On The Road To Freedom – Faith is the Key to Your Victory

– [Mylon] Hi, my name is Mylon LeFevre, and music is in my blood. I got my first big
break when Elvis Presley recorded a song I’d
written at 17 years old. That moment changed my life forever. I went from having nothing to
having my dreams come true. I toured the world and played with some of the biggest names in music, and had more money than
I knew what to do with. I finally hit rock
bottom when I almost died from a drug overdose, and
it became painfully obvious something had to change. And everything did change
when I gave my life to Jesus at a 2nd Chapter of Acts concert in 1980. God instantly delivered me from drugs and totally turned my life around. I began to use my gifts
of music for the Lord, and started a Christian
band, Mylon & Broken Heart. It eventually grew to
be one of the biggest Christian rock bands in
the world at the time. We won several Grammy’s and Dove Awards, but most importantly, we led
over 200,000 kids to Christ. Now, years later, I’m
still living for Jesus, and my wife Christi and
I have traveled the globe proclaiming God’s goodness. I’ve been from rock
bottom to the mountaintop, and I’m going all the way to Heaven, so come on and join me
on The Road To Freedom. (upbeat music) – Well, welcome to On The Road To Freedom. You have joined us in magnificent, beautiful Monument Valley, Utah. We are just in awe of God’s creation. You know, the reason
why we film on location in these beautiful places is so that you can taste and see that the Lord, He is good. – [Mylon] Yes. (laughs) – And you know, in the Old Testament, they built monuments, or memorials, to the faithfulness of God as reminders of God’s faithfulness. Well my goodness, take a look at these monuments. (all laugh) – Yeah, amen. – These monuments to the
greatness of our God, we are so grateful and we
have such a special guest with us, and we are so excited
about these broadcasts. We can’t wait to keep going today, but we wanna remind you again, the reason why we do
these shows is because John 8:31 and 32 says, “If you will continue,” if you will, that’s a choice you make, – [Mylon] Yeah, amen. – “If you will continue in the Word, – [Mylon] That’s right. – “Then you truly are my disciples, “and you will know,” that’s guaranteed, “if you seek, you will find,
you will know the truth “and the truth will make you free.” And that’s the will of God for your life, that you would be free, and free indeed, and you know, one of my favorite things that Brother Copeland has been teaching us is concerning the power of our words. And in the culture we live in, you know, what’s a popular saying is, “Well you just gotta tell it like it is.” Well, you know, if
you’re a person of faith and you believe God, the
last thing you need to do is tell it like it is. – [Mylon] That’s right. – Because we speak
– Unless you want it to stay like it is. – Well, sure, but we speak
the things that are not. If we wanna see change in our lives, – [Mylon] That’s right. – We speak the things that
are not as though they were. And for me, when I
changed what I was saying, that’s when true victory
started manifesting – [Kenneth] Amen.
– In my life, Brother Copeland. – Yeah, if we don’t already
have God’s promises, the way you get ’em is you speak ’em out and you expect ’em, you use your faith but if you expect it to get bad then you got faith it’s gone
get bad, it’s gone get worse. – [Christi] Right. – And they’re laying
people off at the plant and you worried ’bout losing your job, you’ll lose your job if ya ain’t careful. – And if you believe that,
that’s what you’ll see. – Well, yeah, exactly.
– Right. That’s it. – What you say is your faith. – That’s it. – Now, you can say something on purpose, – Yeah. – Or you can just run off at the mouth– – I got that for sure.
(Copeland laughs) – Mm, yeah. – If you do that, your
words are filled with fear. – Yes. – And fear-filled words–
– Exactly. – Will destroy. – [Mylon] Yes sir, they will. – Faith filled words dominate
the laws of sin and death. – Yeah.
