On the demands of society and a life of total freedom | J. Krishnamurti

How can one reconcile the demands of society
with a life of total freedom? How can one reconcile the demands of society
with a life of total freedom? What are the demands of society? What are the demands of society? Tell me please. That you go to the office
from nine to five, that you go to the factory
from nine to five, that you go to the night club
after all the boredom of office, there excitement, having a fortnight or three week’s
holiday in sunny Spain or Italy? What are the demands of society? That you must earn a livelihood, that you must live in that particular part of the
country for the rest of your life, practise there as a lawyer,
or as a doctor, or a surgeon, or in the factory as a union leader,
and so on and so on? Right? Therefore one must
also ask the question what is the society
that demands so much? What is society? Who created the bally thing? Who is responsible for all this? The church, the temple,
the mosque – you follow? – all the circus
that goes on inside it, who is responsible for all this? Is the society different from you? Or you have created the society, each one of us, through our ambition,
through our greed, through our envy,
through our violence, through our corruption,
through our fear, wanting our security
in the community, in the nation – you follow? We have created this society and then blame the society
for what it demands. Therefore you ask
can I live in absolute freedom, can I reconcile
– that is better – with society and
myself seeking freedom? It is such an absurd question.
You understand? Sorry, whoever put that question
– I am not being rude. Because you are society. If we really see that, not as an idea or as a concept
or something you must accept. But you,
each one of us on this earth, for the last forty thousand years
or more, we have created this society
in which we live. The stupidity of religions – right? The stupidity of each nation
arming themselves. For God’s sake,
we have created it, because I insist I am an American
or French or Russian. We insist that I am a Catholic,
Protestant, Hindu, Buddhist, and so on, Muslim. It gives us security by calling it, and the search for security
is being destroyed by our division. It is so clear.
I don’t know… So there is no reconciliation between society and its demands
and your demand for freedom. The demand is
from your own violence, from your own ugly,
limited selfishness. It is one of the most
complex things to find out for oneself
where selfishness is, where the ego very,
very subtly hides itself. It can hide politically –
doing good for the country. It can hide in the religious world,
most beautifully – ‘I believe in God,
I serve God’. Or social help – not that I am against social help,
don’t jump to that conclusion – it can hide there. It can hide in marriage,
in love – right? It requires a very attentive, not analytical,
but observing brain, to see where the subtleties of
the self are hidden – selfishness. Then when there is not,
society doesn’t exist, you don’t have to reconcile to it. It is only the inattentive,
the thoughtless, the unaware, that says,
‘How am I to respond to society when I am working for freedom?’
You understand? If one may point out, we need to be re-educated, not through college,
school and university, which also conditions our brain, or when we work in the factory
and so on, but educate ourselves
by being aware, seeing how we are caught
in words and so on. Can we do this? If we cannot do it, we are going to have
wars perpetually, we will be weeping perpetually, always in conflict, misery
and all the rest of it. The speaker is not optimistic
or pessimistic – these are facts. When one lives with facts
as they are, as you observe them, not data given by the computers
or the poets, but watching your own activity, your own egotistic pursuits
and so on. Out of that grows
marvellous freedom with all this great
beauty and strength.

18 thoughts on “On the demands of society and a life of total freedom | J. Krishnamurti

  • K. "The search for security is being destroyed by our division. It is so clear. I do not know…."

    A joke from Hellas,
    A young man form a very small village bought a car and decided to visit the capital.
    He had never seen so many cars, traffic lights, complex entrances… and listening music loudly form a radio station
    he entered to the most ventral busy avenue but from the OPPOSITE direction…. the radio station was positioned in that road too,
    and the radio music producer from the windows of the studio was witnessing the total chaos… so the producer announced

    "Attention, there is one CRAZY MAN driving opposite direction, do not enter TO THE CENTRAL AVENUE"

    The young man listened the announcement form the radio, stepped out from the car and screamed


  • Am ever grateful for this Foundation that kept his voice alive till today for me and people like me seeking for real reason to be in the world.
    His messages has kept me really alife and has given a real meaning to my life.❤👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Real educators invite students to question and gain diverse experiences. Implanting beliefs and assumptions is not educational, it is political. That is why even something as simple as passing the benefits of ethical behavior to our children gets complicated when fear and memory is used rather than sensitivity and curiosity. I still learn from Krishnamurtti but notice even he conflates ethics with beliefs in rare statements.

  • Such precious YouTube Channel. Thank you all for the amazing job and effort to keeping his words alive. Thank you.

  • Krishnamurti is beautiful. But it needs to be made clear how we all are society, how we all have created it. In some ways the point is already clear. Beyond dispute. Yet what of the child born into a particular country? Has he created the country? The ways of the country clearly preceded the birth of the child. It would be fair to say that the child gets indoctrinated, conditioned by the country – and the process begins long before the child knows what's happening, long before it has developed the capacity to engage in thoughtful investigation. One can observe that little children (usually) don't as yet possess the ability to question the ways of society. Typically they just want to play, and begin to cry or complain when their parents don't allow them to do as their instincts would compel them to do. However, it may be claimed that as children grow and their brains develop, they also begin contributing to the conditioning of the society. Yes, they help to create and extend the conditioning.

  • This is a complex question that requires more time to do it full justice. Most employers are selfish, the agenda of most companies and institutions is a selfish agenda. Yet a person needs to survive, acquire the resources that would allow him to live in moderate comfort. The person (oftentimes) must support a family. So on a purely practical level one needs to address the question of how a person can survive and support the family without being sucked into the world's selfishness. Perhaps the person's only option is to work independently. But typically that requires great skill and talent; the possibility of failure is that much greater; it's a far less stable situation, far riskier. Yet the person's family needs him and he needs to survive. Most people are neither creative nor resourceful enough to live that kind of life well.

  • He says "We need to be reeducated on how we are caught in words". There is much more to this comment and others made in different videos. Let me be clear K said in another video that there must be inner freedom first then the outer and I understand why. Now I would like to talk about freedom on the outside. There is a relation with that comment in its pertaining to the law. I would like to discuss this with someone who has a good grasp on this(preferably not a lawyer for they cannot be trusted). I think I get it I am just unsure of the implementation.

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