On The Road To Freedom – God’s Perfect or Permissive Will

– [Mylon] Hi, my name is Mylon Le Fevre and music is in my blood. I got my first big break when Elvis Presley recorded a song I’d written at 17 years old. That moment changed my life forever. I went from having nothing to having my dreams come true. I toured the world and played with some of
the biggest names in music and had more money than
I knew what to do with. I finally hit rock bottom when I almost died from a drug overdose and it became painfully obvious, something had to change. Everything did change when I gave my life to Jesus at a second Crevasse concert in 1980. God instantly delivered me from drugs and totally turned my life around. I began to use my gift of music for the Lord and started a Christian Band, Mylon and Broken Heart. It eventually grew to be one of the biggest Christian rock bands in the world at the time. We won several Grammys and Dove awards, but most importantly we ran over 200,000 kids to Christ. Now, years later, I’m still living for Jesus and my wife, Christi and I, travel the globe while
claiming God’s goodness. I’ve been from rock bottom to the mountain top and I’m
going all the way to Heaven. So come on and join us
On the Road to Freedom. (soothing music) – Welcome to On the Road to Freedom. You’ve joined us on location in beautiful Banff, Alberta, Canada. Right now we’re in Banff National Park at the gorgeous Rimrock Resort Hotel and it has just been a phenomenal trip. We’re so grateful, especially this resort has been so good to us, so kind. It’s a beautiful place,
it’s one of our favorites that we go to in the world. We’ve been coming here for over 20 years. To me, it’s so romantic. (laughing) – Every time we come up
and preach in Calgary, – [Christi] Right. – And we’ve come there to Calgary, Word of Faith.
– [Christi] Word of Faith. – Precious Pastor Jinny and Trevor Newfield.
– [Christi] Trevor Newfield. – And we come up there and preach. We come over here, we bring our skis and it’s just been a good time to relax and have some fun. We’ve brought family up here and friends and just had a good time. Michael and Sherry came
up and skied with us. And Michael Howell who’s here today – Yeah. – And just, you know, had fun. We filmed a bunch of Church on the Run
– Church on the Run – Our daily devotional love here, so it’s been really cool. – Yeah we’ve really enjoyed this spot. It’s just special memories and so we’re thankful
– The people are so kind to us, there so gracious here. I love the people in
this part of the world. It’s precious, man. And this weather, I mean you
can tell we’re from Texas. The Canadians are standing
around here in t-shirts and I’m wearing everything I own. – (laughing) That’s true.
– And still wish my feet were in warm waters. – You know we tried to go skiing a few days ago and it
was a total white out. Actually, I’ve been coming here since I was a teenager. My first time to visit Banff
I was 16, back in the 80s. I’ve never seen this much snow here in the Spring, this late in the Spring. It’s been a lot of snow. So it was white out on the mountain. It was so heavy snow fall. – I couldn’t see anything, people. I mean the snow was going like this. It was so white out, the sky was gray, there was no sun. You could not tell if it was
dropping off or going up. Man, I was so out of control. We skied behind boats in Georgia. – (laughing) – I’ll go up in Georgia. We didn’t have any mountains,
we didn’t have any snow. We skied behind boats. I thought I could ski, but no. – Well you know you may be thinking, what does this have to do with your show? (laughing) – And the truth is, nothin’. – (laughing) – We’re just having fun. – (laughing) – You know Christians are
supposed to have fun, right? – Yeah, so that’s what I was about to say. God does want you to enjoy your life, to enjoy serving him. And the reason why we do this show, we always like to let you know, On the Road to Freedom is based on John 8:31 and 32, where Jesus said, If you will continue in my Word, day in, day out, we read the Word, we study it. – [Mylon] Every day. – [Christi] We meditate on it. – [Mylon] Our life. – We endeavor to do it. We’re doers of the Word. If you continue in the Word, then you truly are my Disciples and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. So it’s in that process of continuing in the Word that you receive revelation
knowledge of the Word that sets you free and free indeed. So we’re all on that road
to freedom, praise God, and getting freer every day. And one of the ways that
