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– [Mylon] Hi, my name is Mylon LeFevre and music is in my blood. I got my first big
break when Elvis Presley recorded I’d written at 17 years old, that moment changed my life forever. I went from having nothing to
having my dreams come true. I toured the world and played with some of the biggest names in music and had more money than
I knew what to do with. I finally hit rock bottom when I almost died from a drug overdose, then it became painfully
obvious something had to change. Everything did change when
I gave my life to Jesus at a 2nd Chapter of Acts concert in 1980. God instantly delivered me from drugs and totally turned my life around. I began to use my gift
of music for the Lord and started a Christian
brand, Mylon and Broken Heart. It eventually grew to
be one of the biggest Christian rock bands in
the world at the time. We won several Grammys and Dove Awards, but most importantly we led
over 200,000 kids to Christ. Now, years later, I’m
still living for Jesus and my wife Christi and
I traveled the globe proclaiming God’s goodness. I’ve been from rock
bottom to the mountain top and I’m going all the way to heaven so come on and join us
On the Road to Freedom. (upbeat music) – Well, you’ve joined us
On the Road to Freedom, in gorgeous Big Sur, California. You know, I don’t know
if there’s anything else like this in America. This is so unique. This Northern Coast of California
is absolutely gorgeous, and as we were driving up yesterday, one of the things Mylon said that I thought was so beautiful, he was watching the waves crashing and the sun was setting and
he looked at me and said, “This is the greatest show on Earth. – Amen. – “What you’re seeing right here, “this is God showing off.”
– Oh, my goodness. And every time you turn the corner He was doing it again.
– It was different. That’s right.
– I mean, my Lord, Only God. could create what we’ve seen.
– Only God, He’s so good. I mean, He’s an awesome
creator, and He loves you today. This show is for you. It’s for you to know
how much you’re loved. – That’s right. It’s titled On the Road to Freedom because Jesus said, “If you
will continue in my Word, “you will know the truth and
the truth will make you free.” So the more that we continue in the Word, the more revelation we receive from it, the freer we get, so that’s why we’re all on that road to freedom and we’re getting freer
every day in Jesus’ name. And one of those ways that
He wants to see you free is for you to know how much you are loved. – [Mylon] Yes. – You are loved by the
creator of the universe. He loves you, He gave His life for you, so that you could enjoy
abundant life in Christ. – Amen, amen.
– Love created this. – Yeah. – And it’s just for your
joy, just for your pleasure, to testify of His goodness so that you would know He’s
got a good plan for your life. – Love is the greatest show on Earth and what He does every day.
– Yeah, it is, that’s right. – He is the creator. He didn’t just create what you can see, He created a lot of stuff
you hadn’t seen yet. Wait until you see, if
you think this is amazing, wait until you see heaven.
– Amen, amen. Yeah. – He has gone away to prepare a place for us that is so magnificent, and what is heaven about? It’s because love is there, God is love. The real deal, not something that’s phony that man negotiates with you over control. – Yeah. – That’s not love. Love, I love her, I do not dominate her. She does not dominate me. We are submitted to love as God is love, and the more that we grow up in love and the more we submit to Him, the less problems we have of any kind on this Earth.
– Yeah, yeah that’s right. – That’s the way it is, that’s
what spiritual maturity is. So we wanna talk to you today about love. – [Cristi] Yes, we do. – We wanna talk to ya about what God, who is Love, wants to do at
your house, in your life today. – [Cristi] First Corinthians
13:1 in the NIB says, “If I speak in the tongues
of men or of angels, “but do not have love, “then I am only a resounding
gong or a clanging cymbal.” – If I speak in tongues– – Right. – Because some people
think that makes them more spiritual than other people. Oh, you know what I mean? Because I speak in tongues all the time. But if I speak in tongues of angels but do not have love, I
am only a resounding gong. I’m just making a bunch of noise, I’m a jerk.
– Yeah, making a bunch of noise.
