On Cockroaches, Dopers, and Other Vermin that Infect Society

[Music] you’re listening to the marijuana agenda with Russ Belleville like I picked the wrong week wish Motors learn more at MJ agendas calm [Music] you [Music] to bring you the latest developments in medical cannabis adult marijuana industrial hemp and spiritual ganja it’s time for the marijuana agenda with Russ Belleville here’s your host Russ Belleville good day toqgers and toe-caps and non toking lovers of Liberty it is Tuesday July 11th 2017 and it’s got to be 4:20 somewhere in the world welcome the show glad to have you here at Delta 9 house and studios for another fabulous edition of the program coming up on the show today we’ve got our cannabis headline news all sorts of interesting stories going on there in our sensible future segments with SSDP Katie stone joins us she’s an SSDP alum from UC Davis she’s working on environmental sustainability and corporate responsibility in the marijuana industry it’ll be a very good discussion coming up in the middle of show the the guide there is wrong because we’ve actually got a drug war data mining segment this is late-breaking news coming from the drug policy Alliance which is released a new report on the need to decriminalize drugs and the continuing arrest disparities in New York City so we’ll take a look at that in our drug war data mining in our freedom leaf preview we’ve got editor-in-chief Steve bloom joining us they got a special special issue coming up for July August which details the 50-year anniversary of the Summer of Love from 1967 and in the radical rant I’ll tell you how the DEA thinks like the Nazis and the Hutus in a rant based off of our reefer madness debunked from yesterday all that coming up in more in an hour too right here on the marijuana agenda you’re listening to the marijuana agenda with Russ Belleville hi I’m Russ Belleville from the marijuana agenda putting together the most comprehensive live weekday marijuana Newstalk program is a full-time job now you can do your part to ensure that 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work to help people regain their rights and dignity but the fight is far from over we need you to join us in this important fight this October we’re coming to Atlanta for the 2017 drug policy Alliance reform confidence join us in the fight to individual registered now every phone conference yeardley to the marijuana agenda with Ross Belleville I’m Ross Belleville with the marijuana agenda join me every two weeks for police for reform with law enforcement Action Partnership learn more at MJ agenda comm slash about [Music] this is your cannabis headline news brought to you by marijuana moment net the complete source for all your marijuana news in one morning newsletter from marijuana majority founder Tom angel subscribe today for free at marijuana moment men this is your cannabis headline news for Tuesday July 11th 2017 I’m Russ Belleville Michigan live reports that organizers of a Michigan petition drive to legalize recreational use of marijuana say they’re ahead of schedule to get the required number of signatures by the November 22nd deadline the coalition to regulate marijuana like alcohol has collected more than 100,000 signatures in less than seven weeks of circulating petitions Kremlin said in a press release the wording of the ballot proposal was approved by this board of state Canvassers on May 18th and the group was given 180 days from May 26th to collect two hundred and fifty two thousand five hundred twenty three valid signatures to place the question on Michigan’s November 2018 ballot if approved by Michigan voters in November 2018 the initiative would legalize personal possession cultivation and use of limited amounts of cannabis for adults 21 and older it would also legalize the cultivation of industrial hemp licensed marijuana businesses that cultivate process test transport and sell marijuana established testing and safety regulations for retail marijuana and tax marijuana at levels with a 10% excise tax and a 6% sales tax according to Reuters a US judge has rejected a former iNSYS therapeutics Inc employees arguments that he had a constitutional right to use marijuana while under indictment for what federal prosecutors call a scheme to pay kickbacks to doctors to prescribe an opioid drug Jeffrey Pearlman a former incest District Sales Manager had sought to modify his bail conditions so that he could continue using marijuana prescribed by a New Jersey doctor to help kick an opioid addiction he developed after a spine injury Pearlman is one of several former employees and executives of Arizona based incest to face u.s. charges related to subsys and under the tongue spray intended for cancer patients containing fentanyl an addictive and regulated the synthetic opioid prosecutors said Pearlman and sales representatives he managed induced doctors advanced practice registered nurses and physicians assistants to prescribe iNSYS fentanyl spray by paying them to participate in sham speaker programs Don Morgan the man who backed florida’s amendment to says in a report on wcvb.com is suing the state for banning smoking in the final medical marijuana law he believes voters didn’t get what they asked for and will take their anger out by voting for all-out legalization florida’s arm of drug-free america says those truly upset about the exclusion of smoking are for the most part not patients but people who are hoping for recreational use from the beginning what if they can vape I don’t see what the argument is about not being able to smoke end quote says Amy Ron’s Heusen the deputy director of DFA patient advocates respond that vaporization requires disposable pens that litter the environment or expensive reusable devices not everyone can afford and the kits also point to the Portability and ease of simply rolling herb in a paper and lighting a match compared to the charging of batteries or plug-in electricity vaporization requires arrest by police in Washington DC for the public use of marijuana nearly tripled in 2016 and and are on track to remain high in 2017 public records show more than 400 people were arrested in 2016 for public consumption of marijuana according to DC police arrest records obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request by the Washington Post records shows 78 had been arrested as of April 5th that compares with 142 people arrested in 2015 the year that marijuana used but not sale became legal in the city arrest for distribution of marijuana also nearly tripled last year from 80 and 2015 to 220 in 2016 according to the data state health officials have set a tentative timeline for establishing a medical marijuana industry in North Dakota with a goal of having the drug available to patients next spring says Associated Press the Health Department is asking those interested in manufacturing or distributing medical cannabis to notify the agency by July 28th the requested letters of intent aren’t binding but should give officials an idea of the amount of interest the health department tentatively plans to open the application process and early August and close it at the end of September the agency would review applications in October and make selections in early November officials estimate it will take manufacturers about six months to set up the facilities and grow the first problem of medical cannabis if the timeline plays out cannabis would be available to patients in April May or June of next year this has been your cannabis headline news for Tuesday July 11th 2017 I’m Russ Belleville you’re listening to the marijuana agenda with Russ Belleville if you work in the cannabis industry consume marijuana or just support freedom you need to know about breaking policy news that affects you marijuana moment is the daily newsletter that helps you stay on top of all the latest and most important state federal and international cannabis developments brought to you by longtime legalization activist Tom angel marijuana Homan puts a concise yet comprehensive overview of cannabis news in your inbox early every weekday morning wake up to marijuana moment and rest assured you’ll be ready for the cannabis news that’s driving the day subscribe now and marijuana moment net hey this is Willie Nelson for Norman my smoke pot and I like it a lot learn a long time ago that marijuana is a lot safer than alcohol nothing wrong with the responsible use of marijuana by adults this time we stopped arresting and started respecting those who smoke marijuana responsibly to learn what you can do to help contact normal and info are in the org or call toll-free 888 six seven Norman the marijuana agenda like the alcohol agenda LOD see [Music] I’m Ross Belleville from the marijuana agenda join me every four weeks for the Northwest cannabis Chronicle from the marijuana business association learn more at MJ agenda comm slash about [Music] this is a sensible future brought to you by students for sensible drug policy at SSDP org drug policy is an issue that primarily affects the young both in terms of use and legal prosecution SSDP believed in honest education about drugs and advocates for harm reduction policies to protect young adults and society at large we speak with another dedicated activist from SSB Pete working toward a sensible future welcome to another edition of a sensible future the podcast for students for sensible drug policy find out more about the organization at SSDP org I’m Ross Belleville and joining us today we have a board member from SSDP Katie Stone is on the line Katie welcome to the program thanks so much for having me and thanks for doing the show it’s so great to have sspc featured in anyway we appreciate it oh it’s my pleasure SSDP turns out some of the best drug policy reform advocates out there a lot of SSDP alumni in very important positions in consulting firms and other organizations that are doing work not just in the marijuana world but all over the world of drug policy reform it’s a great organization and Katie when did you get involved with SSDP let’s see I got involved with SSDP at UC Davis back in 2013 I was then a young and inspired pre-med students but after going through some personal issues and some other medical things I realized that I needed to focus all of my work and effort on making sure people had access to the medicine that would make them better which I did not have access to and just like my family did not have access to so I switched up everything I was doing and got involved in policy and the rest is history so access to medications your UC Davis that’s California it’s 2013 they’ve got a medical marijuana law how was that a difficulty well I actually had to relocate to UC Davis I was originally born and raised in Phoenix Arizona and the at the time yet I and one of those candidates refugees in a sense and the my employer was not open to the idea of people using cannabis for any reason and granted Arizona did not have laws at the time that would have supported it but you know it just came up I have the decision to quit my job or go take a test on you I would have failed and so I decided to quit my job and it ended up opening up all of these amazing and wonderful opportunities I left the University of Arizona and came to UC Davis where I was greeted with warm and welcoming arms and definitely a good decision so you got in undergrad as pre-med did you continue on the medical track or how did your educational career turn out well it’s not straight on the medical track in that sense I was interning with the Sacramento County coroner’s office in 2012 and 2013 and what I was responsible for was helping the coroner conduct autopsies to determine the cause of death in various different set of cases and the most common case that we ended up seeing were indigent people coming in who had died from exposure or died from lack of just basic standard medical care and through that process I realized that the policies that were supposed to support a medical system that I believed in did not exist and so if I wanted to actually of any sort of benefit in healthy communities I was trying to serve I needed to focus on a policy perspective instead so I switched up all of that into focus on community development and finished my undergrad and then I went into a transformative leadership program