you’ll really enjoy serving Him and enjoy the freedom
that He paid the price for you to walk in is to really know the difference between His, God’s permissive will or His perfect will. His perfect will is His best for you. His highest and His best. And that’s our heart for
you, that’s our heart for us. For our family, for our loved ones, for you team Mylon members, we want you to enjoy
the perfect Will of God. – [Mylon] Yes we do. First Samuel and verse seven says, “And the Lord said to Samuel, they have rejected me, that I should not be King over them.” – [Christi] Wow. – [Mylon] Can you imagine – [Christi] Yeah. – People did not want God to lead them. He didn’t want God to protect him. They didn’t want, and they still don’t. They still like doing things their own way and making their own
laws and their own rules. And I saw a certain annomination recently, just last week I read in the newspaper how these millions of people are voting on whether to do something the Bible says not to do. Whether to ordain people
who live a lifestyle that the Bible calls sin. And they’re actually voting on it. You don’t get to vote on what God said. – Yeah. – You can vote all you want to, but what God said, He’s
going to judge that. – Yes. – He’s gonna, we’re
either gonna do it His way or we’re gonna do it our way. But, in order for God’s blessings to flow, we gotta do it His way. The Lord said to Samuel,
“They rejected Me, that I should not be King over them. Only solemnly warn them and show them the ways of the King who
shall reign over them. He will take your songs and appoint them to His Chariots to be His horsemen and to run before His chariots. He will take your
daughters to be perfumers, and cooks and bakers. He will take your men and women servants and the best of your
cattle and your donkeys and put them to His work. He will take a tenth of your flocks, and you yourselves shall be His slaves.” He’ll attack you. He’ll make
you do what he wants you to do. – [Christi] Right. – “In that day, you will cry out because your King you have
chosen for yourselves, but the Lord will not hear you then.” ‘Cause you wanted to do things your way.
– [Christi] You made a choice. Yeah. – There’s a huge difference in being in the permissive will of God. But, God said, if you choose to go that way, then when you cry out to me, I won’t hear you. And we’re on a Grace. – [Christi] Yes. – And that was under the law. – Right. – Thank God for grace. – Thank God for grace
– Thank God that Jesus has come now. – Yeah. – And things are different. But we still are held accountable by the Lord and His perfect will is so much better than
His permissive will. – What’s amazing is God said, warn them, tell them this
is what it’ll be like – [Mylon] Yeah. – If they have a King. And basically, He’ll take your husband, He’ll take your daughters, He’ll take your fields, your vineyards, your orchards, He’ll take it all for His purpose, for His plan. And then it says here, never the less. Even after the warning
– Never the less, the people refuse to listen – [Christi] Yeah, wow. – [Mylon] To the voice of
Samuel who’s the Prophet of God. – [Christi] Yes. – [Mylon] And then said, no,
we will have a King over us. – [Christi] Wow. – [Mylon] That we also may
be like all the nations. That our King may govern us and go out before us and fight our battle. – [Christi] Wow. – Can you imagine choosing
some guy to fight your battle instead of God who’s never lost a battle? – Wow. – This is completely, utterly, doofus. And the Lord said to Samuel, “Hearken to their voice
and appoint them a King.” In other words, the Lord, permitted them
– [Christi] That was, yeah. – To go their own way. – This lets us know if we insist on it our way, there are times that God will permit that
plan to come to pass. And people will claim, oh this was the will of God. But in this situation here,
God just permitted it. – Yeah. – It was not His perfect will for Israel, but He permitted it because
of their insistence. – Instead of living by Faith, Israel chose to rely on the natural. What they could see,
what they could touch. Conforming to the world. They wanted to be like the other Kingdoms. – [Christi] Yeah. – And they missed God’s perfect plan. – [Christi] Yeah, so sad. – Romans 12:2 says, “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the
renewing of your mind,” that you may prove what the will
– [Christi] What the will – [Mylon] Of God is. – [Christi] Yeah. – “That which is good and