I’m a Christian version of a jerk–
– Wow. – That does a lot of religious stuff. – Yeah. – But without love, I’m nothing.
– It’s nothing, yeah. – [Mylon] Read that next verse for me. – [Cristi] And then, “If I
have the gift of prophecy “and can fathom all
mysteries and all knowledge, “and if I have faith
that can move mountains, “but do not have love, I am nothing.” – [Mylon] Oh, my goodness. – [Cristi] Wow. – [Mylon] Are you hearing this? – It’s amazing.
– If I have the gift of prophecy, if I know the future and I can prophesy what’s going to happen. – Yes.
– I mean, that’s pretty heavy. You know, you’d think, well, they’re spiritually heavy people. Not if they don’t have love.
– Not without love. Right.
– God is love. They’re just religious
if they don’t have God. – [Cristi] Yeah. – There are all kinds of religions and they don’t do you any good. You can set a statue of
Buddha on the coffee table but it’s not gonna help you
any when cancer strikes. But the real God can heal your body. – Amen.
– And He will, if you believe He’s honest.
– Amen. – Amen. He said, “If I have the gift of prophecy “and can fathom all mysteries.” That means you understand
everything that God understands. All mysteries, there’s no mystery to you. And all knowledge, you know
and understand everything. “And if I have faith
that can move mountains.” I mean, you speak to a
problem and it just goes away. Now that’s real faith. He said, “But if I do not have love”– – I’m nothing. – I’m nothing. – Wow. – I’m just a religious guy
doing a bunch of religious stuff but I’m misrepresenting God
because this whole thing started because God so loved the world
that He sent His son Jesus for me and you.
– Yes, yes. – To start a new kingdom, to
start a new way of thinking, the man of Christ, the wisdom of God, that’s why we study the Word. – Right.
– Go ahead, my love, verse three. – Verse three says that, “If I give all that I possess to the poor “and give over my body to
hardship that I may boast, “but do not have love, I gain nothing.” – [Mylon] Nothing. – Wow, even to sacrifice in your own life if you do it without love. – Yeah.
– You gain nothing. Wow. – John 15 and verse 12 says this, now that was sort of, that
could seem negative to you because you do gain nothing
but the good new is, we don’t have to do it that way. We can love.
– Yes. – We can do those things. It’s wonderful to prophesy. It’s wonderful to have
knowledge and wisdom. It’s wonderful to understand mysteries. That’s why we study the Word, He said, “If you continue on my Word, “you’ll know the truth,
it’ll make you free.” That’s why we’re on the
road to freedom today. John 15 and verse 12
says, “My command is this: “love each other as I have loved you.” Love solves so many problems. You talk about problems in marriage. – [Cristi] Yes. – I mean, they go away if you stay in love because love avoids strife. Remember, faith works by love so if I want my faith to work, I can’t be fussing and
fighting with my wife all the time.
– Right, that’s right. – I gotta stay in faith,
I gotta stay in love. If you submit to Him and
remember, if you’re a Christian, love lives in you.
– Yes. – Your body’s a temple of the Holy Spirit. That’s God’s spirit,
and God brings His love when comes to live in you. He has shed His love abroad–
– His love. – In your heart. – Right. – By the Holy Spirit. – And that’s Roman’s 5:5. – Yeah. – It says that, “God’s love
has been abundantly poured out “within your heart within our hearts “through the Holy Spirit,
who was given to us.” So, we do have God’s
unconditional love within us. – [Mylon] That’s right. – And it enables us to be agents, representatives of His love in the earth. In fact, there’s another
verse in first Corinthians that talks about, let
love be your highest goal. So when we’re talking about love, God said, actually, this should
be your number one priority. – Oh, that’s good, baby.
– This should be your highest goal in life, is let love, love is your highest goal. Amen.
