On The Road To Freedom – Honor Part 1

– [Mylon] Hi my name is Mylon LeFevre and music is in my blood. I got my first big break
when Elvis Presley recorded a song I’d written at 17 years old. That moment changed my life forever. I went from having nothing to
having my dreams come true. I toured the world and played
with some of the biggest names in music and had more money
than I knew what to do with. I finally hit rock
bottom when I almost died from a drug overdose. Then it became painfully obvious something had to be changed. And everything did change
when I gave my life to Jesus at a 2nd Chapter of Acts concert in 1980. God instantly delivered me from drugs and totally turned my life around. I began to use my gift
of music for the Lord and started a Christian
band, Mylon and Broken Heart. It eventually grew to be
one of the biggest Christian rock bands in the world at the time. We won several Grammy’s and Dove Awards, but most importantly we led
over 200,000 kids to Christ. Now years later I’m still
living for Jesus and my wife Christi and I travel the globe
proclaiming God’s goodness. I’ve been from rock
bottom to the mountain top and I’m going all the way to heaven. So come on and join me
On the Road to Freedom. (upbeat music) – Welcome, you’ve joined
us On the Road to Freedom and we’re on location in
amazing, beautiful, magnificent Maui paradise.
– Every time you wake up and look out the window,
it’s like, oh my Lord. – Heaven on earth.
– If this is this cool, what is heaven gonna be like, people? – We’re so excited and thankful
to be here with you today. Thank you for joining us. We want to encourage you the
reason why we go to these beautiful places and we
want you to see the beauty of God’s creation so that
you can taste and see how good our God is. Today John 8:31-32, I just
want to remind you said, Jesus said, if you continue in my word, you will know the truth and
the truth will make you free. So that’s why we continue in the word because the more we
continue, the freer we get. We’re all on that road to freedom. So today the area of freedom
we’d like to discuss with you is the area of honor, the honor of God. And Mylon, I know you
have a powerful revelation concerning the honor of God. – I want to encourage you,
if you want to receive honor, God said, whatever a man
sows that shall they reap. If you plant beans, you’re
not gonna reap corn. You’re gonna get back
exactly what you sow. If you want to be honored
in life and who doesn’t? It’s like love. I wanna be loved, don’t you? Sure, I want to have dignity. I want people to think I’m an honest man. And that I have integrity,
that I’m kind or gentle. If we’re gonna have those
qualities that we honor, then according to God, the only way to receive
that honor is to sow it. First of all, let me just
take a look with you. A Webster’s dictionary, the 1828 version, when Webster was a Christian,
so I like the way he uses the word of God to describe things. It says the esteem due or paid
to worth, high estimation. That’s his description. Siri says, high respect and esteem. I just asked Siri, let
me tell you what she said just a second ago. Honor is the idea of a
bond between an individual and society as a quality
of a person that’s both of social teaching and of personal ethos, that manifests itself
in a code of conduct. Man, I really like that, that’s good. Siri also says, accordingly,
individuals are assigned worth and stature based on the
harmony of their actions with a specific code of
honor and the moral code of the society at large. Now I know that was a
whole bunch of words. I mean it was a little much for me. I don’t think we need all that. If you want to get along in life, honor is something we got
to give to each other. I need to honor my wife because she needs to be honored. It’s not a matter whether I need it. I need to do that because God said, let me just read this to
you before I go into that. Romans 13:7, and Amplified says, render to all men their dues, pay taxes to whom taxes are due, revenue to whom revenue is due, and respect to whom respect is due, and honor to whom honor is due. Give honor where it’s due. If I’m gonna do that,
the best thing I can do, if I want to receive honor
is look around and decide everybody around my life, they’re the ones if I wanna get honor, it’s gonna come from
the people in my life. It’s not gonna come somebody
I never met before, usually. Jesus said that a prophet
is honored everywhere except in his home. So it’s possible that there’s
some persecution that comes. Those things happen, you cannot stop that. If you want the hundredfold, God said there’s 36 in a
hundredfold but the hundredfold, the best, best things of
God come with persecution. Is persecution fair? No it’s not, they accused
Jesus of stuff he didn’t do. They said he was a bad person when he was the perfect person. So persecution’s never fair. In other words, you have
to forgive everybody who’s persecuted you to get God’s best. That’s where the hundredfold is and we all want those blessings. When it comes to honor, we give honor where it’s due. What if it’s due to somebody