– Oh my goodness. – That’s good. (all speaking simultaneously) – Faith filled words dominate– – [Christi] Dominate. – The laws of sin and death. – [Christi] So good. – And fear-filled words
empower the destroyer. – Oh yeah, absolutely. ‘Cause here’s the thing, Mylon, he cannot do anything
to you, or you or me, apart from fear. – Right. – Any more than God can
do something for you apart from Faith. – Mmm, yeah. – It’s a spiritual connection. – It’s the truth. – Spiritual connection. – We have to come to the place where we seek to know the fundamentals– – [Mylon] Yes sir. – It’s impossible to
please God without faith– – [Christi] That’s right. – You can’t get saved without it. – [Mylon] Amen. – You can’t have victory
over this world without it, this is the victory that
overcometh the world, even our faith. – [Christi] Right, right. – [Mylon] Even our faith.
– [Christi] Yes. – You can’t fight the
good fight without it. – [Mylon] Nope. – We fight the good fight of faith, you can’t walk the
Christian walk without it, “We walk by faith and not by sight.” – [Christi] That’s right. – Come on. It’s there, and you have to deal with it. “It is by faith, so that
it might be by grace “so that the promise is
sure for all to see.” No faith, no grace, and
you don’t wanna be caught without faith. – [Christi] No, no you don’t.
– [Mylon] Oh, Lord. – That’s dangerous, amen. – Amen. – I can’t make it without it, I gotta have mercy, I gotta have grace. – Oh yeah. Every minute of every day,
– We need it. – Glory to God.
– Yes. – Thank you, Jesus. I’ll tell you what I’d like to do. – Please. Please, sir.
– Yes, sir. – Let’s go over to the fifth chapter. – All right, come on.
– Okay. – Now, we talked about the very first fundamental of faith is believing in your heart itself. – Yes. – That’s where you start. – If you don’t start there,
the rest of it just– – Yeah, amen.
– Doesn’t work. – Let’s look at the woman
with the issue of blood in the fifth chapter of Mark. “A certain woman, “which had an issue of blood twelve years, “had suffered many things
of many physicians, “had spent all that she had, “and was nothing bettered
but rather, grew worse. “When she had heard of Jesus,
came in the press behind, “touched his garment. “For she said, – Yes, yes.
– Come on. “‘ If I may touch but his
clothes, I shall be whole.’ “And straight where,
immediately the fountain “of her blood was dried up, “and then she felt in her body “that she was healed of that plague.” She didn’t feel it and didn’t believe it, – [Mylon] No. – You can’t get it like that. – [Mylon] No, no no. – You have to believe it
before you feel it or see it. – [Christi] Yeah. – That would be like walking
up to a wood burning stove and say, give me some heat
and I’ll put in some wood. It doesn’t work that way,
it’s against the laws that govern, the way that stove is made. – [Christi] Very good. – Now, there’s several things here we need to see about her. “And Jesus, immediately knowing
in himself that virtue,” or, the cross reference
says “power”, de nomis, “had gone out of him, turned
him about in the press, “and said, who touched my clothes? “His disciples said unto him, “thou seest the multitude thronging thee, “and sayest thou, who touched me? “And he looked around about to see her “that had done this thing, “but the woman, fearing and trembling, “knowing what was done in
her, came and fell down “before him, and told him all the truth. “And he said unto her, “‘Daughter, thy faith
hath made thee whole; “‘Go in peace and be
whole of thy plague.'” Now, wait a minute. We know it was his power. – [Christi] Right. – But he said, your faith did it. – Not his faith, hers. – Her.
