross annulled Judah's marriage contract because she
was just as guilty so she gets a a free pass in other words all of those terrible
things that she did have now been laid to rest as well so there can be a
completely new marriage contract issue is deaf and the cross annulled Jewess
Judah's marriage contract with you ova and thereby allowed for the house of
Judah to have a new contract with you ova because their first marriage was marked
by gross adultery even though she was never divorced Judah
could have a new relationship with the invite and so – good northern Israel
come back into fellowship with her husband and these these two sisters
could become one again so you now have two people becoming one
and this is where Paul mentions this in Ephesians chapter 24 he himself is our
peace who has made both one and it's broken down the middle wall of
separation having abolished in his flesh the enmity that is the law of
Commandments contained in ordinances so as to create and himself one new man
from the two and we read in Ezekiel 37 and i will join them with it with the
stick of Judah and make them one stick and they will be one in my hand so the two becoming one again these
sisters reunited there I've got a picture of two sisters that were were
separated for a long time and now they're being reunited that's the idea
here is he says in p Paul says thus making peace and that
he might reconcile them that is these two sisters both to God in one body
through the Christ of course that's the body of Jesus right who of course died
and they were married to him and so because he died on behalf of both houses
and it's like they both died is there by putting to death the enmity
again he's not talking about you know that the laws of God we're so bad and
you know Jesus had to die to save us from the laws of God that's what people
teach and that is so wrong I notice in Hosea 111 then the children
of Judah and the children of Israel shall be gathered together they're gonna
become one again in God's hand Paul goes on and he came and preached peace to you
who were far off that is to you gentiles to you people in the nation's to you
house of Israel you ten tribes who were scattered out there and to those who
were near that is to the Jews for through him we that is we Jews and you
gentiles both have access by one spirit to the Father now therefore you are no longer
strangers and foreigners because they were right they were sent away God said
don't come back to let the door hit you on the way out you're no longer my wife I no longer
your God have mercy upon your children that's why he told Hosea name your kids
low on me lo ha right because you know I you're not mine
anymore so Paul says you are there for now therefore you are no longer strangers
and foreigners but fellow citizens with the Saints that is the chosen ones who
did God choose we read that in Deuteronomy 7 verse 6 I have chosen you out of all the peoples
of the earth right so the word choose there is the same word to choose news I here in of course God is setting
somebody apart and he says with the Saints and members of the household of
God so you people who were far away now you're brought back in so as a result
their joint status as adulterers was wiped away Israel's under hopeless situation as a
divorce a was also annulled and judah status as an adulterous wife was
cancelled furthermore the house of Judah and the
house of Israel have become one again and the wall of separation between them
has been removed so the house of Israel that is a frame the Gentiles can now
return to her husband so they're no longer aliens from the
Commonwealth of Israel and strangers from the covenants of promise having no
hope and without God in the world they're no longer of that status because
of what Jesus did Yeshua is now Israel's and Judas peace
who has made both one and is broken down the middle wall of separation when
Yeshua Jesus died on the cross he abolished in his flesh the enmity that is the law of Commandments
contained in ordinances so as to create in himself one new man
from the two thus making peace remember that it wasn't the good
commandments that God gave that were a problem but it was the breaking of those
it was the the breach of contract that created a problem God's law was perfect is perfect but
Israel's response to this marriage contract was of course very adulteress
and that he might reconcile them both the god in one body through the cross
thereby putting to death the enmity you can see why Paul is so excited because
he's understanding that the good news is to both the House of is real who was sent away into the house of
Judah so shua also gave good news to both the house of Israel in the house of
Judah when he came and preached peace to you were a far off and to those who were near Paul says
through the work of issue on the cross the two houses now both have access by
one spirit to the Father and truly those of the house of Israel are no longer
strangers and foreigners but fellow citizens with the Saints and members of
the household of God so we we we can now understand what paul
is talking about in Romans chapter 11 he so while the barrier to restoration has