that you don’t normally prefer being around? What is honor is due to
someone who is an Arab and you’re concerned about a terrorist and maybe you think that everyone that’s from a certain part of the country that looks a certain way,
it might be a terrorist. And so you’re against those people. You’ve gotta be very careful you become a racist or a bigot. You’ve gotta give people an opportunity to see if they’re honorable. If you don’t like somebody just
because maybe they’re black or you don’t like a policeman
because he’s wearing blue and he has authority or you
don’t like a white person just because some white person
did something bad to you or their grandparents did something bad to your grandparents. You gotta be very careful
and not judge before you give somebody an opportunity to
find out if they’re honorable. If they are then we give them honor. If they’re not, then
we’re not supposed to. The Bible didn’t tell us to. It says we’re supposed to
love them and pray for them but we don’t have to hang out with them if they’re doing dishonorable things. And of course most importantly, the most important thing
we’ll ever do is honor God. – Yes.
– Amen. Therefore it says in 1
Samuel 2:30, I love this. Therefore the Lord,
the God of Israel says, I did promise that your house
and that of your father, the forefather, Aaron was his
name, should go in and out before me forever but now, says the Lord, be it far from me. For those who honor me, I will honor, and those who despise me
shall be lightly esteemed. God said, I’m changing the rules. I was gonna do this for you forever. But you didn’t teach your kids to honor me and they don’t honor me. They don’t even respect me,
they don’t have any honor. They lightly esteem me. They treat me like I’m just some person that they don’t trust and they don’t like. And he said, from now I’m going
to honor those who honor me. If you sow it, God will give it to you. Now, listen people, when the honor of God starts
happening in your life, doors that no man can close fly open. I mean when you go through those doors, amazing stuff is on the other side. I remember when I was 17 and God gave me a song called Without Him. Years later Elvis recorded it. I was in the Army at the time. I was off learning to serve my country, growing up trying to
learn how to be a man. But I was in a situation where
I was doing what I was told. I was honoring the authority. Listen, you don’t go through the Army with dishonor for your sergeant. You will end up on KP
everyday till Jesus come. Authority was something
that we had to respect. When that lieutenant brought
that company to command, to attention, my goodness
man, we were standing tall. When that master sergeant
barked, everybody paid attention. Nowadays you see on TV, people everyday literally getting shot over dishonoring a policeman. And they say, well it’s
the color of my skin. And it may be. There are definitely racist policeman. There are racist white people, there are racist black people
who don’t like white people. There is all kind of people
who don’t like other people. But the bottom line is, I
am white but I was a hippy. Back in the ’60s, believe me, in Georgia, when my band pulled into
a truck stop after a gig, the only place in town to get
something to eat at 2 a.m. And we pulled in there in
those little country towns, and we were stoned and we had earrings and hair flying everywhere. There were no guitars. All they saw was a bunch of stoned, longhairs coming into their turf. Believe me, we got put in jail. They didn’t like us either. We understand when people just hate you just by looking at you. I went to a church in Detroit
one time and was ministering and a guy came to me later on once he saw how God was using me, he came to me and said, I
gotta apologize to you man. He said, when I heard you start talking, and that cracker, you
know, I am from Georgia. And they called us crackers. He said, that redneck, the way you sound, just that country voice of
yours, it made me so angry. He said I just hated you immediately. And he said the Lord convicted me. As you ministered this week, how I needed to change my attitude. And that guy who started
out hating me stood there and honored God by honoring me. And we became brother in Christ. And a holy situation came out of what could
have been a really bad one. Because he just wanted to hurt me. He just wanted to hit me. He did not like me. We gotta turn this around
my brothers and sisters. We gotta give God a chance. This is not a suggestion, to honor those that honor is due. This is a command from the most high God. And you cannot honor
God who gave the command and dishonor the people
he told you to honor. If I don’t honor my precious
wife when he told me to, then I’m dishonoring him and disobeying him, amen? The Lord’s actually changed
his mind because Aaron, the first high priest’s children
were dishonorable to God. He said, these people,
this is in Matthew 15. You want to read that my love? – [Christi] Sure.
