On Free Thought and Speech in London

[instrumental piano music] Well, I was about 18 when I first came to London It was the first trip I took to Europe I’d saved up money for a whole year to travel through Europe for a few months with some friends of mine It was the age of London that really struck me, because I had come in from Western Canada and hadn’t traveled much at that point And of course Western Canada – the town I grew up in was only established in the 1930s, really And to walk into pubs that had been around for five or six hundred years was… …something unheard of in Canada The magnificence of the architecture and the fact that things were built to last… The Parliament Buildings are remarkable and the castles. And the depth of history and the stability of the country all of that – and the freedom It’s all an amazing achievement, as far as I’m concerned. One of the things that we learned in the West, and one of the things that’s part of the great English journalistic tradition is that Journalists in particular, have the freedom to say what they want and think what they want and that keeps everyone including the journalists – honest and on track And we sacrifice that… …especially at the feet of the idea that no one is to be oppressed by anything anyone else says. We sacrifice that at our complete peril. It’s the Cardinal right… …because when people speak freely they’re able to think. And people orient themselves in the world by thinking and they re-update the state by thinking and they… …conquer unknown lands by thinking and if you put restrictions on their ability to speak freely… …then you put restrictions on their ability to think and all of those other processes grind to a halt… …and then everyone suffers for it. [inaudible conversation] I started reading George Orwell when I was a kid – about 13 or 14 And I read “1984” and “Animal Farm”, of course because that’s the books that everyone starts with. And then later in my life… …I became aware of how prescient George Orwell was with regards to the dangers of totalitarianism… He was one of the first intellectuals in the West to sound the alarm about what was going on especially in the Soviet Union. Orwell is definitely one of my intellectual heroes from the 20th century. He’s been a hero of mine He’s been a hero of mine consistently. Britain holds a special place in the hearts of Canadians… …and for good reason, you know You guys got so many things right: English common law tradition, and the parliamentary tradition… It’s been a great gift to everywhere in the world, as far as I’m concerned.

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  • Thanks for visiting the UK. We often get forgotten over here.

    Especially the North where I'm from.

    Jordan, would you ever visit the North it's less of a hell hole and much prettier.

  • It was wonderful for my daughter and I to meet you today at Waterstone's Dr. Peterson. I'm so sad my other daughter couldn't attend because she couldn't get there and back to work during her lunch break. Thank you for everything you have done for the world and for my family. We love you very much. Carol, Maire and Rosie.

  • There is symbolism in it pointing at assassination. The statues shadow. The illuminati are real and worship the devil. They may consider you a threat.

    I just want to give you a heads up since I appreciate your work so much.

  • Thought is not all he suggests it to be. What was Hitler thinking, the slavers of the middle ages, the colonists of empires , George WMD Bush, Icarus, Bill Cosby so on and so on. Thought itself is as dangerous in potential as it is miraculous.

  • Jordan, what did you mean when you said "you're going to pay for it" to the last question on question time on BBC? It's a shame they cut you off constantly during the show! 🙁