acceptable and perfect.” When you get your mind renewed, you start thinking like God. You stop thinking like you and by the way, He never changes, so we’re the ones that have to change. My whole way of thinking was wrong. I read the Word every day so I can get my mind renewed, – [Christi] Yes. So I start thinking like Him. Then His will becomes my will. – And that’s why watching shows like this is so important for you. You’re getting your
mind renewed to the Word as you’re receiving the Word right now. – Yes. – It’s getting renewed to
the perfect will of God. His word is His will. And you know, for me recently, in a time of prayer, I just heard myself say this and I went and wrote it down
because it was very humbling. And what I said was I surrender all of my
preconceived notions, ideas and concepts of what I think
my life looks like blessed. I surrender, whew, I surrender my plans to His purpose, and you know, for me this was a huge confession from the Lord I believe who’s spirit directed that day. – [Mylon] Sure. – Because I’m a goal
oriented, type A personality of straight A’s. My report card was not a good report card to me unless it was straight A’s. It was that kind of– (laughing) – Her mom told me she got
a B one time and she cried. I mean, not in elementary school, in High School, or was it college? – In college. – Oh my goodness. – I mean college, and so, you know I definitely had– – I would’ve cried a lot. – (laughing) So for that
kind of personality, I definitely, I’ve always
had a five year plan, ten year plan, 20 year plan. I’ve always had a vision written down. My dreams, my goals for the year, for the quarter, for the six months, that’s just been a pursuit
that I’ve had my whole life. And a lot of those things,
they’re good things. But, I had a preconceived idea, – [Mylon] Yeah. – Of what I thought my
life looked like blessed. And when I surrendered that to the Lord, when I surrendered my five year plan, when I surrendered what
I thought was God’s best, then God started showing up in proof and He started overtaking
me with his perfect will. – [Mylon] Yeah. – With His blessing and
my life just went up when I just began to trust it. – [Mylon] Amen. – Now I would encourage you, you know, if I had held on to what
I thought God’s best was, I would’ve missed it. – That’s right. – Especially meaning He, I’m sure the Lord would’ve allowed some things,
He would’ve permitted it. But it would not have
been His perfect will. So when I surrendered to
the perfect will of God, let me give you an example. Mylon is a perfect example. He and I both in the natural, were not what each other expected. Now in the spirit, we were everything that we had believed God for when it came to spiritual things. We are in perfect agreement when it comes to the things that are of eternal value. But in the natural, of course he was expecting at least someone who’d been in ministry before. You know I’d been in business. Maybe someone who was a little
older, more experienced. And I’d never been in ministry. I had never traveled. There were so many things when I answered the
call of God for my life, I definitely had to surrender what I thought my preconceived ideas and dreams that I had
as an interior designer, did not line up with God’s
perfect will for my life. He had a destiny for me. Now, he used everything that I learned in that season of my life. He used it for His perfect will. But I had a choice to make. When I was presented with, I had a choice, God’s permissive will. I could’ve stayed in design and said no to the call of God. Or, I could answer the
call of God and say yes. And when I chose to do the will of God and take that step of faith, and it was a total step of faith. God’s perfect will always is. But what’s amazing is, when I took that step, His grace showed up and enabled me to walk out. That perfect will of God for my life. And now it’s better than I ever dreamed. – Me too, baby. – It’s better than I
could’ve ever planned out. – Oh my goodness. – That I could’ve written down. (laughing) – We just couldn’t see
– You know – The future
– We couldn’t see it. It’s greater. – We couldn’t see over the hill and around the curb, man. – [Christi] Yes. – We had to trust God and
live by faith, we still do. – Yeah so I want to encourage you. It’s His promises that are Yes and Amen. – [Mylon] Yes. So when you dream, I encourage you to dream
God’s dreams for you. (soothing music) – God said to go into all
the world and make Disciples. – Yes. Teach and preach, that’s how you do it. – Yeah. – And that’s who we are