– Amen. Human love, on the other hand is just a phony counterfeit version
of the real deal, of God. Human love is, it’s what
people fall in and out of but really, you can’t fall out of God. God is a choice. Going to heaven is not
something that happens, it’s not something God decides. – [Cristi] Yeah. – He said it’s something you decide. – [Cristi] Yes. – As you receive His
son, you can go heaven. If you don’t, you don’t get to go. It doesn’t matter, I know
on TV, if you’re a nice guy, they say, “Oh, well he’s in heaven now.” No, that’s not true. If he didn’t accept Jesus Christ, he’s not in heaven, he’s in hell. I have to tell you the truth
because that is the truth but anybody can make a
choice to accept Jesus and all you do is believe
that He’s the son of God and tell your friends or tell us, I’d love for you to come
to mylon.org and tell me. I love to do everything I could. I mean, that’s what we live for, is to help you to get to
heaven and enjoy the trip. – Yes. – So, anything we can do, we will do. But human love is not the real deal. It means, basically, first of all, it’s depending on feelings and secondly, it basically means if you give me what I want, I’ll love you but if you don’t, I won’t. Again, that’s not the love
of God, the love of God is unconditional.
– Yes. Yes. – For instance, God said He
forgives all of our sins, it says this in Psalm 103. It says, “The love of God
forgives all of our sins.” Not some of them, all of them. When I came to Jesus and
ask Him to forgive me, He did forgive me of all of my sins. All you have to do is
confess when He said, “If you confess your sins,
He’s faithful and just “and forgive us our sins and to cleanse us “from all unrighteousness.” He heals all our diseases,
He does amazing things when we accept Christ. A lot of people don’t really accept Him, they believe maybe that there is a God and some of them even
believe that Jesus is His son but in order to accept
Him, I must accept Him as the King of Kings
and the Lord or Lords. He’s not just the savior of the world, Jesus Christ is the anointed
son of God, He is my master. – Yes, he is.
– And He is my king which means that He tells me what to do, I don’t tell Him what I want and demand that He gives it to me. I submit to Him and He
leads me by His spirit and that what love does. Love helps me avoid where the danger is. Love, God, when I let Him
lead me by His spirit, He leads me in pass of
righteousness for His namesake. – Yes. – That’s the good life, people. That’s the best life. There’s a place in the Word,
He calls it our wealthy place. – That’s right.
– Go ahead, my darling. You were about to tell us something. – Well you were talking
about also the importance of, I just wanna remind you, you can do this. You can walk in the
unconditional love of God that never quits, that never
fails, that conquers all. You can do it, again, because
His love has been shed abroad in your heart by the Holy Spirit. And then in second Corinthians
5:14, it says that, “For the love of Christ controls us “and urges and impels us.” Everything in our life,
every decision, every word, every attitude should be filtered through the love if Christ. So the love of God actually should filter every word we speak, every
attitude, every decision we make. And first Peter 4:7 and eight,
this really hits home for me and it says that, “The end
of all things is near.” That means Jesus is coming soon and He’s coming soon, isn’t he? – Yes, He is. – I mean, if you listen to
the news and read the Bible, you know He is coming soon. “The end of all things is near” so keep sound-minded for
the practice of prayer, above all things, have
intense and unfailing love for one another, for love
covers a multitude of sins. Now, this is so important
that we make it an effort, again, love is to be our highest goal so above all things, right now, the moment in time in which we
live, this moment in history, like Brother Copeland says, this little sliver of time in
this moment, above all things, we need to have intense and unfailing love for one another.
– Yes. That means we don’t quit on one another. – The unfailing, amen.
– We don’t give up on each other.
– Unconditional, yes. – We are committed right
now, this is so important, we don’t walk away, we stay
in covenant relationships, we stay committed. – And if we don’t, we didn’t have love. – Right, that’s true.
– We had what the world calls a fake love. You’ve heard of fake new,
fake love is just basically, human love or fake love is so changeable that it can turn to hate. I mean, people say they
love and then literally they kill each other and
say, “I loved her so much, “I couldn’t stand to see
her with another man.” No, that’s murder.
– No, that’s not love. – That is not love.