  • A link left below, to a channel with videos of a few people "speaking freely" and "psuedo-debating" Dr. Peterson, "imaginarily" via basically taking snippets of videos, quotes, and excerpts of your words, out of context. I noticed some varieties of a sort of generally myopic confirmation bias, and "misses" in logic, probably because of a lack of due diligence, and their lack of a more encompassing approach to providing research examples, as you do easily provide more examples, that they could have used in their debate to present a stronger narrative against yourself, and the examples they do cite? I see you have more, or less addressed elsewhere, and I've only watched maybe (liberally estimating) a couple of dozen of your videos starting in August of this year. You, Dr Peterson may consider it a waste of time watching these recent video posts, taped at an October 2018 Boise, Idaho conference, using your name as the title "subject" for most of the groups tact of that of anger towards everything you "represent". Although… it may give some insights to a certain current attitude, shared by detractors of your own "supposed" far reaching, wrong and "very damaging" conclusions, as their rallying vestige. I assume they perceive you are damaging a whole generation of millions of teenage "boys" or "men" for life, because the males are not going to be competent enough to apply logic to your lies and are probably hampered by your incorrect assumptions and completely devoid of any ability to apply their own critical thinking tools? They seem to fail to acknowledge your own (oft admitted) acceptance of any valid logical and factually based perspectives offered in talking with you, as opposed to only biased suppositions, which is the main thing that I noticed. They totally evaded, or missed that fact, completely, as you do say it right in the very examples they use/quote, to support their rhetoric, alongside their great leaps of associations, as bases for their arguments. Something I notice these sorts of debaters are wont to do quite often these days, as opposed to keeping an open mind, and using your ideas as suggestions for a starting point to form their own critical thought processes, which I assume is your intention as a professor? They make you out to be an enemy and maybe listen and don't fully comprehend or hear the full scope of the concepts. Maybe it's your tone of voice? Although that can't be extrapolated to the conclusion that young males are looking towards you as some sort of irrefutable, non-human representation of that "patrriarchal tyranny" term that is bandied about daily. Their mythological and biological suppositions and logic strike me as weak and I'm not even a "card carrying" supporter of your views, at all. I'm just a layperson, without a degree, and only a few books that I've read, witg my own life experience to draw upon. My self intrinsic value is admittedly very, very low and I still find it very easy to think mindfully and recognize the greater good, as it applies to the future. I even find holes in your rhetortic. I still understand it is meant in a beneficial way and as a perspective that is more omniscient than you may personally try to convey. Biology, "is what it is", and so is evolution. Humans are just a blip in the greater time line on earth as a whole, and the next four or five decades will be very important as microagression is brought to task as an evil perspective and perception in society. The oppressed are themselves hypocritically oppressing and they can't even see that they're guilty. Every human suffers some sort of oppression in some way. Using a microagression as a rallying flag to tribalize will only divide us further. Which, I believe, is the intention of multinational corporations and governments, in order to keep the mass' attention away from "them", as they seek to grab more subversive power, and make more money from public taxes (because the profit margins aren't great enough in using stocks, shares, tax havens, or in the off-loading of the costs of corporate social and environmental responsibility to the public, alomg with legal crimes like the large tax breaks they already gouge "the 99%" of already?). https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXrFumV8310dRzk12PNVY9A

  • I watched your video debate with Russell Brand and just came to say you save me from the hellholes of the radical left!!!!!

  • Hey Mr.Peterson I just wanted to say thank you. I never thought a random person from the internet would impact my life so much but I listen to you all the time and it's only done me good. You're very smart and articulate with your words and thank you very much for everything.

  • Mr Peterson, do you ever wonder how the people who interview you and some of the people you have discourse with can be SOOOOO INCREDIBLY BLOODY STUPID????

  • Dr. Peterson, I don't know if you are aware of this but it seems to have come out recently that you took a picture with someone working for Lamentations of the Flame Princess, a role-playing game book and company. It's a pretty funny picture with the two other people in the picture looking awkward while you deadpan give them a thumbs down.

    As a result of this picture, lefty creators in the Old School Renaissance scene, a group of like-minded players and creators of role-playing games, have cut ties altogether with Lamentations and denounced James Raggi, the head of the company. One OSR artist that I liked and worked with decided to leave gaming because she is a transwoman and this incident proved to her that gaming would always be a toxic environment for transpeople. The usual reasoning and claims about you being transphobic and a leader of the alt-right were thrown around. I am a member of this community and I feel like I can say absolutely nothing to refute these claims, especially now that the tragedy of losing a beloved artist in the scene has become a part of the rhetoric. Simply admitting that I watch your videos will likely cause me to lose friends.

    How are we meant to speak freely under such conditions? How have things gotten so bad? A lot of these people are some of the most creative people I have ever met. They are full of intellectual vigor and wonderful to talk to most of the time until you get onto the topic of politics were they behave like vipers hissing and striking out at anything that remotely bothers them. One of the other people in the scene wrote a blog post, advocating for compassion and denouncing extremists on both sides before the aforementioned event and they attacked them too because "the left isn't extreme like the right is extreme." How can these creative people lose so much of their mental and creative faculties when discussing politics?

