On The Front Lines Of Libya’s Civil War (HBO)

since the talking at the dictator Muammar Gaddafi in 2011 Libya has been a country in chaos it currently has two parallel governments the internationally recognized government of national Accord in the capital Tripoli and a second government in the East propped up by the powerful military warlord Khalifa Haftar after launched a surprise offensive in early April to overthrow the Tripoli government but it isn't just the threat of a military takeover that's brought these protesters to the streets it's his international backers what a few people showed up to the square today to make that anger and frustration clear towards foreign government particularly towards the French pencil the yellow bus as well as towards the Egyptians and the Emiratis for their previous support of half-turn we don't plugged in they like to kill us they want to kill us how did you feel just a few weeks ago when you heard that general hafta was making a move to take over the city when I hear it I sense my son I sent him I sent him to stop it for this for the kids this is your daughter and why are you wearing this she's warning this because we want to show the French people that his government helped Hitler after I said Hitler I think he's the same with Hitler there are hundreds of militias in Libya but none as powerful as half-dog self-declared Libyan National Army after was once a commander in Gaddafi's military he then spent two decades in the u.s. before returning to Libya in 2011 to help remove his old boss now he's convinced his allies that he's a much needed strong man in an unstable region and that his continuing advance on the capital is a concerted effort to root out terrorists so far 50,000 civilians have been displaced by the fighting 2,000 to be injured and nearly 400 people have died yes eres la nota wattle you know nine-year-old Muhammad bin Manzo's home is in the most densely populated neighborhood in Tripoli his father was one of 11 people killed when rocket fire from half dark forces hit that Street snow cone truck attorney howdy partner in crime scene I tell you we did not reality yeah but I didn't get some OSHA Tom kaji-kun cannot earn a concise is my blog by Holly bye Oh me believe Tim she took a duck call by Mao when did you realize for your father haven't made it just a dumb show them welcome steady game balloony the UN has condemned the offensive as a coup but half-dollars initial gains highlight just how weak the central government actually is the Prime Minister fared Suraj toward Europe this week to drum up support and try to get president macron over to his side this morning he published an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal calling on President Trump to help marginalize hafta do you think that your government which is the official un-backed government here in Libya is doing a good job of holding this country together right now off Saba Basanti se na hoku ma a kid hakuna see Eric and Lisa person with a mobility guru film Oliver how come it doesn't impressive that after who is this militia leader has been able to accumulate so much support from both within the country and from all these foreign governments like the UAE Egypt Saudi France doesn't it suggest a general lack of faith in your own government I believe you know human parents are living la dama dama Khalifa Haftar baby so if we around if you have periods of coolio misery poverty acts of imminent peril oh sorry Julio me and he shot in Medan is cotton that is eternally do firmly Humira Doon and yellow Khalifa Haftar odorous and hopefully be a leak a yacht no no Annette and no human TF Olivia but the fight to keep half tower at bay isn't going great and the government of national Accord has outsourced a lot of its fighting to militias like the martyrs brigade 36 year old nazar our Misrata fought in the 2011 revolution we thought that his days at war were now she had Zohar and Levi look okay there's a sniper here the battle is hectic and the front lines are constantly shifting this small piece of land was lost and then we've taken just hours before we arrived these are their sleeping positions and they're trying to take out whoever they can see most of those fighting for the government and not train soldiers and it shows [Applause] our Maserati is a civil engineer by training but these days he's fighting with the militia full-time how up to date is your weaponry in your equipment damn okay Madeline adi slack give the slack to you mother sabina other slack him how the steam cooler slack damn near the slammer oh the intercooler ha thief how much support do they have parent Hadid Jaden player and terrible terrible terrible they are a few support feed a minimun she had done yet the wall Tania were you expecting to still be fighting in 2019 yeah Abbadon like in plot and leisure I had at the concentric Natori yeah anemic original film – pushed intolerance something the Torre was GB bad money as mean and sending to tour attorney how do you feel about the state of Libya right now Shane Mosley – and insane mad anymore administer well and the future and the calm heart Andi and the chair mission Qaddafi move toward me in the yeshiva hula Dafa my name adenine behind at home man that was close you

26 thoughts on “On The Front Lines Of Libya’s Civil War (HBO)

  • This is very much one-sided and made with the intent of being biased. There is no mention of the government motives and the involvements of terrorist groups and their supporters Qatar and Turkey.

  • Lies lies America support terrors and Tripoli government ((( Haftar is good man ))) fight isis and gangs get deep on news y’all will see the truth Europe your turn is coming , America won’t let people grow their country’s

  • how much u have been paid to make this biased report,, i wish if these mortars shells in the end of the video were upon ur head!!

  • This is SOOOOOOOOO biased like omg wheres the real news and like maybe hire a child actor who can ACTUALLY act

  • Serves this country right. A terrible mistake of killing their own source of good life with everything free he was providing for Libya. Rest in power Gadaffi

  • Guess who ruined this country ? The same country that invaded other countries with the lies about the nuclear weapon existence

  • Removing Gaddafi things got worse ,but then he was to long as a leader but hope Libya get a good leader for the people

  • The GNA – Serraj "Government" In tripoli, first and foremost being a Transitional one, not even official, and the UN backing it, the Libyan people in Tripoli did not vote for their existence.
    Since 2011, the Tripoli militias that are now "Defending" the capital, themselves have fought wars in the Capital since 2011, they destroyed the airport, Terminals and infrastructure in the process. They also pretent to give 'Security' to libyan people, but they themselves take and demand bribes in Private banks for ordinary people to withdraw their own money.

    Serraj and this 'UN' backed "governmnet" claim to want to give libyans Democracy, yet theres no constitution or legal basis for their existence. They wernt even voted in. Their power stems from Diverting funds, all and any, from the Central bank in Tripoli to fun Militias who happen to be Radicals and extremists, and who happen to maintain their power under gunpoint ( Heavily armed gangs ), who themselves had done murder, Kindappings, Executions, slave trade, the list goes on.

    They too, the Militias in Tripoli were responsible for the Tawargha massacre and town genocides.
    So before you demonize Haftar, Look at the other side of the coin. The Tripoli islamist militias are the WORST scum of the earth, Stinking unwashed beardos who pretend to be Muslims, who get weapons from Turkey to do what they want in the Capital. And the civilians cant do nothing, because they take money, they rule, they are the power.

    Anyone in Tripoli or Libya that takes support from Turkey and Qatar, are bringing back the Ottoman era of Turkish rule, which left libya, a Lawless, degenerate criminal and unprogressive country, Just look at the Barbary Ages in Tripoli. This is what Turkey brought to libya, Brutal rule under the Sultan, that used Tripoli as a launching point for his Pirate ships. THis is what these islamists want, a return of Libya back to the dark ages, degeneracy, and autoritarian Milita, tribal rule. They wouldnt mind taking dollars from Turkey in the billions and sell their country for it.

  • Thanks to the US Iraq invasion the whole Middle-East becomes a barrel with powder. They had 0 idea what they've done. And they still don't realize what Middle-East is.
    Gadaffi and Husein were the pillars of stability in the region. Now the pillars are gone and Lybia is in chaos. As well as Iraq.

  • This is painfully sad america at work here what has to happen to a person that makes money off war sleep at nite i just will never understand

  • I've no idea what's going on, but it seems to me way one-sided. They don't even mention why the other side wants to fight, I mean there's surely a reason, right?

  • World, you must open your eyes, Gaddafi was incredible to united this fuckin country for a long time. Don’t be stupid.

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