– That’s right. – That has nothing to do with God. Phony love, it can have
tender affection one moment and jealous rage the next.
– Right, right. – And they still call it love.
– They call it love, yeah. – It is not love. God is love. Proverbs, 16 through 19, God compares stirring up strife to murder and lying. He detests sowing discord
among the brethren. In other words, that
ungodly love is not love because it hurts people.
– Right. – God doesn’t hurt anybody. God loves and loves helps everybody. Love does what you need, not what I need. When I love you, I’m
more concerned about you than I am about me. Go ahead, my darling. – Well, that’s so good, that’s
exactly where I was going because this verse finishes up
in first Peter 4:7 and eight. For love covers a multitude of sins.
– Yes. – So, we don’t expose each other’s faults, we don’t go around gossiping,
fault finding, being critical. Love covers, so I wanna encourage you in that in your relationships with others to cover.
– Yes. – Love covers. Many times you love, you love by faith. – Sure.
– Just like you do anything else in the kingdom
of God, you forgive by faith. You can’t base it on feelings but we don’t deny that
hurtful things happen. So when those things happen to us, and they do, they happen to all of us, I want you to know we’ve been betrayed at what some would say the highest level, just like what you have
been through in your life, we’ve all been through it. None of us has gone without being hurt in life.
– That’s right. – So, this is what Mylon and I practice. – No matter how much you love the Lord, you still have feelings.
– Right, you still. – And you still have
good days and bad days. – That’s right.
– You still have easy days and hard days I mean, there’s challenges.
– Right. – And there’s tests, the Bible calls it. In the Book of James, he said, does anybody have any
trials or tribulations, or in one version it says, temptations because temptation means
you’re being temped to get really mad and to do something about what somebody did or said and you’re thinking of how
to get physical and how to, how can I handle this in the
flesh, in the real world? – [Christi] Right. – You know, I got a gun
and blah, blah, blah. I mean people do all kind of crazy stuff. Or they let love take care of that. – Yes. – The Bible says– – So good. – That if I humble myself
under the mighty hand of God in due season, He’ll absolve me, He’ll take care of the situation. If there’s somebody rising up against me, He’ll make sure–
– Yeah. – That I rise up over that situation. – So good. – But the way He says it is He said, “So cast all your care on me.” Now, move yourself under
the mighty hand of God, giving the care of this situation to Him because He cares for you. He’ll take care of it if I humble myself and
relax and rest in Him and let love have His way. (upbeat music) I’m Matthew 28 in verse 18,
Jesus spoke to them saying, “all authority has been given
to me in heaven and on earth. Go therefore and make
disciples of all the nations” That’s what we’re here for.
– That’s right. – “Baptizing them in
the name of the Father, Son, the Holy Spirit.” This is the Great Commission given to us by our Lord and master and it’s given to all of us
who call ourselves disciples or followers of Jesus Christ. The truth is, everyone’s called and we’re called into the different parts of building the kingdom but we’re all called.
– Yes. In the book of Isaiah, God said, “Who shall I send and who will go for me?” And, you know, Mylon and I, we made this statement years ago, we said, “Here am I, send me.” but you can say that, too.
– Yeah. – You can make that commitment,
too, “Here am I, send me.” So, will you answer the call
and give your life in service to Him and to His people
through joining Team Mylon? You just go to mylon.org
and click on Team Mylon. You can also be a social media evangelist by liking and sharing our post. That helps us get the Word out to more people.
– Amen. – And we also send a monthly letter to you of free teaching of what
God has spoken in our heart for you when you join Team Mylon and we also make a commitment
to you to pray for you daily. To speak faith-filled
prayers of agreement with you for you to walk in the
fullness of your call. So, we love you, be blessed today. (upbeat music) What we’ve had to practice
when we have been hurt, when hurtful things have
happened or betrayal of trust, the Word says to pray for those. – Yeah.
– Pray for them who have spitefully used you, those who’ve horrible things
to you, you pray for them. Do you need to be best friends with them? No.