  • Dr. I absolutely adore your stand and how intelligent you are. You never say anything without knowledge you have such power because you have so much knowledge and what you are doing is what the world needs.

  • Jordan for President of Canada. Wayne Gretzky for King and Head of State of Canada. What do you think Dr Peterson? No way Charles or his spawn are my King.

  • I do not always agree with your views, despite everything they are enriching. I think that's the biggest compliment I can ever make someone intellectual.

  • You should have a award for your courage To stand up against all those lunatics people …. i dont know how you do it seriously and dont stop you are my voice in this crazy world.

  • They say we should be led by the greatest among us. As a Canadian I would absolutely vote for Dr.Peterson if he ever considered politics.

  • Jordan…you need to visit some indigenous villages. If the age of something is impressive then an indigenous village will connect you to time on a glacial level. It is amazing though. Seeing buildings that are 1400 years old is fantastic.

  • Why are you making a concerted effort to promote yourself as a public figure? You don't do that well. You are good at interviews, writing books, debates, lectures, and the like. You are not a bonafide celebrity nor ever will be. This video was actually quite sad because it made you and your years of wisdom, knowledge, and teaching look mediocre. This is not your gig man! Your gig is continued education and helping others. And, if there happens to be a camera around while you're doing it, so be it. Thank me later.

  • I admire you very much. Your words are smart. I wish I could speak like you. I see you as a strong person the way I want to be seen. Im going thru very difficult things right now, and I wish I could rationalize like you and have the right words to defend myself.

  • Glad to hear Peterson enjoys Prokofiev. But, "conquer(ing) unknown lands" is a good thing, and the purpose of though? I should think that that is an example of wrong thinking and use of speech – my God! How does Peterson reconcile his idea of "enforced monogamy", even if it doesn't involve violence, with freedom? On any level, isn't it tampering with the "natural" hierarchy he so devoutly believes in? Is the jungle that is neoliberalism a respectable example of freedom? Is trampling on minority rights?There is nothing but anomaly and contradiction in what he says. Freedom for him is in the ironic Ayn Rand sense of freedom of the brutal to exploit those on whom they depend for power and wealth.

  • Life has a purpose, forgetting that brings us much of the turmoil we now see.
    I'm glad we have people like him around to remind us.
    " Bear the burden of being heroically ".

  • I feel like most of the arguments in the world today are boring because they have been played out for so long, but they get played out because people are afraid to speak and think. Free speech and livelihood is threatened by corporations, media, and political groups, and to paraphrase the video, the fact that this threat inevitably dulls free thought and innovation is a terrible thing. Art gives people more lenience to speak, in the vein of Orwell, maybe what people need more than ever is art that challenges the ideas which threaten them.

  • @Jordan B Peterson …. Please put ads on these videos .. little to know one will think any thing of it …. i looked at your stats on socialblade site , you have almost 100k views a day !!!!!! wow , I do have ads , You would make more than $100 a day and more likely 200-500+ a day …. Like we love you and your family , Hook it up .

  • Right now I think that the world (or at least Europe) needs to talk about article 13 and the law of Copyright, for better or for worst, the magnitude of this problem will change the face of internet for the future of our time-life, Mr Peterson, the word needs you, your audience and your opinion in this topic.