– Her faith. – He didn’t even know she was there. Now, Jairus put him on the
move headed towards his house and she stopped him right
in the middle of the street. She fully intended to get out
there and touch that garment, get healed, and sneak back out. – Yeah. Sneak off with her healed. (Christi giggles) – But he wanted her to testify. – He was very aware that that
power had gone out of him. She was very aware that it went into her. This is one of the things
that we need to see about the fundamentals of faith. – [Mylon and Christi] Yes. – The second fundamental of faith, number one, believe in your
heart, say it with your mouth, the second one is corresponding action. – [Christi] Yes. – You believe it, you say
it, then you act on it. – Yeah. – She could’ve set right there, right there in her little house, I know if Imma touch ye that his clothes, I know, but look at me, I’m bleeding out, I can’t go out there. The man that could have me
stoned’s right there behind him. Jairus, leader of the synagogue, it’s against the law for me to be out here with this issue of blood. – Right. – I can’t do this. I just can’t do it. She’d of believed in her heart and said it with her mouth, and died right there in that room, without corresponding action. – [Christi] Right. – This, what you’re teaching right now, is talking about a woman who’s a radical. It was against the law, she
had some great excuses– – [Christi] Very good. – To not go and get her miracle, and you do too. Man, I’m telling you,
believe me the world, because of sin, there’s
chaos all around us, and there’s people who use their minds instead of their hearts. Jesus said, “It’s with the heart man believes.” – [Christi] Yes. – People using their minds all around us, they try to talk us
into not being radicals, but if you’re gonna have a miracle– – [Christi] Yeah! – You’re gonna have to
be a radical Christian. Radical Christians act on it, you know, the Word says, “Without faith, it’s
impossible to please God” and if you don’t act on your faith, your faith has no power. Without action, what you
believe doesn’t have any power and won’t do you any good– – [Kenneth] That’s right.
– [Christi] Right. – Unless you act on it, and if you act on it, people gonna say, “well, you’re crazy.” But you getting your mind renewed today, you the further-est from
crazy you’ve ever been. The Word says, “If you honor the Lord, he’ll give you the desire of your heart.” Whatever you desire, it’s His idea to give it you. Just believe him, that’s what it takes, and he’s teaching you how to do it. – [Christi] And speak. – And you don’t ever quit. – [Kenneth] You never quit. You never quit saying it,
– [Christi] Nope. – [Kenneth] You never quit believing it, – [Christi] Yeah, that’s it. – [Kenneth] You never quit drawing to it every day and reading it in the Word. – [Mylon] Even if it takes
awhile, that’s all right. – I don’t care if it takes forever, I’m not gonna back off
because Jesus said it– – [Christi] Amen. – If I went to my grave
without it coming to pass, I don’t care, he said and
I’m not gonna get off it! – [Mylon and Christi] Amen, amen. – He said this! – Amen. – When you’re ready to stay there forever, you’ll be there all night long. (all laugh)
– [Christi] Yeah. (upbeat music) – We just wanna take a moment
to thank you, Team Mylon, for your support in prayer
and in financial giving, it is such a blessing to
us and we could not do it without your help. – That’s right. – And we want you to know that together, we are making a difference in the world, we are reaching the multitudes who are in the Valley of Decision right now and letting them know
that Jesus is coming soon, and that He’s ready to
save ’em, deliver ’em, and set ’em free, to set ’em on the abundant life in Christ. And if you wanna be a part
of Team Mylon, it’s easy. You just go to mylon.org
and click on Team Mylon, and we make a commitment
to you to pray over you, faith-filled prayers– – Every day. – We are believing for God’s best to unfold in every area of your life. We also send you free monthly teaching, exactly what we hear
from God for that moment, we deliver to you every month. We also have lots of
free resources online, free videos, free
teaching, free downloads, just check ’em out and we are honored to be a part of your life
and we thank you, again, for your support and for your agreement. We love you, God bless you. (energetic country music) – Now, think about this, she believed it, she said it, the great Word in that particular verse said she kept saying it. Lego, Greek word lego. She just kept saying it,
she’s building faith in her, she’s building faith in her. – [Christi] Yes. – Now she heard of Jesus, we know what she heard, she heard the Word ’cause faith comes by hearing it. – Oh yeah.
– Yeah, yeah. – Now, the next thing we need to realize is faith doesn’t work
in an unforgiving art. We talked about that yesterday. – Yes, yes.
– Yes sir, yes sir. – So we know she forgave those doctors. – Oh, yeah.
– [Christi] Yeah. – Ooh, sweet.
– [Christi] That’s good! – She had to!
– [Christi] That’s real good. – She had to forgive the doctors. – Awesome, yeah. – And she said, you know, those idiots cost me my whole living, I was a woman of means and
look like the butchered me up. Nah, she said, “If I just touch the hem of his garment, “I’ll be made whole.” – [Christi] Praise God. – Now, wholeness meant
she got her wealth back. – Amen. – ‘Cause the devil had stolen
– [Christi] Yes. – Her goods through that
sickness over 12 years time. – [Mylon] Oh, my goodness. – Amen. – She got it back. – She got it back, brother. Glory to God. – Rid of her trouble, if I know God. Oh yeah, well sure! – Yeah, yeah. – Absolutely so. Amen.
