Old National – Ethics in Banking

– Hi, I’m Bob Jones, chairman
and CEO of Old National Bank. Over the last few weeks,
we’ve seen a number of news articles about scandals involving one of
America’s largest banks. Obviously, to me,
as a CEO of a bank, and as a public citizen, these
are very, very troubling. Troubling because
it’s a continuation of bad behavior by
banks, and a continuation of a public reputation
that is taking damage. Banking is all about trust. Banking is all about
earning your trust. Scandals like this
put that at risk, and that’s troubling. But the reality is, the
vast majority of bankers are doing the good thing. The vast majority of bankers are always doing
the right things. Bankers like our
own Ben Joergens, who recently was awarded by the American
Bankers Association the George Bailey Award. Ben Joergens designed a program for the Henderson
Detention Center in Henderson, Kentucky, and
taught financial literacy to thousands of inmates. His efforts, coupled with
that of the detention center, reduced the recidivism
of those inmates in a significant way. Throughout our banks,
we have a lot of folks like Ben Joergens. Within Old National, we
donated 100,000 hours of volunteer time
to our communities, and that’s what
bankers are all about. But these issues are real, and
these issues are challenging. So what do we do about it? Well, first and foremost, we have to make
changes as an industry. We need to focus on the long
term and not the short term. We need to focus on
doing what is right. We need to focus
on what is good. And we need to focus
on earning your trust and your confidence in banking. So what do we do
at Old National? We don’t know what’s perfect. We make mistakes. When we make mistakes,
I guarantee you, we’ll work very hard to
correct those mistakes. If issues like came up at Wells happened at Old National,
I have committed to my associates, there
will be no retribution. In fact, we will applaud them
for pointing that out to us, and we will take swift
action to make sure those instances do
not happen again. You know, I’m very proud
to be part of Old National, as one of the world’s
most ethical companies for five years straight,
and I’m very proud to say we work very, very hard to be your bank for life.

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