  • SO JUNG HAD THIS GREAT IDEA if every person ate their own shit -now here's the bloody thing about eating your own bloody shit IT'S CHAOS and that's bloody terrifying and that.. is the belly of the beast.. The consumption of one's own feces is representative of the cannibalistic chaos of post-modernism so then what do you do when you're face to face with this terrifying shit eating dragon? lobsters are well known autophagyists and we're like 90% lobster DNA so you know that really tells you something and that's the bloody thing about Sam Harris, that he has better hair than I do it.. it.. well depends first on what you mean by lobster it's like what solzhenitsyn always said “now Sam Harris is a jew, and they're cold blooded too just like lobsters” you see.. thats what Hitler got right, he wasn't crazy it also totally depends on what you mean by crazy Not washing your penis? Now thats crazy. I have thought about this quandary for a long time, particularly in regards to Jung; for thirty years I've been ruminating on the best way to wash your penis and I haven't thought about anything else AND THE 20TH CENTURY TAUGHT US THAT LESSON PRETTY BLOODY WELL If you wanna conquer your shadow; really grind your heel into the bloody groin of the bitch. Clean your penis and respect the Chaos Lobster. It's in the book of Genesis.
    There's postmodernism to fight; and ya bloody better accept it. the jews are older than trees, man! like, god, it's so sad! It reminds me of Pinocchio sniff a-and how he just wanted t-wheeze*to be a boy well that's just the bloody thing! So when we really get to explore these ideas we realize really… we arent the ones cleaning the penis… IT CLEANS US! AND THAT's the BLOODY THING, it's like, you don't KNOW anything for CERTAIN – DO YOU? Whaat do you think you are smarter than Socrates? It's like, YOU ARE NOT SMARTER THAN SOCRATES AND YOU DO NOT KNOW EVERYTHING, you might not even know ANYTHING. But people act like they know things all the time, and that's totalitarianism. It's like, wash your penis, read the Bible, YOU ARE NOT SMARTER THAN THE BIBLE, ok? So POSTCULTURAL NEOMODERNIST MARXISM IS KILLING US ALLL, we wuz lobstaz an shieeet CLEAN YOUR FUCKING ROOM AND THATS THE BLOODY THING RIGHT? YOU MUST SAVE YOUR RELATIONSHIPS FROM CHAOS LIKE PINNOCHIO SAVED HIS FATHER FROM THE DEEPS. GEPETTO IS IN THE BELLY OF THE BEAST AND THAT IS NOT A PLACE YOU WANT TO BE. SO WHEN YOU FINALLY TRIUMPH AND SLAY THE DRAGON OF CHAOS THEN YOU ASK YOURSELF “WELL WHAT NOW” AND ITS LIKE RIGHT TAHTS A BLOODY GOOD QUESTION. BUT YOU MUST NOT GIVE IN TO THE POSTMODERNNEOMARXISTS and furthermore AND THAT'S THE THING ABOUT DOMINANCE HIERARCHIES, THEY'RE BLOODY ROUGH, BUT THEY'RE NECESSARY, AND IF YOU DON'T HAVE A CERTAIN PROCLIVITY TOWARDS DANGEROUSNESS WELL, SEE HOW FAR YOU GET WITH THAT BUCKO. And let me tell you, it was cold up in Canada AND THAT'S THE BLOODY THING ABOUT WASHING YOUR PENIS, IT'S A BLOODY EXTERNALISATION OF YOUR INNER WORLD MAN, AND THAT'S SERIOUS. HOW CAN YOU EXPECT TO CHANGE THE WORLD IF YOU CAN'T GET YOUR OWN BLOODY PENIS INTO ORDER So cold in fact that the nazis, in all their manical and pathological hatred wouldn't dare brave it. And *eyes begin to redden I have been thinking, and trying to pause while putting hand on left side of face try to ehem excuse me trying to really sort things out in regards to a question I have been mulling over in my head for decades. whipes a tear If Nazi germany and Communist Russia just engaged in rough and tumble play instead of enveloping our world in chaos for those year, and the poor jews man, those bloody 6 million. who know what could have happend, its like, things might have gone a whole lot better.
    Beef and water and beef and water and beef and water and beef and water and beef and water and beef and water and beef and water and beef and water and beef and water and salt
    the scientific literature is very clear about this. Now I want to be careful before wading into this quagmire because–and let's get one thing straight, bucko–I pharse my words carefully. VERY carefully. Well, imagine something roughly approximating fully conscious paralysis for 8 hours every night and you'll have an idea what it's like to contend with apple cider. and thats the thing about phrasing your words carefully man, thats the logos, and that's no bloody joke

  • I would love to hear from Mr. Peterson on 'how much of an impact the Michael Powell led FCC's decision to relax media ownership rules in the US plays into the current state of political and cultural discourse in the United States of America'. It is my contention that larger diversity of ownership acted as a buffer to political correctness. Concentrated media ownership enables/permits over amplification and propagation of "noise box" commentary and severely limits diversity of thought and the propagation of ideas.