been removed because of what Jesus did the reunification process is not
complete and as far as i can tell will not be
complete until the fullness of the nations are Israel comes in as Paul
explained to his Jewish brethren for I do not desire brethren that is to you
Jews that you should be ignorant of this mystery lest you should be wise in your
own opinion that blindness in part has happened to Israel until the fullness of
the Gentiles has come in now when i read this years ago I started thinking what
gosh you know Israel the Jews they're blind you know and until all we Gentile non-jews get to
come in well really what i think is happening
here is that we're all blind and in other words certainly people of Judah are blinded
but also people from the northern house of Israel who are scattered to the
Gentiles are also blinded that none of us can see are none of us sees at all at
least blindness in part right has happened to Israel who is Israel at this
time well israel at this time has got to be
the United house of the United Kingdom of Israel that is the 12 tribes we can't say just the Jews because the
Jews or the house of Judah represents the tribe of Judah and the tribe of
Benjamin and of course we have the Levites who were floating so you can say
certainly two tribes and you have some Levi's Levites thrown in there as well
so it's not until the fullness of the Gentiles has come in well the phrase that Paul employed comes
directly out of Genesis 4819 where Joseph Jacob prophesied over F prime
that is Joseph son but his Joseph's father refused and said I know my son I
know he also should become a people and he also shall be great but truly his
younger brother that is a frame shall be greater than he
that is Manasa and his descendants shall become a multitude of Nations now if you
look at that in the Hebrew it's literally maloja team maloja going that's the
literal phrase and the literal translation of that is milou means fullness and then you have
the next word these are two nouns stuck together we call these a Smith hoot or a
constructor we have two nouns acting together and in English we have to put
the word of in between those words because that's just how it works so it's literally the fullness of the
nation's that's the most literal translation you can get and that's
exactly what Paul said so the fullness of the nation's is a reference to all of
a frame coming in all of F frame not Judah but all of F frame coming in that's the fullness of the Gentiles so
until that time there is a blindness in part that is over Israel and again israel at this time is the reunited
kingdom where you now have all 12 tribes that can now come back together but
there's going to be this blindness overall twelve tribes not just the Jews but all twelve tribes
until the fullness of the Gentiles comes in very significant so the renewed covenant the New Covenant
is a renewed marriage contract between yovah and his wife Israel I'm speaking of the reunited house of
Israel the house of Judah Yeshua's statement this is my blood of the new
covenant which is shed for many for the remission of sins was the blood
necessary to establish the marriage covenant and of course his death
released his unfaithful wife that is both houses from the curses of the
broken marriage contract and of course that allowed for northern Israel to
remarry him and for Israel and Judah to become one nation again that is what the New Covenant is the all
covenant is that first marriage covenant that God entered into with the united
kingdom back at Mount Sinai both houses broke that and of course we know that
the kingdom split in 932 then God said I'm divorcing you house of Israel any center away gave her
a certificate of divorce and by doing that he made it impossible for her to
come back because that would be an abomination if she were to come back if you were to
take her back as is and so because he loved her so much he was willing to come
in the flesh to go to the cross to die to put that first marriage contract into
the grave and she was a widow for three days until he rose again and now there's
a new marriage covenant that is exciting that is good news jehovah's re marriage
to United Israel you know what his first marriage was
with his special treasure you in Israel and his new marriage is with
his special treasure Israel and Judah United so you shoot did all that was
necessary to restore his bride Israel just as he promised in Hosea to Israel
when whom he divorce and he says and hosea chapter 2i will be truth you to me
forever yes i will be true with you to me in righteousness and justice in
loving kindness and mercy i will be true with you to me and faithfulness and you
shall know yovah he speaking here to the Northern Kingdom of Israel so we understand that when we talk about
the Bride of Christ it is at the church well yes and no it's the church in the
sense that it's the assembly the same assembly that was in the wilderness and
that same assembly that God divorce most of her and the other part that was
equally unfaithful it's that assembly that God married
originally that he also divorced and so now it's that same assembly that he is
going to make his bride and so that is the Bride of Christ we can call the
