On the Front Lines with the Ukrainian Army: Russian Roulette (Dispatch 89)

rather than yes neither as well as there being heavy fighting around the dead bats of a pocket the DNR forces have been pushing north from their stronghold in gorlovka which is just northeast of donetsk this is a ukrainian front-line position in the village of Kadima which for the past week has been under some pretty intense shelling and we’re here to speak to some of the soldiers to find out what’s going on here Nikodim sure syrup Trekkie motapod neo creamy battalion chief emerges is de bundes obscure for mahaprabhu’s Letham when he’s go for mow top two rows new position as a villa the major practitioner not Yuri to get a lot of supplies from volunteers da de bajo de palma heavy voluntario practitioners in Arad novena busy day by yahushua boy yes nurse electronica miserable mmm they built these like so the bunkers into the the ground that and the trenches connect them all together this is one where some of the soldiers sleep at night and sort of spend some downtime it’s about six or seven beds in here we’ve got you’ve got themselves a little TV and a wood stove to keep them warm so that she pretty cozy down here quite obviously cold and wet upstairs but they manage to keep it dry but the the roof is made out of timber and obviously there’s some soil on top of that but I imagine if this position took a direct hit this timber wouldn’t offer that much protection Vanya brew school three chicken accepted machinery hospital VW novena to catch a moose Elizabeth cook to anybody’s has anybody seen it sure do you think the sanctions that Europe and the United States have placed on Russia is doing enough to stop their involvement in Ukraine yeah terrible celebrity gracias nos victim otaku source a piranha nice beer a pavilion guy in a parade Botswana is magnets a rare neuro Cisco greens cabinet Rabinowitz women AMA why do you think Russia is backing the TNR and Jelena litter ship Medusa bajate Flor de obit not a crab a Postino virajna core do a simple Rohan Buddhist Belarus who’s in Moldovan chief – most booty chicken push knives and harass the crania Vedra super chennai circus now call it 0 cv not sabahi position appearing machine same is only Munoz of the vintner this is the essentially the front line of this area 15 kilometers in that direction is the DNR stronghold of her gorlovka and so what separates that it’s just he’s got an open field how long have you been at this position and when was it when is the next time you get to go home musica theory practitioners your tyranny city Nasik poses here do you make it boosted Absa Holly not by bhakti supremo so driving into the town of Hudgens gets a Ukrainian control town that sits on the western edge of the rebel stronghold of gorlovka since the escalation started two weeks ago both sides have been trading artillery fire a number of civilians have been wounded a number of buildings and both towns have been damaged by the shelling we’re hoping to meet some people here to find out just what’s going on in this town and whether they expect the dnr to try and take it in the next couple of days so could you tell me what’s been happening in the town since the fighting started two weeks ago what semester yeah no area a horrid solution in approval makin another Grozny sipping you intensiveness whiskey Gianna a padania Schneider Julie Dhamma resolution eeeh a brief lineal it rapidly – why have the DNR started targeting Jasinski Raza knock Rana not Rana Zorinsky stay at war zone my silver Ukraina sat Wisla it would be nice if da Papa da da da da da news video since is one of the hospitals and roads in skits in the Korova district which is very close to the front line essentially that separates the Ukrainian forces from the dnr forces in nearby gorlovka they’ve taped up all the windows in here just in case any of the shells come in and shatter the windows we can hear the shellings very very closely Oh sugarless yo yo yo para las palmas de gran amoeba nuevo a las vegas sorry chill about virtue theory a to denies kisaku pitarrio you tetazoo bottle urine varieties her a ciabatta yes turn evasive attraction Mauna Kea Kea premium procedure Guinea Auto Ze’ev Elkin cheetah in kimonos Manisha Julie so this is a house that was hit yesterday evening in the shelling it’s in a suburb of Hudgens right on the eastern edge very close to the DNR lines an old man was killed here yesterday and another old woman was killed further up the road yes along da da Shara Newton is Nemo me me serious neva Lisa new car give you nicked or Kuroshio Sam is nearly buttom retorno but it’s all you more charisma Mattie is totally the opposite II know what on a stretcher on a stick Neal please a be about is resolved hello Polly Enya hello busca is niala and also claims key viscosity shared now you have the Ukrainian authorities in the town offered to evacuate any of the civilians in the areas which are being shelled nicha WA Newton you’ve done you chew on your knees loose night in Hawaii Li you do if the shelling continues will it will you leave the town Navy Erna Tolkien is nyam no would you eat yet novena the Tom explained us muchas de guitarra series newswise otaku jibanyan what buti’m was about on our sofa yet no could I ever give up sure Anastasia’s jobs yesterday I’m shelling just on the outskirts edge in school were basically burying her very quickly because the shelling has started again sounds quite close the locals next to where she was killed was saying the DNR were aiming their artillery for a Ukrainian checkpoint but uh as we keep seeing it’s just civilians that get caught in a fire look Anya so Jessica would see me towards mother one time gladly show zero how specific moocher observable is I should really the gravedigger is saying that works here has been a lot more dangerous the past couple of weeks that the the cemetery has been hit a number of times or some shell holes on the other side here and a shell has landed right next to a grave here me not even the dead get any respite from this fighting

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