– Matthew 15:8. – He says, these people draw
near to me with their mouths and honor me with their lips. But their hearts hold off
and are far away from me. So uselessly do they worship me, for they teach as doctrines
the commands of men. So God does not want lip service. He doesn’t want us just saying
the words to be saying it. He desires honors of the
heart, it’s a heart issue. So I encourage you today to just take the time, to spend
the time in intimacy and relationship with the Lord to develop that honorable
attitude and view of his word. His word is so holy to us. I have such a reverence. The word calls it fear, the fear of the Lord is
the beginning of wisdom. And actually fear is reverence for God. And a reverence for his word. This is so important and
when you have that honor, then he’ll promote you. He’ll open doors before
you that no man can close. But it begins with that holy reverence in honor for his word and respect, amen. – He said to honor with the capital, even said in Proverbs 3:9. It says, honor the Lord with
your capital, that’s your money and sufficiency from righteous labor and with the first fruits
of all your income. That’s the tithe. Remember the first murder in the Bible between Cain and Abel. It was because of the tithe. One of the them gave God
his best, the first fruits, the best he had in the beginning. One of the other brother
gave God what was left over and what he didn’t want. It was like a crippled calf
or lamb or that was blind. It was the one that he didn’t want. And it was not of his first
fruits and God rejected it. Why, because honor it
has to do with attitude. It’s not about a sheep or a cow. It’s not about $100. God don’t need money. Anything God wants, he
speaks it into existence. The purpose of the tithe is
not for God to get your money. The purpose of the tithe
is for God to find out whether he can trust you
with some real money. Will you take that money
that he blesses you with and bless the kingdom and
seek first, his kingdom. Tither means I give a
tenth of all my income. I give a tenth of all my ministry’s income to other ministries. I sow those into what I see. Michael and Sherry are here today. Their ministry go deep international. They go worship God
and they teach the word all over the world. And I see the fruit of their labor. I see that they are a fruitful ministry. I see their patience and their kindness and their gentleness. I see the fruit of the
holy spirit in their life. I see people getting saved
who come around them. So I’ve sow into brother Copeland. I sow into Keith Moore’s Ministries. I sow into Joyce Meyer
and Rick Renner in Moscow. We sow in Jerusalem, why? Because we see that that’s more important. His kingdom is more important than mine. Whatever I might have, it doesn’t count. I gave my life to him. It’s not mine. My life belongs to Jesus. My marriage belongs to Jesus. And if there’s any money in my pocket, it’s because God blessed
me, that’s why it’s there. It’s not ’cause I’m great
and smart and a hard worker. Even though I try to work hard
and I try to do those things, God blesses you, he opens
doors that no man can close. So we wanna honor him
with our first fruits for where your treasure
is, Matthew 6:21 says, there will your heart be also. – So honor is a true
reverence for the Lord. It’s a matter of the heart. And if you notice here in
the scripture in Matthew, that it says that when
there’s not that reverence and that honor for the
Lord, the heart attitude, then God said, uselessly
do you worship me. That it doesn’t even bless
him or honor him in any way. Even if you raise your hands
and say, praise you Jesus. If you’re not doing it from the heart, he says it’s useless worship. So I encourage you today, God, again, he doesn’t want just lip service. He wants you to be in love with him. In love with Jesus, he wants
Jesus to be your first love. And that just comes from developing again, that close intimacy in
relationship with him through his word, amen. – That’s good baby. And honor, do you really honor God? It’s a matter of faith. If you believe God has ever told a lie, then you’re never gonna
be honorable to him. You’re never gonna honor him. You can stand there every Sunday
with your hands in the air and you can cry and sing hallelujah. But if the doctor says you’re gonna die, and you believe the doctor even though he’s just telling the facts, instead of God who said by his stripes, the only reason I let him beat my son was so you can be healed. He said I sent my word and healed you. Do you believe it? If so, in my word is laughed
to those that find them and health to all their flesh
but not unless you believe it. God anointed Jesus with
the holy ghost in power. And what he do with that power? He went around doing good and healing all who were