at the California Institute of integral studies in San Francisco and there was what I was able to focus on my activism and advocacy work and figure out how I wanted to bring about these changes that I was so compelled to see and actually start organizing people around them so it was very helpful to my SSDP work as well and definitely the best decision I could have made Wow sounds like an interesting development so you finished your masters are you going for a PhD at this point I sure am I am going to be as long as my paperwork comes through I will be starting this fall in the same school at the California Institute of interval studies focusing on transformative studies which is a fancy way of saying social change and so we do that by focusing not only on ourselves and working on the the issues of the growth that we need to focus on as individuals but then understanding how we bring that best and most authentic version of ourselves into the social justice work that we’re trying to create so it’s just a perfect partnership all looking for things ends up most of my research the last two years as you said looking at environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility and I had learned a lot I’ve had a lot of different internships with DPA with the arcview group with the California cannabis Industry Association and through all of that I’ve had a very good overview of what the state of the industry is and what all of the regulator’s and investors and entrepreneurs and patients are looking for and trying to figure out a way to bring this millennial perspective as I call it into cannabis policy as a whole when you mentioned environmental sustainability and corporate responsibility two issues jumped right out at me with the environmental sustainability issue it’s that we’re legalizing marijuana all across the United States in medical or adult use States and many times there’s severe limitations on outdoor growing forcing people to grow indoors which uses power which uses increases our carbon footprint so that’s the environmental thing I wanted to ask you about and then I also want to ask on the corporate responsibility tip we hear a lot about you know black people getting busted for in the war on drugs but now that we’ve legalized weed the laws get set up in such a way that they can’t participate in the legal market so there’s one for environment there’s one for social justice so what’s your take on those issues it’s a great place to start so the environmental issue obviously energy is the biggest component of this and you’re absolutely right everyone is so afraid of just the smell of cannabis leaking into the community that they’ll more easily put it inside and not worry about letting the plant grow naturally as it does outside in the sunlight and the moonlight for that matter and there’s not much you can do aside from trying to figure out how to address people’s fears around that so I’m not going to be the expert on what is the most sustainable way of growing or what type of HVAC system to use or any of those things but I wonder how you have been able to do is connect people with the types of resources and organizations that work on all of this so I definitely been able to advocate and be an activist in that sense by connecting people but what I really really been trying to do is change the culture around sustainability within the cannabis industry by looking at what we call the low hanging fruit so it’s one to try and explain to an investor or to a cultivator that they need to completely change the way that they’ve been growing for the last few decades in order to meet these new efficiency standards that’s not a lot to do and businesses have plenty enough on their plate so trying to change their processes as you know it’s a lot of risk and it’s a lot of fear that they have going into that but if we focus on the consumer aspect of this we start getting consumers to show that there is a market for sustainably grow cannabis we can help educate consumers on something as simple as packaging recycling or starting them aware of the fact that every single vapor pen that is produced in this country ends up in a landfill then we can start changing the conversation show that there’s a market for sustainably produced cannabis but it’s a stronger market and that this more efficient way of doing things will eventually win overall and that’s how we can hopefully get policies in place that actually make sense but it’s a different way of going about doing it as opposed to focusing on the science aspect I think focusing on the consumer education and you know providing a story that there’s a market around it is the best way to go about doing this and then as far as the diversity piece that was a very difficult thing the the prospects before campaign that happened in California obviously equity and diversity was a very very critical component of this and we made it clear that we would not be restricting anyone from accessing licenses solely because they had a criminal record of any kind now I’m sure some of your listeners are paying attention to what’s going on in Massachusetts where we recently had some issues that well I think they’ve been ironed out a little bit better than the last time I looked online but the the thing of it is we need to make more of a stand about the equity and diversity issue in cannabis there’s no way around it and it’s impossible to try to explain this to investors and regulators in a way that they understand because they’ve not grown up in this industry they’ve not grown up as victims of the drug war I mean I was you know how old was I 1985 my gosh I was so young when I was going to my first day of classes and seeing everything that was happening to people who are being prosecuted and there was all people of color I grew up in Arizona and I was pulled over as a young person for different offenses and was never cited for anything solely because of the fact that I was not a person of color I was the white girl that got a warning and got away stuck with me and so it stuck with me and I knew my peers and I knew my community and I knew that this was going to be important always forward trying to explain that to someone who’s never been embedded within this community if who has never had that kind of perspective it’s very difficult and you’re doing mr. cross lives of extreme stigmatization cannabis in general is it’s a sin for some people that’s how they view it so they’re trying to explain that not only are we trying to legalize cannabis we’re also trying to make sure that those who have ever been prosecuted have access to this type of industry is they just it does not compute it is very difficult to find that conversation and so what we’ve really been trying to focus on is telling those personal stories in special ways one on one not through big advertising campaigns or not through these massive legal pushes but actually trying to tell the stories in community in a setting where people can stop and hear and understand and put themselves into someone else’s shoes and that’s a hard thing to pull off but SSCP does a great job of doing that our students are amazing absolutely incredible at pulling this off and as long as we continue to make space for people to share stories and experiences in a positive and compassionate way I think eventually we can get to the point where someone can understand why these issues matter just making a policy around it doesn’t do enough we need to be able to explain the reason behind it and there’s something that we’ve seen with the DM application processes you’ll often come across a checkbox in your candidates license application for your amusement Municipality excuse me or for your city and they’ll make sure that you have an environmental program in place or that you have a community engagement program to place and so you’ll just simply check off that box but no one actually goes in to review that plan that’s been created how are you actually giving back to the community how are you actually giving back to the environment and what are you actually building to fill off that little checkmark most people aren’t doing their due diligence and most businesses are not actually setting up anything that’s effective so that’s another thing that we’re trying to look at doing is making sure in the places that are quote unquote getting progressive on diversity issues and sustainability issues we need to make sure that there’s an assault weapon place to guarantee that those wonderful provisions that we fought for are actually being matched and a good and realistic and pragmatic way I could go on forever about that but I’ll stop there no that’s fantastic and I’m sure the people will have a lot of questions and want to know more about this maybe students out there that are listening or interested in getting involved with SSDP or hearing from you more about this issue what are some contact methods they might use to get in touch with you or maybe some websites where they can find more information on sustainability and and corporate responsibility definitely so you can email me personally anytime at nice and posting websites it’s Katy ta CIE at Go Green be so RG that’s GOG REE N and the letter B’s org and that’s what I’ve been using as a platform to sort of work on developing campaigns around these issues and what I would do as far as reaching out to organizations working on this I would point people probably to the cannabis certification council recently formed and Ashton Therese is the executive director of that they just got their initial funding from dr. Bronner’s which is wonderful and they’re working on cannabis certification around organic Fairtrade labor standards community engagements and all those things I would also point to an organization called kind Colorado and we’re looking at giving them expanded to other states as well but they actually create community engagement plans for businesses who want to make sure that they’re being good stewards of the environment in their community – and along the lines of sustainability I would probably point people to the resource innovation Institute based out of Portland and who out canvas Conservancy also out of California and I think that would probably be the two places I would send everyone to right now fantastic what a great load of information and I assume go green be calm would be the website org that would green be that or guess with it and what you know that’s where I’ve been working on something the biggest campaign that I’m working on organizing right now with a few others is a vape pen recycling campaign we’ve been in conversations with TerraCycle to try and get something up and running to actually process those plastic and disposable cartridges that everyone seems fair Oh everywhere and we’re actually making some progress they can be recycled the only issues that we cannot legally send these things through the recycling facilities which are located on the East Coast because of federal policy so we’re working on handle like that working on getting something up and running in the state of California so that we can bring to zero waste concepts to cannabis which would make sense but we’re not there yet I sure hope we get there soon I have a little box full of used vape cartridges that I’ve just not thrown away thinking somebody must recycle these somewhere and haven’t heard of it yet so I’m looking forward to you making some progress well that’s great I’ll have to contact you we’re going to make an art display out of we collected one so I’ll definitely be in touch all right Katie stone from SSDP thanks for joining us here on a sensible future and good luck on your PhD thank you so much I’ll see you guys next time [Music] this episode was produced as part of the Marijuana agenda with Russ Belleville the daily news and interview podcast covering the world of medical cannabis adult marijuana industrial hemp and spiritual Gong and Jade agenda calm [Music] new beginner guitars and banjos are often constructed much better than ones built before your time why struggle get a new instrument or fix the old one the trusted professionals at the fingerboard extension will evaluate your instrument for free repairs are priced for people who work for a living stop by the fingerboard extension downtown Corvallis at 120 Northwest 