On to state: Calallen attacks trip to state with confidence

[Music] hi good evening everybody reality beginning to set it now for the Calallen Lady Cats as they took off with the State softball tournament this morning take a look [Applause] all right huge turnout producing a big send-off in front of the high school lots to celebrate because all the Lady Cats are heading to state for the first time in softball they will play the colony in the semi-finals bright and early tomorrow morning at 9 o’clock so the excitement is building players know what they got to do they just could go out and do it I think we really need to come out strong swinging the bats being aggressive at the plate being smart with the pitches and being aggressive on defense just have to be confident the whole way and I’d have any doubt and as long as we just keep that through the whole game and stay pumped we should be good there you go now they appear ready to go now Jeff do broth will be at Austin tomorrow he’ll provide complete game coverage from the very first pitch all the way to post game so keep it tuned to Cris six sports from very latest on lady Kats road to a state championship

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