actually see we can call the kale now you can call the assembly but it all
centers around the twelve tribes of Israel it's not talking about some new entity
that people call the church there's the church and there's Judah
that's a maybe people want to say is that there are these two different
people to different destinies and some teachers would put it that you that
jehovah as they say has his wife Israel and Jesus has his bride the church but
that is incorrect there is only one God and there's one
wife and this is the bride now how does it work and frames
assimilation into the nation's is actually a blessing throw so through the dispersion of the
house of Israel to the nation's the entire world is being blessed because
the house of Israel was assimilated in the nation's and became one with them so he god all tells us that it's going to be a
great blessing so the return is nothing other than the in gathering of the
Gentiles into the kingdom and fulfills the ovas original promise to Abraham
that his seed would be like the stars of heavens then he brought him outside and said
look now toward have an account the stars if you are able to number them and
he said him so shall your descendants be yovan's regathering the house of Israel
which was divorced scattered and assimilated into the nation's through
intermarriage is nothing less than the house of Israel or the Gentiles or non
Jews receiving by faith the fact that Yeshua graciously died
tuen all the first marriage covenant which they were in bondage to and then
resurrected to lovingly take her back under a new marriage covenant so the point is that any non jew and of
course jus but and this will just focus on them
any knowledge who trusts in Yeshua is part of the fullness of the Gentiles
they are part of the mixed multitude if you will which was added to the children
of Israel when they came out of Egypt let me unpack that just for a moment
what I'm saying here is that you have ten tribes that were scattered to the
nation's they didn't all die they were taken away as slaves and they
were put in two different countries and there they had to start over so now you have the genetic seed of
Abraham Isaac and Jacob these these ten tribes that are taken away and they're
scattered and they cannot come back because they've been divorced so what's going to happen to them well
there's two ways i think we can look at this on the one hand there they're being
propagated genetically so now through intermarriage through breeding they are
creating other people and if we don't even want to take that route we just want to say well you know
there's there's no I have no genetic link to Abraham Isaac and Jacob I personally do not know if i do or i
don't i know that I'm not part of the house of Judah and I'm not trying to
replace them i'm not trying to take over so I'm not part of the house of Judah but I get to come in through the house
of Israel i get to be coming because of this promise that God made via a frying now again whether i am genetically part
of them or maybe i'm not either way I don't think it matters because we know
that going out of Egypt you have the 12 tribes and you had a mixed multitude of
people that would suggest that it was there were Egyptians who were also in
that group who are not genetically part of Abraham Isaac and Jacob but that was
not the point because they decided to join the nation of Israel so either way
whether they're genetically Israel or they just make a choice to be with them
they get to be part of that and also we don't understand that no matter how you
look at it even if you are or were part of the the
descendants of Abraham Isaac and Jacob it is always still a personal decision
to follow God but the point here is that because the
house of Israel had been divorce and sent away they could not come back
unless they went through the Jewish door but now there's a different door Jesus
is that door and so we can all come in through him not through that old covenant which they
broke they broke this marriage covenant but
now through this new marriage covenant that is completely free and clean and
has none of the old baggage it's all brand-new it's wonderful so the tribes of Jacob weren't enough
God says you owe us that it was not enough for you shua to just restore the
tribes of Jacob but that he would be salvation for the nations all over the planet
indeed he says it is too small a thing that you should be my servant to raise
up the tribes of Jacob and to restore the preserved ones of Israel i will also give you as a light to the
Gentiles that you should be my salvation to the ends of the earth so again they went out and now he's
bringing them back and then some and you know of our promise to bring in
the outcasts of Israel and also others when uh when Lord Yama who gathers the
outcasts of the house of israel says yet i will gather to him others besides those who are gathered to
him as a 56 first eight so the other regathering prophetic scriptures Ezekiel
1117 2034 2041 and 2825 now I understand that the Gathering is not complete I get
that and that it will only be complete when Jesus sends out his angels to