– Total restoration. – So, you believe in your heart, you say it with your mouth, then you have to forgive. If you’re not gonna do that,
you can forget the rest of it. And, you know, we were discussing this before we went on the air,
– Yes, sir. – And, you can forgive and just do it because your
soul’s in the army of the Lord and our commander in chief
has said for us to forgive. Okay, we just have to forgive,
that’s what we have to do. But now, it’s so vital to begin
praying for those people, you begin praying for them,
– [Mylon] It’s the secret. – You pray for those that despitefully use and persecute you
– [Mylon] That’s the secret, yeah.
– [Christi] Yes. – And you pray, “Oh God, oh Lord, help ’em, “in the name of Jesus, I pray for them.” – [Mylon] Yeah.
– [Christi] Yeah, yeah. – And then you begin to
pray for them in the Spirit. “Well, I don’t pray in tongues.” Well that’s your fault. (Mylon and Christi laugh) – I’m telling ya, that’s your fault. – You can today.
– It’s not God’s. – [Christi] That’s right. – That’s not God, Jesus said, “How much more, your Heavenly
Father give the Holy Spirit, those that ask him.” So ask him and act on it! – Amen, amen. – Use the same laws of faith. – Exactly. – Well, I just don’t feel
like I think I ought to. How you supposed to feel? If you’ve never received, you don’t know how you’re supposed to feel. Just shut up and just obey God! Amen. So praise God, it’s for me. – It’s for me, that’s right. – And I’m gonna receive it today. – Amen. – I just believe I receive– (all talking simultaneously) – I just believe, I
just do what Jesus said. Jesus, I’m asking! Ahh! (Christi laughs) That’s what little babies do. Well do it, it’ll turn for you. – [Christi] Amen. – Gloria and I were sitting at a table, it was our little kitchen table, this young woman years, years ago, and back then I didn’t know how to give anybody instructions. Helping her and Oh! She said, “I want this so bad.” And we’re sitting there praying and I said, “Now that’s enough,
hallelujah, hallelujah. “Hallelujah, hallelujah.” I said, “Okay, that’s enough anguish.” “Oh, Brother Copeland,
halle kaluka, halle kaluka, “halle kaluka,” Oh, she said, “halle kaluka, halle kaluka.” She said, “I don’t know why I don’t
receive, halle kaluka, “halle kaluka.” (Christi giggles) I said, “what does halle kaluka mean?” She said, “huh?” I said, “what does halle kaluka mean?” “I don’t know.” I said, “What? So what, you’ve been–” “I’ve been saying, ‘Hallelujah.'” I said, “no, you’ve been
saying halle kaluka.” (everyone laughs) – That’s good! – And it stuck in our
family, we’ll still say, “Well, halle kaluka.” You know? (everyone laughs) And then she just burst out. See, it was there all the time. Jesus, I want you to
have it a whole lot more then you want it, but what I’m saying is, it takes faith, Mylon. – Yes, it is. – Faith, open your mouth and make a sound. – Open your mouth, right. – Wasn’t a whole lot,
just like a little child. – I said to the Lord one time, he said, “What are you gonna do
about such and such?” I said, “I don’t plan to do anything about it.” He said, “Why?” I said, “‘Cause, I’m afraid I’ll make a mistake.” He said, “Knowing you, Kenneth, you probably will.” (Mylon and Christi laugh) But he said, “The worst mistake you’re making right now “is not stepping out.”
– Doing nothing, yeah. – Is not stepping, right. – He said, “Make the mistake! “I can fix it!” – Yeah.
– Yeah, yeah, hallelujah. – “Make the mistake, I can fix this.” Glory to God. – Amen. You know, when we started
this show, same thing. It was a total step of faith, we did not know what we were doing. – [Mylon] Still is! – (laughing) That’s right! We still learning.
– [Mylon] It’s just another step today.