2nd Street today or check out its inventory on the web at fingerboard extension comm [Music] hi this is Willie Nelson alcohol prohibition didn’t work in the 1920s and marijuana prohibition isn’t working today it’s time we stopped arresting responsible marijuana smokers it’s the fair thing to do for more information contact normal the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws call toll-free 8 8 8 6 7 n 0 r ml or visit their website at n o R and L org the marijuana agenda like the gay agenda only with better music [Music] [Music] I’m Russ Belleville upon the marihuana agenda join me every four weeks for cannabis sports medicine from the gridiron cannabis coalition learn more at MJ agenda comm slash about [Music] promoting the end of adult cannabis prohibition is easy because we have facts science reason compassion evidence truth and logic on our side it’s even easier when researchers catalogue at all fours learn how to gather the facts on marijuana use arrests seizures rehabs drug tests and more on this edition of drug war data mining today the marijuana arrest research project released a major report that was commissioned by the drug policy Alliance it’s called unjust and unconstitutional 60,000 Jim Crow marijuana arrests in mayor de Blasio’s new york and the report shows that despite the changing of mayoral administrations and the changing of police commissioner’s the NYPD continues to make large numbers of unjust and racially targeted marijuana possession arrests despite mayor de Blasio’s campaign promise to end racially biased policing marijuana possession was New York City’s fourth most commonly charged criminal offense in 2016 black and Latino New Yorkers continue to comprise 85% of the more than 60,000 people arrested for low-level marijuana possession on mayor de Blasio’s watch 85% and most people arrested are young blacks and Latinos even though the studies show that in New York young White’s are using marijuana at higher rates than young blacks and Latinos the new report shows that the NYPD targets blacks and Latinos for marijuana misdemeanor enforcement all over New York City there has been some misconception that sure they go and target blacks and Latinos in Harlem or in the Bronx or you know some minority neighborhoods but one key finding from this report is that in many neighborhoods where blacks and Latinos constitute a small minority of the residents in other words mostly white neighborhoods they’re still arrested in higher numbers than white people are in New York City the New York Police Department is arresting black New Yorkers at ten times the rate of whites in Manhattan and 15 times the rate of whites in Staten Island this is all from analysis of marijuana arrest data from the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services and the demographic data from all five boroughs this report was produced again by marijuana arrest research project and they were on the steps of New York’s City Hall at noon today announcing this along with drug policy Alliance and marijuana arrest research project representatives from Latino Justice vocal New York the Brooklyn defender services the immigrant defense project and numerous individuals who are directly impacted by marijuana prohibition all gathered today at New York City Hall to call out for some change this continuing disparate use of marijuana laws in a state that has decriminalized marijuana remember marijuana’s decriminalized in new york state possessing it on your person and no one can see it is supposed to be something that you don’t get arrested for but the NYPD continues to play these little games where they convince people to take the marijuana out of their pockets convince them that they have to do it even though they don’t and when they do that’s public display of marijuana and then they go and arrest the people this is despicable this is a practice that needs to end especially considering that mayor de Blasio came into office in New York City promising a change from the administration’s of Giuliani and his other predecessors who ramped up the marijuana arrest totals in New York City to Herculean proportions to 50,000 people being arrested per year we’re glad the arrests are fewer but they need to end and as they end they need to end the racial discrimination you can learn more about the report by visiting drug policy dot org it’s in their news section today and I’ll post a link in our chat room you’re listening to the marijuana agenda with Russ Belleville hey everybody its Russ fellow from the marijuana generation fighting you to be like me and get your key design that lucky horseshoe tattoo for most female-friendly clean sterile awesome tattoo shop thomas group are true artists who can design a custom piece or use a design you bring in but he or she also offers all styles of tattooing as well as piercings it all around fun in the DFW area stop by lucky horse you tattoo and tell the radical resection trust me it’ll feel this November whether you see the words medical marijuana on your ballot or not the issue is there from the halls of Congress to your State Capitol or City Hall politicians are already making decisions on Medical Marijuana Policy on your behalf this election make sure they are representing you every vote is a vote for medical marijuana visit vote Medical Marijuana org today you’re not high you’re listening to the marijuana agenda with Russ Belleville I’m astonished to hear people suggest we can solve heroin crisis have you heard this by having more marijuana okay maybe you’re a little high I’m Russ Belleville from the marijuana agenda join me every four weeks for our government at work the latest in cannabis reform at the local state federal and international level learn more at mga agenda comm slash about freedom leaf is the magazine of record the activists working to end adult marijuana prohibition freedom leaf features the latest activism updates from normal SSDP and women groan plus informative articles from longtime activists and cannabis experts join us now as we visit with freedom leaf editor-in-chief Steve bloom in this month’s freedom leaf preview [Music] welcome back everyone to another edition of our freedom leaf preview the magazine of marijuana reform we’ve got editor-in-chief Steve Blum with us to give us a preview of the July 2017 issue and Steve welcome back to the program hey what are you I’m doing good I understand this issue coming up is the summer issue it’s actually covering two months yeah we do that in the summer we split it up and do July August issues all right so what are we looking forward to in the upcoming issue of freedom leaf well not always the summer issue is the Sun low blog revisited issue says you probably know fifty years ago was the so-called summer glove in the United States maybe around the world but primarily San Francisco the counterculture hotbeds that were developing back fifty years ago so we’re letting you look back issues a little bit different than our normal issues it stuck with a lot of pot coverage but the whole feature well is devoted to look back to 50 years ago all right that’ll be great what are we going to learn about the the Summer of Love that maybe some of our younger listeners don’t know about well it was a flower power and patchouli you know it was kind of a rough time in American history back then in 1967 we were right in the middle the Vietnam War the anti-war movement was really picking up I was only three years you know from some of the civil rights legislation that it passed so that had been happening just prior to that those ought a tumult in America that led to the counterculture and led to the Summer of Love JFK’s assassination in 63 and then in 68 we see two more major assassinations so a lot of what’s happening then and it wasn’t all so pretty you know wasn’t you know one version of it is you know the hippies descend on San Francisco had a great time and other version of it is that all other things going on in American life stuck down and and was the Summer of Love really just centered around San Francisco or was this more of a nationwide phenomenon it really was international but San Francisco was the hub New York East Village scene was building as a counter cultural hub la had its you know scenes and a lot of the campuses and harbor and mana state were developing their scenes as things were sort of picking up but other things seems to zero in on Edwin Cisco that was kind of the place that’s where all the hippies went that’s where the media went and you’ve probably seen those famous bus tours going through Haight Ashbury back then where they were trying to reduce the hippies to mainstream America we’re touring around trying to get an idea of what was going on in San Francisco so it really did kind of zero in on San Francisco and all that great music of that era but all of it came from San Francisco but so much of it did Jefferson Airplane Grateful Dead Janis Joplin Big Brother and the Holding Company Quicksilver Messenger Service Fantana you know the list goes on it was a great you know or even time for music in the Bay Area and that’s also where we see the birth of the rock festival happened that year the human being took place in 67 in January and then in June there were several major events there was the the the mountain festival at Mount Tamalpais which actually gets reenacted every year there’ll be one coming up in September and then famously the Monterey Pop Festival which really kind of blew the lid on the whole rock counterculture scene you know what people didn’t know about they finally learned about it when you know when Jimi Hendrix burned his guitar on stage all of his guitar and the who smashed their stuff but when you see those images you think we’ll again it’s not all firepower there was a lot of angriness going on at the time too so in this new issue coming up July August summer issue of freedom leaf are there any interviews for us to look forward to well we have wavy gravy so he’s our special interview for that issue one of the kind of Clown Prince of the counterculture going back to the late 60s he had the hog farm he was at Woodstock famously had told everybody they were making breakfast in bed for 400,000 so he’s been living off that for a long time Lady does a lot of other cool things he’s got to see the foundation for helping people get their site back or deal with blindness and also his camp win a rainbow in Northern California which is going on right now but we had–we be just looking back a little bit on you know he actually wasn’t really it sounds just got the time was kind of like in and around the scene and kind of knows everybody it really funny line though I asked him you know what do you think of Donald Trump and he says Donald Trump he said Richard Nixon was a delicious piece of chocolate cake compared to Donald Trump you know lets us take on things so that’s our that’s our that’s our celebrity so to speak interview in this issue are some weblog focus we also have as I was saying about the Summer Festival them an excerpt from a great book called 1957 but Harvey Cooper neck and we have a look at the long strange trip great political bed documentary that just came out you know this summer and looked back on sergeant Pepper’s which was fifty years old so it’s a little bit of a program sounds like an excellent issue coming up and of course freedom leaf magazine being the magazine for marijuana reform you work well with normal and SSDP and women grow are there some reform oriented articles or information in this upcoming issue for those groups absolutely every issue those two groups you just mentioned Donald SSDP and women go have columns in the magazine to discuss whatever it is that they want to talk about we’re introduced to the Connecticut group that’s just one women grow and the issue SS BT kind of does an overview of what some of their chapters are doing with a little tie-in to the peace of love theme and normal infant it used to have away at that stuff you know Washington related anti-drug policies so they kind of want let people know what we’re sort of up against and parmitano who was you know the deputy deputy director of normal he’s always in the magazine he focuses on the future of cannabis sales in California and of course the Nevada story is a big story it’s got a home base