gather his elect to him so at the second coming of Jesus is when
we're going to have this prophecy completely fulfilled but it is happening
in slow motion right now and when Jesus comes back it will happen in very rapid
succession and Jesus himself said and other sheep I have which are not of this fold them
all so I must bring and they will hear my voice and there will be one flock and
one Shepherd now Jesus was speaking to the Jews of
his day and he's saying i have other sheep who are not of this fold I've got to bring them back so there can
be one flock remember at the time the Jews thought they were the only thing
that would ever be because it had been hundreds of years since the house of
Israel had been sent away and so Jesus is letting them know that yeah you guys
are important but I have this other flock to and you guys are going to be
one flock and there's going to be one Shepherd so contrary to what a lot of
dispensationalist each is that there are two different peoples with two different
destinies that you have the gym news and you have the church that's not
what Jesus said that's not what anybody said and that just that the the part
that makes the difference is that when we understand the two covenants we have
to understand these two covenants the old one of the new one they're both marriage contracts is what
they are so jesus also said in Matthew 15 but he
answered and said I was not sent except to the lost sheep of the house of Israel so jesus is coming to restore the house
of Israel and the restoration of course happened through his death jesus said and I if I lifted up from the
earth will draw all peoples to myself so again the the ten tribes that were
scattered throughout the world he's going to bring them back and even
others besides them so we can now understand how Paul could state so
emphatically that there's no distinction between Jew that is the house of Judah and the greek
which would be a circumlocution for the Gentiles and that is of course where the
house of Israel was scattered which got predicted in hosea chapter 9 verse 17
that they would become Wanderers among the Gentiles so this is why he says there's no
distinction there are no longer two houses there's only one house it's reunited for the same univar it
over all is rich to all who call upon him so the house of Israel the house of
Judah have been restored into one nation and one wife so Paul witness the reunification of the
two houses thus says the Lord Jehovah surely i will
take the stick of justice which is in the hand of a frame and the tribes of
Israel his companions and I will join them with it with the stick of Judah and
make them one stick and they will be one in my hand and the sticks at which you
write will be in your hand before their eyes so again you have these two these two sticks that were that used to
be once bc one there now they're broken he's going to bring them back together
to be one stick in his hand and paul got to witness this is which is why he was
so excited then say to them thus says lordy ova
surely i will take the children of Israel from among the nations wherever they have gone and will gather
them from every side and bring them into their own land and i will make them one
nation in the land on the mountains of Israel and one King shall be king over
them all and they shall no longer be two nations nor shall they ever be divided into two
kingdoms again now again I understand this is not
completely fulfilled I get that but we've seen the inception
it was all made possible by the death burial and resurrection of Jesus Jesus
who came as the as the husband of both of these houses he then died to lay
aside that first covenant that they broke because they were not faithful to
him they went whoring after these other gods
so he died that marriage covenant was put into the grave for three days both houses were a widow and then Jesus
came back from the dead as the same guy but legally a new entity is legally a
new entity so that there can be this new marriage covenant it's amazing the New
Covenant is you have on restoring the house of Judah and Israel into one
nation which made which was made possible by the death of Yeshua now how do you get into this it is
always by a personal a personal decision that you are acknowledging what Jesus
did and that you're claiming that as sufficient for your own personal life
I've been explaining what's been happening on a national level and there
are other pieces to this puzzle as well i'm not saying that that the restoration
of the two houses is the only thing that happened at the at the death burial
resurrection of Jesus but for this study that's what we've been focused on there's other things that Jesus death
did for us it's going to in the future and will restore planet Earth restore us
to have a new body okay and we'll even restore the
separation it'll take away the separation between
heaven and earth between the domain of God and the domain of man so all those things are going to be
restored in time and those were of course made possible because of what
Jesus did but we do not see those actually in progress yet well that is the end of part one we're then going to discuss the election
of the sons of Jacob