repressed to the devil. And sickness and disease is
oppression from the devil. But in order to get healed of it, you gotta believe the word of God. That by his stripes you were
and you still are healed. And that’s when the
truth changes the facts. But if you don’t believe God is honest, you’re never gonna honor him. And he’s never gonna be
honored if you tell him hallelujah, I love you
God, you’re so wonderful. But the doctor disagrees so you lied. And the doctor’s telling the truth ’cause he’s got all those big
machines down at the hospital. They tested my blood and everything and so your word doesn’t work. No, that’s dishonorable. The only way to honor God is
to believe that he is honest. And then the next thing you need to do of course, is on here, mate. This is easy for me because my mate, it says to give where
it’s due, is due my mate. My precious Christi is
the most honest woman I’ve ever met in my life. She’s my hero. I love her with all my heart. It is so easy to be honorable to you because you are honorable. You’ve never lied to me. The few times when we miscommunicated and we misunderstood and there
was a lack of communication, and I believed you said something you didn’t really say or mean. And it’s gone both ways, of course. We immediately get those things
fixed as quick as possible. If you watch these TV shows every day, all the drama happens
because something happens and they just don’t tell
each other the truth. They could’ve fixed it just like that. And they wait till it gets
worse and worse and worse and then a little mole
hill becomes a mountain. And we got a drama
situation that turns bad. It says here in Ephesians 5:33, however let each man of
you without exception, without exception, no excuses. Love his wife as being in
a sense his very own self, his very own flesh. And let the wife, go
ahead, you read that one. – And let the wife see that she respects and reverences her husband,
that she notices him. I really love this in
the Amplified version. It’s just beautiful, ladies. That the wife respects and
reverences her husband, that she notices him,
that she regards him, and honors him, prefers
him, and here’s what we do. Mylon and I look at each
other and we say these words. So I say, Mylon, I want
you to know that I respect and I reverence you. I prefer you, I honor you, I admire you. I love and adore you exceedingly. – Thank you baby. – And we do that, and
again, honors of the heart. – And we do it publicly. You’ve done that in church
many times and now on TV. – And we’re not just saying
that again as lip service. True honor, again, as of the heart. We make it a practice to
let those honorable words just flow out of our hearts to each other on a consistent basis. – And we did this before we married. – Yes, we did, that’s right. – We looked up these scriptures before I asked her to marry me, I said, can you do these things? You say you love me and I say I love you. The word tells us what love is. I don’t want to go
through another divorce. I’ve been through one of
those, it was horrible. I do not wanna even, the possibility, I would not have married Christi if she didn’t know what love is. God is love. God is not a feeling,
love is not an emotion. It’s a commitment. God said I’ll never
leave you or forsake you. Love is a commitment. I will stay closer to you than a brother. Love is a commitment. I will stay closer, I will
never leave you or forsake you. I am committed to you,
my love, I honor you. These scriptures, I told her, if you can’t say this in
your heart and mean it, I mean, she esteems him, she
defers to him, praises him, loves and admires him exceedingly. This is honor. I cried when she said these
words to me the first time. Something inside of me that
I didn’t even know was there that God had placed in
me needed to be honored. And it had never happened before. I’ve been in relationships
but I’ve never been loved with the love of God that God had shed and brought in our hearts by his holy spirit. That’s the real love. – And you know let me say this. Sometimes you are going
to say things by face. As you speak those words you hear it and it will build your faith
concerning your marriage and what you’re believing for so there are times where you
just need to speak the things that are not as though they were. And we have done that too. In 1 Peter 3:2, it says, even if your husband is not a believer, it says we cannot win them
over, ladies, by discussion. This makes me laugh every time
because Proverbs talks about how a contentious wife,
a contentious woman, it’s better to live on a house top alone than with a nagging, contentious woman. Ladies, we cannot win our
husbands over by discussion. – [Mylon] Or nagging.