– We’re still learning. – Glory to God. Now, let me remind you something here. Let’s go through that again. “Faith will not work in
a non-forgiving heart, “she believed it in her
mind, with her heart, “and she said it with her mouth, “and she kept saying it, she act on it.” She got out in the
street, then she told it. – Yeah. – She told it. – Yeah, she testified. – Amen, she testified– (everyone speaking simultaneously) – He said, “If you’re ashamed of the Gospel,” that’s what this is, this
is the words of Jesus, the words of God, “If you’re ashamed of it.” It’s the power of God,
don’t be ashamed of it ’cause it’s the power
of God unto salvation. Is when you start talking it like she did, that releases the power
of God for everybody else. We ought not to be
hogging the power of God. (everyone laughs) God does something good
for us, we oughta want our family and all our friends at school, and at work, and everywhere
to have some of that. I’m old school, I was a
hippie, we shared our stash. (Kenneth and Christi laugh) We had something good,
we want to make sure our friends got in on it. Now, we got the Holy Ghost. – Yeah, sure.
– Yeah, yeah. – The Word of the living God, and Heaven has a language, and people who don’t understand
why he’s encouraging you to receive the Holy Spirit and
to have the prayer langauge is that the Word says that you can ask God and he’ll give you the interpretation. After he’ll give you an utterance, then he’ll explain to
you what he was praying, and when you start praying
that and you’re understanding, you’re in agreement with God, man. – With God, yes. – All of a sudden, that prayer, you ain’t hoping that
one’s gonna come true, there ain’t no devil on
Earth gonna stop that one from coming true. And that’s what happens when
you get the Holy Spirit. He shows you the things which are to come. – Yes, amen. – He makes it easy to
jump out and do things that you’d have never tried before when you know God’s in it. – Amen.
– Amen. – This woman, she made that move towards Jesus. She lived right there in
Jesus’ hometown of Capernaum. He moved from Nazarus,
his whole ministry and all to Capernaum, and she was a shut-in, and if you think about it a little bit, she must’ve been just skin and bone, man, just sick woman. The very picture of sickness and disease. This plague was just killing her. But she kept listening,
she kept listening, and instead of turning it
down, she just kept listening, kept saying it, kept
listening and kept saying it. Now, the point is this,
we have the Word of God. Praise God. We can go look up, see all those tabs in my bible? – Oh yeah!
– That’s right. – Those are all healing scriptures. (Christi laughs) You can just go in there,
just feed on healing, feed on it, say, “Oh, glory to God, yes, oh surely, he bore my sickness and
carried my pain, hallelujah. – Hallelujah. – Oh, thank you Jesus! Oh, we do those things which
are right in your sight, we walk in your commandments
and keep your statutes. You take sickness from the midst of us– – [Christi] Yes! – And the length of our days you fulfilled and just let it come out your mouth, just read and look and talk and talk, – [Christi] Yeah. – Instead of saying, “I don’t know what I’m gonna do, “I’m hurting so bad.” I tell you what you do, right in the middle of all that pain, I’ve experienced it, I know
what I’m talking about, you start praising God,
you start laughing, just start laughing.
– Yeah. – I was in, in Detroit,
– Detroit. – And a young man that’s
a neurosurgeon there, raised in that church from the
time he was eight years old, and of course he knows the word of faith, he spoke right before me, there, in a meeting one time.
– [Mylon] Wow. – Few years ago. And he’s head now of
Neurology in a major hospital, and he said, “We have scientifically proven “that the body and the
mind cannot distinguish “between a put-on laugh and a real laugh.” – [Christi] Wow. – And we have people in really bad pain, and we have laughing classes and lead ’em in laughter. They just start off, “ha ha ha.” – It’s contagious. – “Ha ha ha.” – [Christi] Wow. In a lot of pain, and the more you laugh, the more the endorphins get released– – [Mylon] They’re released, yeah. – In your brain and you
begin to praise God, that pain stops.