and that’s what we do. But we can’t do it by ourselves. Nobody could, Jesus couldn’t either. He had to have partners. We have to have partners. So that’s why we have
what we call, Team Mylon. – Yeah, Amen. If you wanna go in all world with us, if you wanna, – Yes. – take a bunch of people
to Heaven when you go, and you’re not sure how
to teach and preach, we’d like to volunteer
to partner up with you. God will do His part, we’ll do our part, you do your part. You pray for us and you help send us. – [Christi] Yeah. We’re here today in beautiful
Big Sur, California. – [Christi] Beautiful. – And we’re making TV shows
all day this week, every day. And then we go down to
Los Angeles to preach. Everywhere we go, we
help people to understand – Yes. – Who God is, how good He is. – Yeah, I mean. – And how much He loves them. – That’s right. – So if you want to be a part of that, – You just go to mylon.org and click on team Mylon and we’ll send you out a free monthly ministry letter through e-mail and then also,
we make an agreement with you to stand with you in prayer, – That’s right. – for all of your dreams to come true. So let us know how we can pray for you. Also if there’s any story, if this broadcast has
been a blessing to you, please let us know. Please share your story, your testimony. E-mail as, at [email protected] – And let us know how we can pray for you. And, if there’s anything that we can join our faith with – Yes. – in your life, it’s wonderful when you become my partner, but I’m excited about being your partner. – That’s right. – I’m about doing my part and joining my faith with yours, – Yes. – for your breakthrough. – Yes. – For you to see your dreams
come true at your house. – Amen. – And it will be on Earth
at your house, as it is in Heaven
– is in Heaven. – God bless you, Man. Thanks for being a part of
what God’s doing in our lives. We’re having a good time
and we hope you are too. Have a great day. (soothing music) – You need to hear from God on those specific dreams and the purpose and plan that He has for you. And then, go for it with your faith. Jeremiah 29:11, God said, I know the plans I have for you. Do you know God has a master plan for you? – [Mylon] Amen, yes He does. – [Christi] He has a perfect will for you. – [Mylon] Amen. – [Christi] And His plan is for welfare, not for calamity to give
you a future and a hope. – And if I were you, I would
accept that plan right now. – Yeah, that’s it. – Man, I mean you have to, and here’s how you do that. It’s simple. It’s not all super spiritual stuff. – [Christi] Yeah. – When God offers you something, you say I receive that, Lord. – [Christi] I receive it. – I receive that for my plan. – [Christi] Amen. – What is the plan of God? I know the plans I have for you. She just declared it. – [Christi] Yeah. – Declare is the Lord. – His master plan
– She just read it to us. I know the plans I have for you. – [Christi] Yeah. And there to bless you and to prosper you, not to harm you. I would adopt that as
my personal life plan, if I were you. ‘Cause that’s a blessed plan, Amen. – Yeah, so when we truly believe that God is a good God, then we rest in His perfect will. – Yes. – We understand that it’s the best. And His plan is always prosperity. It’s where we find true
satisfaction and fulfillment. That’s what I’m living right now. – It’s always formotion. – That’s what I didn’t know was possible. A place of fulfillment and satisfaction, I just,
I never had that in design. And in the perfect will of God, whew, that’s what you were born for. – That’s when you actually
give Him your life. – [Christi] Yeah. – As long as you’re fighting for the permissive will of God, – [Christi] Yeah. – You’re still negotiating. – [Christi] Right, that’s it. – You’re not gonna get God’s best until you surrender and realize, God, you’re way is the way. – [Christi] It’s the way. – And my way’s the wrong way. And I humble myself and I accept you as my King, Jesus. My Master, My Lord. Not just my Savior. And that’s when your life
starts to get better. We were constantly fighting for our rights and we’ve all done that for fear. – We all have, yeah. – Before I learned how to live by faith, there was just a constant
fight for control or fight for, I want to do it this way and she wants to do it that way. – And that’s what Israel did. – Right. – That’s exactly what they did, demanded a King
– It’s what everybody does, it’s what all Christians do, sure. – Yes. – And unless you believe God’s got a better way and you rest in that, I mean the ultimate spiritual growth is they entered his rest, by faith.