– No. – God said you pray for them, that’s commitment that love makes. – You don’t have to hang out with them. – You don’t have to be their buddies. – No, that’s right. – If they’ve lied to you,
if they’ve stolen from you. – Right. – If they’re trying to mess
with your wife or your kids or do something horrible,
you don’t have to, but you do have to forgive them. – Yes. – You don’t have to be their friends, you don’t have to honor them. – [Christi] Right. – You don’t have to
tell them you like them. – [Christi] Right. – You don’t have to respect them. – [Christi] Right. – But you do have to forgive them. – [Christi] Yes. – Jesus said, “I’ve
forgiven you of everything.” And then He said this in Mark 11 chapter, He said, “Unless you forgive
everybody of everything, my father won’t forgive you.” And people, we can’t afford that. – [Christi] No. – When God forgave me,
I get to start over. – Yeah. – If He didn’t forgive me,
then all my sins and my past are gonna affect my marriage, they’re gonna affect my ministry, they’re gonna–
– Right, right. – But if God cleans the slate.
– Yeah. – And lets me start over then thank God I’m not that guy anymore. I’m not a heroin addict
anymore, I was at one time but now I’m a born-again
spirit-filled man of God and I’ve got an opportunity
to do some good things in life instead of just being a junkie, you know? God will forgive you,
will you forgive others? Because if not, nobody
can start over around you. – [Christi] Yeah, yeah. – Everybody in your life is under a curse because you’re gonna get them back, man. You’re gonna make sure
that they don’t even forget you know what they did
and it was horrible. And yeah, we’ve all sinned to
come short of the glory of God but what she’s talking about right now and what this Word of
God is talking about, this is one of the hardest things there is for a human being to do. Because it would be so
much easier if the person who did that horrible
thing would come to you and say, “Man, I’m so sorry.”
– Right, right. – “I know that was wrong and
I see how it affected you, please forgive me, I just, I’m on myself.” Jesus went and washed people’s feet, He didn’t do anything
wrong but He just went and humbled himself before them and actually washed their feet. It’d be great if somebody
came and washed your feet and said, “Oh, please, please forgive me. “I’d never do that again.” But what God told me to
do is forgive somebody who’s gonna do it again tomorrow. They’ve been doing it to
me for 20 years or 50 years and you forgive them a thousand times and they’re gonna do it again tomorrow. And wisdom requires that I forgive them, I mean literally, and how
do you forgive someone? How do you get that
stuff out of your heart? God said the only way to do
that is to pray for them. – [Christi] Yes. – What does it mean to pray from somebody? It means I pray that God will do for you what I want Him to do for me. – [Christi] Amen. – Now, that’s hard.
– Yeah. – I know, I know. Because I had to do it, too. We’re not trying to be, in
fact, we’re everything we can to try and not to be religious. I preach two or three
times a year in a church but it’s a rare thing when I put it on TV and you guys see me in a church. I try to be this
unreligious to circumstance, I try to do everything as down to earth and as real as I know how to because religion won’t
help you but Jesus– – Yeah, Jesus will.
– Oh, my goodness. The real deal, the love
of God, the power of God, the joy of the Lord.
– Amen. – That’s the strength of God, the peace that passes understanding. Oh, my goodness, this life
that God wants to give you, it’s worth it but I’m telling you, it’s not necessarily easy. It’d be great if you could just pray a little sinner’s prayer and
perfect, you’re in heaven but you’re not. If you pray it in California, you’re still in California
when you say “amen.” Until we get to heaven,
there’s gonna be some liars, there’s gonna be some thieves, there’s gonna be some bad
stuff going on around us and we have to stay in the middle of it and stay in love which is in God. That means hidden in the secret place, that means if there’s a motorcycle wreck, my motorcycle’s not in it. That means if there is a plane
crash, I’m not on that plane. You know, I’m hidden in the secret place, a secret from the devil,
place of the most I’ve got. Now, that’s where God wants you to live but forgiveness is not an option. You can’t say, “God, I ain’t gonna do it, “I don’t like the way
you’re being God today, “I’m gonna get that guy “and I’m gonna make sure
that I fix his red wagon.” No, you gotta forgive.
