On Property Meet Ups, Events or Gatherings (Ep164)

Hi guys, Ryan here from On Property.com.au,
your daily dose of property education and inspiration and today’s question came from
an On Property Plus member again, and they were asking me about when we are going to
have On Property meet-ups, events or gatherings. He would love to meet me and to connect a
network with other like-minded individuals. And truthfully, this question was the first
I had ever thought about having On Property meet ups or gatherings or those sorts of events,
so currently, there’s no meet-ups and there’s no events planned, but that could change in
the future. If you want notifications on when we’re going to have an event, head over to
www.onproperty.com.au/events and enter your name, your state and your email address and
we’ll notify you whenever we are having any events and that would be a good gauge to see
if people do go through this out and are interested in events, well then maybe it’s going to be
worth having one. So hope that answers your question. Until tomorrow, remember that your long-term
success is only achieved one day at a time.

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