    I would go on to say the June 02, 2003 decision by the FCC did more to kill journalism, foster the tyranny of political correctness, and limit diversity in thought than any other action in the past 100 years.

  • And therfore is where we fight"! This is specifically where we see that yes, Canada and Britain had given an I dea, and they lost…

  • I have to say as a single mom, Dr. Peterson’s opinions have helped me gain perspective on masculinity and many other subjects. I heard someone ask why women follow him and I can offer my case as an example. I have a young son and I want him to become a strong, confident, caring man some day. I am aware of how important it is to have a role model in his life and how important it his for him to have a good self image, regardless of my failures in relationships. That’s why, women’s perspective is so important in this day and age. We are actually raising these young men and our input is of great importance.

  • Dr.Peterson this is my first day as an subscribed man. I wached so much of your videos on the other chanels but never from the sorce. I dont know why. Thank God for this. I am 43 years old man from Serbia,with so much problems,all of them my falt. (Spelling is not one of them but sorry abouth that to).

  • Keep approaching the truth Mr Peterson. You know the angrier they get the closer you are coming to striking the root!

    "The difference between the mode of having and the mode of being in the sphere of knowing is expressed in two formulations: “I have knowledge” and “I know”.  Having knowledge is taking and keeping possession of available knowledge (information); knowing is functional and serves only as a means in the process of productive thinking.
    Knowing begins with the awareness of the deceptiveness of our common sense perceptions, in the sense that our picture of physical reality does not correspond to what is “really real” and, mainly, in the sense that most people are half-awake, half-dreaming, and are unaware that what most of what they hold to be true and self evident is illusion produced by the suggestive influence of the social world in which they live.  Knowing, then, begins with the shattering of illusions, with disillusionment.  Knowing means to penetrate through the surface, in order to arrive at the roots, and hence the causes: knowing means to “see” reality in its nakedness.  Knowing does not mean to be in the possession of the truth: it means to penetrate the surface and to strive critically and actively in order to approach truth ever more closely.
    Anybody who will think about it knows the machinations of propaganda, the methods by which critical judgment is destroyed, how the mind is lulled into submission by clichés, how people are made dumb because they become dependent and lose their capacity to trust their eyes and judgment.  They are blinded to reality by the fictions they believe.
    -Erich Fromm, “To Have or to Be”

  • Whenever I see a host break down and get angry as you state the facts I always think of this quote from José Ortega y Gasset. The average person builds their worldview to protect themselves about uncomfortable truths about themselves. No one likes their scarecrows torn down….

    “Take stock of those around you and you will…hear them talk in precise terms about themselves and their surroundings, which would seem to point to them having ideas on the matter. But start to analyze those ideas and you will find that they hardly reflect in any way the reality to which they appear to refer, and if you go deeper you will discover that there is not even an attempt to adjust the ideas of this reality. Quite the contrary: through these notions the individual is trying to cut off any personal vision of reality, of his own very life. For life is at the start a chaos in which one is lost. The individual suspects this, but he is frightened at finding himself face to face with a curtain of fantasy, where everything is clear. It does not worry him that his "ideas" are not true, he uses them as trenches for the defense of his existence, as scarecrows to frighten away reality.”

  • Brexit 2018 – European 1848 “You never actually own the country: You merely look after it for the next generation”. It's a pity the people have come to believe they are better without a "homeland" country and would rather give allegiance to an unknown, unelected autocracy.

    The Brexit situation is incompetence beyond belief but ignorance and arrogance is never the best mix of skills to deploy. It certainly was not a negotiation.

    The idea a Nation State cannot recover its sovereignty from a collective agreement with a group of other Nation States accepts the EU is, in fact, a take-over.

    This Brexit capitulation could be considered analogous to the one-sided negotiation of the Treaty of Versailles and will likely have similar ramifications to the UK competitiveness, economy and independence.

    In or out, it is the “EU State” that must be realigned with the realities of the global economy and European societal stability.

    Ask what the EU provides the nationals of each Nation State? – Success in the societal and financial security for each Nation or just a seemingly totalitarian bureaucracy serving only its own existence?