for us it’s freedom leaf city based in Las Vegas so legal sales of recreational marijuana star join first we’re keeping an eye on that we’ve also Amanda Lyman is booked up in Northern California and with her company for canna and they are exploring the winery model as to how you can kind of make marijuana available the way wineries do so that’s that’s an interesting focus what you know what’s what’s happening there we have a new section by Mona Zhang which the is right on your way which has its legal sales that’s just started this month updates in Arkansas Florida Maine Massachusetts North Dakota all those states that passed was back in November you know a lot of the laws of the by the legislators that give people a handle on that what’s happening with social use in Colorado that’s been a big issue we also zero in on the DOJ secret now on a subcommittee that we’re kind of waiting to hear what they’re gonna come up with what their proposals will be it’s not going to be good but they’re supposed to announce something by the end of this month in the back of the magazine which is a little more cultural sherry Chicago’s kind of a flashback to macrobiotic cooking which was sort of the terminology back then for what now is considered the vegan eating very very clean you know eating know me of any sort you know no dairy really you know almost bland but good for you so she does uh what we call the summer veg recipes we also have an article about hemp years by Aaron Hyatt and we have our colonists best man who’s a sojourning in England explaining how difficult it is to get stoned there we also have you promised by a comment by dr. Frank D’Ambrosio who’s doing our you know kind of prank dr. Franklin commands this month he talks about my foot dosing on edibles and and as I said we have a review of the sergeant pepper’s we also have in the middle of the magazine the over the overall several of focus it’s a guide to San Francisco and a guide to Oaksterdam so you know what’s happening you know in both places a little history of both and and what are the things you could do if you’re in San Francisco this summer all the different fun things you could do as far as you know different exhibits and galleries and photo exhibits and all kinds of displays all around town person-guy OBO and one of our favorites he does his each piece for each place for San Francisco and Oakland he gives five stony places to go and he pairs those places with a good stray mic oh he’s going to go to the beach in San Francisco then you know he need this particular strain if you’re gonna go to the park give you that strain so that’s kind of fun but pretty much covers the whole issue I was gonna say we’ve got a pretty jam-packed issue coming up for the summer here at freedom leaf so let’s give our listeners the information they need to get their hands on a copy well freedom leaf is available at trade shows and through normal and SSDP and women go chapters whether they have been stiff should be a friendly but also a lot of stores illegal states California Colorado Washington I would have a really long list you have to kind of go find it it’s also available digitally this issue will be up in the next day or two at freedom live.com so you can go check out the issue for your charge and digital version and we take mm probably half the articles out of each issue and we post them so we’ll start doing that it’s pretty much as soon as this issue is that so bit by bit you’ll get your stories as well if you’re not looking to read it in one way hardcopy digital you can find it you know online in a blog format so one way or the other you’ll get you’ll get your news the good news about nylon appropriately that’s what we wanted to hear freedom Leafs calm you can follow them on twitter at freedom leaf Inc and Steve bloom is the editor-in-chief of freedom leaf magazine the magazine for marijuana reformers hey thanks so much for giving us the clue in on what’s happening for the summer issue and I hope you have a great summer there at freedom leaf and in New York City thank you I’ll catch you in September this episode was produced as part of the marijuana agenda with Russ velvet the daily news and interview podcast covering the world of medical cannabis adult marijuana industrial hemp and spiritual ganja and Jade agenda calm [Music] the marijuana agenda with Russ Belleville is proudly sponsored by the marijuana business association the MJB a called by NBC News the cannabis Chamber of Commerce is the fastest growing business association in the fastest growing industry in America I’ve been working with emj VA for years and I personally invite you to join him JB a MJ ba also publishes the popular MJ headline news on Facebook and the MJ news network comm and marijuana channel one on youtube visit MJ be a net for more details did you know that in Georgia one of the 13 adults is in jail or prison or on parole or probation as a mother and as a professional I advocate for access to drug treatment instead of incarceration we need you to join us in this important fight this October were coming to Atlanta for the 2017 drug policy Alliance reform conference come and lend your voice to the fight register now at reform conference or you are listening to the marijuana agenda with Ross Belleville [Music] I’m Russ Belleville with the marijuana agenda join me every two weeks for cannabis Q&A with dr. Mitch Earlywine from the earning issues podcast on cannabis radio.com learn more at MJ agenda comm slash about [Music] total war against public enemy number one federal criminal penalties for the one ounce of marijuana marijuana is probably the most dangerous drug legalization he’s just another word for surrender this is not medicine this is the Cheech and Chong he felt encouraged use less drugs I think we did a mistake to legalize negative reports coming out of ladies and gentlemen there is no war on drugs there never has been I know that quote must be news of you news to those of you who have been body slammed by SWAT teams breaking down your door and forcing you to the floor in handcuffs while they loot your home over an anonymous tip that you might have been cultivating some house plants in your garage however it was for your own good and the good of the nation at least that’s the attitude of the agents working for the Drug Enforcement Administration see the DEA has this museum and in April former Special Agent Jeff stam delivered a lecture there in the DEA ‘s why we fight series but when you hear these quotes however you have to remind yourself that the speech was from April of this very year from a living human being who presumably has access to the Internet and a functioning brain these are not something from the archives of Harry J Anslinger the head of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics some 80 years ago stam the former DEA agent talks about the sellers of drugs as a quote constant onslaught of amoral predators who leave only human suffering and social decay in their never-ending pursuit of riches end quote now he’s only referring to the greedy pushers of illegal drugs of course the pill pushers who went from selling 45 million to 1.1 billion dollars worth of oxycontin in the first five years while they don’t count and the booze peddlers who sell 16.7 five billion dollars worth of Budweiser last year they’re exempt as well that’s because booze and pills cause no human suffering and social decay I suppose quote it’s time that we reclaim our culture and our civilization stanag Swartz presumably from the now three and five Americans who support marijuana legalization stam lists quote a polluted pop culture with our nation’s leaders at all levels pandering to proliferating groups of selfish and mercenary factions who are peddlers on a limitless and lawless democracy whose arguments are based in intellectual preening and self applauding compassion end quote yeah funny how we’re the ones asking for laws to regulate marijuana the only ones who want to keep marijuana limitless and lawless our Stamm and the DEA well and the Mexican cartels who don’t want legal American competition to stab anybody who’s questioning the effectiveness of the past 40 year trillion-dollar drug war is part of a quote zealous and committed Pro dope cabal that includes the likes of so-called experts like Brad Pitt who calls the drug war a charade Sir Richard Branson who calls the drug war a failure because America he believes now runs up police and prison state and Vicente Fox the former President of Mexico who claims that drug war is useless end quote well according to stam just because we only have 5% of the world’s population but over 20% of the world’s prisoners you can’t call us a police and prison state I see he continues quote on any given day in our country there are roughly 2.4 million people behind bars of that total right at 16% are there for drug offenses end quote now let’s see 2.4 million 16 percent when you do the math you learn that’s three hundred and eighty four thousand people behind bars in this country just for drugs and if you do some googling you’ll find that we have more people in prison just for drugs take just our drug prisoners and we have got more people in prison than all the people in prison in any country on earth except for China Brazil Russia India our drug population alone is the world’s fifth largest prison population and somehow in Communist China where there are nearly 1.4 billion people and the same drugs are just as or more illegal they’ve only imprisoned 1.6 million of their people in the land of the free with 321 million people we’ve imprisoned 2.4 million China has over 4 times more people but we have 50% more prisoners it’s all necessary stam argues to battle drugs and quote new potent strains of marijuana misused for cheap pleasures causing the pernicious and insidious decay that dope spawns in both the user and society end quote yet for all this alleged decay in society Americans stubbornly keep supporting marijuana legalization well that’s because as stam explains the public is stupid and easily fooled by quote reckless and illegitimate accusations that the drug war has not only failed but that it’s patently racist and oppressive end quote see those of us in the pro dope cabal just quote bully and confuse a sleepwalking population too timid and self-absorbed to argue end quote yeah right who who hasn’t filled bullied into thinking the drug war is patently racist by the darnay CLU reporting that black people are nearly four times more likely to be busted for weed than white people you dirty bullies and you you dear listener if you weren’t so self-absorbed you wouldn’t have been so confused as to think that shooting family pets in the home while kids are present over a few grams of pot was somehow offensive and oppressive there are incredible powers of explaining statistics and publishing police body cam videos somehow we’ve created a pandemic public ignorant he calls it through quote a forced compulsion to non-judgmental ISM and pervasive compassion leading to surrendering to the false hopes of both utopian liberals and fundamentalist libertarians who preached that drug prohibition does more harm than good and quote see what we so-called utopian fundamentalist don’t understand stam argues is that the drug war is actually succeeding he says quote the success of our drug policies is evidenced by the long term reductions in the drug use rates in the country end quote alright well Stan points out that nineteen seventy nine fourteen percent of the population aged 12 and older had used an illicit drug in the past month compared to just nine percent today stam concedes quote now this may not be winning but it sure as hell isn’t losing end quote which kind of suggests that Stan believes that zero percent drug use would be winning so so now who’s the utopian fundamentalist it’s very telling that what Agent stam considers success is reduction in the use of drugs not the harm from drugs because sure sure yeah in 1979 14% of the population used drugs monthly but only two thousand four hundred seventy five people died from an overdose so yeah you can crow all you like that it’s down to nine percent of the people using drugs but we’re forecasting over 60,000 overdose deaths in the most recent year those of us that point that out quote intend to