36 thoughts on “Old Covenant vs New Covenant-It's About God's Divorce and Remarriage to Israel

  • Further, the Northern tribes were possibly in Pasestine, and were law keeping, when Judah was in its second captivity. and then released to Judea. later.

  • though Israel did go int captivity – they were released and were returned to Palestine. They were in galilee for centuries when Christ was born, HE was raised amongst them.
    And it appears that's where HE returned the 40 days of HIS resurrection – Acts 1 greetings to the 12 tribes of Israel, all of them were together. that day, probably Pentecost!

  • both Judah and Israel were involved in baal worship – rejecting the Passover — they clashed in a CIVIL WAR! OVER ILLEGAL TAXATION! THAT IS ANOTHER REASON FOR THEIR SEPARATION

  • yes, it is important to mention that they splipt because of a civil war . JUDAH TAXED ISRAEL! AND THEY CLASHED. BOTH WERE INVOLVED IN BAAL WORSHIP AND BOTH WENT INTO CAPTIVITY.

  • there were 12 tribes of Israelites – not 12 tribes of Jews. These were split in TWO HOUSES – Judah and joseph. iT IS IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND THROUGH fulfillment ofprophesy and the following captivity. and the events that occur through the new testament.

  • “For I would not, brethren, that ye should be ignorant of this mystery, lest ye should be wise in your own conceits; that blindness in part is happened to Israel, until the fulness of the Gentiles be come in.”
    ‭Romans 11:25 KJV‬

  • “(According as it is written, God hath given them the spirit of slumber, eyes that they should not see, and ears that they should not hear;) unto this day.”
    ‭Romans 11:8 KJV‬

  • “And Jesus said, For judgment I am come into this world, that they which see not might see; and that they which see might be made blind.”
    ‭John 9:39 KJV‬

  • Jesus speaking to israel
    “Therefore say I unto you, The kingdom of God shall be taken from you, and given to a nation bringing forth the fruits thereof.”
    ‭Matthew 21:43 KJV‬

  • “They provoked him to jealousy with strange gods, with abominations provoked they him to anger.
    They have moved me to jealousy with that which is not God; they have provoked me to anger with their vanities: and I will move them to jealousy with those which are not a people; I will provoke them to anger with a foolish nation.”
    ‭Deuteronomy 32:16, 21 KJV‬

  • Who is cannan's mother…we know his father and grandfather. Can a man be a whore? Or just a whoremonger?

  • Hmmm. Maybe I'm misunderstanding you Doug.. Seems like you're saying the death and resurrection were just a way to forgive Israel and marry her… not really a new dispensation/covenant. Well, after the resurrection believers have direct access to God … the pouring out of the Spirit and the law being written on our hearts, becoming royal priests rather than needing Levite priests. The gifts of the spirit, being seated in heavenly places. I could go on. Will have to disagree with you. There is a new covenant.

  • I get so confused about keeping the Sabbath. I moved departamentos to keep Saturday off for 4 months. Then went back to working Saturday. I do struggle with this.


    17 He must not take many wives, or his heart will be led astray. He must not accumulate large amounts of silver and gold.

    MARK 10 9
    9 Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.”

    ROMANS 7 1 -5
    1 Know ye not, brethren,* (for I speak to them that know the law,) how that the law hath dominion over a man as long as* he liveth?
    2 For the woman which hath an husband is bound by the law to her husband so long as he liveth; but if the husband be dead, she is loosed from the law of her husband.
    3 So then if, while her husband liveth, she be married to another man, she shall be called an adulteress: but if her husband be dead, she is free from that law; so that she is no adulteress, though she be married to another man.
    Wherefore,my brethren, ye also are become dead to the law by the body of Christ; that ye should be married to another, even to him who is raised from the dead, that we should bring forth fruit unto God. ROMANS 7 1 – 5
    ACTS 2: 38-40
    38 And Peter says to them: Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of JESUS CHRIST for the REMISSION OF SINS AND YE SHALL RECEIVE THE GIFT OF THE HOLY GHOST.

    A B U S E D?


    AGE 5 MANY YEARS AGO…..:( AFTER FATHER JESUS …..:) AND SO . . . . . . REGARDING A B U S E . . . . . . . . . . . .