– Or nagging. But it says, this is how you win him over. When they observe your honorable behavior, your honorable attitude. Together with your
reverence for your husband, you are to feel for him all
that reverence inlcludes to respect, to defer to, to
revere him, to honor him. Now again, I love to say
these words to Mylon. I honor you, I revere you, I defer to you. I respect you, I appreciate,
prize, adore you, admire, praise, I’m devoted to you. I deeply love you and I
enjoy you as my husband. I enjoy you. – I honor you my precious. And we’re out of time. We’re gonna have to stop for today. Obviously, we’re not
even halfway into this. We’re gonna have to do next week. We will pick up part two. But I believe that you’ve
heard some good word today. And that word, if you let it, it’ll make you a more honorable person. And when you become more honorable to God, then you will honor the
people around you more. If you sow it, remember, they don’t always deserve it at first. But if you keep speaking on things that are not as though they were, people rise up, they like honor. They will rise up and be honorable if you give them a chance. Not all of them, but give them a chance. It’s gonna get better. I better it’s gonna get
better at your house. We’re honored that you would allow us to share Jesus with you. We love the Lord but we love you too. We don’t know all of your
names but man, God does. And we’re praying for you in the spirit and in the understanding every single day. We believe that as you honor God, that honor is coming
surrounding you like a shield, the favor of God. The honor of God surround
you like a shield. We call you blessed today. – So check out any episodes
that you’ve missed at mylon.org and remember to stay in the word because that will keep you
On the Road to Freedom. (upbeat music) – God said to go unto all
the world and make disciples. Teach and preach, that’s how you do it. And that’s who we are
and that’s what we do but we can’t do it by ourselves. Nobody could, Jesus couldn’t either. He had to have partners. We have to have partners. So that’s why we have
what we call Team Mylon. If you want to go unto all world with us, if you want to take a bunch of
people to heaven when you go and you’re not sure how
to teach and preach, we’d like to volunteer
to partner up with you. God will do his part, we’ll
do our part, you do your part. You pray for us and you help ascend us. We’re here today in beautiful
Big Sur, California. And we’re making TV shows
all day this week, every day. And then we go down to
Los Angeles to preach. Everywhere we go we help people
to understand who God is, how good he is and how much he love us. So if you want to be a part of that, – You just go to mylon.org
and click on Team Mylon and we’ll send you out a
free monthly ministry letter through email and then also
we make an agreement with you to stand with you in prayer for all of your dreams to come true. So let us know how we can pray for you. Also, if there’s any story, if this broadcast has
been a blessing to you, please let us know. Please share your story, your testimony, email us at [email protected] – And let us know how we can pray for you. If there’s anything that
we can join our faith with in your life, it’s wonderful
when you become my partner but I’m excited about being your partner. I’m about doing my part,
joining my faith with yours for your breakthrough. For you to see your dreams
come true at your house. That it will be on earth at
your house as it is in heaven. God bless you man, thanks for being a part of
what God’s doing in our lives. We’re having a good time
and we hope you are too. Have a great day. (upbeat music)

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