grossly mislead and hoodwink sometimes an all too susceptible public to decriminalize drugs on behalf of the mere nine percent of our population who seek only unlimited forms of self gratification would not simply be reckless it would be suicidal end quote yes yes the the hoodwinked susceptible bamboozled public y’all are stupid you have no idea what’s going on when you think we ought to legalize drugs because after all we all remember the decline and fall of Portugal right which decline decriminalized all drugs in 2001 with their 95 percent reduction in new HIV infections with their eighty percent reduction in overdose deaths with half the heroin users they have to have used to have and with drug use rates roughly comparable to the rest of Europe oh my god it’s a deplorable hellhole isn’t it see folks when you peel away the reefer madness behind all of this what you find is that stamms thisis for why we fight is not dissimilar to the dehumanization employed by vicious demagogues throughout history from the Nazis who referred to the Jews as vermin to the Hutu who referred to the Tutsi as cockroaches stam says quote ultimately the crisis of dope is one that is deeply rooted in attitudes and behaviors and therefore will require a citizenry that is unafraid to confront those among us who infect and rot our nation from within end quote we’re an infection now to be eradicated that’s some sort of final solution for us I understand and that infectious rot starts with marijuana or as stam refers to it quote marijuana for kids I presume he means CBD for epileptic toddlers the contact isn’t very clear as he discusses both the opioid overdose crisis and the flood of Mexican produced methamphetamine coming in from the cartels he says quote every heroin addict out there is not just a heroin user for the most part they are poly drug users and they’ve started with at least marijuana we have to make this struggle something that’s stigmatized again end quote yeah because that’s what’s been missing from the lives of people with drug dependency issues stigma he continues quote stigma is actually much more important than law in keeping citizens in line with each other to maximize liberty for all of us so although addiction requires our help and our compassion stam adds unconvincingly there is a lot more folks out there that aren’t drug addicts they are recreational drug users and we have to criticize and stigmatize that kind of behavior end quote you know you can’t help but think South Park’s councilor mr Mackey when you hear stam explain his drugs rubub plan to stigmatize us all into quitting somehow piss testing us profiling us raiding us killing our pets seizing our assets and taking our Liberty that didn’t convince us to give up the devil’s lettuce but society wagging its finger and telling us we’re naughty Oh that’ll do the trick Stan laments quote there has been a lot of folks that have vilified and made fun of Nancy Reagan’s just say no program years ago but for those who have done some research on the matter it worked just say no was not intended to impress our sophisticated elites in this country it was created to impress twelve and thirteen and fourteen year olds and it worked surprisingly well well Nancy Reagan began the just say no campaign in 1982 I was 14 years old at the time so I guess it didn’t work so surprisingly well on me and according to the studies on anybody really it would be easy to dismiss DEA s Jeff stam as yet another one of the prohibitionist dinosaurs screeching its death throes as it sinks into the tar pits of history that is until you remember that the DEA is controlled by a Department of Justice run by an 80s throwback who worships just say no more than stam does Attorney General Jeff Sessions and stam seems impressed by the new boss saying quote we need to do better at letting folks know that drug use is unacceptable lamenting and echoing similar comments by Jeff Sessions it’s something that’s that you maybe can survive but at large it’s something that society can’t so without getting into specifics on policies and things of the previous administration I hope a joint enjoy streaming live on the marijuana at 10:00 it’s time for choker talk radio great the voice of the marijuana nation marijuana is listed as a Schedule one drug that is absurd fallen now at six five Oh legal MJ that’s six five oh five three four twenty five sixty five what’s to keep somebody from gettin all potted up on weed and then getting behind the wheel Joker talk radio is your chance to make your voice heard in the marijuana nation that are welcome on their pants from their cap on by Christmas minimum a mr. Snoopy poop dog send that message with clarity the good people don’t smoke marijuana now let’s get to joking and talking with your host Russ velvet oh thank you so much welcome back everybody and my apologies for not ending that rant as professionally as I would like it went longer than I expected I thought I could just delay the close of the show and then kick in the closing theme and that didn’t work so my apologies but if you want to read that entire rant it’s available on high times calm I just posted the link in the chat room but yeah this this damn guy I know I went on this in great detail yesterday and played some of his clips but I think if you watch that whole that whole speech that whole lecture and you really try to take a meta analysis of it don’t get into the weeds of even saying 14% or 9% of this or 10% or 16% of that and crunch the numbers and is the numbers right are the numbers right now you can get lost in the weeds on that stuff and and miss the big picture and the big picture is that this guy sees us as vermin he sees drug users as vermin that need to be eradicated that need to be stigmatized he sees that recreational drug use needs to be forbidden and naughty and awful and something that is that is frowned upon by society because you know how much society loves drug users these guys they really think that people like you know the people in drug policy Alliance and and other organizations that are trying to you know provide safe injection facilities and heroin assisted maintenance and all of these proven proven activities that help people in need clean needle exchanges and so forth they see that as encouraging drug use think that’s we actually have guys in in Ohio now after I told this story last week where they are suggesting that you have a three strikes near-dead policy for opioid overdose will send someone out with the suboxone with the narcan the naloxone will send someone out with the opioid overdose treatment twice but if you call a third time we’re just gonna let you die of the overdose because these people think it’s a moral failing they think it is a moral choice you’re making all you got to do is just not do drugs just say no like Nancy Reagan said just say you know they have such an obscene understanding or misunderstanding of what’s going on here they think that clean needle exchanges and heroin assisted maintenance and naloxone treatments for people who overdose encourage people to use drugs they think that people out there are making rational decisions when it comes to this that someone who’s got a heroin addiction who’s got an opioid addiction who’s coming down who’s got the severe severe cravings the withdrawal symptoms feeling sicker than you can possibly imagine that person’s making rational decisions with regard to their drug input like imagine if someone in let’s say desert Arizona or the Outback of Australia or you know someplace like that posted that they had a new snakebite anti-venom policy you get bitten by a snake twice we’ll give you the anti-venom by the third time that’s on you man you should have been you should know better than to be running around where there’s snakes out you knew that if you went around where the snakes were you were gonna get bit again why should we spend all our taxpayer money trying to save your life when you are just recklessly and selfishly walking around in the desert where there’s snakes that’s the same at it that’s the same attitude folks that’s the same attitude as this guy’s attitude toward people struggling with opiate addictions and and the desperation with which these guys are trying to tie marijuana to the opiate crisis is stunning oh now you want to play okay all right let’s go let’s kill that it’s just stunning to me though these guys think that dealing with drugs and drug issues can be handled through punishment well I I was going to uh I was gonna to shoot some heroin today but I just heard they might not send out someone with naloxone for me if I overdose so well that’s convinced me that’s convinced me I’m just gonna stop doing heroin they really think that’s how this works right and and and again his his point about we need to stigmatize recreational drug users it’s become too acceptable to be a recreational drug user we need to stigmatize it well you used to stigmatize it like crazy its until like 2012 marijuana use has been fairly well stigmatized you lose your job over it you can’t go look for other jobs if you’re using it they can take kids away for it they can piss test you for it they can take away your car if they find a little bit of it in your car through asset forfeiture if they convict you of cultivating in it they can put you in prison they can take your stuff they can put you on probation they can require you to again show up for more piss tests but that’s not convincing us to stop smoking pot because Snoop Dogg is popular that’s what they really think he had a point he had a whole set of paragraphs in there where he talked about pop culture now pop culture was becoming so accepting of drug use and so promoting of drug to use blah de blah de blah blah so he thinks going back and doing more of what we’ve been doing for the past 40 years without success is somehow going to find success in the next 40 years or so and and and for this guy for this guy to be trying to evoke the specter of the opiate overdose crisis and in the same breath be condemning the medical use of cannabis is entirely opposite of the direction we should be going it’s like how many how many more studies we need to have that show marijuana is an effective effective treatment for neuropathic pain effective treatment for chronic pain effective treatment as a complement to opioids I mean sometimes we get on this subject of opioids and and I fear that some of the listeners might be like yeah opiates are bad they’re evil no drugs aren’t evil drugs aren’t good drugs are things and your relationship with them can be good or bad but drugs gonna numb themselves or things they’re tools and there are some people who need that tool there are some people with extreme cancer pain extreme neuropathic pain people that need a fentanyl patch they need a constant time release dose of highly powerful opioid painkiller so this is none of these rancer to say you uh get rid of the opioids no no no no keep the opioids but give people the choice the option of cannabis as well and so many of those people who need the opioids fine they need fewer of them less of it if they’re using cannabis as well there’s a synergistic effect the cannabis makes the opioids work better the opioids make the cannabis work better everything’s working in concert here and this isn’t just speculation we’ve got the surveys from Berkeley patients group we got the surveys from various studies that have been on on this particular subject where patients say two-thirds of them say yeah I’m switching out my my pain pills for pot or since I’ve started pot I’ve been able to kick down like half of my pain pills or get rid of them all together so for the DEA for this Jeff stand for these guys just so desperately try to smear marijuana as the gateway to heroin when what it is appearing to everyone who objectively observes it is it is the gateway out of heroin addiction it’s the gateway out of the opiate crisis now we will talk a little bit more about this as well because the opiates have become a huge issue in drug policy but you know some other stories I want to cover as well so stay tuned we got some other stuff to talk about including a new report from drug policy Alliance they had two reports they announced today the one was the New York arrest disparity one but this other one is about