    17 él no debe tener a muchas esposas, o su corazón se descarrió. Él no debe acumular grandes cantidades de oro y plata.

    MARCA 9 DE 10
    9 por lo tanto lo que Dios ha unido, que nadie separado".

    ROMANOS 7 1 -5
    1 sabéis no, hermanos, * (para los que conocen la ley, hablar) ¿Cómo que la ley tiene dominio sobre un hombre tan largo como * vive?
    2 para la mujer que tiene un marido es obligado por la ley a su marido tanto tiempo como él vive; pero si el marido está muerto, ella es liberada de la ley de su esposo.
    3 así que entonces si, mientras su marido vive, ella se casó con otro hombre, será llamada adúltera: pero si su marido está muerto, ella es libre de esa ley; por lo que no es adúltera, aunque ella se casó con otro hombre.
    Por tanto, hermanos míos, vosotros también sois ser muerto a la ley por el cuerpo de Cristo; que os deben casarse con otro, incluso a aquel que levantó de los muertos, que nosotros debemos producir fruto para Dios. ROMANOS 7 1 – 5
    Y Pedro les dice:
    Arrepentíos, y bautícese cada uno de vosotros en el nombre de Jesucristo para perdón de los pecados; y recibiréis el don del Espíritu Santo.
    ACTS 2 3 8
    Arrepentíos, y bautícese cada uno de vosotros en el nombre de Jesucristo para perdón de los pecados; y recibiréis el don del Espíritu Santo.
    ACTS 2 3 8

    ASÍ QUE… CON RESPECTO A B U S E………… SIMPLEMENTE HABLAR CON PADRE JESÚS QUE OS HARÍA CUALQUIER BUEN AMIGO!! -Recuerde hechos 2 38 y Salmo 23 – Jesús Padre nuestro inocente primer amor estar contigo celosamente todos y los bendiga!!!!!!

    17 il ne doit pas prendre beaucoup d’épouses, ou son cœur va être dévoyé. Il ne doit pas accumuler de grandes quantités d’or et d’argent.

    MARC 10 9
    9 c’est pourquoi ce que Dieu a joint, que personne ne distincte. »

    ROMAINS 7 1 -5
    1 savez-vous pas, frères, * (car je parle à des gens qui connaissent la loi,) comment que la loi a domination sur un homme aussi longtemps que * il est vivant ?
    2 pour la femme qui a un mari est lié par la loi à son mari tant qu’il est vivant ; Mais si le mari est mort, elle est déliée de la loi de son mari.
    3 donc alors si, alors que son mari est vivant, elle se marier avec un autre homme, elle sera appelée adultère : mais si son mari est mort, elle est libre de la loi ; alors qu’elle n’est pas adultère, si elle se marier avec un autre homme.
    C’est pourquoi, mes frères, vous êtes également devenir morts à la loi par le corps du Christ ; que vous devriez se marier à un autre, même à celui qui est ressuscité des morts, que nous devrions sortir fruits à Dieu. ROMAINS 7 1 – 5
    ACTES À 02:38
    38 et Peter leur dit : repentez-vous et soyez baptisés chacun d'entre vous au nom de Jésus-Christ pour la RÉMISSION de péchés et YE doit recevoir le cadeau de THE HOLY GHOST.



    ET DONC…… CONCERNANT UN B U S E………… TOUT SIMPLEMENT PARLER AU PÈRE JÉSUS COMME VOUS FERIEZ UN BON AMI !! -Rappelez-vous actes 2 38 & PSAUMES 23 – père Jésus notre premier INNOCENT LOVE BE WITH YOU avec zèle tous et vous bénisse !