    Ask the mass of young people of the southern States of Europe who are unable to find a career if the EU has been a success. Ask if they see the legacy of the socialisation of a generation of debt caused by fictional growth, the burden of student debt, of unobtainable homes, is a success. Ask if they believe they still have the ability to change government at the 'whim' of the people; if they still have democracy. Ask if they believe the can elect intelligent, experienced, socially motivated representatives.

    The EU bureaucracy must be culled to a minimum for an exchange for innovation, knowledge transfer and collaboration in trade and social stability. No European Flag of State. No pictures of the unelected governors.

    It must act under the Nation States for the people of each European Country; people who remain Nationals of their founding homeland; these are not European citizens but the peoples of Europe.

    Great Britain must play its leading part in this realignment: If not we risk a return to the unrest of 1848 and 1918.

    Is this the centenary of European salvation remembered?

    On the 11/11th Did the world need to listen to the improper use of reverence of two world wars, the affront by a globalist corporate stooge who has usurped a once proud French Nation?

    Nationalism, they say, is the enemy of patriotism; an odd view of an antonym?

    Not so long ago, in the fields, in the towns, the clouds, and on the beaches, the intelligence of young blood flowed.

    Why sacrifice the culture of a thousand years, of innovation, of societal stability, of wealth, the future generation, only to surrender to a corporatocracy takeover.

    The corporate cause of steel and wheat has become the Nations’ defeat.

    What Frankenstein did the Nations States’ create?

    An “EU State”; with its pictures of flag and emperor, and rule of law supreme?

    Suffrage is lost under such yoke: no longer the freedom of dissent, no more freedom to vote, no more the whim of the people to decide their fate.

    When did we desire to surrender to this unelected autocracy?

    No, this Brexit has not been a negotiation.
    It's a capitulation designed to forever stymie the UK competitiveness, personal freedoms, and a centre for future foreign direct investment in business and innovation.

    Any negotiation commences on the basis of both parties want an agreement. It requires clarity of the criteria you want to be met and an understanding of what one expects the corresponding party wants. It accepts there must be the basis for a mutually beneficial outcome.

    What did the EU want? On whose behalf was the EU negotiating? Which of the Nation States and for what benefit?

    What benefit does the EU provide the UK? Is this Free Trade? Really? Of course, mutually beneficial trade exchange between UK and European markets is critical.
    This is true between all countries around the world; we all need competitive trading and one that benefits from innovation and efficiency in cross-border logistics and security.

    The "UK Plc" depends upon the innovation, competitiveness and efficiency of UK's businesses. But, this demands control on the economy and societal stability; control the EU seeks to subvert.

    So, Brexit is not about insurmountable problems in logistics or the Irish border; ports operate in other parts of the world without being in the EU single market, visit Switzerland's many crossings with EU, assess the minimal value of trade transported across Ireland.

    Why has the UK been, “…trying very hard, with many hours, trying very hard”, as Ms May says? Has the EU been, “Trying very hard”?

    Will the German tax-payers be happy to pick up the lost of UK payments to the EU?

    Why has the UK “negotiated” with this "Representative" Body, an institution we fund, from a position of weakness?

    Why does anyone believe that the UK, France, Spain, Italy, Germany etc cannot survive as an independent Nation State? Is the UK so unique it cannot act as many Nations do and who trade under WTO or under mutually better terms agreed with the European States?

    Why does anyone accept there is an “EU State” with which we need to be subservient if we are to be able to trade?

    Why pay €40bn++ for the pleasure of the humiliating destruction of UK’s competitiveness and loss of sovereignty? One can only wonder if the Government’s ‘negotiating’ team were, in fact, working for the EU.

    Of course, the UK is an integral community of the people of Europe. But Europe is not a 'country'.

    And, it is not that the EU should be blamed for Brexit. It is that as the "EU State" is being extended under an autocratic, unelected, and unaccountable rule.

    Moreover, the EU State does not deliver wealth and stability to all the people of Europe, especially in the southern Countries (e.g. Italy, Spain, Greece).

    A stable society is founded on the people's will and their belief that their needs at a local level are properly represented by the governing body they elect; a body they can call-out if it does not enact what the people want and one they can remove at their whim.