– Yeah. – Now, love never fails if we forgive. But the level of love that you walk in determines your victory. Christi already shared let
love be our highest goal, the highest calling of
God is to walk in love. – Yes, it is.
– To be at peace. – [Christi] Yes. – To love God with all your heart and soul and minor strength and to love your neighbor
as you love yourself. I wanna lead you into confession, we’re out of time today but I wanna share a little confession prayer
and if you’ll pray it with me, I believe that this is a
good way to start over, will you pray this will me? Father.
– Father. – I believe that I receive. – I believe that I receive.
– The love of God. – The love of God. – That you have shed abroad.
– That you have shed abroad. – In my heart.
– In my heart. – By the Holy Spirit.
– By the Holy Spirit. – I am born of love.
– I am born of love. – Born again.
– Born again. – Filled with the Spirit.
– And filled with the Spirit. – Of love.
– Of love. – Created by love.
– Created by love. – Holy Spirit, teach
me how to love others. – Holy Spirit, teach
me how to love others. – The way that you love me. – The way that you love me. – Lord, I repent.
– Lord, I repent. – Of all the works of my flesh. – Of all the works of my flesh. – God, I refuse to be selfish. – God, I refuse to be selfish.
– And easily offended. – And easily offended.
– Anymore. – Anymore. – I will not live my life.
– I will not live my life. – In division and strife.
– In division and strife. – Angry and frustrated and stressed out. – Angry, frustrated and stressed out. – So, Lord, today I choose.
– So, Lord, today I choose. – By an act of my will.
– By an act of my will. – To forgive everybody of everything. – To forgive everybody of everything. – And, Lord, I cast all my care on you. – And, Lord, I cast all my care on you. – And I enter your rest and peace. – And I enter your rest and peace. – By faith.
– By faith. – In Jesus’ name.
– In Jesus’ name. – Now, listen, you might
not feel any different but if you prayed that, and you go to mylon.org by the way and replay that if you want to, you can record that and keep it. It’s on, we have all of
our TV shows on demand at mylon.org.
– That’s right. – You can go there and you can, we’ll even print it out
for you if you need, just get in touch with us and let us know. I’d say that over and over and over, God shed His love abroad in
your heart today by His Spirit and your life’s gonna be different
and you’re gonna love it. Stay in the Word until I see you again and don’t forget to stay On the Road to Freedom.
– On the Road to Freedom. Well, I wanna share with you testimonies that we’ve received and here’s what others are saying about On the Road to Freedom. This is what Linda said, she said, “I have so enjoyed your show, “I just discovered it on
BVOVN about a week ago. “I DVR’d the episodes and
watched them over and over, “I’m catching up online as well. “I can so relate and have benefited “from your practical
application of biblical wisdom.” And you know, I wanna encourage you, thank you, Linda, for that, and I wanna encourage all
of you to catch up online and watch all the episodes at mylon.org. And here’s what Tony is saying, “I love grabbing some wisdom “from my friends, Mylon and Christi, “they are great people who
can make biblical concepts “and truths simple to take
in and easy to digest. “Seriously, Mylon can make something “that is typically complicated “unrealistically understandable
in less that five minutes. “Thank you guys for staying close “and always devoting time and
energy to the kingdom of God, “you’re great examples.” Thank you, Tony, that means so much. And I have one more I’d
like to share with you, this is from Lorin, and he said, “I knew this show was going to be good “but it’s honestly
exceeded my expectations, “it’s a fun show with great style “and most importantly, it’s
really rich with revelation, “it’s been amazing.” Praise God, thank you, Lorin,
and I wanna encourage you, we wanna hear from you. Please go to [email protected] and let us know how the show
has been a blessing to you. (upbeat music)

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