  • Doug , I was just wondering how the Tribe of Benjamin fits into this picture. Why was Benjamin included with Judah. Does this have something to do with Saul being from The Tribe of Benjamin? Thanks

  • These exposition helped me understand or broaden my perspective of Gods work. The only drawback is you have not considered the consequences of Israel and Judah’s transgressions where God said In Amos 5:2 to the house of Israel that they are fallen and no one to raise them up and verse 4 said, seek ye me, and ye shall live. Also, the coming destruction of Israel/Jerusalem because of God’s anger In Ezekiel 38 (also shown In Isaiah, Jeremiah, Hosea, etc.). Yes, I agree that there will be a remarriage, not to the physical Israel but to the new ISRAEL composed of the Children of Jacob (the new chosen nation), the Seed of Abraham (the Christians), and the Remnants (Isaiah 11:11).

  • This is so very BEAUTIFUL…so wonderful what an amazing Love story..the most beautiful LOVE STORY I have ever heard!!

  • Ummm… this video started awesome, but somehow it got confused!
    Have not seen it all yet but had to stop and comment. When Paul refers to the enmity, he is referring to the ever separation between Jews and Gentiles.
    God separated the Jews through the laws, statutes, ordinances and observances.
    That wall of separation is torn down by Jesus Christ who nailed the Ceremonial Law to the Cross.
    When Paul has the dream with the clean/unclean animals it becomes clear then.
    So all Non Jewish Christians were very happy when Paul and Barnabas reported to them that them only had to abstain from blood, strangled animals, food sacrificed to idols and unchastity. The food abstinence I believe was required out of love and respect to keep jew and gentile at the same table. Though the Gentiles didn't have to become Jews to receive salvation, the Jews didn't have to abandon their jewishness.
    The walls of separation are now
    happening by 3 distinct groups: circumcision of the Holy Spirit (Christians and Messianic Jews); Circumcision of the flesh (Jews)and the uncircumcised (Atheists/Agnostics/Other faiths).
    We Christians are separated by the Holy Spirit and it shows by it's fruits: kindness, love, patience, etc
    Jews are still separate from us for their over legalism, lack of spiritual enlightenment and partial blindness from our Lord.

    If we realize, Ephraim and Judah are already one back in the Land of Israel. Since the Lord promised to bring them back and when that happend they would be one stick in His hand. And it is since 1948, there is no tribal divisions! The dispersions and the holocaust brought them together to suffer and unite as one people, and when back at the Land they rejoiced and united as one people 'the Jewish ppl'.

    Though Israel was divorced from God, it was not on the same level as the Gentiles which had no great plan of salvation unless they would sojourn with Israel.

    Israel and Judah conditions were settled through Joshua just before entering the Promised Land…. God put conditions on it and God gave them a choice to pick it or leave it!

    They still had the Covenant of the promises God made to Abraham and his seed of promise which were unconditional!

    So, could we say that Israel got betrothed on Mt Sinai and actually got married before entering the Promised Land?
    Because at this point God told them the consequences of breaking the contract and they were still in time of turning back if they wished so.

    Anyway, sorry for the intrusion but when we get to Paul it gets all about Jews (no matter what tribe) and Gentiles( no matter what nation). It's where replacement theology takes flight…

    Love your videos and your work! Please, continue the good work in the name of our Jesus! You are blessed 😊

  • doughamp
    Why did you leave out "for us" in Hebrews 9 verse 12?
    Hebrews 9
    12Neither by the blood of goats and calves, but by his own blood he entered in once into the holy place, having obtained eternal redemption FOR US.

    You are in error.
    Jesus came to fulfill the law so that when we come to faith in him, our faith is counted for righteousness. Then he will send his Holy Spirit TO those who believe that he died FOR their sins, was buried, and rose again FOR their justification, therefore receiving HIS righteousness at this time, and now receiving the atonement, setting us free from condemnation, reconciling us to the Father…Thank you Jesus!
    It is his by the power of the holy Spirit that helps us to walk in his perfect law, but, we will fall short every time and when we do his grace is sufficient to keep us confident in his sacrifice.
    God gets ALL the glory…HE paid for our sins and purchased us with his blood. HE is faithful and will keep those offer the body of Christ for the remission of sins and after we come to God with faith we should have no more conscience of sin, because we have been given the Spirit of peace of mind and adoption.
    When trust that indeed Christ died for our sins and that he was raised from the grave, we are sealed with his Holy Spirit which is the promise!
    If you believe not, you call God a liar and trample the blood of Christ, considering his blood an unclean ANIMAL that has no power to purge the world of sin, having already nailed them to his cross. The only sin that he didn't nail to his cross was resisting the holy Spirit by an evil heart of unbelief, refusing to enter into his rest.