    The EU, as it is being deployed, is no longer fit for this purpose. Governing 300m+ people with differing societal, economic and cultural traits cannot be sustainable without proper representation for all the people and this has never proved a viable democratic model. Indeed, it turns into a totalitarian rule focused on its own existence.

    The real concern with the aim of the people's vote for Brexit is that UK politicians are not acting under some intelligent Machiavellian strategy to remain in the EU under the worse terms of any other Nation State (inc. USA, Canada, Switzerland, Norway, or India and China..).

    No, it is the reality that all our ‘professional’ inexperienced politicians are so incompetent and duplicitous that the un-elected EU bureaucrats needn’t get out of bed to get their way; we can only be embarrassed.

    …Dancing in the dark has a new meaning…

  • Common Law! 🙂 I like listening to Noam Chomsky. And Now you! I never got the chance to go to University. But find Thiaoouba Prophecy to be my choice now. And Thoth. Emerald Tablets. Have you seen these?

  • It's so sad Britain has decided to bow to Europe and Conservative Islam…It pains me to watch the demise of this Great Country

  • Jordan,

    have you considered a vid or podcast for conservative academics? There are a few of us out there, and I feel very alone professionally. How to navigate PC academia and keep your job?
    Thank you for what you do


  • That London northern English call it, it’s populated by those who care little for any other region in the UK and pissed their pants when the lower orders did not vote for staying in the EU regime,

  • Perpetuation in bigotry, elitism, bullying, aristocratical and demagogue life and the benefits received as a white person

  • "One of the things that we learned in the West, and one of things that's part of the great English journalistic tradition is that, journalists, in particular, have their freedom to say what they want and think what they want and that keeps everyone including the journalists honest and on track, and we sacrifice that, especially at the feat of the idea that no one is to be oppressed by anything anyone else says. We sacrifice that at our complete peril. It's the cardinal right because when people speak freely, they're able to think, and people orient themselves in the world by thinking, and they re-update the state by thinking, and they conquer unknown lands by thinking, and if you put restrictions on their ability to speak freely, then you put restrictions on their ability to think and all of those other processes grind to a halt, and then everyone suffers for it." – Dr. Jordan B. Peterson

  • The way this man talks is somehow able to command that you listen. Anyone who has any interest in self education can learn from him and I do often! Even when he is talking about the place I live! Excellent!

  • I feel like you could play this video for someone who knows nothing about nor has ever heard about Dr. Jordan Peterson, and they would want to learn more about him. This was very nicely put together.

  • http://oi66.tinypic.com/8z09ib.jpg



  • All Liberal Propaganda media should be boycotted and hurt financially or they will continue to be fascist and dishonest……….. Companies like CNN MSNBC FACEBOOK TWITTER NY TIMES WASHINGTON POST ………… PLUS HOLLYWOOD ……………….. THEY MUST BE BANKRUPTED ………….

  • Oops! I've stepped in the rightwing arsehole end of YouTube. Excuse me while I find some grass to drag it off my shoes… Gawd, it sticks, don't it?

  • I couldn't help but to think that the luxury of free speech would come to a dire end in the not so distant future. The whole engineering of this liberal world is aimed at adopting the way of Joseph Goebbels. In my opinion the RF-ID chip is going to introduce absolute control over the individual. The "Global Warming / Climate Change" idea is also part of the social engineering of this world in order to one day put the individual onto a balance scale of consumption opposed to input. There was already a failed attempt by a Saudi inventor to patent a RF-ID chip with a lethal dose of cyanide – the main reason for the failure to register, in my opinion, is due to the engineers of this world not wanting to expose that possibility before everyone has received, and is reliant on a harmless RF-ID chip. If you look at what is happening in China with their social credit system, you can only predict what is ahead of us. Think of this technology being made available to a tyrannical dictator like Stalin – put the Georgia Guide-stones into the equation, and you surely have something to be worried about. Free Speech would eventually vanish with the possible sanctions and risks involved (locked up in the RF-ID) in speaking against the government.

  • When I first saw JP on that Channel 4 interview I thought here is someone who is wiling to fight against the sort of journalism there is in the UK today. And now here he is praising the journalists. He is not the person I thought he was.