– [Mylon] Thank you, Lord. – I had that disc blow up in my back and I want you to know– – I remember that. – I was hurting, and I got out in the backyard, I got out there in the backyard
and I had my leg propped up on a chair, and I got two heating pads, turned ’em up just as
high as I can get ’em, make it hurt worse– (Kenneth laughs) and I started shouting, “Glory be to Jesus! “Glory be to God! Hallelujah!” Just as loud as I could, man, just shout, “Glory, glory, glory to God.” – [Christi] Amen. – And I picked up on something
that Keith Moore had said, I said, “God, hallelujah, only one leg hurts. “This other one’s fine,
and my arms don’t hurt. “My other leg doesn’t hurt,
glory to God, hallelujah!” and kept shouting and shouting,
then the pain would subside and I’d just go, (Kenneth sighs) and here it’d come back. I just sat out there
and shouted and shouted and hollered and screamed and
hollering and went on and on. I’m telling you! These are spiritual laws. Well ain’t nothing funny, well
laugh by faith, glory to God. You can go to sleep by faith. I’ve gone to sleep right in
the middle of pain like that. – [Mylon and Christi] Amen. – And go to sleep, on scriptures. It’s vain, vain. Rise up early and sit up late, feeding on the bread of sorrow, for He gives His beloved sleep. Go to sleep on it every night. – [Mylon] Thank you, Lord. – Hallelujah. – Sweet sleep.
– Hallelujah. – Thank you, Jesus. – Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Brother Copeland,
that was so powerful, just life changing. You know, some of you may be facing a life or death situation right now, and if you lay hold of
these principles of faith, you will live and not die, and you will declare
– [Kenneth] Yes, you will. – The goodness of God in
the land of the living. We are testimonies that the word works, and so we encourage
you to stay in the word because that will keep you – [All] On the Road to
Freedom where Jesus is Lord. (upbeat music) – Here we are in Big
Sur, California tonight, waiting on the sun to go down to get some of the prettiest pictures in the world. – Yeah. – What a wonderful place,
if you were gonna find a beautiful place to begin
a relationship with God that would last forever, – Yes. – Can you think of a
better one than this one? – Yeah, amen. – I don’t know what’s
going on in your life but I know that I was
raised in a Christian home and I went to church a lot,
I believed there was a God, but it wasn’t doing me any
good until I gave Him my life and not just my problems. – Yeah. – When I gave him my
life, I was 35 years old and I’d tried to live it on my own terms. – Yep. – I tried to be the lord of my own life. I basically just did what I wanted to and then asked God to fix it. – Yeah. – But it didn’t work for me
and it won’t work for you, so if you’re ready today to
give up, to surrender your will, and your emotions, and your relationships, and your hopes and dreams, in other words, not just
give God your problems. If you’re ready to give Him your life– – Amen. – Man, he’ll really work with that. – Yeah. – You give Him something to work with, he will do amazing things.
– Yes, he will. – You will love it. Can I pray with you? If you’ve never done that before, or if you’ve done that before but you know you’ve never gone all in,
today is the day of salvation. – Yes. – Let me pray with you, please. – Say this with me, Father God– – Father God. – I come to you in Jesus’ name– – I come to you in Jesus’ name. – Lord, I acknowledge
my mistakes and my sins. – I acknowledge my mistakes and my sins. – And I give you my life today. – And I give you my life today. – Please forgive me of my
sins and let me start over. – Please forgive me of my
sins and let me start over. – Fill me with your spirit, – Fill me with your spirit. – And teach me your ways. – And teach me your ways. – In Jesus’ name,
– In Jesus’ name, – I receive you,
– I receive you, – As my Lord and master.
– As my Lord and master. – Amen. – Amen. – And according to the word of God, if you believe that
Jesus is the son of God, and you believe that God
is raised up from the dead, all you gotta do is tell somebody. – Yeah, that’s right. – Please let that somebody be us. – Amen. – We’re at mylon.org and
all we do our whole lives is about trying to help
everybody to understand the word of God so that
their life will get better every day. – Yes. – So that they’ll not only get to Heaven, but really, really– – Yes. – Enjoy their life
– Enjoy the trip. – Until they get there.
– Yes. – God bless you guys, I
will talk to you soon. Have a great day.

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