decriminalizing drug use and possession all drug use and possession well Project Sam’s got a problem with that so we’ll take a look at what projects am i mad to say also Nevada running out of wheat in its first week is barely par for the course we’re going to take a look at a Newsweek story that talks about how all the other states have faced marijuana shortages Plus karma is a bitch for incest common are listening to the marijuana agenda with Russ Belleville looking for the 4/20 friendliest way to visit beautiful legal pot land Oregon I’m Lori Duckworth inviting you to come stay with us at delta-9 house in studios you get your own private room with queen bed and access to a high-speed Wi-Fi premium entertainment system and more will even cook your breakfast look us up on Facebook at Delta 9 house that’s facebook.com slash Delta number nine house Delta nine houses book through Airbnb calm city of Portland Kermit number 17 – one five nine eight five five did you know that each day in the state of Georgia more than six people are diagnosed with HIV as a person providing life-saving services to those most at risk I know HIV is preventable we need more people in this fight which is why I want you to join me this October in Atlanta for the 2017 drug policy Alliance reform conference join us in the fight to end the drug war register now and reform conference you are listening to the marijuana agenda with Ross and Ellen [Music] I’m Russ Belleville from the marijuana agenda join me every four weeks for the UK cannabis Chronicle from the UK cannabis social clubs learn more at MJ agenda calm / about [Music] [Music] it’s time for Joker talk radio the voice of the marijuana nation common now at six five Oh legal MJ alright welcome back everybody to Delta nine house and studios beautiful Mount Hood in the background there so um are you feeling crampy are you feeling any stomach pains some sharp sharp stomach pains perhaps feeling a fever little fever little nausea perhaps vomiting and diarrhea with blood what could these be symptoms of well this week it’s a symptom of an overdose of iron oh no wait I’m sorry an overdose of irony irony not iron I’m sorry WebMD you’re completely wrong you don’t have anything for irony but I tell you folks I have more than gotten my USDA recommended daily requirement of irony this week or is it shot in Friday I’m not sure if if what I’m talking about next is irony schadenfreude a– or just karma is a bitch one of the three or maybe a combination thereof I’m sure the Germans have a real long word for the combination of all three of those but it comes by we have two stories one of them with a direct direct link to what’s going on here in weed world but let me start with the the overall story and that would be this Donald Trump jr. thing oh I know if you’re following this man but he released today the email trail that led to him taking the meeting with the Kremlin lawyer at Trump Tower last summer to get dirt on Hillary Clinton and basically the email trail and I don’t know why he released the damn thing well he said that the New York Times would be releasing it so he released it himself but I’m not even like a lawyer I’ve never been to law school I think I could successfully prosecute the case of collusion and treason on Donald Trump jr. with this evidence he says I’d love to I’d love it in response to getting dirt on Hillary Clinton from the Russian government that would help them win the election so my my irony level was already peaked at the idea that after a whole summer of chance of lock her up lock her up she used email she used an unsecured email server Hillary Clinton in an email after that entire debacle to think that it would be an email but takes down Trump just makes me giddy this makes me giddy with irony it’s just a beautiful thing so so my irony level was already peaked I was already like that’s as much irony yeah that’s all the irony I need for the week and then I went through today’s news and I got this story from the New York Daily News and it’s like literally Shakespearean in its in its irony this is like an oh Henry play I cut my hair to get you the watch fob I sold my watch so you can have the brush right it’s it’s definitely at the oh Henry level of irony here or pageanty schadenfreude net again I’m not exactly sure how to characterize it but it’s a story we get out of Reuters and it involves a guy named Jeffrey Perlman now Perlman was a district Sales Manager for iNSYS therapeutics now does that name sound familiar iNSYS therapeutics is the Arizona based maker of a fentanyl spray called subsys and remember fentanyl the opioid that’s 50 times more powerful than then morphine right so iNSYS makes subsys this opioid spray iNSYS you’ll also remember was the the big pharma company in 2016 that donated a half million dollars against arizona legalization and you may also remember incest is the company that following the election and following Donald Trump and his FDA appointments got a sweetheart deal for their new cannabis medicine their synthetic cannabis medicine they’re putting together they got a special schedule to sweetheart deal on that so you remember iNSYS therapeutics right it’s clear in your mind hates weed donated money to fight it makes a synthetic opiate okay so we set the table right so this Jeffrey Pearlman he was a former district sales manager and he’s one of several former employees and executives from incest that are facing charges over that subsys that that opiate under the tongue fentanyl spray right now the the case against incest has to do with these executives and managers including this guy participating in schemes to bribe doctors to prescribe more of this opioid painkiller basically what Pearlman did according to the prosecutors they’re alleging that he induced doctors nurses and physicians assistants to prescribe fentanyl prescribe the insist you know subsys spray by having them participate in these fake speaker programs right like they deranged speaker fees from like a thousand dollars to several thousand dollars to go speak somewhere when really they were getting the money for increasing their prescriptions of subsys to the to the public one of the health care providers earn eighty three thousand five hundred dollars in kickbacks to prescribe instances fentanyl spray now Perlman’s pleaded not guilty he’s going to trial in November right but while he is under indictment while he’s under indictment he’s on bail right so he’s out out of jail on bail and here’s where the story gets delicious Perlman had an accident and had to have surgery for his spine after his spinal surgery he was prescribed opioids and then he got addicted to the opioids and then to try to kick the opioids he in New Jersey got himself a medical marijuana card and had a New Jersey doctor recommend to him that he could use medical marijuana and he went before the judge the judge that had bailed it mule presided over his bail and argued for his bail that would detect medical marijuana that he’s trying to use to kick opioids and the judge said no maybe we should start at 4:20 right marijuana reference so Jeffrey Pearlman sideman partners a real bitch huh hi man just overdose on irony it’s 4:20 folks let’s take our union a need a safety briefing and we’ll be right back with more marijuana news right after this [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] and herpes cannabis seeds we pride ourselves on bringing you the best quality seeds from the world’s most respected Canada seed producers all lowest online prices you can find her B seeds and rubies at shop comm all came to see if they’re sold as souvenirs and as a means of preserving chemistry x / b seeds in domain intends to keep em from upwards likely use of illegal or controlled substances we strongly urge all this back investment detector has klaus fires a basic an order Hermey seeds at her bees head shop calm proud sponsors of the marijuana agenda with Russ Belleville hi this is Willie Nelson alcohol prohibition didn’t work in the 1920s and marijuana prohibition isn’t working today it’s time we stopped arresting responsible marijuana smokers it’s the fair thing to do for more information contact normal the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws call toll free 8 8 8 6 7 n o r ml or visit their website at n o RM an org you’re not high you’re listening to the marijuana agenda with Russ Belleville this is high purity THC content marijuana and its are not a healthy substance ok maybe hear a little hi I’m Russ Belleville from the marijuana agenda join me every four weeks for the celebrity marijuana zone with Steve bloom from celeb stoner calm learn more at MJ agenda calm / about [Music] [Music] odd 2.0 is that your father’s Woodstock weed its diaper choker top radio the voice of the marijuana nation fallen now at six five Oh legal MJ alright folks we were talking about Jeffrey pearl than the iNSYS therapeutics pharmaceutical executive who’s on bail on charges of driving doctors to over prescribe opiates that people get addicted to he ended up getting addicted to an opiate and then to kick that opiate got on medical marijuana and then asked the judge to not piss test tamales on bail for kickbacks to over prescribe opiates so that he can use medical marijuana to deal with his reliance on opiates it’s just it’s a no henry play I’m telling you it’s she experienced in the levels of tragedy and when you get into the the story here it’s funny how he tried to argue this according to the New York Daily News the lawyers for Pearlman argued that if he had to give up medical marijuana that would force him to return to using opioids impairing his constitutional rights to fully participate in his defense and to due process you follow that the guy who worked for the opiate company who’s under indictment for Oprah forcing the over prescription of opiates to which people have become addicted his saying that if he has to go back to opiates it would so devastate him that he’d be unable to participate in his legal defense I guess they were fine for everyone else without this guy so the judge this is a US Magistrate Judge sir reasonable treatments exist indeed in states with no medical marijuana law or a more restrictive laws patients with the defendants condition must use other forms of treatment so a little bit of a little bit more icing on this cake here the guy who is under indictment for getting doctors to over prescribe opiates wants to have the choice to use medical marijuana instead but his company went and donated half a million dollars to prevent recreational marijuana in Arizona which would have given a lot of people the choice to use marijuana instead and now he’s being denied his choice because there’s other forms of drugs available the same damn argument the anti medical marijuana people use on us when they say well you don’t need to use medical marijuana for your glaucoma they’re got eyedrops you don’t need to use medical marijuana for your pain they got opioids you don’t need to use medical marijuana for your seizures we got other stuff oh how does that feel not getting the first choice that medicine you’d like to use Jeffery Pearlman she also points out the judge also points out that defendants who are out on bail are also required not to violate federal law and that possession of marijuana even if legal under state law remains illegal under federal law well it’s illegal under Connecticut law it’s illegal under New Jersey law and thanks to a $500,000 donation from Jeffrey Perlman’s former company its illegally in Arizona too so uh I love this story I just I can’t I can’t believe how much irony is loaded in this one story I’m going to send that out in the chatroom give you a chance to check that out some folks in the chatroom saying we’re having some difficulty with our stream connection sorry about that it’s not me I don’t know what’s going on but says we’re we’re connected right now so we’ll just keep going with it let me get to another story after the incest story and that is back to our opponents out at smart approaches to marijuana project Sam so the drug policy Alliance has released a report today and this one is I don’t looking for the title of it the official title it’s called it’s time for the u.s. to decriminalize drug use and possession and in this case they’re talking about all drugs not