  • Unsurprisingly an English Canadian has a lot to admire from the Home country we Indians had a different experience of these same values as attested to by Gandhi. Admire your scientific application to human Action

  • Architecture and history in England, France, Austria, Germany are amazing but its only because they had chance to steal goods, kill natives etc. for like 500 years. Nowdays, they can act lik gentlemans and put their pinky high while drinking Indian tea. Love to go there anytime but thats just a fact.

  • Beautiful city… yet ruined by rampant crime. That and the rapid erosion of free speech, where tweets can get you arrested. When I went to your lecture in London in 2018, Jordan, I met a nice lil' lady who started following you after she became the target of a lynch mob and got dragged through the legal system just for saying something about trnsgenderism for kids being child abuse (which it is, to any reasonable person) on twitter in an argument. Right there, a real person with a story where "free speech" became "hate speech". The UK has lost the plot :/

  • I was listening to BBC in the 70's and 80's, illegally, from Romania. It was the voice of freedom, at least for Romanians under Ceausescu. What is with all the BBC remarks under Dr. Peterson's video? Just asking out of curiosity: what changed?

  • Well, it is incongruous to have George Orwell's statue outside of the BBC as the BBC is an Orwellian repressive propaganda organ for the cultural Marxists. The folks at the BBC lack self-awareness.

  • This is a documentary exposing Jordan Peterson's agenda to subvert and destroy the rising political right wing, and neutralize European nationalism.

    This video completely exposes Peterson's anti-White agenda and his strategy for implementing it. Any Peterson fans who are not beyond saving will be deprogrammed by watching this video.

    Jordan Peterson's primary goal is to neutralize the political right and White identity. He does not care about the Marxist take over of our nations, in fact he was hired by the United Nations to help usher it along. Peterson's only reason for stepping into the limelight was because he saw a massive right wing backlash fomenting, and realized it was going to destroy the left.

    His job is to implement "plan B", to steer the rising tide of nationalism into an impotent cul-de-sac of centrist individualism, giving our enemies just enough time to tip the demographic balance of our countries so that our destruction is sealed.

    Peterson is explicitly targeting young White males for indoctrination with an insidious political ideology he calls radical individualism. He has created a pseudo-religion self-help cult; he is delivering his ideology to the disaffected youth by combining it with a self-help regimen wrapped in empty religious metaphor.

    While our enemies are working tirelessly to destroy our nations in a ruthlessly calculated and organized fashion, Jordan Peterson is brainwashing a generation of young White men to be atomized individuals who perceive group cooperation based on ethnic identity and nationality as the height of evil.

    And in the process of doing so, Peterson and his friends are making untold millions of dollars. – https://www.eurocanadian.ca/2019/01/video-of-week-jordan-peterson-dismantled.html?fbclid=IwAR3rRmjqcgvORm_kPi04Np888NoD_eZc_-UX_v7sZEd32mx0ItJslO4sRXg

  • "It's the cardinal right"

    No, because, like other rights, it can't be secured without gun rights. Or rather, it's using the guns themselves that secures the other rights. Guns are tools that are specifically designed for function outside of the realm of rights and consensual interaction. If you're reduced to the usage of weapons, how could it possibly matter what someone else wrote down? Rights are conceptual; projectiles flying at 3,000 fps are not. Crucial distinction.

  • I would like you to watch MY videoes, AND maybe podcast with ME becuse im from Norway,and i think usa and mindcontrol gouverment! THEY are making the elite,etc making blurr in EVERYTHING SO people are afraid to SPEAK OUT,becuse of the politisak correktness,THEY have bouildingup,AND im å kognitiv man,AND out thoughts and FEELINGS,ARE ignored ,by the media,THATS RULED BY the elite,AND i have SO much ON MY mind,AND love what youre saying, im not fluid in English,but i can SPEAK, that people know what im talking about! PLEASE take contact de Morten holme

  • Great thoughts on a great city… though I must add that the other statue shown in the video in front of BBC studios is by a pedophile named Eric Gill and the company refused to remove it. Likely because they are pro-pedophilia

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