    Should we keep sinning so grace may abound…God forbid, that's an ignorant and immature thought!
    If we sin God will chasten his children that are in Christ.
    Sin kills the FLESH, not the renewed spirit that has been sanctified by his Holy Spirit, being baptized into his death. The reason God keeps us here after faith is so that the holy Spirit can use our earthen vessels to preach the word of God to the lost that they too can be reconciled by FAITH!
    ALL the glory goes to God!


  • Ephraim is NOT a 'nickname" for the Northern kingdom….Ephraim and Manasseh are the sons of Joseph who's mother is an Egyptian woman, these children were adopted by Jacob

  • Where does it say the Samartians replaced the Israelites and Judeans? The isealites/judeans went into Europe through the caucus mountains.

  • FYI Greek word “ioudaiov” which the King Jimmy boys translated “Jew” is a geographical word in the strict sense of a territorial location, a country, and they even translate it elsewhere as JUDEA. For all those who seriously study the Bible, it should be noted that even Strong’s Concordance will give this word a NON racial definition.

  • The New Covenant is yet FUTURE to our day here in 2018.
    When Messiah was here, neither the House of Israel nor the House of Judah accepted the
    "New Covenant".
    The House of Israel was in the diaspora, they were not even present to ACCEPT the
    "New Covenant".
    Remember no one will need to teach their neighbor to
    "Know The Lord for All Will Know Me".
    In the Great Commission, Messiah told His disciples to GO….TEACH. In the New Covenant, there will be NO TEACHING.
    So the First Covenant" has not yet passed away as Hebrews says when read carefully.
    "Soon to pass" is not the same as "already passed".

  • Very good from what I can see, up to the part where you mention Jesus! Israel were not married to him, she was married to Jehovah. Jesus is Jehovah's son. So Jesus dying would not release Israel from the law of his father!!! So it's back to the drawing board!!!

  • +doughamp
    This was a tremendous teaching yet you do not address the issue of who the real Hebrews are and their ethnicity. Given all you said you know those rich white skinned Jews who create war and mayhem where ever they go can not be them. Their history does not describe the curses which fell on Judah and Israel. You can not be neutral and politically correct forever. If you misidentify the children of Israel or deny their ancient marker which is the curse, all of your future understandings will be incorrect.

  • More for your consideration, Doug: http://www.britam.org/Questions/QuesEphraimite.html AND https://www.lehigh.edu/~gdb0/simcha/ephraim.htm AND http://www.britam.org by Yair Davidiy — considered to be a nut but who has espoused what you are now just claiming to have figured out.

  • Please don't aide the so-called Ephraim-nuts
    See article for more information on this topic: https://www.clevelandjewishnews.com/archives/ephraimites-or-ephra-i-am-nots/article_f92cfbdf-3246-5635-b481-14840c47d618.html

  • I've heard this before. Nothing new under the sun, just a another slant on it. Be careful not to read too much into idea that Ephraim, as in the House of Israel due to a political split from the House of Judah, is the focus. God Himself is always the focus. Otherwise, Doug, you will have so-called "Ephraimites" puffing up their chests with pride which is exactly what was witnessed while watching your video live last evening. Follow here to read what "they" believe and are now using your name to back up their false claims: http://www.israel-a-history-of.com/ephraimites.html ; http://www.israel-a-history-of.com/12-tribes-of-israel.html ; https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00307SDY0?ie=UTF8&tag=thehisofisr-20&link_code=as3&camp=211189&creative=373489&creativeASIN=B00307SDY0

  • I believe that Moses' angry reaction by breaking the tablets was the Father manifesting His shock and heartbrokeness through Moses due to witnessing her cheating on Him.

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