just weed decriminalize all drugs and I would go farther I would legalize all drugs but we’ll start with decriminalize and let’s make sure we understand what our terms mean decriminalize in this sentence in this sense means it’s still illegal you still can’t go somewhere to buy it it’s still illegal to sell it it’s still illegal to manufacture it it’s still illegal to grow it it’s still illegal to process it extract it concentrate it cook it anything but if we catch you with Samanya you’re not trying to sell it we’ll just fine you maybe give you some sort of probation maybe give you some sort of mandated community service maybe give you some sort of mandated rehab but we won’t put you in jail this was like the literally the least we could do right just not Jail people who use drugs and and for me it’s a simple simple concept like it boggles my mind that we have people who consider themselves to be Americans who consider themselves to be all wrapped up in the flag and liberty and justice and truth and the land of the free and the home of the brave but they can put all that aside if we’re talking about drugs they their concept of liberty and freedom and you know individual responsibilities is pretty consistent when they’re talking about guns businesses driving in race cars and going off-road on four-wheelers and riding motorbikes and jumping out of planes pretty consistent on the freedom angle there but as soon as you introduce drugs into the topic they become these central planning socialist communist dictators we can’t let people just choose to use weed and heroin and cocaine why they’ll do terrible things and society will crumble well no it won’t the first thing that people need to understand whenever we have these discussions is that you don’t know most of the people who use drugs you don’t know most of the heroin users you don’t know most of the cocaine users you don’t know most of the meth users most the potheads any label you want to throw out there you don’t know most of them because they don’t get busted they don’t have overdoses they don’t cause mayhem they don’t rob people and these people I’m talking about are the vast majority of the people who use drugs you’ll they’ll say that well 30% of the people who try heroin go on to have a dependence problem okay so 70% of the people who use heroin don’t and those numbers get bigger for every other drug that’s something like 88 percent of the people or my math 78 percent of the people who use cocaine don’t have a problem with it eighty-five percent of the people who use alcohol don’t have a problem with it ninety-one percent of the people who use marijuana don’t have a problem with it really the only problem they have with it is finding it and keeping it secret those are the only problems most people have with their drugs I have a drug problem I can’t find any I have a drug problem I can’t afford any right most people get along with their drugs just fine and what has happened for most people for the guys like like stam he’s the perfect example of this right DEA guys cops these are the guys who by the nature of their poo only works you would think lyft passengers were awful it’s like the emergency room doctor right the emergency room doctor ask him what he thinks about motorcycles ask the emergency room doctor but he thinks about motorcycles he’s like oh my god they’re awful they’re terrible every day I got someone coming in off a motorcycle wreck there their bodies are all mangled they’re just destroyed it’s just terrible they have skin grafts they have to go through it’s awful motorcycles ought to be banned well yeah cuz the only motorcycle riders he runs into are the ones that end up wreckin the thieves the ER doc the same thing for the cops or for the rehab doctor these projects and people most of them are rehab industry people so yeah if you’re getting that 10% that 5% that whatever percent of the worst of the worst who do have serious issues I can see why you’d think letting people use drugs is going to cause mayhem in society but really what we have to separate is what is the mayhem we’re getting from the drug use versus one of them mayhem we’re getting from the drug prohibition a look I’m not a Pollyanna on this I’ve used just about every drug that’s out there and I’ve known a lot of people who’ve used more I’ve been in some really really bad situations with regard to drugs and I’ve been in some really great situations with regard to drugs and what I can tell you ribbons but similar weapons I’ve been in those rooms I’ve been in cars with Speed Freaks doing 130 miles an hour down the freeway while doing lines off the center console I’ve seen the shit so I know there can be bad dudes there can be bad people with bad experiences on drugs but in almost all of those cases I can think of those people have far less influence power money and ability to cause mayhem if the drugs are legal part of what gave them their power and their ability to flout the law and behave recklessly was the fact they had so much money and profit and time from not having to work so hard for that profit right couple hours a day slinging you know meth and you can make plenty of money and then spend the rest of your time goofing off right the problems we have to separate out our how few people are there that when they do a drug do it irresponsibly and then misbehave badly because that’s a nonzero number there are harms from drugs I’m not going to say there aren’t how small is that compared to 2.4 million people behind bars compared to four times more likely for a black person to be arrested than a white person how how much mayhem is that compared to the the bloodshed going on as the cartels in Mexico fight for the the smuggling routes I don’t see dos equis and Corona shooting it up in Juarez over to the ability to get their trucks across the border full of Corona and Dos Equis you know si Cuervo and patron fighting it out really those of us use buddy else people use a coffee we’ll go into more detail when we come back stick around you’re listening to the marijuana agenda with Russ Belleville hi I’m Russ Belleville from the marijuana agenda putting together the most comprehensive live weekday marijuana Newstalk program is a full-time job now you can do your part to ensure that listener supported independent cannabis radio journalism can continue by becoming a patron of the marijuana agenda just log on to MJ agenda comm and click the become a patron button if you’re an organization or business looking to promote your brand we have sponsorship patronage available at MJ agenda comm sponsorship includes 15 and 30 second ad breaks and six minute interviews on the podcast depending on sponsorship level which begins at $19.99 a month thank you for your support and remember I cannot do it without you please become a patron today at MJ agenda comm did you know that in the u.s. black women have the highest HIV infection rates of all women as a public health professional I know we can do better every day I work to close the gap in health inequities but I’m just one person we need you to join us in this important fight this October we’re coming to Atlanta for the 2017 drug policy Alliance reform conference join us in the fight to end the drug war register now at reform conference org the marijuana agenda like the gay agenda only with better music [Music] [Music] I’m Russ Belleville with the marijuana agenda join me every four weeks for veterans of compassion with the veterans cannabis group learn more at MJ agenda comm slash about [Music] hello mr. man hi I’m doing I’m working I’m sharing no food till this is done [Music] it’s time for choker talk radio the voice of the marijuana nation call it now at six five Oh legal MJ so we’re talking about this new report from drug policy Alliance it’s time for the u.s. to decriminalize drug use and possession then a teleconference today at 1:00 Eastern I unfortunately didn’t get a chance to record it or or hear much about it but I’m reading the press release on this and they say the idea of decriminalization means nobody gets arrested goes to jail or prison or faces criminal punishment simply for possessing a small amount of a drug for personal use and we are finding this to be a very successful policy in Portugal the administration of the laws there in Portugal have seen you know decreases in HIV AIDS drug overdose rates no significant increases in rates of crime or drug use and this has been going on since 2001 you know and in Project Sam and Kevin Sabet and the drug war prohibitionists they always try to poopoo Portugal oh that doesn’t apply Portugal’s not the same and you can’t really count Portugal and it’s been interesting because Portugal has been a big thorn in their side Portugal is really tough for them it and really the only arguments they have are dangerous arguments to make if they start arguing that well you know Portugal’s a smaller country with a different culture and a different population and you know they start to make some of those culture arguments right which is really code for well yeah Portugal doesn’t have a problem with black people right that’s what that’s what that’s code for whatever you hear that well you can’t compare you can’t compare legalization and you can’t compare the pot shops in the Netherlands to the United States because they have a different culture it’s code that’s code for they don’t have urban populations which itself is code for they don’t have problem with black people so yeah this this Portugal thing if they if they don’t go toward the the racist cultural arguments then they’re stuck because everything Portugal is done they haven’t started a big marijuana they don’t have any commercial drug use there’s no like you know cocaine stores and heroin shops and in cannabis cafes in Portugal it’s just decriminalized you can just have your own personal amount the illegal market still supplies it some would argue that the problem with decriminalization is that it subsidizes in it and it protects the demand side of the illicit market this is what that my only problem of decriminalization is it not going far enough you’re protecting the user you’re protecting the the demand but you’re still criminalizing the supply and all that does is provide for a greater greater customer base for that supplier because now you’ve got customers aren’t afraid of getting busted that’s the only negative I’ve got from that but in Portugal it doesn’t seem to have increased any drug use drug use in Portugal is right along where it is in the rest of Europe it goes up it goes down but they didn’t go crazy with drug use and I think the reason this happens is because the prohibitionists don’t understand that there’s just a certain amount of demand for drugs they’re just always going to be a certain amount of demand for drugs now you can increase that demand by allowing easier access to the supply by reducing the consequences of access by making it legal but really at some point there’s a point that where personal taste comes into this right there’s just a point where there’s only gonna be so many people that want to do that particular drug alcohol is perfectly legal anyone over 21 can get alcohol and it’s ubiquitous you can get it damn near anywhere but the rates of alcohol drinking have declined they’ve done way down in the past 30 years we didn’t make it illegal cultural tastes shifted people’s choice in wanting to use those that drug shifted and it’s got nothing but down when I was a high school senior in 1985 as a statistic said that my classmates fellow high school seniors ninety percent of us had tried alcohol 70% of us had tried cigarettes and 60 percent of us had tried marijuana that’s when I was a high school senior today’s high school seniors they’re down to below 70% on whether or not they’ve ever drank they’re below 40% or around 40% on whether they’ve ever tried pot and their cigarette use is down below a third we got more kids now that smoke pot and smoke cigarettes which is a good thing by the way so we didn’t make those drugs anymore illegal well we did in a sense we made it alcohol illegal for 19 and 20 year olds when I was eight in 99 I was 19 or 17 I should say the drinking age was still 19 so maybe that had something to do it raise the drinking age a bit with cigarettes we put the cigarettes behind the counters