– By faith. – They entered the rest of the Lord. – Yeah. – They quit fighting over everything. They just started saying, you know what, God’s will is the best. – It’s the best. – And I know that all things were together for my good, so I’m
gonna work on growing up and changing and I’m gonna let God be God, and not worry about it, not fuss and fight about it all the time. I loved making music. I did not want to, to be honest with you, I mean, that Christian band was
a sole winded machine. Man, a lot of people,
hundreds of thousands of people got born again. – [Christi] Right, we’re very thankful. – And when God called
me to teach His Word, there weren’t Pastors lining up to get me to come teach
God’s Word for them. – [Christi] (laughing) Right. – You know, I mean, I could still go to Disney World and they’d
still pay me 100 grand for 45 minutes. That’s a good job, people. And that God told me, walk away from that now. Stop selling tickets. Stop selling t-shirts and CD’s and come and live by faith. Meaning, I’ll be your King. I’ll take care of you. Just like he was King of Israel, – [Christi] Yeah. – He told me, I wanna be
your only source, Mylon. I want you to trust me
to actually feed you, – [Christi] Yeah. pay the electric bill at your house. – [Christi] That’s good. – I hadn’t had any guaranteed
pay since that day. I hadn’t had what you would call a salary in, I mean, I live by faith. Some years, I didn’t get paid. But I didn’t, as you can see, I didn’t go hungry. – (laughing) – When it came time to pay the taxes, I had the money to pay them. We have no debt, praise God. – Yeah, yeah. – He takes good care of us. – God takes good care of us, He’s so faithful
– The Lord is my Shepherd and I shall not, do not want. – Amen. – Praise God. But, you know, does it make sense when God tells you to go teach the Word and you go out and you
go from making big crowds and big situations, headlining
festivals and stuff, and all of a sudden your
preaching in a Church that might have 50 people? – [Christi] Right. But if you’re in the perfect will of God, that’s all that counts. – [Christi] That’s all
that counts, that’s it. – You go there because
there’s somebody there that needs to know that information and God trusted me to go
there and bring it to them. – So once again, we limit God’s best if we limit Him to our list, our preconceived idea. Again, of what we think is God’s best. And so I wanna read you in
First Corinthians 6:19-20, just a reminder, do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy
Spirit who is in you, – [Mylon] Amen. – [Christi] Whom you have from God, and you are not your own? – [Mylon] Oh, that’s good. – [Christi] You were bought with a price. – [Mylon] Amen. – I’m gonna say that again. We are not our own. We were bought with a price, a precious price, – [Mylon] Yes. – at the blood of Jesus. So we choose to surrender our will and again we say, not our will, but than be done. – Amen. – That’s how you receive God’s
perfect will in your life. And if you’ll choose that, you’ll stop striving for your rights and you’ll enter the rest of God. – Fighting for your rights. – Yes and enjoy the good,
the goodness of God. – The goodness of God, Amen. And also that every man should eat and drink and enjoy the good of His Labor. It’s the gift of God. That’s Ecclesiastes 3:13. God wants you to enjoy your meals, enjoy the fruits of your labor. There’s nothing wrong
with having a nice house and having a nice car. You work hard all your life. You’re wise with your money, you give to your Church, you take care of the poor, you help people all around you. There’s nothing wrong if
you’ve been good with that to keep some of it and enjoy it. That’s God’s will, – Yeah. – for you. He only asks for 10% off the top. He asks for your first fruits and then He’ll talk to you about offerings from time to time. He’ll have special projects that He’ll want you to be involved in. But again, that’s between you and Him. – Right. – But you know, that 10%, that comes off the top and
that’s important to God. And if you do that, you will be blessed. This is Ecclesiastes 2:24-25. There is nothing better for
a man than he should eat and drink and make himself enjoy
– [Christi] Enjoy – [Mylon] good in his labor. Even this, I have seen, is from the hand of God. For who can eat or who can have enjoyment – [Christi] That’s good. – [Mylon] anymore than
I can apart from Him? – Now see, that’s it. So true enjoyment of your labor only comes when you’re in
the perfect will of God. – [Mylon] That’s exactly right. – ‘Cause this says who can have enjoyment anymore than apart from Him? So this true joy, in the work, in the labor, in your destiny and fulfilling your call. It comes from being in
the perfect will of God. – [Mylon] That’s right. – That’s where enjoying the
fruit of your labor is, Amen. – The blessed life means
you have the ability and the grace at all
times to enjoy your life right now
– right now. Amen. – Not someday when God does this or when this works out and, you know, some
people gotta hit the lotto they think to be happy. Well, I don’t. I can rest in the Lord
and be content today, and you can too, if you want to. – Yeah. – Right now, – Right now. enjoy your favorite meal. Enjoy your family. Enjoy the simple things. It’s the laugh
– Gift of God – Is the gift of God. – Is the gift of God. – The peace of God. – Yeah. – The joy of the Lord. – Yes. – The peace that passes understanding. The healing power of God. He heals all our diseases. He forgives all of our sins. He cleanses us from all unrighteousness. We can go on and on and on in his Mercy
– Yeah, yeah. – Is fresh and new everyday
– new every morning. – You didn’t wear Him out yesterday by needing some of His mercy. His tender fresh, they’re fresh, everyday. His grace is sufficient. What do you need? What do you want? It’s all available to you
in the perfect will of God. – [Christi] Yeah. – Would you trust God today?