locked him up we had anti-smoking campaigns we got the cigarettes out of the movies and TV although they’re starting to come back a bit but drugs use didn’t increase and even when alcohol had been tried by 90% of high school seniors it still wasn’t a hundred percent and the regular use of alcohol is about sixty percent two thirds somewhere in that range among American adults now even though it’s legal and anybody who wants to drink can there’s still about a third of the population that doesn’t even though that it’s legal so one of the interesting aspects of this report coming out and especially it highlighting Portugal and it’s you know 2001 total decriminalization literally you can have a personal amount of heroin in one hand and a personal amount of cocaine in the other hand a joint in one pocket some meth in the other pocket some mushrooms in the in the back pocket and a tab of acid your wallet and you’re not going to jail you’re not getting arrested they might haul you in front of some counselors now be about it and that’s been successful in every reasonable measure of drug policy so drug policy Alliance puts out this report and it highlights Portugal so project Sam the smart approaches to marijuana has a statement out on drug policy Alliance report calling for the decriminalization of all drugs and so they say this is Kevin Sabet squat we cannot incarcerate our way out of our nation’s drug problem but the legalization and decriminalization of heroin and meth which is the goal of groups like DPA are not serious alternatives to current drug policy well what is the alternative to current drug policy write heroin and math are currently illegal what is the alternative do something being illegal what could the opposite of illegal be he continues by saying quote the overall goal of public policy in America should be to support smarter policies that discourage drug use and its consequences not encourage them say and here we go back to that total misunderstanding as if as if helping people survive in overdose is encouraging people to start heroin as if not arresting someone who’s using heroin is somehow encouraging them to use heroin no you know what encourages someone to use heroin a pharmaceutical executive who’s bribing doctors to over prescribe fentanyl sprays to people that can encourage is people to use heroin when they’re fentanyl spray runs out their insurance runs out their prescription runs out and now they’re addicted to opioids that encourages drug use not giving people clean needles not making sure they don’t die from an overdose but he won’t mention what the the ideas are here he says people with drug use disorders need treatment and we need better interventions in our healthcare system to identify drug problems before they grow always be wary when you hear projects am talking about interventions interventions right we’re just kidding it’s just gonna be an intervention what an intervention is is when you want to go about living your life in a certain way and someone blocks you from living your life in that certain way that’s an intervention policies that that what do you say here the identify interventions that identify drug problems before they grow so what sort of what sort of surveys or surveillance do we need to be under to make sure that our drug use isn’t becoming a problem and who gets to decide that is it Project Sam and they’re their army of drug rehab professionals can you kind of see how there might be an incentive if you are a drug rehab professional who runs a drug rehab clinic to having policies that require people to go to drug rehab clinics either by becoming arrested for their use of that drug or through some sort of intervention so what are we what if we have these interventions that identify a drug use disorder that’s beginning and the person decides yep I’ve got a drink usage disorder I’m just going to keep doing it we intervene again with cops so these interventions are all nice nice thoughts nice concepts here but he goes on to say it’s a simple fact that no community in America would be healthier or safer with more people using meth heroin cocaine or marijuana and there are smarter drug policy alternatives that communities should consider instead already illegal drug use and its consequences cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars a year in public health and safety costs I’m sorry what’s the budget for the DEA again what’s the budget for the entire war on drugs again 15 billion wasn’t it but we’re gonna worry about a few hundred million in public health and safety costs allegedly he says the truth is that this report is nothing more than a thinly veiled attempt to further open a door for a new for-profit legal drug industry in the United States the next big tobacco of our time if DPA was serious about providing smarter alternatives to the so-called war on drugs approach to drug policy they would support other proven evidence-based alternatives like drug courts pretrial diversion programs and probation reform which reduce drug use while alleviating pressure on our criminal justice system all right well DPA has put out a brilliant report on just how biased and messed-up the drug court system is where people are getting sentences in drug courts that if they relapse then subject them to greater penalties than if they’d had just taken a guilty plea in the first place you set these people up to fail drug courts are a guarantee that drug users with the most serious problems will be back and guarantee that marijuana users who don’t have a serious problem will inflate their statistics see you how to keep marijuana illegal enough so that when you catch someone with it the judge in a drug court can sentence them to probation with piss tests and requirements to go to rehab because marijuana doesn’t mess people enough up to want to do that on their own 15 percent of the people that check into rehab ourself admit when it comes to marijuana over half of them are sent there by the criminal justice system so it makes sense for projects Aaron to be against decriminalization it takes away the threat that gets them their customers are listening to the marijuana agenda or user design and tell them for us as a formerly incarcerated person I know firsthand all the ways that we are disenfranchised when we are run to the system every day I work to help people regain their rights and dignity but the fight is far from over we need you to join us in this important fight this October we’re coming to Atlanta for the 2017 drug policy Alliance reform confidence join us in the fight to end the drug registered now every phone conference the marijuana agenda like the liberal agenda but with profits [Music] I’m Ross Belleville from the marijuana agenda join me every four weeks for the Northwest cannabis Chronicle from the marijuana business association learn more at MJ agenda comm slash about [Music] Jenna your husband okay it’s time for chakras on radio the voice at the marijuana nation call in now at six five-oh legal MJ all right welcome back as we close up shop today talking about projects and versus the drug policy Alliance the latest of course DPA puts out this report today saying it’s time for the u.s. to decriminalize all drug use everything you got PCP got heroin he got meth got coke got ludes got acid trims give me a call know if you got any those things under the DPA report the idea is you should not be criminalized for what you do to yourself and this is another area like I get so tired of people that claim to be Americans who support the flag and freedom and liberty justice for all who throw that away when it’s marijuana or drugs that oh you have the freedom to do anything you want to do but not that so as we wrap this up I gave you DPAs point of view that hey look at Portugal they D criminal drugs in Portugal in 2001 it hasn’t slid into the sea there’s not looting and chaos going on 24/7 their drug use rate stayed the same their crime rates stayed basically the same their heroin use rates went down because the the use of the average age of the heroin user in Portugal has just risen and risen and risen giving the idea that the older people with dependence on heroin are still using it but no we’re not getting as many new initiative it we’re seeing 90% decrease in new hiv/aids infections we’re seeing like 80% decreases in overt in the overdose deaths so Portugal’s been this amazing success of decriminalization and then project Sam comes out with their statement saying that’s awful this is terrible why would you want to encourage drug use even though these very same policies in Portugal have led to the same or less drug use so there’s no basis in saying that the policies of decriminalization are going to increase drug use he’ll we’ve even seen the policy of legalization of marijuana not increasing the team use of marijuana but for these guys it’s just the use itself it’s not whether the use is causing harm to them use is harm using drugs is harm it will cause harm it is a harm and it must be eliminated so what’s funny about this and Tommy angel pointed this out in a tweet earlier today is it back in 2014 in a tweet from Vienna Austria Kevin Sabet said mainly because of Greg Greenwald’s misrepresentation people think portugal has legalized it hasn’t in fact strategy seems close to learn about sam strategy seems close to our strategy so 2014 Sabet was going off talking about how Portugal’s decriminalize Sabet he always tries to play this you know baby bear Goldilocks just right position o Huget ization is too soft but prohibition is too hard decriminalization with forced P tests and and mandatory rehab that’s just right so in referring to Portugal he was referring to the fact and he’s I’ve seen him say this in other speeches like I’m kind of a sabot ologist here and I’ve seen him talk about many times how US drug users are struggle or we keep misrepresenting Portugal because Portugal has what like what projects and once it has interventions with with public health experts who offer rehab it’s just what we want so in 2014 he was praising Portugal as something that was a strategy close to learn about Sam now he’s a decrying the whole Portugal thing and saying that it’s going to cause more use more harms and lead to the next big tobacco yeah so there’s your uh there’s your Kevin Sabet argument someone in the chatroom is asking why I gotta use a southern accent did I use a southern accent alright on purpose sometimes it just leaps out of me I guess but yeah this this this Kevin Sabet bleating about decriminalization you know it goes along with like what they are we saying that they’re gonna come out any day now any day now we’re gonna get from project Sam their policy recommendations for marijuana they’ve been promising this for a long time right because they keep saying well we don’t we don’t believe in you know that people’s lives should be ruined just for smoking a joint they shouldn’t lose their their their jobs and have criminal records and be you know blackballed for life no that that shouldn’t happen I mean we should reserve that for the people who sell and grow and process marijuana and transport marijuana that they should have their lives ruined but no not the not the people who are just smoking weed we need them for customers people are just smoking weed usually have jobs and insurance and their insurance will pay especially with Obamacare will pay for this this rehab treatment that we need and and if we get the marijuana people in and rehab they got jobs to go back to and they got pissed tests they don’t want to fail and the drug that they’re using is not really addictive it’s not gonna really cause them to be sick if they don’t use it for most of them so they can easily pass the pee test and the next thing you know wow what a success our drug courts are our drug courts are so good at turning around people with addiction when half the people air for addiction to marijuana we’re forced they’re just because they got caught with something that’s on the topic out for today time flies when you legalize thanks for joining us and until next time take care of each other tokers follow em to attend on Facebook Pinterest Instagram YouTube and follow mg agenda show on Twitter 34 at MJ agenda [Music] just take a seat

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