– [Christi] That’s good. – Say this with me. Lord, I trust you. Will you agree with me? I want you to say this
right there where you are. Lord, I trust you. – [Christi] Lord, I trust you. – And I believe you. – [Christi] And I believe you. – I believe your Word is the truth. – I believe your Word is the truth. – And by faith, – And by faith, – I enter your rest. – I enter your rest. – I relax in you, Sir. – I relax in you. – I believe your will is your Word. – I believe your will is your Word. – And I’m gonna walk in it this year. – [Christi] And I will
walk in it this year. – For your glory and for your honor. – [Christi] For your glory and honor. – In Jesus name. – [Christi] In Jesus name. – Amen, Amen. Hey man, we had such a good time. I wish, I know they’ve been showing – So good. – It to you while we’ve been talking, but I just wish you could see what’s behind that
camera I’m looking into. It’s the most magnificent view. Ohh, the one that created this has got a magnificent future for you. Stay in the Word, ’cause that’ll keep you, on the road to freedom.
– on the road to freedom. Well, I’d like to share a testimony with you that we received for On the Road to Freedom. And this is from Velanda. And she said, “I watched the broadcast this morning of you and your wife and it really blessed me. I’m a Christian, but I felt in a dark, back slid den place, and I prayed along with
Mylon and repented. And I asked God to build me back up in the spirit of Him.” – Thank you Lord. – And she asked, please pray for me to help me get to Heaven, and like you said, enjoy the journey. Well, Velanda, we rejoice with you. – Yes. – What an honor and what a privilege. And all of you who are watching who wanna do just what Velanda did, we’d like to pray with you. – We’d like to set ourselves
an agreement with you. What Velanda was talking about is that we give our problems to God, but sometimes we with hold
giving him our whole life. Our hopes and our dreams. – Right, right. – So if you’re ready to
surrender your will to God. – That’s good. – If you’re ready to read the Word and put Him and His Kingdom
and His rights as first, I’m gonna set myself
an agreement with you. Whatever’s been going on in your life, if you re-dedicate it and
commit it to God today, life is gonna get better
– Gonna get better – At your house, – Yeah. – From this day forward. – That’s right. – Father, I just ask you to touch my brothers and sisters. I ask you to feel the place where they are right now with your presence in such a way that they know that they’ve come in
contact with the living God. – Yes. – Father, I ask you to
confirm your Word to them. You said that you perfect the things which concern us, so I thank you for proving that to my brothers and sisters right now as they surrender, as they lay down their lives and deny themselves and pick up their cross now to follow you, Lord Jesus. – Yes. – And to make you the Lord of all. The Lord of everything in their lives. I give you glory and honor for it, Sir. In the Holy name of Jesus, Amen. – Yes, Amen. – God bless you. We believe that you’re in the right place with God and it’s gonna
get better everyday. (soothing music)

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  • I like you guys!  I appreciate how you are sold out and totally surrendered to our Lord Jesus Christ.  He is everything and knowing Him makes me happy. You are like a breath of fresh air and a cold drink of water in a hot dry land!  Thank you for being who He created you to be and for following Him. I look forward to watching you each week.  Well done!

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